October 16th, 2016 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “misguided”

  1. Misguided traverse,
    Misguided turning into reverse.
    Misguided my list first
    to misplace my fist thirst.

    By Carly on 10.16.2016

  2. compass points north;
    go home little lamb.
    my identity is something
    you’ll only brush against:
    you follow the pack, eyes closed,
    hooves in line,
    and you are so misguided
    you don’t even know the feel
    of a cliff’s edge when you reach it.

    By Pandatry URL on 10.16.2016

  3. She was looked over her shoulder, she saw nothing. Was what Nightlock had said true? She had so questions. She felt lost and alone. She felt somehow misguided.

    By Rachel McFadyen URL on 10.16.2016

  4. just how much of your foundation do you lose when you realize that the feelings you’ve been following… for Years… are nothing more than cotton candy… melting from existence when you finally square up to Reality.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 10.16.2016

  5. She thought she had taken the right path. Scars were worth it. No one had ever told her otherwise. She had to make herself fit, had to squeeze herself into a skin, as if she was a snake, slithering into last year’s shedding.

    By Palmer on 10.16.2016

  6. she wasn’t a bad person, at heart. but she always seemed to be doing bad things. bad things that started out as good intentions. well mostly started out as good intentions.

    By liz on 10.16.2016

  7. Some people are uneducated, misguided, what have you. Those people should not be attacked viciously and without mercy. But there’s a difference between being innocently ignorant and being willfully ignorant.

    By Micah URL on 10.16.2016

  8. “No offense, Todd,” said Sammy, “but I think your reaction was super misguided.”

    Todd visibly bristled from underneath his enormous trench coat. “Excuse me?” he demanded.

    “You heard me,” Sammy replied, folding her arms across her chest. “You shouldn’t have responded like that. It was ridiculously over the top for a seriously minor offense.”

    “She messed up my hair!”

    “You messed up her DAY, dude!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.16.2016

  9. I thought that’s what he wanted. I was so sure that this was the end goal, was it not? He said “anything it takes Mike, anything.” But now it’s said and done. He won’t talk to me. Since when does anything have a limit?
    Oh, that’s what he meant.

    By John on 10.16.2016

  10. I knew what I was doing. I was sure of it. But my foot still trembled as I pulled myself up onto the railing of the overpass. The girl next to me glanced over, and I met her gaze fore a second. I wondered if I looked as scared as she did.

    By Emma URL on 10.16.2016

  11. well, a path fell down in the mist. was anyone around to hear it?
    i look through the windows at the stars never found, the stories of every single prodigal son flooding into my skull.

    what happened to her? what happened to fortune?

    By batteryman URL on 10.16.2016

  12. 1misguided= Marks Institute Sums Giving Unknown Idea Dense Echos Does

    By gariz on 10.16.2016

  13. Im gonna break his heart.
    I hugged you, smiled at you, held your hand and kissed your cheek. Slept next to you. Took you to all your favorite places, filled your house with little touches of me. How you turned the chair, where you hung art you hated butI insisted you needed on the walls, showing you how to make sense of a grown up pantry. Encouraged you to get a dog, helped you pick out new bedding, redecorated your room….

    knowing that eventually….I would break your heart.
    knowing we were never meant to be together.
    knowing we would never spend forever together…but hoping each happy moment would last.

    I took your hand and led you down Misguided Lane….and you followed me.
    I broke your heart.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 10.16.2016

  14. Misguided…huh! Always be on the right path to whatever I am doing.This was the illusion created by the early settlers by their king.It’s not good.

    By ritu URL on 10.16.2016

  15. I always have remembered that misguided is a story that always has been stuck in my mind for no reason.

    By Vritika URL on 10.16.2016

  16. Media and Consumerism hounding and pounding data, technology, content, colours and cues. What to think, what to say, how to walk and how to talk all given to us in forms of suggestion, making the way we start to perceive the world…misguided.

    By Pari URL on 10.17.2016

  17. A guided missile is always misguided
    when there’s a misfire while the missile guides snooze
    Thankfully it tends to miss, to the great relief of Misses missile guiders everywhere,
    who inscribe the event in missals, and lead the campaign against missile misuse.

    By omqwat URL on 10.17.2016

  18. He was misguided from the highway by a sign that said ” Ice cream sail!!” and therefore he was late for very important meeting with his boss.

