June 27th, 2011 | 446 Entries

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446 Entries for “lust”

  1. Lust is a hunger that consumes your entire body. Lust is blinding and selfish, and it can drive you mad.

    By C on 06.28.2011

  2. it burns
    and sears like
    breathing whiskey and wine and

    charring skin and bones
    you burn me and

    burn me burn me i want you to

    By ydoel URL on 06.28.2011

  3. Uhh… chicks I suppose. Girls in general. Yeahhh… I think I feel awkward talking about this even to nobody. Which is kinda weird since this is totally anonymous and the internet after all… anyways, to sum up: chicks, boobs, and awkwardness. Moving on!

    By Daegan Burchfield on 06.28.2011

  4. Lust is something that takes control of a lot of people in relationships. It’s like this involuntary force that enthralls you and makes you want to jump on every instinct, good or bad. It doesn’t matter what the consequences will be tomorrow, but will happen within the moment. That’s what lust’s about.

    By Marisa on 06.28.2011

  5. I want you. I have never wanted someone so much in my entire life. Your body would fit perfectly with mine, wrapped in a tangle of bedsheets. My hands explore every part of you, as your hands return the favor. I crave being next to you. I crave your touch.

    By liz on 06.28.2011

  6. passion, sex, admiration, alcohol, easy-minded, stupid, instincts, something not serious to last long. betrayal, tears, separation.

    By Yuliya on 06.28.2011

  7. lust is the feeling that comes on seeing the physical appearance of a girl or boy. it doesnot last long. it fades away after you get the person

    By Lalitha on 06.28.2011

  8. Lust is great. It is often taught that lust is a sin, or is a bad thing. But honestly, it is quite a beautiful thing. It is felt between two lovers, and the mission is to please the other as well as yourself.

    By Sydney on 06.28.2011

  9. he leaned in. there was nothing else he could do. he couldnt think. he didnt need to think. jonghyun was pressed against him already, and he could feel hands all over his body at once (he wasn’t really sure how that was possible) but it was happening, that was for sure. finally. he couldn’t belive it. his lust had become a reality.

    By aly4818 URL on 06.28.2011

  10. lust is something that everyone has, but not everyone admits. it is supposedly wrong to lust, but if you dont act on it….the bible says thinking about it is sin. but lust is healthy. lust can also be painful, if you are lusting for someone you cannot have or for something you cannot/should not have. it can ruin lvies and relationships, but make for a fun night .

    By melissa on 06.28.2011

  11. Never look at a woman lustfully and you’ll be sinning against your own body. Lust never helps. We are called to ‘not even a hint’ in our lives. This will not only serve as a guard for us but for our future husband/wives as well.

    By Reg on 06.28.2011

  12. Lust, the driving force of all life. Its hard to write about lust without getting all freudian about it, but lust really is the very motor of our existence. Art, music, love it all have lust at its center.

    By Aksel Høymo URL on 06.28.2011

  13. You should not look lustfully at a woman. The same goes for us women. This means not only staying pure outside your body but also means staying pure in your thoughts also.

    By Regina URL on 06.28.2011

  14. lust is a dirty word. it is what makes people deny love. they believe love at first sight is jst lust caused by chemicals in the body. i believe lust is a form of adultery but it is also something humans cannot do without. it is impossible to avoid. based purely on physical characteristics of person rather than what really matters like financial stablility, and social compatibility.

    By Abbey on 06.28.2011

  15. Laying awake at night. Nothing sexual, or if it is sexual, more innocent. His heart was in his throat thinking of her in the dark. He was fully clothed, laying in bed, the sweet summer wind drifting through the window.

    By gabí URL on 06.28.2011

  16. Every time it’s just us I feel like the world is at an end. Put your guns down Jimmy, it’s time to be real here. You can’t see me, but I’m always staring at you. Into your soul. Whoever thought we’d find the love in my head and not in yours; I wish you were with me now. The toy trucks are spinning a fire red and only you can douse the flames. Hurry.

    By Marlee Kisipeka on 06.28.2011

  17. Lust is a lot like lost. It happens quick, then it’s gone.

    By Nothingman on 06.28.2011

  18. nur einen. kleinen. den roten.
    ich hätte lieber den blauen.
    ich den gelben.
    mir egal, mir egal. irgendeinen.
    ich will.
    nur einen kleinen.
    und die Farbe ist egal.
    ich will.
    rot blau gelb.
    sie alle.

    By Pim URL on 06.28.2011

  19. having fun and being after something and really wanting something and feeling exhilirated and carefree and not aving anything hold you back having some free luct no guilt just wanting it and going for it without

    By meg on 06.28.2011

  20. Lust is an amazing thing. It has no bearing over love. All you do when overcome with lust is go with your true inner desires, morals and friendship benders aside. Just attack the girl in front of you with everything you have (assuming she is overcome too). I love lust.

