January 10th, 2013 | 234 Entries

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234 Entries for “master”

  1. best at what he does, the wordsmith expels his venom as though he knows just how to kill.

    By Lj URL on 01.10.2013

  2. there was a time when i though i belonged to my master but who was he…he was nothing in fact not even a he, it was i myself, which inprisoned my every action. until i decided to unchain myself.

    By alyssa.d URL on 01.10.2013

  3. There was a student in the village who realized his thoughts were going to a place where he could never become a master, of anything.

    By Jos URL on 01.10.2013

  4. The master wears a bright, sparkling gold crown. We bow to him, he’s in a velvet purple cape, glaring down upon his minions. He basks in the glorious power that is, indeed, all his.

    By Jessica Podgurski on 01.10.2013

  5. My teachers have always been my master but in fifth grade I was determined to change that with my absurd antics in class and constant mocking of them which only resulted in having 12 detentions throughout the first semester

    By Grady on 01.10.2013

  6. Master is a word of fear. Master is a defining word of power.

    By Molly Slowe on 01.10.2013

  7. exceptional, the best at what you do. You are professional in every sense.

    By Apples on 01.10.2013

  8. dogs. the ability to be an owner. master and commander. a professional. a career. to accomplish and perfect something

    By Katherine on 01.10.2013

  9. “I LIKE IT WHEN YOU CALL ME MASTER!!!!” Cat screams into her phone, trying to get the voice control mechanism, Siri, to comply with her wishes. The little device tries to understand, but even brilliant apple technology can’t always act in the same way a person would.

    By Caley Dickinson on 01.10.2013

  10. I thought he was my master until I realized he was just hamburger. Then I realized that I’d forgotten that I love pizza. Too bad for him. We turned on each other in that quiet moment, and I went East to his North. Thankfully, I never forgot again.

    By Beader55 URL on 01.10.2013

  11. You heard the bells ring! You shouldn’t still be sitting here! Get up! Go! Go fetch the broom and mop, clean the floors and wipe the walls. This house is your master and you must keep him comfortable , under penalty of death! Without a doubt, you must do this correctly.

    By Mr. Jones URL on 01.10.2013

  12. He looms before me. Only as tall as me, but seemingly towering. His presence pushes me back, and i stumble. The audacity of his booming voice over powers me, and i take an unsure step back. He owns me. I wish i could please him. I can only think of how am shrinking, lower and lower, until he engulfs me completely.

    By luccccyyyyyyy on 01.10.2013

  13. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing. The girl submitting to him like he owned her, like he was the only thing in the world that would matter. That his opinion shaped her, in her opinions, actions, and everything else in her life. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    By Alix URL on 01.10.2013

  14. Master. the one who we learn from. Master. the one that we aspire to be like. Master. the one that we try to impress

    By lucy the lion on 01.10.2013

  15. There is something strange about the lion master.

    By Aria on 01.10.2013

  16. i got this masters degree, right? i’m supposed to have mastered something. honestly, the only thing i think i mastered is how to look like i’m paying attention while browsing twitter on my ipad. or how to feel full after eating two packs of ramen. or how to hit all the food specials with such regularity without feeling impoverished. i’m a master, alright. of getting by.

    By 9to5ive URL on 01.10.2013

  17. I am the master of my destiny. With God as my guide and you out of my way I will accomplish great things,without you,whether you like it or not. Couldn’t you just be happy for me? Couldn’t you just be proud?

    By H URL on 01.10.2013

  18. No one ever seemed as peculiar as the ring master.

    By Aria on 01.10.2013

  19. Master. You can be a master of an apprentice. My brother is master Joseph, it is a title for men who are not married. I am the master of the universe. Lolol. Masters generally are powerfull and own thingsev

    By evie on 01.10.2013

  20. She had forgotten all about everything since it had happened. Blocking nothing from overtaking her. She was her own ring master.

    By Ariaelle.Reed URL on 01.10.2013

  21. MASTER!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM THE MASTER OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU MUST OBEY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    By Quintin lolol no that ain't my name wouldn't it be a cool name though?? on 01.10.2013

  22. How cool would it be to have mastered something? Anything. To be so skilled and practiced in a particular task or field of knowledge that you’re seen as the authority? It must be nice, to be fantastic at something instead of kind of good at a lot of things. The goal is for writing to be that something, let’s see how that goes.

    By Jonat URL on 01.10.2013

  23. It took a long time to master a needle and thread, but if Marion was going to depend on it to survive, she had better be pretty good at it.

    And she was, she was creative at coming up with cunning new patterns. That was something.