    By Rebecca on 10.17.2016

  19. Cartographers wrote me a map to your heart.
    Clutching my hand to my chest, I readied the start.
    Stars shined down on me, as I sailed the sea;
    the waves, each ebb, to you, they take me.

    Tumultuously, my compass lost its insight,
    and in ravines, dark, my anxiety set flight.
    But the journey was defined, and I had decided.
    Never knowing how lost I could be, misguided.

    But you, you patiently beckon to me now,
    through the thick and the thin, yet how.
    That even in moments of loss and fear,
    you never lose the ability to draw me near.

    By Marissa URL on 10.17.2016

  20. people disguised as friends most of the times misguide others as they consider others competitors and hoping others sufferings.

    By rabi_ctgbd URL on 10.17.2016

  21. To see her misguided
    brought us to tears
    to change her to Miss Guided
    was the challenge
    of the coming years.

    By Steve O URL on 10.17.2016

  22. She went in there, armed with all the misguided thoughts she learned from school. She spoke of things that did not make sense but she did it so eloquently that everyone was amazed. She spat garbage after garbage and everyone picked them as if they were gold coins. She would go far, no doubt.

    By edrianredentor URL on 10.17.2016

  23. 10 Words.

    An over-analytic,
    misguided idiot.

    That about sums it up.

    By Andrew on 10.17.2016

  24. another path lost, another word the same.

    He thought that looking into the mirror of things gone by would help him understand the seconds he was living out now. But slowly, he became obsessed with a sporadic hatred for the mirror. When he didn’t want to cherish it, he wanted to shatter it.

    By batteryman URL on 10.17.2016

  25. I felt misguided when the tour guide told me to go left into the woods. Was there something in there that was important? I was worried because I thought I might run into the crazy clowns I keep hearing about in the woods. I went left anyway and crossed my fingers that I would stay safe.

    By Craft5 URL on 10.17.2016

  26. A kids tod a new kids to go in the back seat

    By Craft5 URL on 10.17.2016

  27. He went to go to the game but he got misguided

    By Craft5 URL on 10.17.2016

  28. Misguided men’s t that you told someone the wrong way.

    By Craft5 URL on 10.17.2016

  29. I guided to Carlos place and i went to sabino eye place

    By Craft5 URL on 10.17.2016

  30. Misguided mens that you told someone the wrong way.

    By Craft5 URL on 10.17.2016

  31. She moved his hands away slowly. “I think maybe we’re not on the same page here.”
    He frowned, not out of anger, but out of confusion. “Okay… what page are you on then?”
    “I just… I don’t think that I’m… I don’t know, I can’t explain it.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.17.2016

  32. Someone who has believed in incorrect information. An atheist is misguided, and needs to be told the truth.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 10.17.2016

  33. I been misguided for years, never felt loved, always feeling alone. Maybe one day I will find true love and will be rescued from the darkness of hell. one day, she said……….

    By lynn on 10.17.2016

  34. Walking forever through the alleys of the dark city Jane began to feel lost. Had the man really misguided her? She shook her head. It couldn’t be. She came to a dead end. Suddenly, some one grab her from behind covering her mouth.

    By Lupa on 10.17.2016

  35. I was happy without maps, then everything I encountered was a surprise, a discovery. When I take my map to find something everything else I encounter is just not the right thing.

    By vocorina URL on 10.17.2016

  36. I feel for the misguided youth. the ones who were told they would go places and they never quite got there. the ones who thought they would never get anywhere so they never did. the kids who weren’t allowed to hang out with the ‘wrong crowd’ which, really, was the right crowd for them. the kids who were fed lies in order to live a life they never liked.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 10.17.2016

  37. Loud.
    Grieving and immature.


    Growth and implosion.

    By Sara on 10.17.2016

  38. I went the wrong way. The map tricked me, once again. I sighed and turned it around to make heads or tails. The man who gave it to me said that it would lead me to the fountain of gold, all for a small price. Apparently, I’d been tricked. Misguided more ways than one. And now, I’d be stuck in this forest for eternity.

    By Katie Olsen on 10.17.2016

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    By shelby on 10.17.2016

  40. Ummmm.. It`s good to have a good teacher for school so you are not misguided? That`s all I got. :)

    By homeschooler URL on 10.17.2016