January 8th, 2012 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “lilies”

  1. I have not known many lilies, but the first I met many years ago in a cabin hidden in Ireland’s Wicklow mountains where she lived with her teapot and children and a fire that never grew cold in the hearth. She disappeared when I came back to find her but her stories linger still and I go every year to hear them.

    By nannan URL on 01.08.2012

  2. Lillies of the Valley spring forth from the night. I picture their petals dripping with dew, practically smelling their sweet scent as I picture that night, immersed in the memories.

    “What’s your favourite flower”, he asks again, sighing as he tries to reset my password for me.

    By Ellen on 01.08.2012

  3. This reminds me of Elfen Lied’s opening theme song, “Lilium.” Weird doesn’t even begin to describe that manga/anime. Chilling, violent, gruesome, and yet innocent sometimes even cute – still these are just upper tier descriptors for this iceberg of a story.

    By HelenGrant URL on 01.08.2012

  4. In Japan, the word for ‘lily,’ ‘yuri,’ has been used by one writer to describe the Japanese lesbian community. “The Lily tribe.” Now it’s a genre that is main

    By Carolyn on 01.08.2012

  5. See the lilies of the field how they dress in all their splendor ~ reminds me of my mother. Even though she did worry ~ and she sure spent money to dress in all her splendor ~ neglecting to do house repairs which was more practical.

    By Alyce Rocco URL on 01.08.2012

  6. pretty flowers. white. remind me of taemin. onew is soo cutee. i’ve always wanted a dog called lilly. ithink i had one in my nintendo ds. i miss my ds.. my dad sold it cause i got an itouch :( now i cant own dogs… and i wotn be getting one naytime so

    By Odelia on 01.08.2012

  7. She stepped into the field of lilies. I was so peaceful. So tranquil. She lost sight of the world. All she knew was peace. She lied in the yellow blanket and soaked in the rays of the sun. She was complete.

    By Logan Nightingale URL on 01.08.2012

  8. Tom doesn’t know where the flowers came from, a little bouquet of lillies resting on a glass vase on the middle of his table. The petals moon white and soft and Tom isn’t used to flowers or romance of anything soft. Tom is used to grime and grit and angry hands on his skin. Ryan left a note. Ryan left him the flowers.

    By Cassie URL on 01.08.2012

  9. In Japan, “yuri,” the word for “lily,” was used to describe the Lesbian community, naming them the lily tribe. It sounds so empowering, doesn’t it? WE’RE A FUCKIN TRIBE, WITH LILIES!

    By Caro URL on 01.08.2012

  10. I’m thinking of a woman’s stomach, pale and translucent. I’m thinking of the valley her belly makes when she stretches out on her back, a valley surrounded my mountains of hipbones and rib cage that are shaped like lillies.

    By monroe2go URL on 01.08.2012

  11. In Japan, the word “lily” has come to mean a genre about straight school girls who fall in love with each other for the invisible audience of straight people.

    They get this phrasing from the “lily tribe” or the lesbian community. Strange how one can be so objectifying and the other so empowering.

    By Caro URL on 01.08.2012

  12. I was walking in a flower patch recently. It wasn’t your ordinary, everyday flower patch, per se. There was something a bit more mystical about it, although you would think that flower patches are very much the same in that way. However, the lillies were in full bloom, and a sort of iridescent dust floated amongst them.

    By Unkindloving URL on 01.08.2012

  13. Green and white against a gold
    Leaves soft against skin
    Smell so sweet, like perfume for a queen
    Tied in ribbon the color of crowns
    A gift so dear.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 01.08.2012

  14. Lilies grow all over the world, but more in the warmer parts of the world. But the word of the day is “lillies.” I really think that is misspelled, and I find it rather distracting. I’m going to have to look it up.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 01.08.2012

  15. i want to sit next to a stream with you
    and watch lilies drift and dry
    we can spy on mother nature as she goes about her duties
    fixing up trees and making the flower’s dew
    i can look at you and see
    how beautiful the world actually is
    through you, the world printed on your heart
    can i leave a mark? i want to. i want to taste you, all of you.

    By Mackenzie URL on 01.08.2012

  16. Songbirds, like warblers and finches I think, were once attracted to lillies like bees I’m told are attracted to the other flowers from which we get sweet honey. But something is happening. I think I read somewhere that there are more songbirds killed every year by sociopathic pet cats and more flowers disappeared from the imaginative potential regions of running, shooting, hitting young boys by way of capitalistic comforty consumer culture and homophobic parenting respectively than there are people both reading and forgetting how to read combined!

    By deviousway URL on 01.08.2012

  17. Tony nibbled on a slice of grapefruit that looked a bit like van Gogh’s ear off his breakfast plate. He remarked to his cat, “Miz Tilly, I need you to understand something.” He grabbed one of the lillies that looked like van Gogh’s belly button from the vase in the middle of his breakfast table and chewed on it, spattering spittle and petal pieces as he continued. “Call me deeply closeted, but I ain’t gonna eat that link sausage.”

    By richpee URL on 01.08.2012

  18. Lillies make me think of beauty. Sometimes, I hate beauty. Sometimes I resent it, yet I want it. I guess jealousy does make you nasty.

    By Stefan URL on 01.09.2012

  19. are white. and i would like to have them at my funeral along with red roses. and black clothing. and “Free bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd playing in the background.

