January 4th, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “lord”

  1. in the time my father the king had desseted lord arthut because of his crimes to the seven kingdoms and his treason before his dead all people in the kingdom was afraid and aware of the consecuence of being a thief and thaa

    By carlos lener URL on 01.04.2013

  2. You call me milady. I call you my lord. Yeah, we’re nerds. We can be nerds together!

    By Mariel URL on 01.04.2013

  3. Maybe He was a She. Lord She. Females need a true inspiration. Why cant there be the God and Godess.

    By Hayley on 01.04.2013

  4. “put this in the closet.”

    “yes, sir.”

    “and this in the top drawer.”

    “yes, sir.”

    “and make sure to make my bed later.”

    “of course, milord.”

    By Britt URL on 01.04.2013

  5. “Lord knows I didn’t do a good job raisin’ you kids, but dammit, I gave it my best shot. I wasn’t fun. I wasn’t good. I wasn’t nothin’ you deserve, but I was the best I knew how to be.” He lowered his eyes and tried to cover his tears with the torn hanky his grandpa gave him forty years earlier.

    By Kathryn on 01.04.2013

  6. lord. well the bible i suppose is the first thing which comes to mind. i do believe in the lord, i whole heartily believe. But sometimes it’s hard to keep it as strong as i would hope for it to be. I don’t want to question it at all, but i do. I question it every day. I always come to the conclusion of the fact that i KNOW there is a god, but it doesn’t stop the questions which come to my mind. I suppose the main reason which made me question my religion was the death of my father when i was five.

    By JD on 01.04.2013

  7. I once bought my ex boyfriend a 1sg meter piece of land in scotland, which apparently made him a Laird or a scottish lord. However i now feel he is totally unworthy of this gift and title.

    By louise brown on 01.04.2013

  8. I asked once, twice, thrice it was never going to do any good. He was heedless to prayer after prayer I offered up. Lording about over everything like he owned the place. I wore the most brazen red lipstick I owned, shortest skirt, wanton grin. He didn’t even know I was alive.

    By vvhurricane URL on 01.04.2013

  9. The lord ain’t scarin’ me. I believe there is good in all people. I don’t doubt the ones who see life in space or non order. It’s the current that moves and the beautiful unknown.

    By Katy Rea URL on 01.04.2013

  10. The fallen kingdom which was so blossoming decades ago. The crumbled ruins, the shambles left over. People protested the hardships the lord activated and the ruined the city. Such a shame, it use to be so thriving.

    By Kailah URL on 01.04.2013

  11. Their lord and savoir stared down at them from high upon the laurels of fallen scholars. He broke them for the sake of science. He crushed them for the sake of advancement. He killed them for the sake of his own religion. And yet they kept on coming. Some days, when he felt peculiarly introspective, he questioned why.

    By Fionnbhair on 01.04.2013

  12. Lord, oh lord. Where have you gone? Why have you forsaken me oh, Lord? I gave you all. I put my life into your word at a very young age. I blindly followed your word hoping for a happy life and what did I recieve? Pain.

    By Jake on 01.04.2013

  13. lord what has become of me? can I really be so blind, deaf, and dumb? why have you forsaken me, left me here in this place of misery and woe? i feel as if my prayers were falling on deaf ears. something in the line has been disconnected.

    By amanda h. URL on 01.04.2013

  14. Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!
    I will praise Thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and will glorify Thy name for evermore.
    By Him, therefore, let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name.

    By maxine URL on 01.04.2013

  15. Lord save me if your out there. I dont know if i should believe your there because all I’ve had is pain. It hurts and I’m dying. Are you out there? Save me. I’m bleeding, I’m drowning, choking on words. So if your there save me. Take me away from here.

    By Sarah on 01.04.2013

  16. ‘what time will you be home,’ and it’s a prayer for you to come back to me,
    ‘late,’ and you are sure that you are gone, but i’ll ignore your intent if you can remember mine, i won’t fight where you go so long as you return, at the long end of things, you’re treating it like the end of days and i’m on my knees whispering words into folded hands, i’ve made a rosary from all the promises you’ve left me, if i’m becoming to abstract for you, if you’re still on the listening end of the phone line, i’ll say
    ‘be safe,’ but your wedding band is in the glove box.

    By robyn URL on 01.04.2013

  17. Lord and my savior. Pretty much the whole enitre reason I am a christian. Yes I believe in the bible but what the heck? It is a great thing to believe beacause well it is true. My lord and savior is Jesus christ. he died for me and well all those who choose to believe in him. :) oh well, but that is just me.

    By Samuel on 01.04.2013

  18. Oh please Lord just help me pass this Global History and English Regents. I need to pass these tests. If I don’t pass I can’t go to a state college. I’m limited to my school options. Please oh please Lord just help me out.

    By Janaye on 01.04.2013

  19. He wore his lineage along the malevolent lines of his face as surely as he did along the gilded trim of his velvet robes. He had reigned for two short years since his fathers passing, but none would know it from the absolute disregard he showed for his kingdom’s affairs and the needs of the people.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 01.04.2013

  20. You were my king, the star of my world
    I loved you despite every blow that you hurled.
    But my heart grew tired from the excuses it made,
    And destroyed the pedestal on which you had stayed.

