January 8th, 2012 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “lilies”

  1. Lilies are innocence but they have poison, don’t they? Deep inside the stem and petals is a lethal surety. If you eat a lily, you die, don’t you? Maybe not, maybe I’m mixing them up with something else. Still, I’d pass on a dinner with one.

    By Kattee Rose URL on 01.08.2012

  2. lillies are beautiful flowers. as far as i know there are many kinds of lillies, but in plural i am always reminded of the flowers. if, however, in singular form. the word “lily” only reminds me of video games and harvest moon since this is what i will always name my cow the very first time i buy one. i love the simplicity and delicacy of the plural, but relish in the nostalgia of the cow.

    By Ica URL on 01.08.2012

  3. She stepped into the field of lillies, pink ones, swaying in the breeze rolling down from the hills. They were taller than she thought possible, thick, waxy leaves brushing against her kneecaps and swallowing her feet until she moved them. The bees moved from flower to flower, so unhurried, weighed down with golden treasure. She imagined herself laying on a bed of petals in the middle, and the rays of the sun soaking her heart through and through.

    By cmsiena URL on 01.08.2012

  4. she sat in a pool
    filled to the brim with lillies
    floating on the green and pinkish white
    it was an atmosphere of hazy romantic
    ness and if someone snapped a finger
    the dream would shatter
    like the face of a clock when the
    hands no longer work
    her face was solemn but
    her ideas were bright

    By ellie griffith on 01.08.2012

  5. The lilies on the side of the river shivered. The cold wind was brazen, it grazed their petals and made them dangerously close to wading. The water was better than the wind; better to drown quickly than feel like sin.

    By Julia M URL on 01.08.2012

  6. Lilly pads. Oh, what peaceful images come to our mind when we think of these things. Personally, I imagine frogs hopping from one lilly pad to another, though how a lilly pad would ever support the weight of a frog, I’ll never know….

    By Sunny URL on 01.08.2012

  7. He knocked on my door, fist full of lillies. I don’t like lillies.

    By Trinity URL on 01.08.2012

  8. Lilies….
    they are what i associate summer with. The beautiful gardens, blooming and flourishing like the people of the world. I love lilies and I am sure that when I’m older, and I have a husband and some children of my own, I will have my own lilies.

    By Louisa Crane URL on 01.08.2012

  9. Calla lillies are a type of lilly and i am named for them. I am also named after my aunt cecilia who was apparently very nice and looked a lot like me. Calla also means beautiful is greek. But lillies smell nice

    By Calla on 01.08.2012

  10. A death flower used in ceremonies to mourn.
    I don’t really understand that though. I know some of the mythological history of it but to me it just doesn’t seem that practical to use a flower like a lily for death. They are also popular in weddings which I guess that makes sense, because the rituals are basically the same. A wedding is the death of the bride and the transformation of her into something new.

    By benn URL on 01.08.2012

  11. The lilies were beautiful. I looked up at her. “There’s a meaning behind these, isn’t there?” She always gives gifts with meaning; that’s how I knew to ask her. She blushed slightly, then looked me in the eyes, determined to share her feelings. “They mean ‘I dare you to love me.'” I set down the bouquet and grasped the sides of her face, giving her a bruising, yet gentle kiss. “You don’t have to dare me to love you, darling. I already love you. I always have.”

    By Jessica on 01.08.2012

  12. The lilies sat on the water, calm and peaceful; like the clouds sat in the sky.

    They offered a sense of peace, and of innocence that made the girl shiver all the way down to her toes. It was hard to believe that something so innocent remained in a world ravaged by bloodshed.

    By Ciara Evans URL on 01.08.2012

  13. Aaron knelt beside Sarah. Though it was a dream, and though she knew she would never truly see him again in this life, Sarah felt a peace that she had not known in years. Reliving this dream once again, years after losing him, was both the hardest and most wonderful thing that could have happened to her. When she awoke, she knew that she was finally ready to marry Ethan. “Thank you, Aaron.”

    By ritajuanita URL on 01.08.2012

  14. Alrighty. Some wonderful Christmas morning, you are going to show up at my door with a bouquet of lillies, not roses, wearing your leather jacket, not a dress coat, on your motorcycle, not in a limo, telling me you need me, not that I’m beautiful, and putting a ring on it, not a handcuff. <3

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 01.08.2012

  15. Remind me weddings and easter and funerals. But the are still one of my favorite flowers to decorate my home. Fragrant and beautiful.

