December 9th, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “methods”

  1. He is timed.
    How can there suddenly be so many hours in a day?
    There is poor craftsmanship and then there is POOR crafstmanship.
    He knows where he is
    but where he is going is another story.

    By Octowhat URL on 12.09.2012


    By Diana on 12.09.2012

  3. Something you do over and over again that you just do it and it eventually becomes a habit. A method reminds me of something you do in science class. You do it for so long you get tired of it and eventually it becomes a habit, not a method anymore.

    By Ariel on 12.09.2012

  4. Methods are the way you do something. The way you sing, dance and eat. Everything you do has a method

    By storm on 12.09.2012

  5. She had many methods. Methods to make her children swallow their vile babyfood the nurses demanded they ate, methods to ensure her husband felt motivated to go to work each mrning and know that he felt worthwhile every evening. But her finest method which she was most proud of, was how she managed to keep herself sane while surrounded by 6 screaming children and a husband who was never home.

    By Ashlie on 12.09.2012

  6. Her methods were correct. She followed the guidelines on the folded lab report to a ‘T.’ The chemicals were mixed, the clock was ticking, and her professor’s pacing was seemingly approving her efforts. However, no one could tell her where all that fizzing, all the bubbling, all the mixing would eventually lead to and if it would feed her infinite wonder or the kid down the street. So with that, she walked out, hanging up for coat for curiosity and dirty hands.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 12.09.2012

  7. Methods are a way of doing things. For example, a musician has many methods to songwriting. Personally I use the music first, lyrics second format. But many artists like lyrics first, and music second. Or some just write them both at the same time. Methods make us different.

    By Noah on 12.09.2012

  8. methods. methodology. ology=the study of something…. what would you like to study? i wish i had studied more philosophy and psychology in school. perhaps sociology but i feel like i understand. we are having the hardest time putting our christmas tree up. it’s too heavy so it falls over. and my parents are fighting over it. obnoxious. i wish we had a solid method to put it up straight.

    By allie on 12.09.2012

  9. He uses medieval methods of torture. Brutal and ruthless, without regret. A revamp of the Spanish Inquisition. Thumbscrews, the rack, the works. Geirolf is not above breaking legs or cutting out tongues to get what he wants.

    How do you think he got this reputation?

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.09.2012

  10. imma backstabe the bitch that’s what many will do because there is nothing more in their intelligence than can go as far as that. i can just continue happily and maybe ill get it maybe I will.

    By shoutjane on 12.09.2012

  11. inconsistent, usually. hardly ever follow the same practice, but beyond my hardest measures– everyone’s got their own. one way will surely be better than the next. one shall alleviate something or cure one thing or the other. Oh, and all you’ll ever do is create another one. Hone it down.

    By Allie on 12.09.2012

  12. I’ve tried countless methods. I’m at a loss of what to do next. Remembering all the things we’ve said and done, my heart is heavy for all that is lost. These methods I’ve tried all came around and stabbed me in the back. I can’t think of any more methods to try…

    By untamedimagination URL on 12.09.2012

  13. There are many methods to my madness. Some are designed to speed things up to make more time to other things. Some are designed to slow things down so I can enjoy the moment…and other methods are tailor made for staying in the moment…where true happiness resides.

    By paulie aragon on 12.09.2012

  14. the way that things are accomplished. it is instructional steps tht lead you to the completion of a task. if you mess up one step you are lucky that you have a method to tell you where tos tart over again. follow methods in order to have something completed and finished and that you could feel proud of. yay.

    By katttiee on 12.09.2012

  15. He thought about the methods he had used in the past, and how they had all failed miserably. No, he needed to do something different. Something new.

    By Duet on 12.09.2012

  16. There are multiple methods for doing anything and everything. I typically only think of one. And it’s usually the least successful.

    By julia URL on 12.09.2012

  17. Slapsies

    One hand over the other
    Two beats beating down
    We stare through squinted eyes
    While neck hairs heighten, tighten
    The corners of mouths curl

    We moved on from peek-a-boo
    Aeroplaned food and raspberries
    on twitching tummies

    She wants the slap-sonic
    that comes from reactions
    imposed and delayed
    The interplay of pain
    And game scores smiles

    From the sting of love
    On her hand, half
    the size mine

    By gsk URL on 12.09.2012

  18. There’s an actor. His name is Daniel Day Lewis. When he is cast in a role he does more than just act– he immerses himself. He becomes the person, as opposed to just pretending. This way of acting serves to create a more involved experience, and ultimately, a more successful product. Method acting.

    By Esther Rosen on 12.09.2012

  19. For me, a method is a way for each person of doing something, It might be different for each one.

    By Lore on 12.09.2012

  20. Making love is a skill with lots of different methods to use and do

    By Althea URL on 12.09.2012

  21. The methods in which we use can describe our inner-most soul. Processes are what drive this world, and it’s easy to see for some the ‘best’ method in which to do something. For others, it’s not so easy, and several rounds of process and elimination must take place in order to arrive at the method which will produce the best results.

    By Whitney Danger on 12.09.2012

  22. Methods that I use to communicate
    There are so many and lately I’ve become so much more appreciative of the art around me because everybody is trying to get something out. Some message. Some vision.

