May 31st, 2011 | 691 Entries

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691 Entries for “montage”

  1. A montage of photographs, memories perhaps;
    Carefully arranged with frames that closely match.
    They tell the story of a life lived well–
    Of love, of laughter, of miracles…
    This montage…

    By maritov URL on 05.31.2011

  2. montage. 80’s. that’s what i think of. and i enjoy the way family guy makes fun of montages from the 80’s and 90’s. sometimes i wish i could move my life forward in a montage. i feel like large projects would get done a lot faster that way, and at least there would be some poppy music to it….

    By Alicia URL on 05.31.2011

  3. The montage was slow, and had the cheesy romance that characterized my new sister-in-law to a tee. She was the type of girl who couldn’t walk ten feet without looking dreamily into my brothers eyes. She was going to be the newest addition to my already screwed up family.

    By J on 05.31.2011

  4. A collection of things. I like to see art montages as they’re full of interesting objects/scenes/people. I also like that they’re snippets of ‘bigger’ things. Since my attention span is often short, montages of art, movies, books, science concepts, etc. work for me! I don’t always want to know everything about a topic, but I do enjoy learning a little about several things. This is one more reason I like montages.

    By Karen Brandt on 05.31.2011

  5. montage, montage, oh how you cover my body. pieces of him, pieces of me. i cant breathe.

    By SketchTheMessenger URL on 05.31.2011

  6. Disjointed images
    jumping about
    and poignant
    But no image more
    than the death of your brother.

    By Jadam URL on 05.31.2011

  7. I live life like a movie montage, every moment swinging past with some meaning, but too fast and too similar to pay full attention to.

    By araya on 05.31.2011

  8. The eighties?
    I love the eighties.

    By Mc on 05.31.2011

  9. Show us a passage of time, we’re gonna need a montage!

    By Amanda on 05.31.2011

  10. its a technique of film editing . we create short films using thid technique

    By pankhu on 05.31.2011

  11. sounds like collage dont know what it means sounds like something to do with are something french montgomery alabama age

    By Matt Privette on 05.31.2011

  12. A grandfather eating watermelon sprinkled with salt. Fifty years before he did this in Vegas.

    By sb on 05.31.2011

  13. Montage. Walls of memories with you.
    Pictures upon pictures, posters, my white board.
    Our books all together, all our movies and DVDs.

    By Dalena Huynh URL on 05.31.2011

  14. There it was. Now the montage was over and we could check the whole film. One of the characters… she was of avoirdupois weight but her scent turned out to be a sort of leitmotif that characterized her in some way. It was vertiginous for her boyfriend.

    By Dmitry URL on 05.31.2011

  15. I would like to create a montage of my life — no, make that lots of montages of my life. That way I could choose the images I want to represent different time periods so I could have a representation the way I would like to view each segment.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 05.31.2011

  16. I had no idea what the word montage meant. I thought about it for a couple of minutes and still had no idea. The worst part, Google was no where to be seen. Frantically, I scrambled my head to come up with a definition. Then there it was, right in front of me.

    By Bryon Black on 05.31.2011

  17. There was a montage of people standing outside The Criterion waiting restlessly to see the newest Hangover Part II. At the end of the movie there was a silent disappointment for having waited 2 hours in line for a movie that was the same exact
    plot line as the first one, but instead of Las Vegas, Bangkok.

    By Trish on 05.31.2011

  18. I looked at all of the pictures. The music was playing loud and didn’t seem to fit the idea. Then southpark came on and I started thinking about that werid moview the creators made with puppets. They had a montage song. Couldn’t anyone make a montage song? So the songs I had been listening to became my own montage.

    By chelsea on 05.31.2011

  19. I hate montages. Just come up with some original shit, G! Come on! A bunch of pictures of some stuff that’s already happened? Really? At least do the shit, then make a montage of it, cuz I’m neither in pressed by, nor in need of another example of Dovi being the best.

    By Dovi URL on 05.31.2011

  20. filming, people, colours, like T.S. Eliot’s Waste Land, layers and layers of cultural fragments, glued together, pasted, edited, presented and experienced in and through stolen or borrowed words

    By Violet on 05.31.2011

  21. im thinking of a horse montage, where people are riding horses and are filmed from different angles

    By hannah on 05.31.2011

  22. Montage. Censorship. Everything’s needs editing and cutting. Why? I can’t decide whether I am with it or against it but I know one thing. It exists in a way that makes people desire what’s being censored. It’s crazy.

    By FaridaEzzat on 05.31.2011

  23. What a terribly mundane and corny word! My first word on this silly website is one devoted to the past and nostalgic ego stroking. I don’t have time for any of that self dwelling nonsense! Every montage destroys another montage worthy event. How sad…

    By Hugo on 05.31.2011

  24. many beautiful photos
    someone has died
    let’s all remember them
    one photo at a time
    to heartbreaking
    string music

    I wish I were more photogenic.

