December 8th, 2013 | 96 Entries

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96 Entries for “meanwhile”

  1. it took my breath away. i waited the entire day, and now, here i was in this intricate little place where there seemed to be nothing to hold me down. i was being pulled in every direction/

    and they were on their way

    By Nightawait URL on 12.08.2013

  2. Meanwhile, there were other things to think about. Like ice cream and understanding. Like why kids don’t make mud pies in the big city. Like how effortless it is to breathe when looking out over beautiful vistas, overlooking the sea. She stood alone…admiring everything she could not see…

    By Aliza Wiseman URL on 12.08.2013

  3. SHe was lonely, meanwhile he was talking to that other girl in the bar.
    She was wishing for something else, while he was about to get what he wanted.
    She was slowly turning bitter, while she was turning on his sweet charm.

    By Joy on 12.08.2013

  4. …as I contemplate my next step toward success, I realize that it’s also important to enjoy the here and now. Not just focus on the future without smelling the roses along the way. That’s why it’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with family and friends, who will keep you grounded and sane, without sucking the energy you put into your plans.

    By Daniel URL on 12.08.2013

  5. Meanwhile away from the real world the children were playing merrily on the lawn. They were dressed for the garden party and looked like the well-to-do children they were. They were all members of the aristocratic family that owned the house and most the buildings and businesses in the village. Little did they know that all this, the wealth, the titles, the problems would all be theirs one day. They would have to learn to work together to find the solution to the problems that came with their wealth and titles that were to plague them for the rest of their lives. Little did they also know a war was brewing across the ocean which would affect their lives forever.

    By insanity rambles URL on 12.08.2013

  6. Meanwhile, the children cheered loudly as Santa made his way down the road.

    By JoJo on 12.08.2013

  7. “if that’s what he saying about me, than I’ll just have to hit him right back.”

    By Pasty Lace on 12.08.2013

  8. Meanwhile, near the opposite flank of the pub, a fight over which local brew was the best brew was bubbling as thick and frothy as the stuff in Syndicum’s tankard. Two burly women, their curls crowned with Stetsons, argued loudly while bashing their fists on the table, while their scrawnier, scummier friend with the mutton chops insisted that there was only one way to solve the tiff.

    “Arm wrestling?”

    “Arm wrestling.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.08.2013

  9. given the excuses, but the
    excess no time, in the rain
    still dark, early but dry of

    my words pure syllables of
    paragons that you are long
    confused about.

    being the same way, I know,
    I step past, you descend.
    these tendency are like hips
    at 7AM, the floor emptying
    but jammered
    being the same way, I know,
    I step past, you decend.
    these tendcys are like hips
    at 7AM, the floor emptrying
    but jammered

    By FTS on 12.08.2013

  10. alas the waters drifted on
    no destination bound
    they followed the tides
    that pushed and pulled
    till the shore they found
    meanwhile the moon
    with her glowing smile.
    let the tides follow her lead
    but only for tonight.
    but only for a while.

    By Lovelysunnyday URL on 12.08.2013

  11. Meanwhile, he would disturb the people in the bakery. I never had any idea why, but it was quite becoming of him. He would talk to each person in

    By natasha on 12.08.2013

  12. He sat there, wanting to taste her, kiss her, consume her in one breath.

    Meanwhile, every single one of her instincts told her to escape.

    By Sophia URL on 12.08.2013

  13. He was buying her flowers. Meanwhile, she was busy sneaking off, kissing another behind his back and destroying him invisibly.
    He was purchasing the ring. Meanwhile, she was in someone else’s bed, selling away the chastity that she’d promised to him.

    By Dominik URL on 12.08.2013

  14. Sara was busy getting ready for her wedding, having her hair and nails done, squeezing into the designer gown. Meanwhile Tom was at Amanda’s having one last tryst with the girl he really had passion for. What was he going to do? He liked Sara, maybe even loved her but not like Amanda. Oh how he wished he could be with Amanda, but she wouldn’t be accepted like Sara. After all, Sara had been his girl since high school. Been there the whole time and everyone knew them as Tom and Sara. Amanda on the other hand was a couple of years older. They had been room mates during the summer before his last year at law school. He had bragged to his buddies about the great sex and fun he had with the “older” woman. He couldn’t take back the gossip. It just couldn’t work with Amanda…. or could it?