    By Tabi on 01.09.2012

  20. lillies were steve’s favourite flower. ever since his mother died, he went and placed fresh lillies on her grave every sunday night. his father never went with him. his father blamed him for his mothers death. the lillies reminded steve of all the good memories he had of his mother. when they died, he got to at least buy new ones

    By Ashley M on 01.09.2012

  21. Lilies, I looked at them, see how beautiful they are, I smiled as I walked again, still seeing the lilies from the side of my eyes. I wish I could just be a lily, just floating there, living peacefully, I just wish I could live peacefully, then there, I hear my parents shouting at each other, I ran to our house.

    By Missy on 01.09.2012

  22. what a beautifull summer it was,lying with him in the fields surrounded by all these beautifull lillies,our skin being kissed by the sun,i could swear that the whole universe was trying to bring us together coz everything was just perfect,and when he put that lillie in my hair my heart just melted and i knew,this was it———-

    By sheeessy on 01.09.2012

  23. They were her favourites but I always hated them, lillies they remind me of death. Funeral parlours, long stemmed in tall vases filled with pale water.

    By lenny URL on 01.09.2012

  24. The lillies flowering at the edge of the pond were among the most beautiful I had ever seen. The sweeping, elegant curves of the petals just accentuated the beauty of the flowers.

    By Emma Park URL on 01.09.2012

  25. I hold that bunch of lillies. I was waiting for you to arrive. I don’t know how long I’ve waited. I really thought you’d come… but I was wrong.

    By Kristina URL on 01.09.2012

  26. purple

    By Vess on 01.09.2012

  27. everytime i hear of lillies, i remember movies and books with characters that love them. what is it about them? it’s not that i don’t like it. but everytime i hear of them, it doesn’t make me want lillies but reminds me of my own favorite flower.

    By stephtcreyes URL on 01.09.2012

  28. And as we laid there reminiscing in the field of lilies we realized we matter to each other more than we ever had. Because without each other, where would we be now? Lost.

    By Paige Noel URL on 01.09.2012

  29. My mother couldn’t abide lilies. Funerial she said. So for her coffin we brought freesias which she loved and whose heavenly perfume she could not smell.

    By jayar on 01.09.2012

  30. Lillies are perfection. Varied, beautiful, perfumed. They bloomed in the Garden of Eden, in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and everywhere that people demanded purity and loveliness. Lillies are also associated with death.

    By E A M Harris URL on 01.09.2012

  31. I pick my nose as often as you pick lillies for moi. Le foi, les poisosns, le petit pois. My soggy pomegranate heart teases you with pickle breath. the undulating perfunctory beat of the 5 hz gaia beat, as is my soggy heart beat. Yet, you stare, dumbfounded, irksome, libations adrip… what happened to the je ne sais q’oui, the imparted glance of who-done-it. Oh, the gregarioius knuckleheaded bathroom break, whilst I still yearn for your passing. Yes, I washed my hands. and the Soap in the museum bathroom smells like warm apple croissants. Just another Fronch reference for the sake of romance. and I don’t have an apple under my arm to give you in due time, such as Napolean nostalgicly sniffed for his imparted lovers. But we are not lovers. illness lovesickness. lillith faire. tilted chins, limp bisguits, sans lillies from you. Oh my soggy pomegranate silly hearted love sickness.

    By SoulMammoth URL on 01.09.2012

  32. lilles are one of the beautiful groups of flowers. They are either white or pink in colour. They grow in areas such as………

    By yuvha URL on 01.09.2012

  33. lillies half blooming half withered by the windmill country, rocking to the tunes of dostorting winds, yet they speak of the harmonies of nature and brighten my world, just like she does.. everyday

    By Gaurav Joshi URL on 01.09.2012

  34. I see the lily
    colours woven light
    I smell the lily
    pollen lines hair
    I touch the lily
    roll it in my touch
    I hear the lily
    swaying to my breath
    I taste the lily
    stem sliding down

    By gsk URL on 01.09.2012

  35. flower nice smell love water lilies ı like lilies bla bla blaa bla bla

    By emine on 01.09.2012

  36. Lillies conjoure up images of beauty, but also sadness as they are often associated with funerals. The word makes me think of Shakespeare, for some reason I can’t place. Lillies is also a pleasing word to look at, I think.

    By zebra URL on 01.09.2012

  37. Lilies. Those were her favorite. Now he remembered.

    They say when faced with imminent death, only the most important things flash before your eyes. For him, it was lilies.

    By B.R.Bellerophon URL on 01.09.2012

  38. beautiful flowers that smell funny.
    a bit overpowering
    wasn’t that Herman Muenster’s wife’s name?

    By kneiman URL on 01.09.2012

  39. Lilies remind me of my faith in God. They are as pure as Him and nothing could ever measure up to that.

    By Rebecca URL on 01.09.2012

  40. Lillies are beautiful flowers, and I love the day lillies that show up alongside our house every summer. I want more of them, looking at their colors and smelling them always makes me want more. I love the colors, their bright orange and brown and their graceful, large stems. They mean that spring and summer have come, and they remind me to enjoy the time in the sun because very soon, it will be winter again and they will be gone.

    By Jennifer URL on 01.09.2012