November 20th, 2010 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “magnet”

  1. When I was really little I had a magnet. I would try to stick it to everything. It stuck well to the refrigerator, it stuck well to the fence. It even stuck to the rail road tracks across from my house. But I discovered that 2 magnets can either form a really tight bond or they can repel each other. This has stayed with me to this day. My soul mate and I can either be really tight or completely opposites just like magnets.

    By Joy URL on 11.20.2010

  2. negatives attract in a way unseen to a normal, everyday man. She was a turse spirit, encompassed by the evils of her surroundings. He was a kind heart, full of love and determination to make her world a beautiful place.

    By j lee on 11.20.2010

  3. The magnet’s force pulled the paperclips closer to the book. Why there was a magnet sealed in the binding of the book, I couldn’t be sure, but I knew it was something special. The closer the clips got, the book began to shiver.

    By Jbizzle on 11.20.2010

  4. There was a magnet on the door. It was pulling me closer and closer. When I finally got to it i couldn’t help but kiss him. The magnet always wins. Always.

    By Yanzit on 11.20.2010

  5. Some people are drawn to one another as moths to a flame, but I prefer the likening of a magnet to a refrigerator. A refrigerator’s contents can be just as deadly to a person as a flame is to a moth.

    By Bryant on 11.20.2010

  6. a magnet
    to the worst
    and best in life
    its not a strife
    that I can’t handle
    just idiosyncracies
    that drive me crazy
    and I love every moment
    and despise anyone
    who should tell me to do any different.

    By m.A.c URL on 11.20.2010

  7. she was drawn to him like steel to a magnet. Without knowing why. she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Staying just a few steps behind so as not to be noticed she trailed him through the streets.

    By Sara on 11.20.2010

  8. She felt a magnet type pull for him that she couldn’t explain, all she knew was she had to follow him through the streets of this medieval town.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.20.2010

  9. the wind blew at her skirt,again,and jessie,with one last sniffle,brought herself back to the business at was already getting dark.a cold drizzle was falling along with some flakes of ash.she reached for her p g phone that on her belt and tugged.damn it!the magnet was too strong.the belt was made for her as powerful girl,not plain ordinary jessie

    By The Fake Dann URL on 11.20.2010

  10. The magnets circled each other and flipped. The pulled away then slammed together in a not so graceful fashion.

    By Em. URL on 11.20.2010

  11. the wind nipped at her skirt,again,and jessie,with one last sniffle,brought her­self back to the busi­ness at was already get­ting dark.a cold driz­zle was falling along with some flakes of volcanic ash.she reached for the p g phone that was on her utility belt and tugged.damn it!the mag­net was too strong!the belt was made for her as pow­er­ful girl,not plain ordi­nary jessie

    By The Fake Dann URL on 11.20.2010

  12. She had swallowed
    lots of things, but the magnet
    weighted down like magic stones

    She felt attacted to lampposts,
    golf clubs, scaffolding
    anything long, grey
    tasting of blood

    Sucking a paperclip
    fingering a coin
    she walked past every shop
    unharmed until the kebad house

    They found her on the curb,
    skewered through the heart
    a mercury smile across
    her raw iron face

    By gsk URL on 11.20.2010

  13. He’s a total chic-magnet. He’s also an STD-magnet and if you go home with him tonight, you’ll likely find that his ‘magnetism’ will soon show itself as his ‘maggotism’. I mean, the guy’s nasty.

    By Laura on 11.20.2010

  14. The clown magnet up on the fridge. Why does it smile like that? Too-knowingly for my taste. A curve on one side, the other as if the grin was non-existent. I leave the room but I feel like it’s still staring at me.

    By all-shook-up URL on 11.20.2010

  15. she was drawn to him, he was charismatic, he was attractive, there was something about his very nature, his presence, his soul that made her want to know him, made her want to be with him, be near him, there was such magnetism, she knew he should be hers.

    By mimo1992214 URL on 11.20.2010

  16. Elektra is a Brazilian Citrine Skull whose electro-magnetic properties can help to open your mind. You will have more clarity and receive better messages from the collective unconscious after spending time with Elektra.

    By Jade URL on 11.20.2010

  17. It was her fucking older-age hobby: collecting magnets from every one of the 50 states. It made her refrigerator look so white trash. Her husband lost 20 lbs. because he hated looking in the thing he once loved so much.

    By Gregg URL on 11.20.2010

  18. I used to be obsessed with magnets. I thought they were magic. One day my dad told me he had hidden some magnets in the kitchen cabinet for me. When I open the cabinet, a firecracker went off. & no magnets.

    By Emma Laws on 11.20.2010

  19. I used to be obsessed with magnets. I thought they were magic. One day my dad told me he had hidden some magnets in the kitchen cabinet for me. When I opened the cabinet, a firecracker went off. & no magnets.

    By Emma Laws on 11.20.2010

  20. he draws me to him like a magnet. he was my best friend, but i ruined it all because he fell in love with me but i decided i liked someone else. i’m dating that other person, but in all honesty, i think my heart is still attached to my friend. i love him so much, but he hates me. i’d give anything to have him back. i’d give anything for the time when we were always together, like two magnets, never to break apart.