    By tonimari3 URL on 05.31.2011

  25. An illusion for the audience
    A reality for the artist
    Never compromises the art
    Enhances the feeling
    And must always go unnoticed

    By Abi Harper URL on 05.31.2011

  26. In every movie it seems, particularly Disney ones, the life of a character flashes before your eyes. Or maybe just segments. At any rate, we see how they grow stronger, they change shape and form, and we are supposed to see how they have gone from nothing to being invincible. When we die, do we see our own lives as montages? Or does it slip away like the pages of a flipbook?

    By ellie griffith on 05.31.2011

  27. Improvisation has me saying yes to everything. I said yes a lot before, and got some great experiences under my belt. Now, I’m so busy, I have had to learn to say no. And as Ricky J reminds us, No Means No. Thanks Ricky J.

    By AmPetryschuk URL on 05.31.2011

  28. My mom and I have never been terribly close. My strongest memories of her when I was little are of her screaming, pinching my chubby hip telling me I need to lose weight, picking on my grades, etc. But that photo montage she made for my high school graduation open house spoke all the words of love, pride, and approval that I’d been longing to hear all along.

    By Kaitlyn URL on 05.31.2011

  29. Life is nothing but the montage you’ll see the moment before you die. Everything you’ve ever done, all your experiences and memories, they’ll play back like some crazed slideshow, you better hope it’s a good one.

    By Devon Eaton on 05.31.2011

  30. a compilation of movies and videos. i would like to create a montage. i should investigate the wore b/c this is a word that is challenging my intelligence. this will be a morning routine from now on to get me started in the am along with my little ten min exercise that i learned.

    By Tripp on 05.31.2011

  31. kung fu learning. In real life kung fu training takes forever. but in the movies it’s incredibly shortened and seems fun. That’s how I want everything to go. Silas Cole Thornton is the best golfer in the world. he wishes he had a montage to learn. yeah! go cole.

    By Silas URL on 05.31.2011

  32. A montage of creatures, moving and breathing and seething before me. It was all human and lion and dragon and leopard and other, alien shapes all blended into a bloody mess of a cocktail, sneering at creation and all that was natural. It bowed and introduced itself as Charles Thornton Dasious Beta Seven Thyros.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 05.31.2011

  33. With a shy smile, the little girl held up her picture to be inspected.
    Derek smiled awkwardly and looked at the montage. It looked as if a colony of ants had walked through melted ice-cream and waltzed deliriously over pale yellow paper.
    “Errr, it looks great!” He mumbled. “What is it?”

    By mariesdaly on 05.31.2011

  34. elke looked at bogdan while he hugged kathleen.he was a montage of elvis’s.
    the hair of the original,the glasses of elvis thentwhistle, the sideburns of elvis james.she realized these were all gifts…

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.31.2011

  35. I remember watching SO many movies in the 80’s that featured some montage–usually with a makeover in progress, a bunch of thumbs down and then a thumbs-up…all to the most horrendous 80’s Rock.

    By Divine Grace URL on 05.31.2011

  36. montage don’t even know what it means, don’t have time to look it up now but I am sure going to link to this page. link link link it is more than I can think get more stories down. montage montage it will be exciting to find out what you are all about and for having this fun place to learn new things. forever grateful for all that I am learning on stumbleupon and beyond. Thank you today for!

    By Ruby H Rose URL on 05.31.2011

  37. pictures on a wall murals films fight club
    marilyn monroe
    fight club
    rubber ducky
    mean girls
    lindsay lohan
    quick cutes

    By mmmmmmi on 05.31.2011

  38. Pictures are pinned up to a wall: developed, black and white. There is death in almost all of them, a strange singular fixation by the photographer. On the opposite wall, vibrant colours explode: scenes of life and happiness abound. In the middle, there stands a person, caught between these two polar worlds.

    By Saki URL on 05.31.2011

  39. a montage is a collection of pictures. pictures that represent all of the amazing events and things that create your life. often backed onto cardboard a montage is strong and secure and yet a tiny bit of rain will make all the colours drip and the faces of the pictures will run. but not in real life. they still remain.

    By Hannah on 05.31.2011

  40. They wouldn’t know have known what it is or whose it was if the woman hadn’t turned around. It was her piece of work that was at display there, at their mother’s funeral- a gorgeous montage of their mother’s work in the Middle East. They barely recognized her face; after all, they hadn’t seen her in years. The price of a social worker’s life.

    By Ariyathe URL on 05.31.2011