February 22nd, 2012 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “medical”

  1. Sticky, all over the back of the chair, so she slumps forward to avoid the yolk. He had thrown the eggs first, but the beaters were unexpected. When she sought medical attention all she wanted was for someone to call him and make sure he was okay.

    By Kristen Leigh URL on 02.22.2012

  2. A crossfire medical examination made Lucy cross and Larry even crosser. The festering marks on the poor woman’s hands never seemed to go away or lose their color. It was always red. Red, red, red. Very very red. Like a traffic light against the industry skyline of Los Angeles. Pastel red that grew warm sticky in polluted air. And always that tender stinging from the core of the wound to the very edges.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.22.2012

  3. Wow. I’m truly surprised that this is my topic. By this time next week, I will be training in a nursing home for my CNA license. I’m beyond excited to go forth and persure a career in medicine, but I must admit, I have never been more nervous about something in my entire life.

    By Alyson URL on 02.22.2012

  4. i volunteer at a hospital where i live. i get to see all of the patients and their crazy medical problems. one lady had a black toe and sores all over her foot and body. one man had bruises all up and down the fronts of his legs and his feet were bruised blakc and blue. its fun and it helps me to learn more about health.

    By Annie on 02.22.2012

  5. That’s strange. I just hung up the phone from talking to a friend about his wife’s surgery. I mean right this second. Or within the last minute, anyway. All went well.

    For some reason, my mind has hit on the creme filling in a Twinkie. Why do they spell it that way? Creme. It makes me feel like I’m tumbling in black outer space.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 02.22.2012

  6. Medical is such a appropriate word for the day. My past month has had me thinking about medical. Feeling like I have been run over by a truck. The tight shoulders, stiff neck, shoulder blades that creek and are stiff. Why can’t the medical industry hel
    Us more find the answers to ailments?

    I am grateful for acupuncture. Ellen Ona, dear sweet woman has been inserting tiny need,ex in me soon to be three weeks. I don’t know if it is the a upun true but I have had three days of feeling good. I even worked in the studio and feel good. Feeling good, how we take this for granted when we do feel good. To be able to sleep without pain, tur. Without an a he or twinge, to have energy….all this is great. Can our medical industry find a pill, injection to help us all feel good? Maybe it is the Sunshine because the sun has been shining for the past three days, and the temperatures are warmer. Now that is good medicine

    By Denisegrahamcreates on 02.22.2012

  7. It is a medical fact that a heart is unbreakable. I guess he took that as a challenge.

    By lilldeh URL on 02.22.2012

  8. I cant help but think about that two year old, dying on tc. His little lungs expanding to merely nothing, just twitching and spasming. It scared me. Made me tear up. I thought of Urijah and couldn’t breathe for a second. Thought of all the things idiots do to be heard and all the people who have to die in the cross fire for their benefit. Not just idiots though…all the things anyone does to make due. We’re all a bunch of vultures. I hate it sometimes. But wine and cheese and all that good stuff. I need to relearn how to type, dammit, this angers me.

    By Trey URL on 02.22.2012

  9. I can’t believe I got stuck with this job again, he thought to himself. The young boy was sent out into the jungle to gather medical plants. It was a dangerous job, but only certain people where smart enough to do it. Grabing the wrong plants meant certain death.

    By Raven LeBlanc URL on 02.22.2012

  10. hospital white light i don’t like it problems money nurse doctor no trust crazy people who study it though very important, bad health system third world no vaccines bad

    By koritsi on 02.22.2012

  11. The medical miracle that was Margaret was as yet unknown to Margaret herself. She thought herself somewhat average – average looking, average weight, average intelligence, average life. But the doctor who looked inside her head that day, after she had suffered a series of unrelenting headaches, saw something he had never seen before. A small, dark mass that was clearly not a tumor, but was something indeed.

    By Catherine on 02.22.2012

  12. The walls had been stripped and the furniture was taken away. On the floor, balls of lint, hair and dust drifted across his feet. The scent lingered, indescribably. There were definite recollections being parsed but of what he wasn’t sure.

    By Thom URL on 02.22.2012

  13. The medical records department was down in the basement of the clinic, “the dungeon,” as everyone on the staff called it. Kaylee liked being the dungeon master.

    By lil_nail URL on 02.22.2012

  14. It’s not medical
    It’s physical
    It’s not metaphorical
    It’s not historical
    It’s not romantic
    It’s not indifferent
    It simply is what it is

    By ShannonC URL on 02.22.2012

  15. Training to get a medical license is beyond the level of the whims flitting in his head. “Why would you ever think that I would even enjoy that?”

    By Robin URL on 02.22.2012

  16. Mediziner tragen weiße oder grüne Kleidung. Und ich frage mich, wie eine Welt ohne Mediziner aussehen würde. Wenn einfach keiner auf die Idee gekommen wäre, dass man für Schmerzen etwas braucht, was sie heilt. Wenn die Menschen Schmerzen oder andere Veränderungen des Körpers annehmen würden, interessant finden, jedenfalls nicht auf Teufel komm raus beseitigen wollten.

    By Eli URL on 02.22.2012

  17. you call my name and I run to you. tiny girl fast breathing, little face but unafraid you shut your eyes breathe deep one last one last you breathe and sigh and tiny smile as you wave good bye and all those around you wail and cry

    By Sam on 02.22.2012

  18. Doctors – working too many hours, nurses underpaid and overworked, overcrowded wards, sick people waiting for results, blood tests, x-rays, broken limbs, vomit, run-down facilities, scans

    By S Shiney on 02.22.2012

  19. I follow this blog called FuckYeahMedicalDiagrams. Its a bunch of art made from diagrams of the human body nd organs. really beautiful. some may think that the human heart or lungs or even brains are morbid, but i think they are just works of art.

