June 2nd, 2011 | 486 Entries

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486 Entries for “limo”

  1. the limo pulled up and sat there by the curb for a minute
    then out pops a mystery person
    who?? who??
    mystery person who are you?
    i am me—a totally mystery person from the limo

    By she53lly URL on 06.02.2011

  2. we rode in a limo at prom. his arm was around me, the heat made me tired. everything seemed perfect. in that instance. i fell asleep and dreamed of peaceful things. Good things that made sense. Like his scent, his arm and ever gentle fingers. moments that will never be repeated, so precious.

    By Neo on 06.02.2011

  3. Limos were once so glamorous. Now they are ubiquitous and ordinary. I wish that riding in one could be meaningful again. Instead we must find a new form of luxury on wheels.

    By Jennifer URL on 06.02.2011

  4. I’ve always wanted to be taken to prom in a sleek black limo. Hey a girl can dream can’t she?

    By Nico URL on 06.02.2011

  5. It sparkles as it pulls up to the driveway. I look down at my dress, which is sparkling as well. A man comes out of the limo, dressed in a tuxedo that is almost as sharp as my date’s, and opens the door for me.

    By Molly on 06.02.2011

  6. Could it be? A limo for me? This is a dream come true. Has prince charming come?

    The tall dark stranger exited from the car and said, “Her is your cap and jacket. Glad to have you as the newest driver with the DeLux Limo Service company!”

    By Judith Lachance-Whitcomb URL on 06.02.2011

  7. i never went to my prom, i never actually had a prom,

    By tiffany sams URL on 06.02.2011

  8. i took a limo once. it was one of the most exciting experience; for an 8 year old. I took a limo anohter time, it was the saddest experience for a 18 year old

    By Cha Cha Pants on 06.02.2011

  9. Hot sexual interlude, where I service a mans cock.

    By saltlakecockslave on 06.02.2011

  10. The limo window dropped down with an inaudible sound, and a sunglassed skimplily clad blond stuck her head out.
    “Which way to the ‘ostess’s convention mate?” She asked in a strong cockney accent.
    I was staggered on two fronts, firstly I had no idea where the convention was, and secondly her top was being pulled down by a hand from behind her, revealing her sizeable assets.

    By mariesdaly on 06.02.2011

  11. Dreams. They come true, are crashed, and never get started. You can be included in the group, or left out. If you’re included, what happens once you’re in? If you’re left out, what do you do now? When the groups meet, what do they think?

    By Gabby on 06.02.2011

  12. She steps out. Her stiletto heel hits the red carpet, and she exits the limo gracefully. It is long, sleek, and white.

    By Molly URL on 06.02.2011

  13. I’ve ridden in a limo 4 times i think. Each time has been with my one cousin though. she’s kind of a spoiled brat but at the same time, i just leech off of that. they have money and we don’t. 3 of the times it was her birthday and this last time was prom. prom was good though so it all worked out in the end though.

    By Bridget URL on 06.02.2011

  14. She sat in the back of the limo in her long white gown. Her hands were shaking. The wedding was approaching with each tick of the speedometer. Was she ready? She did not know if she was prepared to spend the rest of her life with a man she barely knew. The car rolled to a halt and the driver pulled open the door, beckoning her forward into the sunshine…

    By Carly on 06.02.2011

  15. a limo is a fuckin long cool car famous stars use to draw all the attention to them and shit like this, y’ know?

    By meh on 06.02.2011

  16. I saw fifty cent’s limo last night in santa fe, i thought about stargazing but didn’t want to be that type of person… coupled with the already busy streets from tourist season santa fe has become quite the zoo. Oh at least there are hot women around in the summer.

    By gabe URL on 06.02.2011

  17. Ny father had a purple limo, it was a stretch….and a babe magnet, or so he thought. One friday evening he decided to go pick up his gal for a night on the town, everything was going as planned, until he pulled into her driveway.

    By Crystal on 06.02.2011

  18. I’m not much of one for limos… Never had a use for one myself :|

    By MsMoon URL on 06.02.2011

  19. It was before the limo flipped over at highway speeds. That’s when he tried to kiss me when she wasn’t looking. It was before the party ended with blood stains and shards of glass, before the ambulance faded into the distance. How do I tell her that now?

    By Brooke Farmer URL on 06.02.2011

  20. Getting on the limo early to avoid anyone to see her. Shouting out to people to avoid anyone to hear her. Drinking all the champagne to avoid to speak to anyone.

    By Felipe URL on 06.02.2011

  21. I hate limos. They’re far too large and useless. If you need to get from A to B in a car, fine. No problems whatsoever. But if you use a limo, it’s basically an insult to every other person on the road. It’s abuse: traffic-abuse.