    By Carly URL on 01.04.2013

  21. The Lord of Time sat on his box, and pondered all creation. Nothing was spared from his thoughts, or his fascination. He found a girl and took her hand, so they could have great fun. And when danger struck he’d stand by her side, in her ear he’d whisper “Run.”

    By Faith URL on 01.04.2013

  22. He was the lord of Worthington Manor, purse-lipped and sharp-eyed with a tired pair of bent shoulders and bones that cracked while he walked.

    “What a beautiful day for a stroll,” said the ghost of his wife, who still walked among the grounds there.

    By ewelina r URL on 01.04.2013

  23. “My lord,” said the lowly servant as he bowed beneath the metal-covered lord of the land. “I came here to ask the simplest of questions, so please, will you not hear me out?” The kind looked down on the grimy servant and frown, but moved his hand in a “go-ahead” motion. “Well…” Began the servant, but then he began to choke, falling to his knees.

    By Miss GA URL on 01.04.2013

  24. Lord is good. Lord is really good. I’m not a Christian, but I think lord is still good because my friends rely on Him a lot and they do go through tough periods more easily because they just have so much faith in him. So yeah, i suppose lord is good.

    By Akatsuki Kiara URL on 01.04.2013

  25. The wind blew, rustling leaves on branches, spreading waves of movement across the long grass. I looked down from my hilltop, lord of all in view.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.04.2013

  26. He is the Lord of the World and of my heart.
    However another thinks he is lord.
    His arrogant lordliness pressures people into submission.

    By Ziva on 01.04.2013

  27. “My lord and master. May I present the honorable Lady Lucy, from the royal house of Muraca. She will be married to the Lord Fred of the royal house of Bindowan, so that their families may be joined for the prosperity of the land and country”.
    “If it pleases you my lord, they will live in the country manor”.

    By Lucy. on 01.04.2013

  28. I’ve been raised as a Christian my entire life. I believed in the Lord for the majority of it. However, I now have my doubts. I still go to church twice a week, but I’m usually zoned out pondering some insignificant thing going on in my life at the time, opposed to actually listening to what the preacher is saying. I can’t imagine telling my grandmother (the one who takes me to church) that I don’t believe. She would be so disappointed in me. So I go.

    By Kelsi URL on 01.04.2013

  29. “Bring it or risk my wrath. And I think you’ve seen that quite enough tonight.”
    “Yes, my Lord, of course. My utmost liege.”
    He rolls his eyes, exaggeratedly. “You’d do well to move your feet with haste rather than pander with ostentatious titles.”

    By C on 01.04.2013

  30. call me down
    A swan in a levee
    The webbed feet a broken rudder
    In the turning tide of man

    By gsk URL on 01.04.2013

  31. -Lord, help me.
    -Fool. No “Lord” is coming to help you now.
    -The Devil has finally taken you, then.
    -No, not really. I’ve just always known He wasn’t real.
    -How dare you!
    -If you’d been through what I have, you’d agree with me.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 01.04.2013

  32. Oh lord, won’t you hear me speak?
    The words won’t last long
    but they exist.
    They disintegrate but the substance
    was something so consuming
    consuming me.

    By Zhenya Muravyova URL on 01.04.2013

  33. i have no lord. i am lost. i am looking for guidance and have found none. my world is falling apart and i am missing the glue to hold it together. please help me. guide me. show me the way and teach me to do the right thing. i am struggling and have no idea where to go. i am lost.

    By literarymelon on 01.04.2013

  34. god, what happens to me when i die. rings dun dun dun hobits and evil tourture i don’t know how to spell i’m so sorry, time is running out, i hope this is cool i ‘m so lonley and i like the company of other people, blue is very deprssing,

    By Beleace on 01.04.2013

  35. God is something that lives inside of us. Unlike a lord he is not in charge of us, he leads us along our own journey. Instead of telling us what to do he gives us choices, more often than not, between good and evil.

    By Brendan on 01.04.2013

  36. The lord said “she shall be blessed, but she she shall have to work hard. nothing comes easy in that world. she will know it as soon as she knows what surrounds her. she can do great things, but she has to work for it. I do not give out freebies. Not unless you have earned it in a previous lifetime”

    By Marie URL on 01.04.2013

  37. He is the reason that I have got to live. I’m a Jesus Freak, so I really love our Lord. He is my only God. I’m anxious for the day we will finally meet.

    By Debora on 01.04.2013

  38. Oh…I will not lord over you, making you feel inferior. All you need is someone to look in your direction and you begin to question your very existence. Where is your sense of self? You are a good person so let go of all the negative thoughts put on you by others. Their opinion of you is none of your business. Your business is to judge yourself, based on your own values and what you have done in your lifetime. Let go of the baggage…it does not serve you well. Peace to you…

    By Paulie Aragon on 01.04.2013

  39. please… please .. just stop.. i dont want to hear about jesus… i really dont want to go to your church sometime.. and please.. can you treat me like a person even though i want nothing to do with your lord?

    By amber on 01.04.2013

  40. Oh lord oh lord how can i thank thee for thy blessings? “keep faith”!!!

    By Sergent BuzzkiLL URL on 01.04.2013