September 3rd, 2012 | 443 Entries

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443 Entries for “miracle”

  1. great love happen happiness love help people friends true finding heat anyone community walk remember thoughts caring nurturing water someone friendship doves like god hands own yours

    By Javi on 09.03.2012

  2. There was once a girl who believed that she could fly if God existed. She would jump off the couch and fall onto the floor. Roughly. And then she would understand that a miracle could not be wasted on something so trivial. She knew God was busy. But couldn’t he just prove himself once by allowing her to hang in the air for a moment?

    By Desiderata on 09.03.2012

  3. Miracles are for fairytales.

    By Nick on 09.03.2012

  4. Something special. Unique. Only for you. A miracle is a blessing. It is a surprise saving.

    By boatgirl on 09.03.2012

  5. Life is a miracle. I enjoy every moment, but sometimes wonder if I am appreciating the moment enough.

    By lch URL on 09.03.2012

  6. what is a miracle. a miracle is when something happens that never should have, but changes you, the world, your day, anything for the better. A miracle is when you adopt a dog and hours later he saves your life. A miracle is when you stumble into someone on the street who will later turn out to be your one true love. Life itself is a miracle.

    By Kassi on 09.03.2012

  7. a miracle child
    born to a mortal mother
    the creator of the world
    pretends to be created

    By Vijayalakshmi URL on 09.03.2012

  8. i am a miracle. I am probably the coolest thing ever in the history of ever. That’s going all the way back to the Big Fucking Bang son. I am a King. A legend. A HERO OF MIGHT AND FANTASY. MIRACLE IS MY MIDDLE NAME SON!!! WHERE YOU AT???? YOU WANT SOME OF THIS?? Nah

    By Scott on 09.03.2012

  9. There once was a miracle in the shamrock isles. A young man, around the age of 30, was strolling through the surmoa forrest in the dead of night. All was pitch black, and the man

    By Alex on 09.03.2012

  10. “It is finished.”
    I look up. The nails in your palms scream finality, death, despair.
    Flash forward.
    Empty tomb. You are alive. It’s a miracle.
    It’s a miracle that I’m still alive, though I’m in the line of fire.
    It’s a miracle that I run free when I am guilty.
    It’s a miracle that my CHAINS are broken and you offered me SALVATION.
    And now you have promised me one day you’ll rescue them too.
    It’s a miracle. You’re a miracle. My miracle.

    By aura.rayne URL on 09.03.2012

  11. A miracle is what happens when, against all odds, life happens.

    By Gregory Long on 09.03.2012

  12. …and then The Miracle happened. It was small at first, but rapidly grew until it was a white-hot light, swallowing all the darkness and burning the long-fingered shadows, until nothing remained but their dusk on the cold concrete floor. It touched the souls of those around it, not purging exactly, but soothing away the fears and anxieties.

    And in that moment, they knew it’s light would burn calmly in their eyes forevermore.

    By Libby URL on 09.03.2012

  13. I survived. I had been bashed and broken from my fathers words and my mothers eyes, but i had survived. I will not let others determine my fate, or their words scratch at my ambition. I have drive. I am strong. I cannot be broken by anyone other than myself. I am a living miracle. I am human

    By matt on 09.03.2012

  14. I think about my favorite bands, and watching Pulp Fiction with my friends yesterday. Jules, and his miracle. Burn A Miracle. Humans are like prisms, taking in the world and shattering it, bending its back like a pencil spine and cracking it, making it fit inside their little heads. The miracle is letting go.

    By Kevin on 09.03.2012

  15. a miracle is a beautiful stranger with sacred, healing and hallucinogenic powers.

    By zola URL on 09.03.2012

  16. i believe in miracles. i believe that everything is a miracle. love is a miracle. love is hard to see. love is everywhere. babies are miracles. i am a miracle. you are a miracle. everything is a miracle. one just has to be able to have the intuition and feeling deep within them in order to recognize it… which is also a miracle.

    By gabby on 09.03.2012

  17. something that happens and you don’t know why. I’m an atheist so I think this word is bullshit. It’s a security blanket. A word used when someone isn’t educated enough to figure out why something happened. Science is usually the answer. Not fucking religion. Not ever

    By Vi on 09.03.2012

  18. Miracle.

    Her mother liked to tell her of miracles, the term she gave to events which inexplicably made life bearable. Her mother spoke of the phenomenon of miracles, wishing that one day her daughter would bear witness to a miracle of her own. The daughter, watching her mother’s eyes sparkle as she spoke of another miracle, wondered if her mother would ever realise that she was her miracle.

    By Chrissie on 09.03.2012

  19. It’s a miracle! He has been raised from the dead!

    You heathen! There is but one man who has risen from the dead, and that is Christ. How dare you attack our religion! We will not tolerate this oppression. To death with you!

    By johnnyflashbang on 09.03.2012

  20. It was a miracle he survived that accident. He was crossing the road when he received a “Yes” from his girlfriend after he had finally proposed to her, instead of looking at the truck coming ahead; his face was in his phone and a huge smile on his face.

    By mohit URL on 09.03.2012

  21. are welcomed, people usually assume that they have to do with religion, but i beg to differ. a miracle is like a wish come true, they happen to those who need them. the can change lives. fix broken hearts.ish

    By ish on 09.03.2012

  22. awesome , surprisingly welcome . something that makes you restore faith in the world and everything around you..

