February 23rd, 2012 | 324 Entries

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324 Entries for “loss”

  1. Grandma… I miss you. I miss you more than I could ever say. I wish you could just come home, take Grandpa in your arms, make him want to live again, and save us from ourselves.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.23.2012

  2. My loss is different and will affect me forever. Every loss is hard, but worse when it’s unnatural.

    You drove over our heads on the highway, we probably heard the motor of your pickup. You continued, past the lights of your own home, and parked on the tracks with your first class ticket to somewhere you couldn’t return from.

    By Alice URL on 02.23.2012

  3. I lost my dad a few years ago. Until then I didn’t really know what the word “loss” truly meant, but now I unfortunately do.

    By T on 02.24.2012

  4. I am still ashamed at the loss of my brother. I don not think I will ever get over it. He was good to me and I failed him in his hour of need . I feel a huge loss in my life.

    By Bob on 02.24.2012

  5. It wasn’t not fair. I feel awful. It is a huge loss but more than that I miss him and feel I did not do enough for him. I have lost my brother. It is hard to cope.

    By Bob URL on 02.24.2012

  6. Loss is the worst feeling in the word. It’s a feeling of having had something and then it’s gone. Loss can be anything, but I imagine the worst kind of loss is the loss of a lost one. Most of us have been there. I think it’s the worst loss and pain.

    By Andrew on 02.24.2012

  7. The loss of my virginity was a no brainer. It had to be done. The sooner the better. Freshman year was only a week away and I couldn’t bear going sexless any longer. Plus, I’m only 13 once.

    By Ruben URL on 02.24.2012

  8. The emptiness filled my soul.
    There I lay, wallowing in anguish, hoping for something, someone, to comfort me.
    But no one there.
    I looked for someone, someone to tell me everything was going to be alright.
    But there wasn’t.
    Even if there were, they would be lying.
    After all, nothing was going to be alright.
    Ever again…

    By Emi URL on 02.24.2012

  9. Lost Unhappy missing cry failure tradegy heaven or hell, death, suffering

    By Jakob Rothausen on 02.24.2012

  10. Loss is a state of mind.

    By Ania on 02.24.2012

  11. I remember Dad, soft words escaping his lips.
    “Every cloud has a silver lining.”
    But no, not this one.
    Not ever.

    By Emi URL on 02.24.2012

  12. I stood there, grief washing over me.
    But my loss was his gain.
    He gloated, taking no notice of my pained expression.
    The words made a ringing noise in my head.
    It didn’t matter if I could hear him or not, unless it could bring her back.
    But they couldn’t.
    But if it had truly mattered to him, would he have taken her away from this world, out of my grasp?
    As I have said,
    My loss was his gain.

    By Emi URL on 02.24.2012

  13. Needles are pushed and pricked into your skin like a pin cushion. You can’t breathe because of the invisible hands clenching at your throat. Your hands clench so tight you can see the marrow of your bones. You swear you aren’t crying because that’s just a speck of dirt getting caught in your eye even when your cheeks feel hot and wet and the tears are falling like rain.

    While a hole is carved out of your heart.

    By Alexandra URL on 02.24.2012

  14. Loss is something that I have been thinking a lot about lately and it makes me sad but also loss can be good. If you lose something maybe you can find something else. Loss is uncomfortable but out of uncomfortable situations comes growth, at least for me.

    By ntljk URL on 02.24.2012

  15. Sometimes I am at a loss for words. So I just sit and listen. Sometimes I hear voices talking but often it is silent and I try to calm the voices in my own head.
    Loss…humm…what does this word really mean???

    By Smoothilly URL on 02.24.2012

  16. my loss. Sometimes I think my loss is nothing compared to what I’ve gained. So what if it’s several thousand dollars.OK, more than that even. But what I have in return is a softer gentler child. A child who is more

    By kit on 02.24.2012

  17. Loss. Hmm. Of all the things I’ve lost, love comes to mind first. Better to have loved and lost? I don’t think so. I lean more to the “ignorance is bliss” side. I don’t want to know what I’m missing out, because all I’d be missing is pain. That’s all loss causes. Sure, some people would say it helps you grow, but I’d say that’s bullshit. You grow so used to something being there, then all of a sudden, it’s gone. What are you even supposed to do with yourself? Something you loved, counted on, needed… it’s gone. He’s gone. Except he’s not. He’s still here, but only somewhat. Maybe we’ll never get back to where we were, and that breaks my heart. Eh. It’s not like I can’t deal with heartbreak when it comes to him. It seems to be the only thing I can count on anymore. He hurts me. He makes me smile. It’s a never-ending cycle. But I can’t let go. I can’t lose him, because losing him means losing a part of myself. He’s become a part of me I never want to let go of. He changed me, molded me, taught me, damaged me, healed me, saved me, abandoned me, came back to me. Or, rather I came back to him. It wasn’t his initiative, it was mine. And maybe it always will be. I’ll always be the one to make an effort with him. And that utterly sucks. He sucks. Love sucks.

    By Lizz URL on 02.24.2012

  18. I am a bundle of nerves beneath his gaze, though we no nothing more than each others names. He is the enchanting, suave individual that everyone is simply drawn to, no matter how minor the attraction is. I, as everyone else, am a moth to a flame. His hair is shorter since the last time I saw of him, and it’s fitting. It compliments his square face nicely and I want nothing more than to walk up to him and ask how he’s been. I do not, though, as I am shy by nature. He is talking to his friends and I am standing off in the corner by myself. They discuss hockey and what team they root for, sports they’ve been in, and after a while, he decides to go find a drink as he is trying to keep his throat from drying. He’d been sick recently, from what I heard of the conversation.
    As I wonder about what makes him who he is, who Danny is when away from the crowds, he walks by and toward the closest coke machine on the vicinity. His gaze flits my way and a quirky smile tears at his face. A boisterous aura about him that is wonderful.
    “Long time no see. Hang around so we can catch up.” He offers as if he knows, as if he can read my thoughts about him. I am at a loss for words, but do exactly as told.

