November 7th, 2012 | 279 Entries

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279 Entries for “major”

  1. I knew a kid named Tommy Major. He was my best friend’s crush. She loved him and all she ever wanted was to be accepted by him. She wanted to be noticed. One day he asked her to send him nude pictures, he noticed her all right. So did everybody else.

    By Meg on 11.07.2012

  2. too many skeletons.
    they wear my dresses as i sleep.

    By invinculis URL on 11.07.2012

  3. Oh hell, I think this is going to be a majorly awful piece. What can you even write about with the word ‘major’? A college major, maybe? Well I’m at that awkward age where you kind of know what you want out of life and yet aren’t quite sure how to achieve it. I don’t really know what I want to be yet.

    By lalala on 11.07.2012

  4. He was a Major and she was a paraplegic. They got on quite well but he cheated on her with a Paramedic. She was livid and slept with a Paratrooper. Do not repeat this.

    By Daniel URL on 11.07.2012

  5. College, a place where majors are a choice that will determine the rest of the future. It will determine mine in a year. Major is the word I fear, the word I look forward to, and revere at the same time. The word that I will live by the rest of my life. Major is my future.

    By Pseudonym goes here on 11.07.2012

  6. major headline hitting the news today concerning the end of the world. people are urged to run for their lives and not to look back. grab your loved ones, your favourite pair of shoes and a snack and RUN FOR THE HILLS.

    By jodie on 11.07.2012

  7. Doors slam and feet stomp
    razors cut pain in the flesh
    But still no one notices

    By penny dreadful URL on 11.07.2012

  8. it was a major catastrophe, no more solitude, no more freedom. whatever happened to free choice, or free will. there was just no more free.
    He took away her money, he took away her keys but he left her mind untouched.

    By shona93 URL on 11.07.2012

  9. The most major of feelings is often conveyed in the smallest manor.

    By Jordan URL on 11.07.2012

  10. When I was small, my father rought a retired police dog home and tied him out back.. His name was Major, and I knew he was unhappy as he ran circles with his chain.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.07.2012

  11. old power something that has power and that rules above others but with kind and justice someone with lot of knowledge important problem or situ

    By carolina on 11.07.2012

  12. something you choose to pursue in college. bigger than a minor. you also have major chords on instruments. those sounded the happiest. peaceful. minor sounded darker. i guess that’s why we strive for the majority of our lives to be happy, not sad.

    By Natalie Popescu on 11.07.2012

  13. this was a major deal to her.this was her chance. her only chance. or moment. she lived it to the fullest. after all it was a big deal for a small girl.

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.07.2012

  14. It was then that I realised what was really important. More than anything, in a sense: thinking. To think, really think, and question all that we take for granted, and then to act upon that thought, is to live.

    By kellie URL on 11.07.2012

  15. It wasn’t a major deal. I was girl, he was a boy, and there was another boy. Not that I wasn’t girly enough for him, or that I felt threatened by James, but it was a little unsettling. The guy I loved was bi; would he stay? Or would my smile fade away and be replaced by a boyish grin?

    By Maggie URL on 11.07.2012

  16. There was a major at my old town. I did meet him once. He seemed rather nice. I never wanted to be a major. I don’t like politics. Or maybe I don’t like this kind of resposibility. Maybe I dream of bigger things.

    By Serina on 11.07.2012

  17. MAJOR
    big word
    for a pile of scribbled
    things. I am not desperate
    I do not lack the control
    but if she keeps pressing my buttons
    the pile will rebel
    this gravity
    that weighs upon my shoulders

    By Maggie URL on 11.07.2012

  18. My major is my goal in life. A simple thing that gives you direction. One profession that delegates your entire skill set, mind, and value in life. Your major will pay your bills, expand your mind, and determine how your peers will view you. As you can see, I have a lot of pressure to be what other want in me. So yeah. Psychology, my job is to know what the word is thinking.

    By dasdf on 11.07.2012

  19. Sargent Grit stared at the motley group.
    “Lets be havin ya— Attennnntion!”
    The boys shuffled their feet and stood up straight.
    “Call that attention do you? I’ll make soldiers of you yet.”
    “Or kill us in the process,” mumbled Jack.
    “That man there,” Major Grit pointed at Jack.
    “You called?” Jack smirked.
    “Oh a funny man. Let’s see who’s laughing last – fifty push ups—NOW!

    By Helen URL on 11.07.2012

  20. A major thing just happened and I have been affected, as many have. I am sad for the state of affairs. I realize things do change , but I am saddened that people no longer understand the meaning of integrity, honor and respect. These are the values our nation was founded on and they have been discarded. A major mistake.

    By Sheila Good URL on 11.07.2012

  21. accomplishments are accomplishments no matter how small. Every is relative to you, but not a self centered egocentric way. what you do for yourself and for others is major. Good or bad. Big or small. Always do major big goods and try to make small bads as minor as possible.

    By Mezzyface URL on 11.07.2012

  22. of prom, being the top of my class, being the best. It is what i would like to be, give myself the opportunity to be the best and succed in what i want and be who i want to be.

    By Nathalie URL on 11.07.2012

  23. major shitdisturber, I feel as i walk around the house with a garbage bag, slinging toys, clothes, empty boxes and shitty dvds in with abandon. i don’t want to live in a damn garbage heap! what is it with you people! Why am I the only one who cleans up this place!

