May 16th, 2013 | 166 Entries


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166 Entries for “manhattan”

  1. New York, city, I want to go here, clothes, busy, rich people, Alicia Keys (idk)

    By Sue J on 05.16.2013

  2. “C’mon, Manhattan would be a fun stop!”

    “Manhattan is in the complete opposite direction of the one we are driving, you guys.”

    “Then let’s hit it on the way back!”

    “No, I don’t think you understand, we would literally have to PASS OUR STARTING POINT on the way back to go to Manhattan. It is the very definition of out of the way.”

    “Enjolraaaaas, someone’s not being very adventurooouuuusssss!”

    “I’m being /practical,/ we’re not going to fucking Manhattan! Maybe next summer.”

    By Julia A. URL on 05.16.2013

  3. A city in New York. Very busy. Lots of things are there.People, and places.

    By Tessa on 05.16.2013

  4. The high peak of the world and the capital, or rather center of the dreamers’ universe is Manhattan. Eyes turn to the beaming life extravagance that is Manhattan.

    By Laurel Adkins on 05.16.2013

  5. manhattan is a place far away, a place to which I have been but never known, a place I’d like to experience but a place too large. A jealousy exists through my patriotism and belief that London is better than Manhattan. The simple fact is that, this just isn’t true, i’m wrong aga

    By Pete Chubb on 05.16.2013

  6. Manhattan is a place. You can live there,Lots of people live there. It is in France. There is a movie with that setting. Its a beautiful place lots of people go there.

    By Jenna on 05.16.2013

  7. I have never been to Manhattan and don’t ever plan on going. Compared to Colorado it seems an alien and overwhelming place. Buildings, cars, people, crowded into so many streets, so many grids, so many high-rises. Colorado is about open sky and seeing beyond the horizon.

    By Kea Giles URL on 05.16.2013

  8. This place is in New york city it is beautiful there is a movie setting in this place a lot of people vist there it is a tour attraction

    By Julia on 05.16.2013

  9. towers
    i see lots of towers and high rised buildings and coffee. starbucks. latte. books. strangers talking about books and life i guess. and people rushing. going to work. lots of cars and mostly taxis. i see homeless people

    By esha on 05.16.2013

  10. Manhattan is in New York City. Lots of people live and visit Manhattan. It is a beautiful place. I want to vistit Manhattan sometime.

    By Jenna on 05.16.2013

  11. I like my friends they are very nice. I love my family. My brother and I sometimes fight, I don’t like when we fight. I have two very best friends in the wide world.

    By Porsche anderson on 05.16.2013

  12. A mad hatter with a hat on. A man-made heaven. A three syllabled paradise. Man-hatt-an. A Lego square with intestines and glowing lights. A mecca. A melting pot. A miasma. A jungle book of noise. A city of drama and dreams. A salute, a nod, a handshake to mankind. An applause. A bow. A silver smile.

    By siobhan347 URL on 05.16.2013

  13. It is in New York and it is a big city with big buildings

    By Alaina on 05.16.2013

  14. My friend lives in manhattan. Manhattan is very famous and is a small place. I have never been to manhattan. This is hard to write about manhattan.

    By Olivia Hackman URL on 05.16.2013

  15. I felt my heart sputter in my chest as the train finally halted to a stop. Before the front passengers even had time to escape, I was already halfway down Broadway, experiencing complete bliss. Grandpa always said this place would light up, even if it didn’t have lights. Everyone and everything was so incandescently glowing; it was the most humbling thing to see. I finally made it. Hello, Manhattan; I am home.

    By Nicole on 05.16.2013

  16. Days like summer sunhine when girls gaze at boys and boys gaze at girls in their hats of insecurity. We dance across the streets in chaotic brilliance, following the steps of those ahead of us. Sex in which city? Is sex even sex when its not just between two people.

    By Cucumber on 05.16.2013

  17. I don’t really know much about Mahattan. Its a place I’ve never been. I’ve been to Philidelphia, I’ve been to Miami. I have been to L.A, Seattle, Denver. Never manhattan

    By m on 05.16.2013

  18. I know very little about manhattan
    I know that it is a city
    and a very big one at that
    many books have it as a setting
    and I’m not sure why
    why there and not here.
    is anywhere really more important than another place
    is manhattan any more important the nashville?

    By Breezeway URL on 05.16.2013

  19. A form of guilty pleasure. My escape. Their terror. Many worlds happening in a small location. They all became defensive of people they never would have cared about. Why? I must find out.

    Then again, not knowing may mean progress.

    By Angela merrill on 05.16.2013

  20. The city shown like a flashlight in my eyes as I exited the taxi. After the blinding light disappeared I realized I had made it to my destination, a tiny coffee shop where the lead guitarist of a band I saw last night worked.

    By Addie on 05.16.2013

  21. I think manhattan sounds nice. I’ve heard of the Manhattan project, but I honestly have no idea what that is.The words man and hat being in the name make me think of the mad hatter from Alice and Wonderland.

    By ashley on 05.16.2013

  22. 1,776 feet above the pavement, you can still see the scars. Even filled in, rebuilt, and remodeled, those scars are permanent. They’re seared into the collective consciousness of everyone around you.

