February 22nd, 2012 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “medical”

  1. In a hospital they use medial uses to treat or cure people. Medical help will most likely make you feel better.

    By aiyana URL on 02.23.2012

  2. Last year i had a heart condition and a broken leg I needed medical attention for them both Im grateful for the medical technology we have today.

    By Trystan URL on 02.23.2012

  3. I think of my future job because I want to be a nurse. I think of a pharmacist, I think about a hospital, I think about people with wounds, I think about doctors and I think about nurses in scrubs.

    By Sierra on 02.23.2012

  4. medicine can be good. it can save a life. but a wrong diagnosis can also kill a person

    By Julz URL on 02.23.2012

  5. Medical marijuana. California, it reminds me of California and all the pot and all the people who had fake medical marijuana cards. A 16 year old with a medical marijuana card, really?

    By ntljk URL on 02.23.2012

  6. doctor
    helping others
    technologically advancing

    By Tara on 02.23.2012

  7. the doctor’s office. a place of knowing? nothing of my health, only of some registered sickness. recall asking a doctor about sugar. it’s not bad for you, he said, and that was my last proper visit to a western doctor.

    By spacialle on 02.23.2012

  8. the medical field can make you or break you, it can make you rich and then make you poor. it saves and destroys lives. it is complex and still developing

    By andrew cassaniti on 02.23.2012

  9. some patients aren’t actually patients

    By andrew cassaniti on 02.23.2012

  10. field
    my future career
    open heart surgery
    lots of school
    lake norman regional medical center
    hippa code
    greys anatomy
    untold stories of the er
    medicinal wii

    By Ashley Morris on 02.23.2012

  11. Mist wasn’t really a soldier anymore. She was ‘medical staff’. She was a Healer, but above all, she was a healer at heart. It wasn’t just that she had the medical powers, but she had the medical spirit. It meant so much to her to help someone rushing through something that went wrong in his or her life. She couldn’t watch them suffer.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 02.23.2012

  12. She was not that sort of a doctor.

    Rather, she generally made it her business to cause people to require the services of that sort of a doctor.

    It was all good business, of course.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 02.23.2012

  13. You looked into my eyes and asked me if I was okay. You remarked that I was not my normal, happy self. I blamed it on something medical; that I wasn’t feeling good. This was partly true, I was coming down with a cold. But inside… I was dealing with intense emotions of regret and depression. Why can’t I just be honest with people?

    By laughalot on 02.23.2012

  14. the thing on the front says not to think just write so thats what I’m doing… my brother has a medical disease that is called stupiditous

    By llamachick URL on 02.23.2012

  15. jake has medical problems with his health. so he takes medicen to help him with his asma.

    By jdogg URL on 02.23.2012

  16. jake has a very medical conditoin. he has old man disies . i dont know how to speell veri wel.

    By drl URL on 02.23.2012

  17. Medical Practitioners are gods in some of our minds. It takes a lot to remember that they are human beings and full of faults like the rest of us. It would be nice to think that they were who we portray them in our minds to be, but the sad reality is not nearly that comforting.

    By Nina URL on 02.23.2012

  18. medical like in the doctors like if you dont have a medical at the doctors your going to have to get one.

    By Ewa147 URL on 02.23.2012

  19. Jacob mills has medical issuses. He has gotten a diesaese passed down from his dog fido. He must eat his grandmas famous pinecones to keep his blood pressure at a healthy rate. He smells like a wet dog when he doesnt.

    By lustgraaf112 URL on 02.23.2012

  20. some kind of efect yer body i guse

    By colby on 02.23.2012

  21. apple has to go to the doctors office every single day to suuit her medical condition. the doctor says she is retarded and has a medical condition but se just ignores him and gos on with life believing she is normal, loving skyler kooury

    By ddawg7 URL on 02.23.2012

  22. Doctors us medical stuff to stop people from dying and they also use it to get us passed out so they can use medical stuff to do surgery on us. Ambulences are full of medical stuff so they can stop people from having a heart attack.

    By snowboard addict URL on 02.23.2012

  23. Ray needs medical attention before he gives birth.

    By shadow61 URL on 02.23.2012

  24. medical is a very scary word because it reminds me of pain

    By diamondsss URL on 02.23.2012

  25. Dominic has to go to the doctor because he needs help because he has metal issues so he needs to go right away so he wont be at school.

    By vb4life URL on 02.23.2012

  26. with ease, he removes
    the splinter from
    her palm,
    and kisses everything
    horrible away.

    By corey leigh kirby URL on 02.23.2012

  27. I thought I could do it.
    It was my dream..
    To drive around in that emergency truck,
    saving lives.

    But it wasn’t as heroic as all that..

    People died..
    And there was little I could do to stop it..
    It was my nightmare..

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 02.23.2012

  28. allergy. To see this word my mind leads some kind of tasteless feeling. I hate doctors, nurses, patients,etc,etc.

    By laxmi on 02.23.2012

  29. Driving every whim, lost to a need not my own. I need it but I don’t want it. My medical addiction. Made from illness but kept to suppress.

    By Lillian URL on 02.23.2012

  30. That’s a creepy words. Who likes doctors and hospitals? Yet, they make for great TV shows and yes, they do save our lives. I think that every human being should have proper medical care and coverage. But I also question whether people are living too long–we keep people alive at any cost–even cost to themselves.

    By Robin on 02.23.2012

  31. That retched medical smell. It makes you sick, granted you aren’t sick to begin with. It’s too clean, too clinical. What do they expect you to think when you enter the damn hospital? “Wow, this is clean!” or “Wow, I wonder who puked today”? It’s nauseating.

    By Andrea URL on 02.23.2012

  32. WE used to get the American Medical Journal (or something to that name) in the mail when I was a kid since my dad was a physician. It was always great to be met with a picture of some surgery at the mail box.

    By Gabrielle Saliba URL on 02.23.2012

  33. Medical. I’ve never been a sickly child, or an accident-prone klutz that cycles through casts. But what I do suffer from is anxiety. It’s like cancer; it swells; it feeds off itself. It clogs your throat until there’s no room to breathe. It puffs, marshmallow-like, through your life until you can’t see two feet in front of you.

    By Molly Lyn URL on 02.23.2012

  34. the prospect of medical school scared me when i first thought about it; i wanted to help people, but i was so afraid of dying that i didn’t want to ever think of the prospect of interacting with the dead within my day to day activities.

    By Olivia Gauntlett URL on 02.23.2012

  35. medical is used in many ways. some one needs medical help.

    By twiz URL on 02.23.2012

  36. S-Man needs medical attention. He says he has people speaking to him at night telling him to eat potatoes till they die of banana’s. It is so sad.

    By Tree URL on 02.23.2012


    By subzero URL on 02.23.2012

  38. jakob mills has a medical problem hahaha just kidding i hope

    By cayle URL on 02.23.2012

  39. m

    By Cody URL on 02.23.2012

  40. I have Aflac. What do you got? MAJOR MEDICAL!

    By Cody on 02.23.2012