    By sana on 09.03.2012

  23. its a miracle…. and anything suprsingly done is known as miracle and anything which is done out of the ability then it is called miracle…

    By Praveen on 09.04.2012

  24. A miracle is the one which everyone says when something is happened that has been suprised… and anything which is done out of ability is called as miracle…

    By Praveen Chinnam (Veen) URL on 09.04.2012

  25. You think you’re so great don’t you? We’ve been best friends four four long years and you just decide you don’t want to talk to me because I’m “immature”?! Who the hell do you think you are? Do you know how many times I dropped my issues to deal with your problems? Like 100’s, every time you needed me. Do you know how many times I stood up for you and told people “oh she’s a great person, just give her a chance. She’s an amazing best friend”, like fifty billion times! Do you know how much shit I’ve bought you in these past four year, a lot of shit, and have you paid me back for anything? Nope, nothing, nada, zero, goose egg. Then after four years of me caring for you and standing up for you and all of our great memories, and you decide to just stop talking to me, stop replying to my text and Facebook messages, and avoiding my comments on some of your status’s, yet I’m the immature one… I’m really the miracle you just gave up.

    By Miss on 09.04.2012

  26. When people say miracles, they usually mean different things. I think everyone sees miracles in a different way. Someone might see a miracle as getting up in the morning and some might see miracles as moses crossing the red sea.

    By maythewriter URL on 09.04.2012

  27. She looked up and beamed at the figure who had come to her rescue. In this hell, she had been so sure that her comrade, her friend, the woman she loved had died, but there she was. She was bloody and her teeth were pressed together in pain but she was up and she was moving. Injuries could be treated, but death could not and Cali thanked every deity she could name.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 09.04.2012

  28. They say that you were a miracle in this town. That you would bring us out of a world of darkness and into a realm of light. They said all of this without knowing who you were–who you really were. But it was I that spent your time, who walked your paths. And it was I who watched you fall.

    By Kayci URL on 09.04.2012

  29. the little girl hiccuped miracles and her round solar eyes spoke in ancient languages we’d yet to learn. and as we excavated her history for some grain of a lead that would lead us to the source of her arrival, we fell into the well of her spell.

    By Neelvar on 09.04.2012

  30. in grade six i was watching an educational video about the development of a fetus. my friend who was sitting beside me exclaimed obnoxiously and to my chagrin that the development of a fetus was not a miracle as they were portraying it but rather a normalcy. perhaps ignorance is not bliss if it prevents the recognition of a true miracle.

    By sally hayes URL on 09.04.2012

  31. It was a miracle she’d made it through alive. The barb of briared tongues bit into her with every passing second, bloodying a bruised belly as she crawled to the far side of the trenches. At last reaching the gauntlet’s end, she stammered out a weak “Thank you,” and concluded her speech with a quick retreat back to her seat.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.04.2012

  32. Miracles can happen anytime and anywhere. They can be little things, or a big thing that changes someone’s life. If you are lucky enough to have a miracle happen to you, cherish it and never forget about it. They only happen to people with good karma.

    By Aline on 09.04.2012

  33. I don’t know if I believe in God sometimes. I don’t know if I believe in something more than what we have, and I don’t know if I believe in fate. But sometimes, there’s a miracle. A life saved, a baby born, something that just goes so beautifully right. And then it’s hard for me not to believe that there’s something more than this. It’s just too beautiful to believe this is all we have.

    By Kelly URL on 09.04.2012

  34. What is it? Is it a splash of light blue with white clouds painted across a dark canvas? Is it sparkles of gold and silver thrown onto a burnt road? Is this suppose to last forever, or just point us in the right direction?

    I don’t need a miracle. I just need you

    By Spark URL on 09.04.2012

  35. I don’t believe in miracles. mean they’re really nothing special when you think, it’s just that they happened to you when you needed it. So being serious, think about it. Just be thankful for life’s surprises you silly git.

    By michelle on 09.04.2012

  36. I already wrote about miracle. Is it a miracle that it’s happened again? Is it a miracle that it’s raining outside? Is it a miracle that the stars fell from my sky when I first saw you? Is it a miracle you lived on the moon?

    By michelle on 09.04.2012

  37. Heart beats, muffled thuds that seem to echo, to preach of miracle. They are somehow hollow to me, somehow harrowing. Frightening – a foreboding assertion. Alive. I’m alive. And it’s not a miracle at all.

    By Fia URL on 09.04.2012

  38. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There he was crying in my husband’s arms, it wasn’t a cry of sadness, but of a new life. We named him Ashton.

    By Amanda URL on 09.04.2012

  39. It’s a miracle you’re still alive, Leonor. After what happened: the fire, the gangs and everything else, it’s a miracle you’re still here. How did you even get here? I didn’t think you could’ve made it. Especially not on your own, and in your condition. You’re amazing, Leonor. It’s just such a shame you’re not real.

    By Justin URL on 09.04.2012

  40. I don’t believe in fate or anything, or god at that, but I do thank god (in the proverbial sense) for having met you. And as far as fate, well, I still don’t believe in anything approaching predetermination, but that said…I sure can’t imagine my life without you, in that way that I can’t imagine it having gone any other way than exactly how it did, bringing us to exactly where we are, and setting us up for exactly where we’re going. I’m glad and grateful for you.


    By globusgeckus URL on 09.04.2012