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.10.2013

  24. For years, he had studied his craft and labored over the wood and metal in order to create works of art renowned throughout the world. After a lifetime of achievements and recognition, he sat at yet another awards ceremony. His limbs now meager and his fingers no longer able to wield a tool. The chair next to him was empty. The lifetime achievement award would sit on an ornate cypress shelf in his home tomorrow, but it would not keep him company. He now sensed the loneliness and coldness of knowing he was not the master of his trade. He was its slave.

    By Casual Fridays URL on 01.10.2013

  25. a person who leads a group of people. Some masters are nice and caring. Others can be hard and very.. well… Masterful. They can abuse their slaves or they can be kind and care for them, treating them like family. A master doesn’t always have a slave, sometimes that could be a Pharaoh. Some masters could also be considered a leader of a country. Or a person with a Master’s Degree. We call my science teacher, Master Fraylick.

    By Tiffany McNulty on 01.10.2013

  26. “Yes master,”The little man said peeping from around the corner.”I will do anything the master wants.”
    “You know what you can do for me little imp?”
    “Yes master?”
    “Scram. I don’t want to see the site of you around here again.”
    “. . . But master. . .”
    “I said, beat it.”

    By Kim M URL on 01.10.2013

  27. She felt the bite. It skinned her wrists and clutched her ankles in a vice grip. Flexing her fingers and toes, she tried to get rid of the pins and needles, but it was useless. It was then she felt the soft whisper of breath on her shoulder, and the light rain of leather against her thighs.

    By sonneillon URL on 01.10.2013

  28. `master of the world i love you master. u are the master of my heart and i want to be the master of yours. you are the master of my life and the master of my being. be my master and i shall be yours. i love you master. master of my life. master of my would. master of my universe.

    By Amanda Castle on 01.10.2013

  29. I wish I was a better master over myself. I wish I had could command my bad habits like slaves and turn them into bits and pieces that are subordinate to my ultimate goals. I wish I could master tiredness and do away with it if need be. But I hate whenever someone is a master over me, or really does anything in a position of superior authority.

    By Denis A. URL on 01.10.2013

  30. Master of puppets, the master that controls us all. You never know who runs your life for you, you think you’re free? freedom is virtual it is a fake idea. even the master had a master and that master had a master. There’s always a master. It’s called life.

    By Serine on 01.10.2013

  31. Some people love to be called master. It would be a sign of obedience and dedication. When you are not, you at least seek to get the title and try to console, thus, your poor soul.

    By Michel Gauthier URL on 01.10.2013

  32. I am the master of my own life. there is no one else who can run my life and I can’t teach someone else how to do it either. I have to be the master. It’s up to me to make it what I can and it’s my choices that dictate where I’ll end up. In the end, it’s a master decision. Life offers many doors of which you can choose to go through, or ignore. Maybe in the end Life is the real master. It teaches you, you don’t teach it. You learn from it every day.

    By Kaylen on 01.10.2013

  33. to find/lose a master, be a master, or earn a master. My freedom is greater than these.

    By Kat on 01.10.2013

  34. i would never be this
    i wish no one ever wished to be this
    this is the attitude that destroys the global harmony

    the only this that should be mastered
    is the craft of being completely human
    to each person.

    By cheree on 01.10.2013

  35. Django Unchained. The whole white master and servants thing. Funny because I’m probably going to watch that tonight and I was thinking it’d be funny if this word was something relevant to my vacation.

    By Alice URL on 01.10.2013

  36. “You are the master of your own destiny” he said as he stood up to leave.
    “So, you aren’t going to help me?”
    “You know exactly what you have to do. You just want someone to approve your actions first. That person is not going to be me.”
    “Are you saying I’m just looking for approval?”
    “Once more, you have the answers. Accept them and act on them.”

    By Isabel Pinaud on 01.10.2013

  37. Let life be your master. Let the intricacies of your daily occurrence into this world be the things that guide you–the slurping of your soup, the exhale of the morning, the glance of the morning paper and the world around you, the world inside of you.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 01.10.2013

  38. My eyes swept down to the burly wooden sandals at her feet, and my head bent in a bow. The cruel sting of a tazer zapped around my nerves, reminding me of who I was belonging to now. Godess of Light, of the thunder, of pain. My master.

    By Moosecat URL on 01.10.2013

  39. I am with him in the woods. He sees something or at least he thinks he does. But I can smell it. From a mile away I could smell it. I was born to. Not only is it my job, its my passion. I can think of no other thing to do right now than to sniff the air for its direction and maybe even its mood. My blood is hot with the excitement of the chase. I am fulfilling my role in this world, right now. But if I were to judge what my true master was could I say it was him, or be forced to admit it was me.

    By jcb on 01.10.2013

  40. Yes master.
    I’ll listen
    I can’t speak on my own
    I’m a puppet
    I’ll bring you tea
    Would you like anything else?
    Of course,
    Right away.
    Please tell me
    for i forgot
    where’s the kitchen?

    By Lily URL on 01.10.2013