    By Sheila Good on 01.08.2012

  16. Lilly is the name of my sister. I think it is because a calla lilly is her favourite flower. Calla lillies are white and so is my sister. They say something about a lilley white ass. She definately has one. I like lillies too. I like water lillies the best. I’ve just won myself a whole other minute to write. Back to lillies. I like water lillies the best. Frogs sit on the pads on which the water lilley floats. I don’t like frogs very much at all. I do like their colour though.

    By Jean on 01.08.2012

  17. When I lived in the green swamp, I had kayda lillies growing all along the drainage ditches.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.08.2012

  18. the lillies in danced gently in the breeze. a bird chirped excitedly in a tree overhead. it was all so peaceful, he could barely contain the urge to throw his arms out and spin wildly until he collapsed on the fresh, soft grass. he continued walking instead. the sun warmed his his shoulders and he smiled. he could feel the smell of grass, flowers and tree bark penetrating his clothing and hair. but then, another smell invaded his nostrils. thick and pungent, almost sweet, but too unpleasant to be described as so. it stuck in the depths of his throat, and wouldnt leave. he coughed, attempting to alleviate the agressivness of the odor, but it only triggered his gag reflex. he continued walking, despite the growing strength of the odor, then he saw her. a woman, no, a girl. lying in the tall grass, he almost missed her, almost walked right on by, but the face of the young woman caught the corner of his eye. she was laying in a twisted and unnatural position, ‘her head shouldnt be twisted that way.’ he thought. her feet were bare, and so lifeless, and her face…oh god her face. the eyes were had no whites in them, there were completely bloodshot, and half open, in a dull, glazed over stare. not the eyes of dead person at rest, no, not at all. and her smile, the skin around her mouth looked as if it had been torn or partially chewed away. probably by animals. she lay there, staring up at him, with those bored dead eyes, and that macabre grin, ruining his perfect day out, mocking and laughing at him. he couldnt stand her face.

    By Derek on 01.08.2012

  19. Did anyone notice that they spelled “lilies” wrong? Ha. I refuse to write about it.

    By Yuka URL on 01.08.2012

  20. The smell of lillies filled the air. It was a smell too happy for what I was feeling. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be happy again. Somethings just leave you upset for the rest of your life.
    Losing your best friend and half your family at the same time in this war is one of them.

    By Serafina URL on 01.08.2012

  21. lillies, tulips, and roses, were scattered across the whole foyer. in beautifully shaped vases wrapped in ribbons of red. Ky looked at my blankly. “What?” i said. “nothing.” he replied. i gave him a look of distaste. he raised his eyebrows in surprise. i softened my look and he smiled. he turned towards a vase full of lillies behind him picked one up and put it in my hair. he then leaned in like he was going to kiss me but instead just whispered in my ear his hot breath on my skin and said, “if Fiffy says one more word i’m going to kill myself”

    By Alibay on 01.08.2012

  22. The Doctor smiled as Amy paused to admire the Androzanian lillies, the blue blooms reflecting a pale light against her face as she gathered one up to sample its fragrance. She plucked the alien flower from its stem and nestled it into Rory’s hair with a giggle, eliciting a bemused eye-roll from Mr. Pond. The Doctor too collected a lily, tucking it into the pocket of his jacket for safekeeping. He’d have to see if the TARDIS remembered Androzani like he did.

    It almost made him miss his celery.

    By floppybelly URL on 01.08.2012

  23. In church today there was a sudden strong odor of lillies, which was strange because the only flowers in the church were poinsettias, the typical Christmas plant. It was very odd, and the only reason I noticed is because my son is allergic to lillies.

    By Rachel URL on 01.08.2012

  24. Ik liep in een veld, waar de bloem zo wit waren als lelies. Maar het waren geen lelies, het waren vergeet me nietjes. Lelies. Zijn jouw lievelingsbloemen. Maar ik heb liever dat ik je niet vergeet. En jij mij. Vergeet me niet.

    By Tirza on 01.08.2012

  25. She trailed her hand through the water; divine. Choosing the lake had been a good idea. She could have chosen the woods, or the air, or even the dry land. Instead she got this; cool clear waters and fragrant blooms with which to adorn her glossy brown hair.

    By Katie on 01.08.2012

  26. The lily field was the first place they met. It was their favorite place to go to if they were having a bad time, and usually at the same time. They would always coincidentally meet up. But when the fires hit and the lilies were gone, so were other things… And the mans guilt grew stronger to the death of the lilies and his love.

    By numbus URL on 01.08.2012

  27. lillies, such gorgeous flowers can look full of fortitude at the same time evoking delicate emotions. they can be found in the midst of mountains, on craggy hills out of human reach. what life force! and how gorgeous they look. beauty is not about artificial neatness.

