December 8th, 2013 | 96 Entries

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96 Entries for “meanwhile”

  1. during, in the meantime, mean is a weird thing to talk about the space between two things, doesn’t it usually mean the average? I like this word because it denotes passage of time, but with action during it. It makes me curious what’s about to happen.

    By Jenny on 12.08.2013

  2. She sat in her room and dawdled about like princesses should; reading, embroidery, water colors. Things so dreadfully dull they all but made my eyes bleed. Meanwhile, I had fun running about with our chef’s boy, Derick, and behaving in the most unladylike fashion I could manage. My mother always asked me why I couldn’t be more like Aleksandria and I never had an answer for her; sometimes, I wanted to be more like her too.
    But, mostly, I wanted her to be more like me.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 12.08.2013

  3. meanwhile
    we’re all living and loving and smiling and laughing and crying and screaming and dying, all at once, everybody, all of us

    the earth spins and turns and tilts, a nothing, a speck, a pale blue dot of insignificance in a rapidly expanding universe

    everything we know and understand and everything we don’t and everybody we hate and care about and everybody we don’t are here, being, breathing, existing

    the fate of all of humanity is passing us by in a short cosmic blink, the legacy of everything soon to be snuffed out in an instant

    and you expect me to study for my college finals?

    By chryste URL on 12.08.2013

  4. I can’t control my thoughts tonight. They’re everywhere all at once. Storylines of those who are both real and imagined, memories pop up to fill it all in with perspective – a shadow of an emotion mixed with the clarity of observation – a hazy atmosphere, which is then followed by the to-do lists that anchor it all down in a mountain of responsibilities, tether it to a time frame that is the swirly mess I’m feeling at present. It’s not anxiety or self loathing, but it is a borderline driven by some vague agitation.

    Meanwhile the connecting thread is a solitary vibe, background noise, but louder than all the jangly buzz: divergent. This thinking pattern, it branches off and echoes, but in the great scheme of things, there it is, just hanging out like a cloud over a mountain just before the sun bursts through with its shimmering opalescence.

    By Intuition URL on 12.08.2013

  5. Meanwhile, in the back of Brandon’s brain…
    I really have to come up with something good to write. That last entry was terrible. Stream of consciousness? Overdone. Meta narrative? Played out. Ohgodohgodohgod, I’m running out of time. Damnit!

    By Brandon Steward on 12.09.2013

  6. Albert brought the fork to his mouth, biting down on the succulent piece of meat with loud pig-noises that had the entire hall roaring with laughter.

    “Oh, but what a lad!” Reginald bellowed, slamming the table with a monster fist.

    By Art URL on 12.09.2013

  7. Meanwhile, she took off her boots and set them beside the bedside table. Was that too cliche of someone who was dating him? Perhaps she should put them by the door… She was over thinking it of course, but what could she do?

    By Caitlin Tolleson on 12.09.2013

  8. Mean while, she spoke her piece and I tried to listen. I tried to get past the pain and the anger but all I could hear was excuse after excuse. No where in her explaination was an apology.

    By Meg on 12.09.2013

  9. I so want to go on a world cruise! I expect many others would love to too. Meanwhile I shall just have to dream

    By Alexandra URL on 12.09.2013

  10. Meanwhile she folded up the newspaper and tucked it in the front of her bag.
    ‘That’s the one he bought me at that weekend to Edinburgh’.
    She saw the couple at the neighbouring table collect their coffee, all smiles and touching hands.
    ‘Errrgh’. She shuddered, scratched her shoulder. But the itch was deep in her thoughts and not satisfied by clawing at her skin. She wished she had never sent the text message now.

    By Ian URL on 12.09.2013

  11. In the meanwhile I kissed him and then we se saw we loved eachoder, I kissed him so big, I love him. And for a moment I forgot all my problems an d al the problems in the world :<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3<3<3<3d

    By Justine on 12.09.2013

  12. I stare, perplexed and transfixed, at a dimly lit screen. Watching nothing happen, nothing at all, I wait. Maybe something will change, be it in me or on my screen. If it does, I’d hate to miss it.