    By Cyhwuhx URL on 06.02.2011

  22. They look cheap. You look like a wannabe celebrity when you show up at prom in a limo. Especially a white one. I don’t like limos. Just take your own car, it looks a tad bit classier. Unless you have a beat up old Chevy or something..

    By Abby URL on 06.02.2011

  23. Dark windows, dark as Charon’s eyes. I watched it go by, slowly, tantalising, almost sexual. It looked as dark as his eyes looked green and cold. I knew it would not come back for me. I knew I lost him now, to his crazy, violent world. And I just sit there, powerless, watching the stupid limo go by.

    By Anton URL on 06.02.2011

  24. when i was very little and thought people who went to prom were soooo old, my best friend told me that the only way to go to prom was in a limo. i remember thinking about how fancy that seemed, and maybe ridiculous. i ended up going to prom in a minivan. :)

    By roberta URL on 06.02.2011

  25. Riches. Riquezas. The only thing that comes to mind when I think about a limo are celebrities and their way of life.

    By Demi Chan URL on 06.02.2011

  26. And it was waiting, idling at the corner. She wondered who it hed who was behind those smokey windows. A blaring horn behind her caused her to jump and her thoughts turned to the absurdity of transportation, of motion, of stillness.

    By Amy Clayton on 06.02.2011

  27. for posing and cruising and getting married and going to funerals. Long pink and chavvy, a girls night out with cocktails, gangster stylie, stylish driving…..champagne cocktails in the back…..leather and chrome…..

    By Georgie on 06.02.2011

  28. I would love to ride in pink limosine with a bottle of champagne and a beauty magazine.

    By Bella D. URL on 06.02.2011

  29. The limo went way too fast when she was drinking. It was ok, though. It was a limo, she wasn’t driving.
    Swig, and the champagne bubbles down her throat. Delight. She wonders quietly to herself whether she would always be this way. She always had been, as long as she could remember. Ever since her advent with Young Hollywood began all those years ago.

    By Jamie on 06.02.2011

  30. Tyler had never paid for a limo before. He was 34, and never once did a girl suggest or inspire the rental of one. But Anne wasn’t a just a girl.
    ‘No,’ Tyler thought, ‘a woman deserves a ride in a limousine. At least once.’

    By Aaron M. URL on 06.02.2011

  31. A limo. They always scream “pretentious”. One tried to run me over. It was wrong. Especially when I had the right of way. The driver was an asshole.

    By Sowji URL on 06.02.2011

  32. He hopped into the limo and motioned me to follow. I climbed in and sat down.
    “Well, this is what a limo is like on the inside,” he said nonchalantly.
    “It’s very nice,” I replied awkwardly. “Now what?”
    “well, we could go get some dinner.” he suggested.

    By beetle on 06.02.2011

  33. it quickly became elke’s turn to hug her half eagle pin was attached to his lapel!my god!the limo award! bogdan was going to be a pilot!

    By The Fake Dann URL on 06.02.2011

  34. His right arm reached towards the door of the limo. He grabbed the handle, and opened the door. “Come here, have a seat”, he said and reached his other hand towards me. “Thank you”, I said, and placed my hand in his. I walked slowly past him and sat down inside the limo. He sat down too, right next to me. “Do you fancy a glass of champagne?”…

    By Pernille Hjerpseth URL on 06.02.2011

  35. She exited the limo with all the grace of a swan. All she needed was millions of camera flashes and it would have been like she was walking down the red carpet on the arm of the hottest star in Hollywood. Too bad it was just her senior prom and she was dateless.

    By Myiege URL on 06.02.2011

  36. she stepped out the limo quick looking cite and perky she sighned i hate being a celerbity she walked down the red carpet and there she saw ……… her name in big lights and she fainted

    By JODY WHATEVER on 06.02.2011

  37. I always wanted to ride inside a limo. or live in one. They just seem so cool–so sleek and shiny, so impressive. I remember whenever I drive to my grandparents house, there is this one house that ALWAYS has a limo in front of it. it’s rather strange, though, because there aren’t many rich people around there, and i always acquaint limos with rich people.

    By IMC URL on 06.02.2011

  38. black and stretched out like the night
    passing lanes and cramped roads
    music, champagne, lights
    no free rides

    By vkk on 06.02.2011

  39. so Im in this limo with a thousand other people to my left and right and it’s really hot and all of a sudden we are under gunfire and we all die .lol

    By BKmike URL on 06.02.2011

  40. The limo was the main attraction. Justin had been planning for this prom date for two years. Going was Breanna was the icing on the cake. Justin knew that whoever had the biggest limo would be the real prom king. It didn’t matter who got the crown.

    By Karen Greenberg URL on 06.02.2011