April 18th, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “metro”

  1. On the quay. She just asked me whether I want to move in. I said no. How refreshing, she said, a man afraid of commitment. Is that rooted in some childhood trauma or does it just come with your penis? The latter, I said, though what I wanted to say was: can I have more options?

    By Israel Benedict on 04.19.2013

  2. The police pulled the young man from the Metro city bus. “What are you doing with that camera?” the first officer asked. “Turn that off!” the 2nd officer shouted. “It’s my constitutional right!” I shouted.

    By Brian Lawrence URL on 04.19.2013

  3. fast. jump. leave. read. forget. inspire. xenophobia. flirt. perspire. wait. sigh. breathe. breathe, especially.

    By israelbenedict URL on 04.19.2013

  4. Drive through the metro, caterpillar crawl through it, actually. Cars line up in the streets bumper-to-bumper, the exhaust spewing from their pipes smogging up the air and skies. So many people, so many souls, but would any one person be able to find you in a crowd?

    By Ashi URL on 04.19.2013

  5. “This train is out of service.” To-be passenger eyes shift left to right like cameras hidden in the eyes of an immobile portrait. Hands-in-pockets. A guitar strums, and a single coin falls into the plastic collection box.

    By Holden URL on 04.19.2013

  6. a station where train would go to pick up people or a metropolitan area where people live. they rode in the train to get on the metro train. the got on the metro train and hopped abord the metro train they were very metro in fashion when they got on the metro bus to the metro building in the metro city.

    By lana wise on 04.19.2013

  7. i’m going down to the metro today, to see what there is to see. i’ll be joining colleges and friends. I’ll be presenting, so please stick around, and I’ll be dancing and following a tour, the last one trailing behind. Yes! that’s where you’ll see me, wandering in the pack, and singled out on stage. come see.

    By Abra URL on 04.19.2013

  8. Metro. Cities and skyscrapers, tall buildings that couldn’t go higher. Dark alleyways and rough people living in the underground. Seattle is a metro. All cement and no greenery. Where everything can be bought but nothing can be paid for. When will the metropolitan areas fall? Who knows? But I can bet you it will be a long time. People band together in a place like that.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.19.2013

  9. the girl was heterosexual and ate the cat that was humping the dog witch was having a great time watching sponge bob who was also sexual on the metro.
    still humping that dog Natalie?

    By bencarr44 URL on 04.19.2013

  10. I honestly can’t think of anything for this word. I’ve never thought of using it. I guess it reminds me of Jimmy Neutron… Metroville or somethng like that. Metro… Metro… Sounds like a dogs name…. Hahahaha Come here Metro!!!

    By herbutterfly143 on 04.19.2013

  11. i am a girl!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|!|!||!|!!!!!}(!!!!

    By bencarr44 URL on 04.19.2013

  12. I grunted with frustration as my newspaper shook. Even more frustrating were the stocks… Down another 15.7%? When was my life ever going to finally look up?

    By Gyarados URL on 04.19.2013

  13. Metro is a place where you cannot really go.
    You’re in it, but you’re getting lost with the heat.
    Winter, summer or fall…
    You still cannot get through the wall!
    Metro can be the hottest place you’ll ever be.

    By Lei URL on 04.19.2013

  14. metro

    By emily on 04.19.2013

  15. I dont know what metro means. I’ve always wondered though. I should probably look it up in the dictionary. Is it a type of style? I really do wonder what it means now even more. I guess I’ll find out.

    By Lily URL on 04.19.2013

  16. She rides the metro to work everyday; never stopping, never standing still. She has places to be, and no time for idiocy and underachievers.

    The first time she rode the metro, she was six years old, and with her father. She used to go everywhere with him, back then.

    By Lyrik URL on 04.19.2013

  17. Metro makes me think of metro sexual. Also that creepy anime 30’s movie. I haven’t watched it yet. I want to re-watch Firefly with my husband.

    By Yui_Uzuki URL on 04.19.2013

  18. I don’t know what to talk about nor do I know really how to use Metro in a sentence therefore this shall be the sentence I use Metro in.

    By Mollie URL on 04.19.2013

  19. The man lifted his suitcase with a sigh and stepped onto the platform. He couldn’t bear to turn around and look back at his friends, his old city. There was nothing left for him here, not anymore. His last ties had been cut, and now he had to push on. His heavy breathing gave away his fear. What awaited him in New York?

    By Mtwalker URL on 04.19.2013

  20. Metro makes me think of the time I went to New York City and had to carry around a subway card that said “Metro” and so metro makes me think of the dirty subways with all the scary and homeless people in the subway.

    By Cassidy Conley URL on 04.19.2013

  21. He refused outright. She nearly couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t even that new. It had been running for a good four or five years. And hundreds of thousands of people had ridden it.
    She had never seen him like this, hunched slightly from some pressure at the middle, arms tight at his sides. The would’ve looked a little more casual in his pockets but he never marred the line of his pants.
    “Are you sure, Daddy? It’s so much faster than driving and parking will be terrible.”
    He looked out into the street. “I ain’t going down in no hole.”
    There were numerous taxis just up the block. She could spring for one. It would still be worth it to recognize his service.