    Meanwhile, dreams uncaught float by, carried by the tides of time.

    By Land of Dave URL on 12.09.2013

  13. She was sitting across the table
    Touching her hair
    Pretending not to see me
    But I know that she saw me, because in the time after
    She would stand in the corner of the classroom, looking straight towards me
    Still pretending not to see me, but hoping to somehow catch my attention
    I was walking down the hallways
    Pretending not to notice her
    But watching her, watch me.

    By Trine URL on 12.09.2013

  14. meanwhile, i was waiting and waiting for the right outcome. I didn’t know what her choice would be, but I knew that the consequences of it would live with me for the rest of my life. What else could I do? Meanwhile…

    By mike on 12.09.2013

  15. He sat beneath a blue, ever blue sky, amidst the scent of cut grass and fresh blossoming trees. Meanwhile, the rest of the world burned for the decisions he had wrought. And had he a mind anymore, he might have cared. But they had played their cards well, and the one man that could stop their invasion was empty inside.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 12.09.2013

  16. The motorcycle stood at the edge of the cliff.

    Meanwhile, the guru looked up from his desk in his high tower in London.

    The woman took off her helmet and stared north.

    The guru shuddered.

    The woman started the engine. It’s a long way from Tibet to England, she thought, but I’m coming for you.

    By Anthony StClair URL on 12.09.2013

  17. Meanwhile, she did this. Meanwhile, he did that. Meanwhile between their meanwhiles, they were eating dinner at a fancy restaurant, looking at each other through the bottom of shot glasses. Meanwhile, I was sitting at home, thirsty.

    By Kayla Pongrac URL on 12.09.2013

  18. Meanwhile…I ate a piece of a branch. Then, later, died…yeah.

    By D'Entre' B. URL on 12.09.2013

  19. She pondered. Had it really been her that she saw reflected in the glistening water that night? Was it her own face, so hollow and pale in the cold water, that replied with a bent and crooked smile? Meanwhile, her reflection did the same.

    By Nia URL on 12.09.2013

  20. i looked out the window and saw missy lying in supine elgance on a well lit spot on the wall. sensing me she lifted her eyeylids lazily and look at me with that penetrating stare that only she can manage – that unnerving mix of soul scrutiny that held me to her

    By Manik on 12.09.2013

  21. While he works, she’ll be behind him, smiling. watching him work was one of the greatest things to her, his concentration face, his smile when he gets a good idea, the way he pokes his tongue out when he thinks. He was constantly tired and constantly irritable, but she’d find an excuse to watch a movie together.

    By Little Ley URL on 12.09.2013

  22. Meanwhile, the trees remained encased in their icy cocoons, and the ground remained shrouded in a pure white cloth. Despite the cool conditions, the inside of the houses remained warm with continuous love.

    By Meg URL on 12.09.2013

  23. ChrisSo there I was, hanging out with the platapusses, meanhile, back at the ranch, I saw a giant squid riding, you guessed it, a platypus. I couldn’t beliebve my eyes, how could he breathe? Was I on some sort of mind trip? Wait, wait, the Loan Ranger arrived!! What could possibly happen next? Dodo birds? Cats in hats, kids on bikes. This is NOT an episode of funnioest home videos.

    By Chris on 12.09.2013

  24. time, everything happening at once, a desire to switch location, a desire to see the other side of a story. meanwhile is a however, a but, a maybe. meanwhile can be a game changer. or meanwhile can make things stay exactly the same.

    By Jack Buckley on 12.09.2013

  25. At the same time as something. Another word for it is whilst. Example:
    I was washing up meanwhile my kids were watching TV.

