May 16th, 2013 | 166 Entries


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166 Entries for “manhattan”

  1. Manhattan was booming. Everyone flocked there to shop, eat, or just walk around. It was a destination, a huge metropolis that embodied what everybody loved about America. We were leaving next week though. Moving on. We were going to Chicago, where the future was bright.

    By Kristina URL on 05.16.2013

  2. It was a cold day. And the man pulled up his collar against the biting wind. He looked over his shoulder. He was obviously suspicious.

    By Chase URL on 05.16.2013

  3. I live in Manhattan. It is beautiful there. Manhattan is more than a place, it is home. I love it. Do you want to live here?

    By Victoria Carpenter on 05.16.2013

  4. She reached and grabbed and poured and shook and he watched. A drop of red juice trickling down her arm.

    By penny dreadful URL on 05.16.2013

  5. Manhattan. A place of possibilities. Coming from a small town, a place like Manhattan seems magical. My whole life, I`ve been stuck with minimal opportunities and feeble-minded people. Manhattan seems like the biggest leap in the world- nevertheless, a leap I`d like to to take.

    By Braela on 05.16.2013

  6. the city lights shine bright
    when you wander through empty streets at night
    with poision in your blood they show you the right way
    and with love at first sight you’ll know exactly what to say
    until your courage fades out along with those lights
    and you realise they won’t be there to enlighten your day.

    By Liesbeth on 05.16.2013

  7. Manhatten- a man with a hat who has got a knack for battin’ his hat off his head, or a city, of course.

    By Jordan Hall on 05.16.2013

  8. She’s never actually visited Manhattan, not physically. But she’s been there, transported by the words on a page. She’s seen the gleaming towers, the crowds of people, heard the shouting and honking that filled the air.

    By Bianca on 05.16.2013

  9. i shall never write about a place
    in which i do not feel familiar
    empirical data is a necessity
    to produce anything of value
    in order for your word to mean

    By jill URL on 05.16.2013

  10. It was cold, windy, raining, grey…winter…long coat…scarf wrapped around…people walking….with clouds floating above their heads….little breath clouds…lines down the street….grey….newspaper….grey….manhattan….in my head….in my dreams….leaving me….with grey….grey…grey.

    By nodochinko URL on 05.16.2013

  11. I cannot think of any proper use for the word, manhattan.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 05.16.2013

  12. The black and white photo revealed a small city. The past. History. What a city it had become, since those ol’ days.

    By OneJen URL on 05.16.2013

  13. i would love to go there. there is a movie from woody allen called manhattan and it’s pretty good. everything that i know about this city sounds pretty good to me. one day i will visit.

    By joana URL on 05.16.2013

  14. New York city, bustling streets, smoke clouds fill the excited nicotine filled air, a group of 5 fashions come strutting down central street.

    By Megan on 05.16.2013

  15. It was a fuzzy, distant memory. It blurred together with New York yet I understood the difference. But even those pictures were comforting. Because others were fading.

    By Juliet on 05.16.2013

  16. i’ve never been to manhattan… it sounds glamorous though. It sounds like Sex and the City, and pearls, and long black dresses. Suits, tuxes and things. Definitely a lot of things… A lot of sunglasses indoors, but not in a hick way, in a classy, “the sun never sets on a bad ass” kind of way

    By Hannah on 05.16.2013

  17. The skyscrapers rise above the pavement and they strut down the streets. They own the city. They are the city. The air and the noise and the smell, it’s all a part of them. True New Yorkers own Manhattan, true New Yorkers are Manhattan. And true New Yorkers wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

    By Jen URL on 05.16.2013

  18. New York City at it’s finest, Manhatten teems with weell-dressed people hustling off to their busy, busy days. At night…Manhattan is more alive. With a different kind of buzz…

    By Jen URL on 05.16.2013

  19. Full of rage
    In the Beginning of the day
    Less and less
    In the evening
    Full of grace

    By Basdcas on 05.16.2013

  20. A soft breeze away from walking in the room unnoticed, I could tell she was from manhattan. She drank whiskey and asked for another straight away.

    By jacqueline Harris on 05.16.2013

  21. Towers upon towers
    city after city
    how do we manage to keep up the
    that is human kind
    ruination to the natural world like manhattan
    smoke stack buildings back to back
    man-made macinations attack
    trees and homes
    bridges made of stone
    how do we manage to kill what came before us

    By KRS on 05.16.2013

  22. Some of the where’s I’ve been have taken my breath, and all have given me breath. New breath. Safe haven for my characteristics, these places I came and went from that I wasn’t left behind in, that left behind in me. I’ve never been to Manhattan, New York. I’ll never be desperate for what is inside me (waiting to be triggered by the searing bright of speed and violently impressive art).