    By Melody on 04.19.2013

  22. I love being on the bus
    I’ll go on when I have nowhere to go but away, just to see people
    No, I don’t go to see people
    I go to see their stories, and I go to be a part of them
    All over the city, maybe the world
    These people carry me in a back corner of their minds
    And I know I exist

    By MarisaInSanFrancisca URL on 04.19.2013

  23. my friends last name is metro so we all called her metro, her first name was kaitlen and we hung out in Washington, D.C. and we had to take the metro so everyone was like OOOH we are riding the metro, idk it was stupid, but it was our little thing, once i met a model on the metro, once i almost got stabbedd on the metro

    By lily carothers on 04.19.2013

  24. They grew up in the concrete jungle that was the metropolitan- the tall skyscrapers were their trees, the cars and buses the creepy crawlies on the jungle floor, and the sidewalks the well worn footpaths.

    Always, adults would comment about their own childhoods; childhoods filled with climbing trees. skinned knees, lazy days under the summer sun, snow days during winter.

    But the kids would just sit there and give them a slightly indulgent smile, nodding and humming in the right places. Sometimes, they’d feel a little defensive – wasn’t it them who decided that they should stay here in the city while the kids grew up?

    But even if their childhood consisted of going down to the convenience store at the corner of the road, closing the grate on the old clunky elevator, double checking their pockets and bags to make sure nothing was lost, and warily avoiding suspicious persons on the street, they knew they wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    By Rio URL on 04.19.2013

  25. The thing about subways are that they’re teeming with life. Which, if you’re a college student who just got turned down by the woman of his dreams and found out he defaulted on his student loans, may not be the best thing for you right now.

    By LadyP URL on 04.19.2013

  26. A place that can operate without places. Leaves behind a few bodies every now and again. The collage of faces can get dull, no one really wants to be there. Keep riding. We

    By Dylan Murray on 04.19.2013

  27. As I walked through the grimy tunnel, I realized my life was not what I wanted. Without a job, I spend my days simply walking, thinking. Thinking in the metro.

    My wife no longer lives, nor does my hope. The world has forsaken me, except the metro.

    Here I can think.

    By The Alex on 04.19.2013

  28. The metro had been abandoned decades ago. Suburb upon suburb had succumbed to the onslaught of the disease. Now dead bodies piled around the slumbering zombies, dormant until more food wandered, unsuspectingly, into the abandoned metro. A hundred square miles of desolation and patience.

    By Cassandra on 04.19.2013

  29. Do not simply ride the metro unless you are willing to be subjected by impenetrable gazes.

    By jaunty_pallor URL on 04.19.2013

  30. Submerging into the tunnel that reminds us all that whatever lights we wanted to pin up in the final chapters aren’t waiting for us after all.

    By jaunty_pallor URL on 04.19.2013

  31. that was the same word as yesterday, that’s the same word as yesterday, yesterday was the same word, today’s word is same as yesterdays, what’s with same word, same word oh and by the way ,we had this word yesterday. oh and Metro

    By Natalie URL on 04.19.2013

  32. In A Station of the Metro is one of my favorite poems ever. Faces likened to petals on a wet black bough is one of the most beautifully harmonic images I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and consuming like a starved cow in a field of clover. *Ezra Pound*

    By dertoetenprinzessen URL on 04.19.2013

  33. metro- well i would associate this word with cities? metropolis? big city? big interconnected city? trains?

    By mike on 04.19.2013

  34. What’s up mates, its fantastic paragraph on the topic of cultureand completely defined, keep it up all the time.

    By causes of back pain URL on 04.19.2013

  35. Met

    By ane URL on 04.19.2013

  36. Boarding the train at the station, they all noticed it. What they didn’t notice was the uneasy atmosphere that came with, so engrossed were they with their own small businesses (adjusting the time on their already synchronized watches, avoiding the eyes of other people and most importantly, making sure that they didn’t spill their coffees. The rattling sound of the metro continued and only one person seemed to be aware of It. The tall child standing by one of the doors saw It, heard It, smelled It and definitely felt It. It’s presence within the train was so thick that the boy could barely stand to look around; it made him feel vulnerable and alone when he saw the other commuters, all oblivious to It. Their bleary eyes and slouched bodied spoke only of an unending tiredness. The university students were tired because they studied all night, the parents (including his mother) were tired because they had long nights with difficult children to take care of. The boy’s mother reached down to ruffle his hair, and he looked up seriously. She couldn’t feel It. She could feel the weariness that came with the responsibility of a baby (four months old, and already beginning to quibble with her brother), but she had no idea of the magnitude at which It was present in the little carriage of the metro.

    By Jain on 04.19.2013

  37. Metros can be anywhere so you can see it, hear it, feel it, but no tasting it at all so a metro is like a huge metro like if it was a traffic way.

    By ChristianG on 04.19.2013

  38. There was a metro in Russia it was big and lots of homes were destroyed and cars.

    By Cristian on 04.19.2013

  39. Metro

    By Marvin on 04.19.2013

  40. when you go to a place or you have a teacher that help you with thing.

    By ivonne URL on 04.19.2013