    By just a girl URL on 12.08.2013

  15. While it feels like the world is ending and the ice caps are metling and all hell is breaking loose and it is time for the reaping and my heart is stopping and no one is breathing and I can hardly believe my eyes

    You’re there


    By Liv on 12.08.2013

  16. Meanwhile, the flamethrowers blasted the crow’s nest high up in the big top, scorched their mouse hats in the process and thus drew seismic titters from the fat lady and stereophonic sniggers from the crowd. They swaggered about, kicking up sawdust and hollered in unison, “Stick it up your jacksie, you Mandeville clowns!” And the juicy pomegranate people cowered, they’d never be the same, and Mrs. Moleski, she stood up, shrugged her sweater on and said, “I’d better make dinner”

    By Miss Alister URL on 12.08.2013

  17. Today a part of me dies. It should have never been born within me. Do not be sad or recoil, this death is one to celebrate. Revel in knowing a place within my being is now free from attachment to this world. Meanwhile, resting gently in a nebula across the oceans, in jungles ruins so lost, they’ve last been visited just over 6,000 years ago. It is there, in the birth place of Our Great Mother, I will be found. #OneWord #meanwhile #not60seconds

    By Oz Nolem URL on 12.08.2013

  18. I was doing homework, meanwhile my family was at the movies enjoying a film and eating junk food.

    By apadilla on 12.08.2013

  19. in another part of the city, Ruby was just getting dressed. she ignored the sleeping man next to hear mostly becuase she couldn’t remember his name. For once she wasn’t running late to work, maybe she could get a starbucks? Pick up that bag she saw in that window on fourth? After that she could stop by joe’s newstand and still only be thiry minuets late to work. She moved silently, no way was she having an awkward conversation with Mr. Morning Breath, who currently was taking up 90% of the bed.

    By Abigail W on 12.08.2013

  20. The professor was talking, about the topic today. There are so many things to do. Reading, writing essays passing homework. The course is academically important.
    Meanwhile, on the back seat of the classroom, Heidi was preoccupied with other things.
    She cannot concentrate on the class. She is doodling, and on her cellphone. Then, her phone rang. Everybody looked up at her. She was embarrassed. Everybody was still. Until the professor told her to turn off her phone.

    By roze_princess URL on 12.08.2013

  21. The young girl sat typing away furiously at the wooden table of the cafe. The words came frequently while she pounded at her computer. Her words exuded dreams of foreign and exotic places. She also dreamed about her family an ocean away. When her wandering mind quieted and she peered up, the man, sultry in the corner, was peering over with curious eyes.

    ‘Was he dreaming of her?’ she wondered.

    Meanwhile, the man was thinking…

    By Simone URL on 12.08.2013

  22. This word is something that can like, indicate time and let the writer show how things are like happening simulteaneously, at the same time.

    By Shang on 12.08.2013

  23. Ray was working in the garden. In the distance, he could hear the chatter of the children. Sandra, meanwhile, was watering the flower pots on the kitchen windowsill. Ray turned to look at her. She was always a beautiful sight to look at, an oasis in the middle of an arid brutal desert.

    By Batul URL on 12.08.2013

  24. “Meanwhile, I’ll just get us some tea!” She said as she went into the kitchen. I had little time, I knew, but my previous visits had already told me the best places to hide the mikes and cameras. Pretending to look through the books on her shelves, I planted my little “gifts” where she would never think of looking. We would spend Christmas together, whether she knew it or not.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.08.2013

  25. I was drinking coffee in my apartment with the music blaring. Tunes so loud the floor rattled which made the neighbors downstairs knock on the ceiling. They hate my music and it’s volume

    By Whitney on 12.08.2013

  26. i sat waiting in the empty terminal as i watched for my husband to reappear. meanwhile i was reading a book that i had picked up on our little trip to visit my family in manchester. it was his first time to see them as my husband, save the wedding.