    By Maddy on 12.09.2013

  26. (and yesterday’s word: chosen)

    i wish you’d been the prophet instead of me

    (you might have been strong enough to leave me behind
    but a horizon would only remind me of your smile)

    By h. b. URL on 12.09.2013

  27. Not too sure what to write down on here. Space bar keeps jamming. Meanwhile, my mom is arguing with her boyfriend. Oh, Mondays.

    By Marie on 12.09.2013

  28. Meanwhile adds another layer to your basic story. It can fragment your narrative, it can give another insight to a narrative, it can do many things. It also sounds like a scary, intimidating version of the word “while”, as opposed to “nicewhile” or “while”, its positive and neutral state, respectively.

    By Jamie on 12.09.2013

  29. Meanwhile, the students walked to class and Johnny sat in the bathroom with his feet up on the toilet and a black sharpie to the wall. “All children rest until they sleep.” He did not know what this meant but he wrote it anyhow. He put the cap back on the pen and tucked his ears into the flaps of his beanie. He left the stall and headed out.

    By Katya on 12.09.2013

  30. Meanwhile; On the planet below, not beset by the plagues of war yet, a young boy watches the sky with anticipation. The stars are moving it seems, what could that mean? As they grow larger and fill his head with the image of brightness, screams fill the air and it dawns on him that those aren’t stars.

    By Joseph on 12.09.2013

  31. meanwhile, she couldn’t help but wonder why yesterday’s word prompt was the same as today’s…as though nothing had changed, when so many things had changed, at least for her. Yesterday was gone. No longer of any use. Meanwhile, she sipped her juice and thought about what it might be like to fly…

    By Aliza Wiseman URL on 12.09.2013

  32. I ate it. i slobbered and giggled and chomped on it. It was squishy and it tasted so good. My senses were exploding as i took bite after bite. I couldn’t stop noshing on it.

    Meanwhile, 5 thousand stood without food in a kill area with the button saying, “Start.”

    By Breezeway URL on 12.09.2013

  33. I didn’t move. I stood and stood. The minutes passed. The hours trickled by. The days took a sledgehammer to my mind because i knew that while I stood there locked inside myself, everyone I knew was dying.

    By Breezeway URL on 12.09.2013

  34. Listlessly she typed
    Hungrily he battled plague
    Thirstily we careened across existence
    Meanwhile, our destiny’s bore down on us
    Telling us that no matter what we did
    The outcome would always be the same

    By Breezeway URL on 12.09.2013

  35. The temperature rose. Skyrocketed. Sweat started dripping from the foreheads of everyone in the room. The water, or sweat, started to rise above their ankles, their knees. Meanwhile outside the world stood frozen solid.

    By Breezeway URL on 12.09.2013

  36. There wasn’t much else going on. He stood silently and eschewed more responses in his head. What his boss might say or do in the meanwhile. He had already spoken enough on his side to know it was time to top. Small talk to business talk to family and health and what’s new. Then back to business. He could stop and walk away and wonder what would be thought of or keep standing there waiting for the man to finally say something.

    By DMM URL on 12.09.2013

  37. Meanwhile, the girl stared at the ticking of the clock. Her stare was vacant, her eyes incredibly dull for a little girl. The girl was no more than eleven years old and her long white shift only enhanced the innocence of her form.

    By Mary URL on 12.09.2013

  38. Meanwhile back at home there were having trouble figuring out who would win person of the month. “I think i should win” said Toby. “No i should win” said Kimberly. “listen, i think the one that should win is ……

    By Cali Coornado on 12.09.2013

  39. Meanwhile there was a bear trying to eat us. we were so terrified. we didnt know what to do, should we throw rocks? a stick? i dont know what to do… i heard something, i thought it was another bear but luckily it was a police . thank you god !

    By Cali Coornado on 12.09.2013

  40. back at the ranch, gus was cooking up some mutton steaks and red beans. noone like the mutton gus made, but he made it anyway because he didn’t want to cook rattler or pecary or any other of the desert varmits they brought in – so mutton it was…

    By Lee URL on 12.09.2013