    By maria URL on 12.09.2012

  23. communication has many roads of travel.
    How these roads intersect and are translated into truth is a mystey.
    Many methods to the madness are seen and heard. Many thoughts spoke and unspoken.

    By Audrey Clark URL on 12.09.2012

  24. Everybody has his or her methods for resolving conflicts in life. Mine is to observe, first, the situation, try to keep cool before taking any action.

    By goccia on 12.09.2012

  25. “The methods you’ve been using are…well, they’re very…”


    “Yes,” replied Dr. Schultzer. “And as such, they…concern me.”

    Dr. Francisco shrugged as he measured and remeasured the contents in the beakers. Dr. Schultzer, however, was not letting up.

    “You understand,” she reminded her colleague, “that the board will not take kindly to your strategies.”

    “That’s because they don’t see breakdowns even if they dance in tutus in front of their faces.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.09.2012

  26. this is how we do things. we use methods to help us achieve something. its a system and a route map of how to get somehting achieved. The methos one might use when eg baking a cake is a certain practice that enables you to gain successs. Methods are methodical, they are a system a step by step instruction and they help you gain success. the method for doing someting is the guidance the route map the satnav through the detail. Methods are common to many things

    By trudie cawthra on 12.09.2012

  27. this method acting, well, I call it living. Yeah, it’s like a fountain, the door is opened we have a problem with no solutions; but to love and to be loved. And i pace myself with the fallen leaves i see their same fate in my own body, and i’ll be frightened when im awoken from this dream

    By Liz Mullican on 12.09.2012

  28. The first thing that comes to mind, weirdly enough, is the brand of cleaning supplies called “method.” I guess I love to clean a little bit too much. I didn’t used to like to clean then one day I decided to start, and now it’s become like an obsession, like a ritual that I must do every week or I won’t be able to carry on.

    By Emma on 12.09.2012

  29. Methods help progress, steps that you need to get to a goal, everyone has one, many have two, the few who don’t, crave yours, people will pay to get your methods even if they are of madness because they are worth their weight in gold. Feasibility, held through time there

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 12.09.2012

  30. I have my methods, you have yours. We both get the job done, though.

    By Jason URL on 12.09.2012

  31. I cannot for the life of me close in on a single method of completion. So many forms to go through and in time I’ve run out.

    By tyleridd URL on 12.09.2012

  32. Everyone has different methods to accomplish the same goals. Institutions aim to homogenize. This is both good and bad. It quashes innovation while it quashes mediocrity. If you’re determined to develop a better method you better work on it on your own time.

    By dan URL on 12.09.2012

  33. As I sat in the library, delving into the riches of Karl Marx and Facebook, soaking in the cathartic silence, broken only by pencil squeaks, key clicks, and flipped pages, a syncopated, irregular and seemingly crescendoing drumming filled the space where silence had been and turned my jiving to writhing. I looked up. Some guy was drumming on the table with headphones on. Everyone has their methods.

    By typoh URL on 12.09.2012

  34. meth heads
    ways to cure depression
    ways for happiness
    what difference does it make?
    science homework is a method of torture
    love is just a method of making yourself
    forget you’re alone in this world
    we are born alone
    we die alone

    By mila URL on 12.09.2012

  35. A year and a half.

    The time it took for me to figure out his methods–his way of using me. I was the vessel which kept his secrets airtight and dark. I was there when no one else bothered. It was more than a stupid friendship. I was in love with what we had–something more than a friendship, but something less than the next step. It was safe, it was passive, and it was all he could ever give without taking a risk. So I took the risk.

    And I ended something that kept a plant from growing out through the window and into the wide sky above.

    By Marissa URL on 12.09.2012

  36. The methods we go about using in life are unique to each of us. Some people decide to plow through obstacles in a brute force way. Some people are too slow to realize the opportunities in front of them. And yet the unfortunate ones are the people who realize the amazingness and yet fail to act on it.

    By Sarah on 12.09.2012

  37. “Her methods may be a bit…unorthodox, I’ll admit. But you can’t deny they’re highly effective.”
    “Highly effective doesn’t do me any GOOD if she’s breaking the law. This isn’t the time to cut corners or be careless. Every second of this counts…”
    “Do you think I don’t know that? But she’s good at this. If she screws up, we’ll pull her off the team – but until she does, you’re stuck with her.”

    By hannah URL on 12.09.2012

  38. I didn’t even understand my own method to my madness, but I knew it had to happen. It may have been reckless and crazy to try hitchhike alone to “who-knows-where, but I had to get away. No one could have guessed what was to come next.

    By Outsider URL on 12.09.2012

  39. There are several different types of methods to doing anything. There are methods for how to clean your room, methods on how to finish your homework, and there are methods for doing things as simple as washing your hair! Now you’re thinking, “That seems silly.” Well, in all acutality, it could be, but then again; Methods make completing complex tasks quicker and easier. Your room that usually takes three hours to clean? Well, with the right method, it would take only one!

    By taylor on 12.09.2012

  40. methods of what? drinking eating thinking breathing living working playing? i have a lot of methods to do a lot fo different things, i love to write stories without a method. just like this game i guess, im writing about the word method without a method to how im writing. my only method is to write without thinking. and thats what im doing. it depends on how fast you can type though.

    By Megan on 12.09.2012