    By Jessica on 11.20.2010

  21. I used to be obsessed with magnets. I thought they were magic. One day my dad told me he had hidden some magnets in the kitchen cabinet. When I opened the cabinet, a fire cracker went off. & no magnets.

    By Emma Laws URL on 11.20.2010

  22. i wrote a poem on a fridge once in julio’s apartment in bed stuy. The point is that the poem was written in magnets and i don’t remember how it went, i just remember how i felt when i was there and writing it. Good, is how i felt then, and good was how I felt, too, on the long train ride home to harlem.

    By c.keller on 11.20.2010

  23. creates an attraction, sometimes an attraction so strong that one can’t get away. magnets cause a compass to face north and also points those in the right direction towards their one true love!

    By kelly on 11.20.2010

  24. theyu sitck to the fridge.there are many types. ashleigh has ones made of bottle caps. i want to make those too. i hate the ones that are so damn thin you cant even get them off teh fridge. they can be really strong. you learn about them in science class. the positives attract the negatives. the big “U” shaped ones are weird.

    By catey on 11.20.2010

  25. In the fifth grade I made an electro-magnet from a really big 6 volt battery. It sat on the windowsill of the classroom. I was so proud of it, because it actually worked and I had made it from start to finish. Then one day I cam to school and saw it had horrible black gook all over the top. Someone had attached the both wires to the leads and left it that way overnight. I remember the awful feeling. It made me feel so helpless. Something I had worked on was destroyed. And of course there was no one I could blame and it wasn’t really of importance to anyone but me.

    By Risa URL on 11.20.2010

  26. harry and draco attracted and repelled each other like different poled magnets and same sided magnets.

    By Marthese Formosa URL on 11.20.2010

  27. The sun is a magnet to the Earth but there is a barrier between the two. Asteroids have been hitting the barrier and will soon break down the mandatory barrie to live. Now in a years time the sun will collide with the Earth. Scientists have been studying different planets that can sustain life for humans and other life forms such as plants and animals.

    By Renrenkii on 11.20.2010

  28. We no longer stick to each other like glue. We stick to each other like magnets. Our electrons and energies combine and we are stuck. Sure the science might not be right, but the ideology that is right because it is mine. So come on baby lets stick together like magnets.

    By Elsie URL on 11.20.2010

  29. The attraction, of course, was instantaneous. On one end; my end. She had no idea what to do when I approached her and said, “They’re for sale, know.”
    “What’s for sale?” she asked. “My shoes,” I said.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 11.20.2010

  30. Ich bin kein Magnet. Vor mir rennen sie weg. Wenn sie können. Wenn ich nicht schon so nett war, dass sie sich nicht mehr trauen. “Um mich nicht zu verletzen.” Weil sie mir ja nichts vorzuwerfen haben. Aber gerne bleiben sie nicht. Und bald ist es zu spät.

    By Eli URL on 11.20.2010

  31. You’re a magnet, sweetie. Whenever I walk by, I’m attracted to you like our planet is to the Sun, and I just can’t help it. You hit me. And our worlds collide. And we crash and burn. And it’s beautiful. And it’s magical. And mesmerizing. Did I tell you that I love you?

    By Rocío on 11.20.2010

  32. The magnet pulled at the screw. The screw wasn’t going to budge. The magnet began screaming. “Why do you have to make this hard for me? My mother never told me that life would be this hard!!” The screw just looked at him with a smug grin. “Yeah, that’s about right.” The magnet couldn’t handle it any longer.

    By Graham Carden on 11.20.2010

  33. The party stopped when the magnet let go of erson. I was scared but I knew I had to use the machine to grab him before he fell to the depths below. All I had to do was press one of these buttons but I didnt know which one. He was falling. Would I save him in time? I didnt know but I had to try.

    By Mark on 11.20.2010

  34. attraction to something

    By manna on 11.20.2010

  35. The magnet rose. Its metalic stench filled the air as it hovered above us. Me an cassie looked up but we were afraid of what would happen to erson if it caught him in its gravity well. I had a feeling it would tear him apart and that shook me to the core.

    By EmGee URL on 11.20.2010

  36. A mass the flurry of grades, schedules, checks, bills, to-do lists…it holds together the documents that shape lives. It can come in any form, and one small one will hold many things together. It propels those just like it at times, and sticks with others. Competition. It cannot be with one who will take over it’s role, yet with another one, it is stronger.

    By Sussy on 11.20.2010

  37. He went to reach for the magnet that had skidded across the table. So did I. We put our hands over it at the same time. I waited for him to pull away, but he just looked at me. I smiled and laughed, and so did he. I grabbed it from him, and I wrote down the observations with optimism.

    By Marissa URL on 11.20.2010

  38. Magnetic personalities stick together.

    By Marianne URL on 11.20.2010

  39. I was pulled to him like a kite into the sun, tugging at my strings, tugging at my connection to the earth. The sky welcomed me. I was thrown open, patterns of metal dust.

    By Lynx-182 on 11.20.2010

  40. I am unsure as to the specifications of this magnet you gave me, Magnus. Can you email me any details you feel are pertinent? Please, do. I cannot, for example, utilize this magnet in ways specified by our superiors without your further input. I hope you understand and will be more willing to cooperate than you were during the last magnet debacle.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 11.20.2010