    By Whiskeyjane on 11.07.2012

  24. Oh, well freak. Come on man, I came here so that I wouldn’t have to think about college… It’s terribly stressful. I don’t know why, exactly, but it just is. The entire application process is tedious and painful and it requires me to be more introspective than I usually am with others– only in private am I ever self-examining.
    Furthermore, my writing and typing skills have been diminishing. Like, da frik? Somehow I’ve been making a lot more typos, spelling errors, and have been merging words together. Here’s an example: “or if” becomes “of” and “greenhouse” becomes greehouse”
    This is not okay.

    By jasmin on 11.07.2012

  25. One major thing I really, really, I mean really, enjoy about you are those smile lines. Those lines that tell about all the laughs, the frowns, the beautiful things you have experienced. The tracks of your past.

    By ashley straub on 11.07.2012

  26. one word to me is just thinking on your own and being one and an expressive way to think and be and become everything can be explained in one word i dont know what else to say. just one word

    By melanie on 11.07.2012

  27. I am majoring in International Studies. I want to work for the UN. But I have to take economics and economics is freaking hard. I don’t like economics. I want to just take poli sci classes because they are fun and interesting. But I like my major. I want to go to Europe. I am learning Italian and I really like the language but it’s pretty useless in my field because there aren’t any global conflicts with Italy. But I like pasta, and Italy is really pretty and has lots of art and churches.

    By Allison on 11.07.2012

  28. I want to major in chemical engineering. Not exactly sure what a chemical engineer does, but I know I want to be an engineer, and I absolutely love chemistry. Perhaps my passions will change over the next two years, but for now I am content knowing that I do have some sort of plan for the future.

    By Jason URL on 11.07.2012

  29. I just experienced a major breakdown. Stomped around scream and cussing. Thanks mother nature for PMS. I love it. I actually participated in breaking my phone by throwing it. I also now have a bruise on my wrist from hitting a door. Now I will finish my night with NyQuil and Pure Almond chocolate milk.

    By Kate Harrison on 11.07.2012

  30. Speak.

    It’s all I had to do. It was the hardest thing to do, but it changed my entire life. The most major events in my history took place that year. I’ll never forget being seventeen and full of everything. It built up in me so much that I had to do something. So I did. I made a noise, and I never looked to the past.

    By Marissa URL on 11.07.2012

  31. major assholes in the joint eating other people’s apples and trying to get in their faces. i don’t understand what makes them think they’re the only majors out there, who try so desperately to interfere with the world; the world they consider less major than themselves. majors are majorly majic majestic and manjey.

    By Ryan O'Connor on 11.07.2012

  32. more major stuff about major majors in the major hood doing major things that are major. this is the stupidest Buddhist majorest major shit in the major way that’s major.

    By Ryan O URL on 11.07.2012

  33. sometimes i think about what i am going to do with my life and i have no idea. But the one thing i do have in terms of my lifes direction is my major. Feminist and Gender Studies came to me as though in a dream and fits my life like a well made suede glove. I cannot be happier to find the community, the studies, and the passion that i have had in me all along but did not know it

    By Mackenzie on 11.07.2012

  34. major remebers me a song of my favorite band named major minus, but i think the song sucks because I really don’t like it too much, my favorite band is Coldplay

    By Idon'tknowwhattowrite on 11.07.2012

  35. major was my father.

    he knew, he ruled
    i’ll never know what he wanted
    i’ll never realize what he meant

    By absurbkibbles on 11.07.2012

  36. I stared at the paper. It had been so long since I played my flute that I nearly forgot how to read sheet music. What’s that note again? Is it major or minor? What’s the key to this song? It took me a lot of time to remember everything I had been taught. But then, in an instant, it all came flooding back to me. I felt comfortable. Warm even; completely at ease. Like the way you make me feel.

    By campyy URL on 11.07.2012

  37. Big. Major means something that big. Like major bog. Like a major problem. Sometime people have major problems. It’s hard together through them. Everyone has them.

    By Alexandria on 11.07.2012

  38. “What’s your major?” It’s the question people are most likely to ask me and the one that I dread the most. I don’t have a major yet, and to admit that to others is like making a declaration that I have no direction in life. Why can’t they give me time to find my passion? It doesn’t seem fair I should have to make such a major life decision so soon.

    By wgirl URL on 11.07.2012

  39. instantly on your mind
    never a moment’s notice
    instantly filling your vision
    never a moment’s relief
    instantly all you want, all you feel
    all you ever need
    nothing major,
    just the next fix

    By lo on 11.07.2012

  40. one word is the hardest word to thing as i have spent the last few months writing or thinking all i need is that one word this is going to far more difficult than i thought i mean i have this group of people i know and i would want to just have one word given to them as for me i am curious why is that so much words i wrote to my children and they didnt like anything i got to say as a matter of fact it got the worst of my my only means is to do well as i have tried to then i got to be quiet and when i hear lots of lots of words i said to myself just the one word i even said please it just wants to used so much words and then i said ok just be silent i meant to say erase all the words look what i have done i am sure after reading this you would come to a conclusion i need help with the one word right you absolutely right now how would i be able to write this did somebody teach me all this did i go to school or is from experience i am not going tried to only think one word for them.

    By Zarinah b Abdul on 11.07.2012