    By kaorita on 01.08.2012

  28. She lifted up her skirts enough to crouch down on the dampened ground beside the pond. Grass ticked her ankles, and mud squelched up around her heels, threatening to dirty her skirts. A small sound of frustration escaped her, and she let her skirts fall to the ground, and sat on them. Who even cared if the skirts were soiled? Who would even notice? Rarely, she thought to herself, was any eye in the room ever trained on her for more than a quick second. She reached her hand out tentitively to touch the lillies growing along the edge of the water. They were white and lovely; she stared at them, marveling for a moment, wishing to think of nothing any more complicated than the way the petals fell softly against her skin.

    By Dulcie URL on 01.08.2012

  29. Lilies line the backyard fence, planted years ago by Luisa. They come up every year to remind us where our home comes from. The lilies are my prayers of thanksgiving.

    By Joan on 01.08.2012

  30. there was a girl i went to school with, for a while, in middle school. i thought she was uniquely pretty and i was a bit jealous because of this and that she seemed to be a lucky and talented person. she seemed to be an intelligent girl to me, with a fascinating personality (though i didn’t know her very closely), and her mother made movies and her father was a musician. i’m an artist and these two mediums resonated especially well with me then. around that time, they made a rather intriguing movie starring Lilly.

    there came a time when she seemed to be getting into some trouble, in school and out. not the stereotype kind of trouble, but like real life confused and hurting trouble. but i didn’t see that, then.
    i later heard from an intimately close friend that she was unhappy. this momentarily turned me into the ugly green monster because i thought she had everything to appreciate in the world. then he told me a few reasons why.
    i then realized and came to appreciate the concept that outward appearances are nothing. and, of course, that you don’t know everything. in fact, you know next to nothing at all really.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 01.08.2012

  31. though, Lilly may be fragile but we all have our hidden potential – waiting for discovery.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 01.08.2012

  32. God. When I was younger I wanted to be the kind of girl who matched lilies. I wanted to be pretty and small and delicate. I wasn’t, ever, and I never will be. But I’m still kinda jealous of lilies.

    By Meg URL on 01.08.2012

  33. with petals as white as the moon herself
    the flower floated on the water
    with the geisha watching from her window
    she unraveled her long black hair
    and gazed at the lilies
    their dew shone in the light of the setting sun
    and as the last light of day dimmed down,
    she left the flowers in her secret pond
    and returned to her tower above

    By Summer Paige URL on 01.08.2012

  34. Lilies BlOOm only at night. They are very beautiful and white in colour. They are faithful to the moon and love it very much, for they can not bear to bloom or live without it. The moon is like the father of the lilies

    By fluencer on 01.08.2012

  35. she look at him, and then away. her eyes were cold and gard as he told her his life, everything she had to know. he loved her, how could she not have seen it before. loly, he called, lily come back. i need you. her auburn hair just flowed in the wind and she ran with her bare feet on the grass, slipping slightly with every step

    By jaanniee on 01.08.2012

  36. Lilies lined the pond like small white trail markers, reflecting off of the cool surface of the water. The tranquil scene was enough to make their knees grow weak, after months of seeing nothing but violence.

    By Zoë Aiko URL on 01.08.2012

  37. Si Lily yung anak ni Aling Elena na labandera namin dati. Magka-edad kami pero mas maliit siya, mas sakitin. Namatay siya dahil sa numonya dahil hindi siya nadala ng nanay niya sa doktor agad. Mahilig siya sa bubble gum.

    By Mighty Magulang URL on 01.08.2012

  38. Something about Zack reminds him of lilies.
    They’re usually some kind of symbol of purity, he thinks he recalls hearing at sometime or another. What a load of bullshit–Zack, pure? Maybe before Jason met him.
    But maybe there’s more to it; lilies are beautiful in a humble sort of way, arent they?legant, simple. Not gaudy like a rose with all those sinuous layers of petals.

    By Entropy URL on 01.08.2012

  39. she crouched down to the pool of water that had collected at the end of the stream she’d been chasing.
    her delicately detailed skirts of silk gathered around her ankles and her bare feet pressed into the moist earth, laden with moss and dew.
    she reached out a nimble finger and touched the ivory flower.

    By Summer Paige URL on 01.08.2012

  40. Lillies make me think of funerals. What you give to someone when you think roses are too cliché, but daisies are too cheery. Or when you’re trying to be unique. Lillies get an unfortunate rap as being “unique”, but boring and they always show up in the “grower’s choice”section of Proflowers.

    By Brooke URL on 01.08.2012