    By Sugg URL on 02.24.2012

  19. an empty feeling. Grief– losing a football game. a loved one dying.
    not being understood. weight reduction

    By teach49 URL on 02.24.2012

  20. loss is what drains you. you feel nothing, and you want nothing. what you want may be something to replace the lost thing, but things don’t work that way. but years later, you know you lost that to gain this.

    By kaorita on 02.24.2012

  21. The sense of smell had been burnt off from one too many nights of bleaching every nook in my house. My insomnia had consumed me as I watched my life tick like rain drops in a storm. Fast and unnerving.

    By Ruben URL on 02.24.2012

  22. loss is an opportunity for detachment. There is a grieving period, a time to celebrate and reflect on something of significance. It is a time to search for and find the lesson or meaning and then with detachment, move forward with a greater sense of purpose.

    By rc on 02.24.2012

  23. Loss feels like you’re in a huge hole with no way out. With loss you first feel trapped and smothered.

    By cc on 02.24.2012

  24. death, loneliness sadness unhappy tears want life missing depressed emptiness vastness searching but cannnot find it spend lie in despair with no end cannot find it

    By Marita on 02.24.2012

  25. Dutchboy, Yoda, Bill, Annie just a few of the animals I have lost in my lifetime. It is a sad thing at times, but joyous when you found what you were looking for.

    By Lisa on 02.24.2012

  26. Lying didn’t come easily to her but for once she was at a loss for words. Even ones that weren’t true were coming to mind. She had never before felt so threatened or lost…

    By Julia URL on 02.24.2012

  27. My goldfish died. No more will I view Cannibal’s shiny, golden, fins as they flow through the water in His bowl. I have a sense of sadness as I look at His lifeless body lying along with a bar of soap at the top of his bowl.

    By Bev Howard URL on 02.24.2012

  28. loss is painful. when you lose someone close to you, it’s like a tiny little death inside yourself.

    By cynthia on 02.24.2012

  29. “I lost my camera, right here!”
    “I’m sorry, but apparently it’s not here anymore.” The waitress kept cleaning the tables.
    “I lost it!”
    “Yeah, I heard that. I’m afraid I can’t help you.”
    The camera, the memories, all gone. What a loss!

    By Fredda URL on 02.24.2012

  30. keys, father, heart-wrenching, sadness, tears, sobbing, binge eating, morose, emptiness, pain, hollow hearted, depression

    By Jan Spohn on 02.24.2012

  31. When I read the book Charlie’s Great Adventures he got lost one day and was as from the loss of his family. They were sad without him.

    By Jj on 02.24.2012

  32. I lost my Dad in 2009. The physical loss is not as great as the connection that is lost. The hug when we parted, the laugh, the way he liked the smell of Christmas cookies baking. You don’t really know what is lost until time passes from the moment of the physical loss.

    By Beth on 02.24.2012

  33. hair…from chemotherapy. children…to the broad road that leads to pain, and separation from christ…praying they get on the straight and narrow one that leads to Jesus. material things…that will never matter anyway.

    By jackie on 02.24.2012

  34. the loss of a loved ones is a tragic tragic event… loss makes the heart remember how much it loved …. with out loss one might not be able to love so much… as we see that the heart grows stronger with longing and love….

    By ashley URL on 02.24.2012

  35. Loss of a loved one. Loss of something valued or needed- something worth looking for. Loss of a game- especially to a rival team. Loss of hope; despare;

    By janet on 02.24.2012

  36. It is with great sadness and humility that I share with you the loss of an important person…they have been with us for so long and in so many ways that it is hard to even imagine what the world will be like without this special, special person. Our lives have been transformed in ways unspoken, and in ways that the special person did not even know…may he/she always be in our hearts.

    By sguditus URL on 02.24.2012

  37. The deepest feeling of sadness. Yes that is what I said. Sadness. so sad that your entire body hurts. that is what it felt like every time I had to say good by to my husband before we were married. I hated the weekend. That meant I would lose him for a full week except for talking to him. My heart actually hurt. How I love that man!

    By kacy on 02.24.2012

  38. cancer
    pain and suffering
    cancer wins: earthly friends lose

    By fran on 02.24.2012

  39. I lost my mom when I was five. It’s not a good feeling to lose someone. I have had a hole in my heart evey day since she died. I would have lived for my kids to meet her as well as my husband. I never had he example of what a mother is or does withou her. I wish I had had that example. Sometimes I think it would have made me a different mom than I am today. Even though I lost my mom I gained great relationships with my 3 older sisters. So because of that loss I have a relationship with my sisters I probably wouldn’t have had. So even thought there was a great loss there was also a terrific gain.

    By Kari on 02.24.2012

  40. I miss them every day. I miss them when my daughter does something funny, sweet, brilliant, and infuriating. I want to be able to call and share. I want someone to love her and appreciate her as much as me…maybe even more. I want the advise, friendship, laughter, support, and undying love that used to fill each day. Oh, there are people who slide into place, but none who fill the hole. I wonder if I’ll ever not feel the loss of my parents?

    By Michelle on 02.24.2012