    By abby on 12.08.2013

  27. Hazel is trapped in a life that is full of cancer, while life goes on for everyone else outside of that bubble. She is focused on the cancer and what that means in her life at all times. Augustus maintains a more positive view, but still goes forward attending a support group where they meet. They must now live the last of their lives while life goes on for everyone else.

    By Meredith McNEtt on 12.08.2013

  28. Meanwhile, I flirted with him. Or at least, I carried a conversation with him, and laughed along with the things that he said.

    And the two things I kept thinking of was how cute this guy was, and how much I miss you. I miss you so much.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 12.08.2013

  29. Meanwhile, it was all changing. All of this was happening without me having the slightest clue. I would remain clueless for a long time. They let me suffer the greatest pain, not bothering to tell me that it wasn’t even real

    By Leasha P. URL on 12.08.2013

  30. I sat looking at her house. She was in there, probably enjoying her life. Meanwhile, I was being pathetic and sitting there, staring at her house, waiting for the day when I would tell her I love her, and she would tell me the same back. I could not wait for that day. WIth that thought, I opened the car door and stepped out.

    By Grace URL on 12.08.2013

  31. i miss you meanwhile … youre with your girlfriend
    i think about you … meanwhile youre with her
    i want to call you…. meanwhile your talking to her ,
    we were boyfriend and girfriend , menawhile …. you were cheating with her

    By clem URL on 12.08.2013

  32. We talked for hours. His voice was soothing, smooth. Once or twice, he’d reach out and twist his finger around a lock of my hair, a teasing smile adorning his face. Meanwhile, the sun dipped low on the horizon. I didn’t notice.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.08.2013

  33. She clambered up the ivy clinging to the brick wall surrounding the school. Pausing to catch her breath at the top, Miranda noticed a security guard patrolling the grounds.
    “Seriously, what kind of school is this?” Miranda thought to herself. The rhetorical nature of the question, however, did not allow Miranda time to actually expend much energy thinking of an answer. Instead, she jumped to the ground as the security guard disappeared around the west edge of the school; expelling one more deep breath, Miranda made her way toward the one of the boarding rooms, a blinking flashlight in the window guiding her steps.

    By Fay on 12.08.2013

  34. Meanwhile across town, Dagger mentally went through his plan. Grab the cash, shoot Boston, and speed like hell across to Jonestown. There was one problem left however, Sydney. She hadn’t shown up at the rendez-vu, and it had been three hours since he’d heard from her. She didn’t ever go incommunicado – something was up.

    By Allyce URL on 12.08.2013

  35. There was a time, long ago, when the sun was green and the plants blue. The water was yellow and everything was so much more beautiful. Strange things often are. Sometimes I look outside and I wonder at the alternate shapes that I see, the people and places and things that could have, should have been. Do I need to be here — do I deserve to be alive? I am here, thinking about stressful things like toenails and fairytales, and meanwhile? Someone is fighting for their soul.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 12.08.2013

  36. meanwhile is a very funny concept that we anglophones have created. To imagine the existence of simultaeous experience, to ackowledge that events can occure outside of our immediate focus

    By Olivia on 12.08.2013

  37. Meanwhile, I was in an apartment over by fifth street, looking at the mob of petulant girlies assault old people trying to sell them rubbish cream puffs and charcoal colored cookies.

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 12.08.2013

  38. Somewhere not so far you sit quietly next to him. I sit here as well wishing it was me.

    By richard laperle on 12.08.2013

  39. meanwhile, I’m still healing
    through the headrush of
    your daisy-pushing, and your
    ‘jesus-holy’ crown;

    to name of me a briar

    By Pandatry URL on 12.08.2013

  40. meanwhile, ashley was at home, awaiting the abuse she’d been getting for the passed 5 years. as she sat there, she thought of the times she had before her mom married him. she thought about her father and the way she looked up to him

    By Shelby URL on 12.08.2013