    By Patrick Young on 06.28.2011

  21. Lust is the oldest self-deception. We tell ourselves that owning that thing will fill our emptiness when all it will do is dig deeper.

    By Steve on 06.28.2011

  22. There’s sex with someone you love and then there’s just sex. That’s all there ever was to it. Lust is something we all have to deal with.

    By catachan URL on 06.28.2011

  23. There say it is the way that lead to death. To lust after someone or something, is natural, however, one must be careful that you do not let your attraction get out of hand to cause harm.

    By victor URL on 06.28.2011

  24. usually has a bad connotation to it… or a sexy one.. but really I think this is just a word that means passion… you lust over someone, something – you have great passion for them or it. Lust is not a dirty word, it’s sensual in all facets of life.

    By Beth URL on 06.28.2011

  25. Luxúria, desejo.
    Todos temos desejos, suponho. Desejos que às vezes nos permitem evoluir, mas que por vezes também nos prendem. Sinto-me agarrada à minha família, aos meus amigos, mas também a todos os objectos que possuo, quando bem sem que um dia vou deixar tudo para trás… Na filosofia budista ensinam-nos a arte de deixar ir. Porque é que havemos de estar presos a bens materiais que não nos trazem a verdadeira felicidade? Certamente que o mais saudável é viver na simplicidade, mesmo que isso seja uma luta que temos de trabalhar constantemente, todos os dias. Espero que no futuro possa aprender a viver feliz e com menos. E se calhar devia começar a trabalhar nisso hoje mesmo.

    By JoanaBG URL on 06.28.2011

  26. fuck lust, it broke my heart.

    By rachel on 06.28.2011

  27. It was a feeling of joy and pain and an intense heat that caught and burned the air in his lungs. There was no way to stop the spread of the fire. And he was sure he would burn alive.

    By Kristina on 06.28.2011

  28. you must go forth
    and suck and fuck
    your feel light runni gthrough our body tickling your from the inside
    itching you forward intoo the lips and mixing with their salvia
    makes ou grind hips and lips together hoping to expell the tickling light
    savouring it too

    By arizona neeke on 06.28.2011

  29. desire sex smell taste wanting sexy lips sweat lickable yummy one of my favorite things is lust it is so sexy so hot passionate driven ahhhhhhhhhhhhh lust………..

    By Roggy Seegmiller on 06.28.2011

  30. falling in love i as simple as riding a bull. lust is easy. it may be a sin, but who cares? love beats love any day. sometimes i think i’m in love but i know its just lust. so fuck loooove.

    By rebecca on 06.28.2011

  31. light running through your veins
    ticking you from the inside like a torturing sister
    or brother
    or mother
    your have to get it out but you don’t want to stop.

    By arizona neeke URL on 06.28.2011

  32. It was horrible. He couldn’t rip his eyes from her form! It had started with those darn eyes. So lovely, so incredibly expressive they were! Why did they have to be so alluring? Then his gaze traveled downward. The only question was, was it love, or purely lust?

    By Eponine24601 URL on 06.28.2011

  33. Haha… Could’ve expected it, but I didn’t. Usually it works out this way, in a bathroom with a handful of tissues, scraping away. Keep going. Yes. The energy in this room could burn a small nation to a wasteland.

    By Colm Sewell URL on 06.28.2011

  34. O my, o my, just in case you think me strange I like a bit of lust, it appears a lot on telly so switch on I must.

    By james cooper URL on 06.28.2011

  35. A night I had with Jonathan and nati and Jimmy. Nights I will regret. Times that I should have had better judgement. Drinking or smoking was involved

    By Pauline on 06.28.2011

  36. my half century old body feels a rush for just a few seconds as a young lean body wearing faded dirty jeans passes, and I remember the smell of sweat, and motorcycle parts soaking in gasoline, and desire.

    By Ilona on 06.28.2011

  37. Lust is such a strong emotion. Lust for power. It makes people do crazy things. It makes people insane. Power is evil. Lust is evil.

    By elizabeth b URL on 06.28.2011

  38. oh how I can talk about lust. I once wrote an artical about my lust for James West, an ex boyfriend/fuckbuddy of mine. i sent it to him and it got lost in the many emails of his and he never read it. It was childish at the time, but it roughly framed its self around how I was in lust with him. addicted and completely consumed by him. the He of this story has changed… but im still in lust with men.

    By Georgia traher on 06.28.2011

  39. I am Lust.

    By Georgia traher on 06.28.2011

  40. Lust is hard to cure. I may be under God’s will, but I am also under the devil’s command. He injects my eyes with this chemical. I see the world with dirt and skin. I need to be saved. But I can’t. It’s just too good.

    By Kastra Kaster URL on 06.28.2011