    By Saudade URL on 05.16.2013

  23. Big city life stretching a person in many different directions. Cars muttering sounds like back-handed compliments and the dust falls off of people, skin flakes and marching particles. A weird feeling is brewing inside me and I fully intend to jump into it with everything I’ve got.

    By John Bradley Peele URL on 05.16.2013

  24. The city consumed my very soul. The gray concrete and glass windows allowed an entrance into my heart and mind. The people’s faces were blank as I passed by, and the streets were lined with the zipping yellow taxis. I wanted to leave, to flee, but every chance was ruined by the mass around me. My life was commanded by the behemoth called Manhattan.

    By Samuel Fishman on 05.16.2013

  25. There she was, stuck in the middle of the rainy day. Manhattan in New York. She’s heard about it, seen it in the countless hours of watching Sex and the City. She never really understood its structure, but she was in the middle of it now.

    By M. Twigs on 05.16.2013

  26. Gold glow of street life.
    Humanity’s beehive.
    People art.

    Standing man…..
    walking man…..

    She walked – the brilliant colour ribbon of thoughts skimming across and leaving…

    She looked up
    and saw skyscraper-grey.

    By Anne on 05.16.2013

  27. Manhattan is a place where a man and a hat are united together to enjoy the beauty of the urban lifestyle under the brim of fasion. Man! Hattan! It’s an expression I often use to express how much this hat hurts if I wear it too long. Manhattan.

    By Jon Griffith URL on 05.16.2013

  28. Land of hope and promise.
    Aid you can make it here,myou can make it anywhere,
    My pulse quickens whennI walk your streets.

    By Robin on 05.16.2013

  29. lost in manhattan, where you and I first met
    looking at the moon I haven’t found any answers yet
    why haven’t we gone this far before?
    maybe it’s time to turn back, pick up the truth lying on the floor.

    By JeffRo on 05.16.2013

  30. It was an ideal, something to strive for.
    The Great Manhattan, looming ahead. Where dreams became reality, and sometimes reality became dreams.
    We’d always worked towards Manhattan, it was our goal. Get out of this awful town and move on up.

    By Drodi on 05.16.2013

  31. It is dark gold. Shattered angels live here, stirring up the ash and dust of lives-once-lived. People come here to forget, but instead they create more memories to forget.

    By White Elephant URL on 05.16.2013

  32. The men in the suits and ties
    and radioactive martinis,
    scuttling back and forth between
    New Mexico heat
    and laboratory chills.

    I pull up a network of mushrooms and
    am reminded of how the earth shook
    all the way over here
    when we sent the little boy and fat man.

    By Kairn URL on 05.16.2013

  33. A city I’ve never visited before, it held a lot of mysteries for me. An uncertain future. Who knows? Perhaps one day, I’ll call the place my home.
    A place where the stories come and tell me that I’ve much to see in the world yet. And much to learn.

    By Celine Wu URL on 05.16.2013

  34. Your mind is like the streets of Manhattan. Charming, complicated, beautiful. But there are also dark alleys, shadows buried in forgotten subways. But that’s what makes you real.

    By Doug URL on 05.16.2013

  35. I live in Staten Island, near Manhattan. Going to manhattan is simply exquisite. It’s beautiful walking around at night, seeing the pretty lights, and admiring the tall buildings. Going to manhattan is always amazing. It’s a city lover’s dream.

    By Kayla URL on 05.16.2013

  36. There will always be conspiracy theories, and some people will never believe that it is impossible to keep something that big, that involves so many people, quiet forever. Unless, of course, you are the U.S. Government and you have a track record that includes the Manhattan Project.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.16.2013

  37. I’ve never been to Manhattan. I’ve never even been near Manhattan except for once in my life when I went to Washington DC with the big high school orchestra kids and that’s the only time I’ve been anywhere close to that side of the country. Except, I suppose, when I was really tiny (between 1 and 2 years old) and I went to my cousin’s house in Florida and almost drowned. I was stupid when I was a baby. I’ve almost drowned twice and the other time was when I was 4 or 5. I fell off a boat.

    By Emily Jones on 05.16.2013

  38. Manhattan. Uhh. Manhattan
    With your skyline boarding the horizons of my dreams. I swim to thee, Manhattan, but how far away are you Manhattan? Seeing you written reminds me of your very core of high towers and infinite possibilities.

    By Mauricio on 05.16.2013

  39. alanbig and beau,hurryitiful,noisy and warm sunny blue skies above canyons of glass and concrete. busy people hurrying anf hustling , dancing to the pulse of the city.

    By alana biasi on 05.16.2013

  40. The tender glow of sunlight broke through the city air
    Massaging tired shoulders, wounding with its glare
    Words dealt by a stranger, given with a gentle heart
    Not knowing that they struck the mind like a target by a dart.

    By Carly URL on 05.16.2013