    By Elizabeth URL on 02.22.2012

  20. medical. expenses.
    piling up on broken bones
    and weak lungs.
    tell me how you can charge someone
    when they are sick.
    and being born. is there really a price to that?

    By Erica Go URL on 02.22.2012

  21. doctor
    old people
    nursing home
    yeah buddy

    By Emily on 02.22.2012

  22. A medical procedure was necessary. Only then could Matilda be able to recover properly and in the efficient amount of time. Of course this wasn’t easy, the last time she had to undergo medical surgery was when her bike helmet had broken in half from the pick-up truck own the road…Matilda was afraid.

    By Brock Buchanan URL on 02.22.2012

  23. There was a doctor. He wasn’t very kind, and he wasn’t very thoughtful, but he todl the truth. He never softened it. He just spoke. His patients were sad when he finished, always, but he never cared. HE just went on. His life was all about the truth, and nothing but.

    By Nichole Browers on 02.22.2012

  24. Beep. Beep.
    The sound of the IV hooked up to me, ringing in my ears. That annoying sound, repetitive, but which made me oh so glad at the time.
    Oh so glad I was alive.
    But if I knew what would come after death, I would have been willing that beeping sound to cut out into that long, drawn out drone. The drone of death. Because the afterlife, that place, it’s much better than over here..

    By Val URL on 02.22.2012

  25. There was a little girl in the room, the doctor knew. He wasn’t one to break news, he left that to other doctors, to nurses, but this girl was in pain, and this was a different case.

    “Your daughter,” he said, his voice low and his head bowed, “had pancreatic cancer.” I’m so sorry.

    By Nichole URL on 02.22.2012

  26. marijuana at it’s best: it’s this laboratory filled with magical appliances, golden bubbles blossoming out of the pieces he’s constructed. So basically when you walk into the laboratory you get really happy and fulfilled and inspired. Wonderful!

    By Alex Light URL on 02.22.2012

  27. i hate doctors probing at my bits and trying to get me to buy drugs from them. i hate the smell of hospitals like sterile yet decaying all around. i don’t appreciate modern medicine

    By Rockette on 02.22.2012

  28. medical

    By machindra on 02.22.2012

  29. I can smell it. It smells like iodine. The slick, sweet medicinal smell just before the needle into the vein that is too small. And there is always that moment when I think, “This was a mistake.” Too late. The blood flows into the bag.

    By Elizabeth H. on 02.22.2012

  30. Of all words, medical stares me in the face. Adrienne is in surgery. Karley is receiving her second unit of blood. My life is tangled in medical issues, medical anxiety, medical anger. I am surprised at how negative my reaction is to this word.

    By allison on 02.22.2012

  31. The pain seared my body–the feeling of betrayal rested deep in my bones. I wished desperately that medical attention would cure my broken limbs. A bright light and the smell of cleaning products would be welcome in my world. But it wasn’t that easy. I had to open my eyes and breathe, not resting for a moment. Simply, I had to live on, and it could be the hardest thing to do.

    By Marissa URL on 02.22.2012

  32. oh. my. god. medical. i don’t want to hear about it. or do i? medical. what saved my fathers life. it dit. or did it not? maybe the angels saved him. what do I know.

    By Sadea on 02.22.2012

  33. Lots of it will I get better don’t no
    Very sad, lonly,not sure I deserve my hubby, want relief, need space, need sleep, need rub downs , don’t wand any more all done, want to feel better.
    Need flowers, running water, mountains, space, order, soaking, no more meds, just feel good
    No scars,
    What else I got nothing elate

    60 seconds must be up don’t u think

    By Karyn URL on 02.22.2012

  34. I had to go to the doctor for medical reasons. In reality, I was just tired. Sometimes people think being tired means you are sick, but sometimes it just means you are tired. Rest people, rest.

    By Alexis on 02.22.2012

  35. the medical journals were stacked to the ceiling. pages were dog-eared, bindings were broken, and still he felt he didn’t know enough. as he looked over the books he had read over his life, he wondered how this disease could still have gtten the better of him…

    By Brandon URL on 02.22.2012

  36. Doctors. Official. Pharmacies, drugs, hospitals, heath care, sickness, medicine.

    By Lalemu on 02.22.2012

  37. medical

    Oh boy….

    Too much I can’t say. But I will say this: Make sure your elderly family members have all their documents in order, so that if there is ever a medical emergency, someone has the authority to help them and advocate on their behalf. Without papers, no one has the authority to view their records, to talk to doctors, or to make decisions on their behalf. Being related by blood does not automatically give you that right. Get durable medical power of attorney papers. Get health care surrogate papers. Get HIPPA forms for individual doctors at the very least. We should all have these filled out for ourselves too. The younger we are, the less we think we need them, but the reality is, tragedy can strike anyone at any age at any time.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 02.22.2012

  38. The medical info is all wrong. Those doctors screwed it up again> I don’t know what to do any more. I need the help, but I;m not getting the help I need.

    By teeda URL on 02.22.2012

  39. My last medical appointment was Tuesday. It was a nightmare! Probes were used on and in places that I won’t even mention.

    By Kim on 02.22.2012

  40. I think medicine should be accessible to everyone. Even if people have health insurance, they often harbor distrust of their doctors. It’s been shown, for instance, that doctors tend to be less forthcoming with black patients than white ones. And that’s a shame.

    By April on 02.22.2012