July 7th, 2011 | 441 Entries

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441 Entries for “maroon”

  1. What a random name for a color. I never really liked maroon or describe anything as maroon. I just say “Oh, it’s like reddish brownish color.” This is stupid. I don’t know what else to say about this. Um… It’s weird that it only has one r, don’t you think ? Kind of reminds me of raccoon. Time’s up. (:

    By Vivien URL on 07.08.2011

  2. 5. Lake Worth Trojans. 73′ Impalla on floaters with the doors open on I 90 maroon 5 heading south.

    By BenZee561 on 07.08.2011

  3. dark purple colour, grapes…depressing

    By megan on 07.08.2011

  4. The seven castaways went to the crashed on the island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. They lamented that they would never see civilization again. But then, the movie star, Ginger pulled out her maroon cell phone, which had four bars, and called in a helicopter. They were all rescued but their story was not enough to sustain a television series.

    By richpee URL on 07.08.2011

  5. harpoon my heart my skirt up around my hips my lips to jump over chocolate chips of love and grub me in the dirt I only ever wanted you, the colours of you that pulled me pulling you into two between the layers of lust and gruff and tumble down my love if only for tonight.

    By PeaRue URL on 07.08.2011

  6. the maroon walls encompassed her as she sobbed through the night into the morning. asphyxiation. how did she end up here again? whats the point – whats the point – whats the point?

    By Delilah URL on 07.08.2011

  7. Color of blood, if I remember, but usually in folds of a dress, the light catching it a certain way, wine for the eyes, and scoops of shadows here and there.

    By Todd on 07.08.2011

  8. on an island of scarlet sand, far far away from rescue, who will come back? who will save you from it? the cloak of night pushes you further and further away. roving marauders ranging in age from far too new to far insane we clear the way forth with our brain and who we are is what we took when we got sent away..

    By oliver danni on 07.08.2011

  9. the days of bumble bee soccer and daddy coaches

    By Natalie URL on 07.08.2011

  10. left on a island. forever.

    By donnie hudson on 07.08.2011

  11. I love the color maroon. The deep rich red. I like to wear that color, though it is not popular right now. Perhaps it will come back in fashion. It makes me feel regal.

    By elizabeth b on 07.08.2011

  12. So cold…I went up the stairs and tried the door. Locked. Panicking now I went back down, past the cell and saw it. Totally out of place and god knows from where it came from, on the cell floor a doll, old and wearing a tattered maroon dress.

    By Anton URL on 07.08.2011

  13. I was marooned on the subway with beautiful maroon-colored toenails – OPI NYC color “Marooned on the Subway” For some reason, the word maroon always reminds me of macaroons which I used to hate, but now I love. Mmmmm coconut.

    By Mh URL on 07.08.2011

  14. this colour is like brown and red at the same time. you find it a lot in dirt and in rocky formations and the like. i don’t think this colour appeals much to me, to be honest with you.

    the word actually sounds like marron which is brown in spanish, so i take it, when it was initially named, it was meant to be a brown colour. i hate it when they classify this as a reddish colour.

    By carol marin on 07.08.2011

  15. Heart. Egypt. 200 thread count, cotton. 5. Wounded. Hokies.

    By Alex Bobalex on 07.08.2011

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    By nada on 07.08.2011

  17. My apprehensions and inability to comprehend circumstances maroon me to the epicenter of the impending crisis.

    By rndm URL on 07.08.2011

  18. It’s an ugly color. Not wine… it’s like that color of the old buick cars with the blue-haired grandma’s sitting on phonebooks to see over the steering wheel. Uh, also being left being behind. Marooned. Haha. That would suck. saf

    By Dee on 07.08.2011

  19. The tide drove in on the beach, writhing across the sand taking imaginary castles along with it. On the horizon the sun dropped, giving colors never before seen. Orange, no. Maroon. Across the board. The confusion led to everyone on shore to stare in wonderment. The last light dropped and the colors were all gone never to be seen again. One must relish, not question what is. The last color they saw was maroon.

    By Brian Gay on 07.08.2011

  20. Nicole ran through the hall with a tear tearing out of her right eye as she hauled three bags, a backpack, a duffel and a trader Joes’s. I was in love in a way that words forbidden to say hang on my tonge and longed to run after.