    By Chris Clow on 05.16.2013

  23. Manhattan grew grew suddenly out of the green jungle. I had been 1000 since the disaster had cleansed the planet and left this lattice for jungle growth behind.

    By Andrew on 05.16.2013

  24. This is a place of greatness but also tragedy. This is a place where when got so concentrated but so busy that they couldn´t see the thousands of people next to them.

    By Olivier on 05.16.2013

  25. My friend is from Manhattan. That city that cultivates dreams and holds them captive within its streets and buildings. Growing on the hopes of its populous.

    By Alexis URL on 05.16.2013

  26. Mahattan is a hahaha, i just spelled manhattan wrong. anyways, manhattan is a subcity ish place in new-york city. It’s great….oh my god…..okay. It’s seriously an awesome place to go to…New york in general.

    By Peter on 05.16.2013

  27. man hazt eine wahl oder auch zwei, niemand weiss ganz genau was eigentlich assert aber in jedem falle geht es darum oben auf zu bleiben es geht darum zu schwimmen wenn man eigentlich ertrinken moechte und es geht auch darum zu rennen wenn die batterie saeure in deinen beinen alles zerfrisst und du denkst dass du gelich zusammen brichst denn am ende des lichts ist garantiert ein tunnel durch den auch du eines tagen laufen wirst ob du es moechtest oder nicht

    By berenique on 05.16.2013

  28. Living in Manhattan for too long can make it feel that you are steel and that your life as is glimmering as all the glass and chaos.

    Today in Central Park I went to the eldest tree worth more than any of the buildings. In its shade I laid down on my back and faced the sky in such a way that my tears streamed into my ears, filling the notches until they overflowed. It was as though my ears were crying with my eyes; it felt twice as healing, which is needed in a city that can be twice as cruel.

    By drew URL on 05.16.2013

  29. Ugh. What a terrible topic for the day.
    Mostly because I’m stuck in this riff (or maybe it’s actually a rift).
    I feel lost in a cavern, but also lost in some repeated pattern that says the same words and sings the same sad notes over and over to my musical ear.

    I guess something has to keep me grounded in myself.
    Or perhaps I would simply float away.
    If only, if only.

    By Alex# URL on 05.16.2013

  30. the cold concrete was covered in a glossy coat of rain, the street lights reflecting off the ground, illuminating your from every angle. it’s impossible to deny your beauty. I want to let my lips brush those cheek bones of yours, take in the strawberry scent that comes off your hair.

    By rosemary on 05.16.2013

  31. The lights of Manhattan have never looked so bright. I stood on the sidewalk and waited for him. He promised to be here promptly at eight. Our future was just beginning when the lights went out.

    By Sheila URL on 05.16.2013

  32. One day I drove to Manhatten, to get a giraffe. That giraffe was quite lovely, it was an albino giraffe. The drive took quite some time, seeing as I was driving from Oregon, but it was quite worth it. I named that Giraffe, Fred. Fred and I are now good friends… very good friends.

    By Dawn Sorenson on 05.16.2013

  33. “We’re home!” My dad calls as we drive across the bridge onto the island of manhattan. I look up sleepily at the bright lights. Home. Home. I love it here. Every day.

    By Ellie on 05.16.2013

  34. Never been there, it’s supposed to be beautiful though. Building skies hustles bustle etc. concrete city right? No that’s New York (you fucking retard) its got that big building with the pointy thingy I think…….maybe I’m wrong though. I’m Irish! I’ve no idea what manhattan looks like!

    By Katy Rea on 05.16.2013

  35. Manhattan. A city of never-ending activity, of millions of people, of shops and lights and apartments and unlimited opportunities. I want to move here when I grow up! Hopefully go to Columbia for college?

    By Jason on 05.16.2013

  36. Manhattan is that place that everyone want to be. It’s like a status symbol, it a place thats cool and practical. But, I’ve been there and I couldn’t tell you how it was different to any other place.

    By Ellie Butler-Church on 05.16.2013

  37. I came from Manhattan oh bout twenty years ago. Quit my job when the floor manager told me my feet smell, has no right! Hopped on two wheels and left every town I crossed behind until I hit the other side of the ocean.

    By Josh on 05.16.2013

  38. I drank a manhattan in Manhattan, the cocktail swirling endlessly around in my clogged esophagus. The acid reflux kicked in eventually, and it all just started burning. It burned so bad that I couldn’t sleep during the night, which got me up and coughing against the New York streets.

    I stopped at a doughnut joint and asked for cold water. The dreary-eyed baker handed me an empty styrofoam cup. When I drank the water, it was sweet.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.16.2013

  39. It’s where I live, it’s the place that I know the best, and I love it. It’s my city. It’s Chelsea, and it’s Central Park. It’s 23rd street and west 4th street. People with small dogs. Old men, and homeless people with beards who have pretzels donated to them by kindly passersby. It’s my homeland, and it should be the capital of the United States.

    By Alex on 05.16.2013

  40. I have never been to Manhattan. I’ve never been to New York full stop. My sister and father have though. They went for a once in a lifetime trip right as the hurricane ravaged the East Coast. That was a holiday to remember.

    By Lauren on 05.16.2013