    By Joseph O'Malley URL on 07.08.2011

  21. i think of my brothers, strangely enough. i think iona college, the fighting gaels. crisp, cool, and overcast saturdays, we would traverse to new rochelle to watch footballs games, all of us together. i hated it but would give anything to have it back now.

    By Agatha Kehayas on 07.08.2011

  22. Maroon spilled from his mouth, and mingled on the floor with the tears that came from his now unseeing eyes.

    By Finch URL on 07.08.2011

  23. maroon is a color which is like red. but not like red because it is darker. it is also the name of a band called maroon 5. they were successful with the mainstream media but tried to sell like a rock album and didn’t have much success there. i dont know what else to write about maroon. all i know is that it is the color and a band.

    By Daniel on 07.08.2011

  24. brown deserted island, shipwrecked in the deep blue. clinging to a cargo crate there was not much for to go. I met a friendly islander he said his name was Sam; he fixed me up a raft and then he didn’t give a damn.

    By ynothna on 07.08.2011

  25. a color that can’t simply be described, something so diverse, and that can fit as the perfect filler.
    a word that you call someone when theyre acting out, like my brother being a maroon right now. it describes everything perfectly

    By smile, youvewon URL on 07.08.2011

  26. Rich, enveloping and regal – maroon represents more than a color. Sensuous and mysterious, it evokes a certain state of mind. In an instant, you transform.

    By Georgia on 07.08.2011

  27. It is not my choise. I cannot speak a word to stop it. I watch as my nephew, my lovely little one, holds up a kitchen knife. I wish I could stop it, but the maroon pierces through the white lace onto the bedroom carpet, as I watch, breathless, my little Kitty die.

    By virginfell URL on 07.08.2011

  28. It is almost red like but not quite. i am absolutly sure my father would not be able to tell the differeance though. sort of reminds me of the band a little, but I hate that band. The “oo” in it looks strange to me.

    By Josh on 07.08.2011

  29. the color that described us. it made us who we were. i pulled on my maroon gym shorts and gold t-shirt, getting ready for gym class as fast as I could. But yet, I hated these colors. Our school colors, so mocking.

    By natalie.(: URL on 07.08.2011

  30. All I remember is making the sweater, staring at the black and the red as they knit together – and then handing it off, seeing you wear it, and wondering how good our kids would say we looked together when we were young.

    Damn you.

    By Lancir URL on 07.08.2011

  31. He was marooned there for six years, and for every one of them he hated Sarah more. As he lay in the blazing sun drunk on coconut juice he would often image she was there – her neck underneath his foot.

    By Stephen Locke-Wheaton on 07.08.2011

  32. maroon5, color, moon,band,funerals pink

    By mollers on 07.08.2011

  33. a color that is a mix of red and purple. the aggie team’s color.

    By eva on 07.08.2011

  34. marroon is a color that most people have no idea about. it’s like a deep red color, almost looks burgundy.
    or this word makes me think of maroon 5,an awesome band that i am going to see soon. the lead singer is gorgeous and maybe he’ll even wear a red shirt,a maroon shirt.

    By Sara Marcazzolo on 07.08.2011

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    By eva on 07.08.2011

  36. ‘Do you want me to maroon you in this God forsaken place? No? Well, then, behave!”

    Janet looked in the mirror, and saw the endless road behind her. In the back seat were her two children, screaming at each other and bored to tears. Ahead of her was endless road. She knew that it was the right time to leave David, but the process was becoming unending.

    She was going somewhere she had never been before, to live in a community that she had never even visited!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 07.08.2011

  37. Maroon is a purplish shade of red… It’s an okay color. Yes, I cannot think today. It’s a common issue. Search for it, I mean it.

    By Aisu URL on 07.08.2011

  38. Maroon. thats the colour of the sofa I sit on. Sitting in the Dr’s office, waiting. Things have always been complicated. But, emotion always elevates the perception, alters it so that murkiness distorts and ripples the mind like trying to look out a window that is being battered with rain in a storm.

    By Seansj URL on 07.08.2011

  39. Ms. Maroon is the haggish sister of Miss Scarlett. This poor girl has lived in the shadow of her sister’s beauty her whole life. She fears a future of loneliness. But little does she know, there is something wonderful just around the corner!

    By Libby Gardner on 07.08.2011

  40. It cracks me up when Buggs Bunny says “What a maroon?”. Although I have to admit, it took me years to realize he probably really meant. Hmmm, what does that say about me?

    By Therese URL on 07.08.2011