February 25th, 2012 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “lift”

  1. tickled and fuzzy and warm. bright colors and chattering stories under the shade and a tall building in the distance. it seemed surreal, as i suppose it was.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 02.25.2012

  2. up high heavy light sticky soiled useless unsure touch don’t can’t down ramp

    By shereen on 02.25.2012

  3. the way he talked lifted me up into the clouds. i felt nothing but pure ecstasy with every kiss. but who knew that eventually these feelings would be the death of me? who knew that i’d be sitting at a desk remembering things i once begged to forgot, cried to erase. who knew that i would find relief in sharing my story, whether it be about my life or about a boy? who knew that the mistakes i was carelessly making now would impact my future so greatly? who knew i’d be sitting at a desk regretting not kissing every boy i met, flirting carelessly on spring break. who knew at the ripe age of 21 i’d regret growing up too soon and not enjoying life when i was young.

    By Kae URL on 02.25.2012

  4. The lift was crammed. It was way over the limit of people. Benjamin was squished next to a girl who was hanging over her phone, and Ben could hear her crying. He sneaked a peek at her phone screen as she typed text after text, then erased every one.

    ‘I miss you’
    ‘I love you’
    ‘Come home soon’
    ‘Be strong for me’
    ‘It gets better’

    Until finally, she simply typed, ‘Hey’ and clicked send.

    By Totally Caesar URL on 02.25.2012

  5. “Mind giving me a lift?”

    He was wearing a royal blue coat and a knit black cap, beard pointed outward like the arrow on a weather vane. Like it had been struck by lightning and now stood vividly on end in the London street lamps.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.25.2012

  6. It had been a particularly windy day, and Sherlock’s hair had still not recovered its usual large curls. The detective had quickly tried to tame the black frizz before their meeting in the executive office of the insurance company, but had had little success. It was fortunate for their bank account, then, that their new employer didn’t much care what Sherlock looked like, so long as he was able to prove that the fire had been deliberate insurance fraud.

    It was about halfway down their trip from the top floor when the wind knocked out a transformer, and the power to the whole building suddenly died down. John glanced up and around in alarm at the emergency lights, quickly calming as he realized what had happened. He only hoped it wouldn’t be long before the power returned, as the longer he spent in the confined space the longer it started to remind him of the hide-holes he’d had to crawl into in search of terrorists.

    “Well,” he quipped, trying to keep his tone light, “It’s a good thing we aren’t in a drama show on the telly,” He smiled up at Sherlock, who seemed to have forgotten how ridiculous his hair looked.
    “Why’s that?” The detective leaned against the wall, boredom already sinking in.
    “Because in those shows, whenever two people are stuck in a lift like this, they seem to always somehow end up snogging!” He laughed at the idea, but quickly stopped when he realized that Sherlock’s eyes had narrowed just the slightest, accompanied by a little curl to the corner of his lips.

    By floppybelly URL on 02.25.2012

  7. lift high lift low aww man here we go. what should i do what should i say i dont know, just go away. Mom im hungry, hi hungry im mom, mom can we please go to vietnaiem. I probably spelled that wrong whoops! who cares, aww man im wearing underwear. oh that’s not bad now im really sad. what should i eat, chicken or beets, brush my hair, drink some blood, here we go again another flood, oh no its not my bath’s still runnin let me shut up and you have fun in. wait that didnt make sense omg! here we go again…………… well im gonna go i already left. Man this is creepy i meant to say lift. Bye!!!

    By Larry on 02.25.2012

  8. my heart up, where it can see the beauty of all that is. as one. together, we can love like no other. when the seas of change shift the tides, do not be afraid for things have always been as they are. know you are always safe.

    By spacialle on 02.25.2012

  9. “Hey. Want a lift?” he said, pulling up alongside her in his decidedly douchey car. She thought it was probably intentional.
    “You’re a moron.”

    By Liz on 02.25.2012

  10. i lifted the truck off of my roof and saw the sun beaming its lights at me and then suddenly the air lifted me off the roof and i was lifted into the clouds but then something went wrong… there was fire everywhere. i couldn’t escape my past and now ill be remembering it forever… until i wake up…

    By Ivan Daigones on 02.25.2012

  11. i want him to be able to lift me
    as if i’m light a a feather

    i don’t want to be bigger than him
    i don’t want to be the biggest one in the room

    i want to be thin
    i want to be lifted away into the wind

    By sarah marie URL on 02.25.2012

  12. I lift my arms and hit him. I regret it.
    Now he left me all alone.
    Within the dark scenery, all I can see are shadows of the past.
    Somebody please. Lift me away from this.

    By eijem URL on 02.25.2012

  13. Lift is taking something higher. I can lift things. At my pump class I lift weight.

    By Becky on 02.25.2012

  14. Lift me up, and lead me to the garden. I cannot see where it begins. This time of ours, it moves so slowly, through the grate like smooth liquid.

    By Ki'El on 02.25.2012

  15. Face lift what use is a face lift when you are the same person underneath. On the other hand looking at the face in the mirror gatting older and older the question is posed is this the same person that I feel inside so therefore a face lift is what i need to rejuvinate and relaunch the real me.
    This is the conundrum of the face lift.

    By Judy Nepia on 02.25.2012

  16. raise me up as high as you can. Oh no I;m dizzy what shall i do? Jump? Too dangerous! Give up, I’m a goner. Start praying right now! Where’s my mum and dad?

    By Rosemary Parke on 02.25.2012

  17. My energies were low and I felt like a failure because well, I failed. I was never one for sugar coating and this was definitely a sweet situation. Joey won, he proved I couldn’t hold the business without him. I had to admit defeat and stand for the humiliation. I put my head in my hands and cried.

    By Ruben URL on 02.25.2012

  18. Nowhere in my iTunes library was there a song strong enough to life my spirits. And the booze cabinets were as empty as the balance on my bank account. My leg was still injured. There was no way to escape the pain. Frustrated, I bit my bicep and drew blod. The feeling of futility can be so overwhleming.

    By Ruben URL on 02.25.2012

  19. I guess lift could mean a lot of things. It could mean elevator in British slang, but in all honesty I want to think of it as a spiritual lift. A sort of pick- me- up from the ground. RISE FROM THE ASHES & PREVAIL THYSELF.
    Or something like that. I guess I read too much into things. I guess that might be a good thing. I hope it is.

    By mariana URL on 02.25.2012

  20. The air lifts the paper airplane across the room. You smile at it from the top of the stairs. Your mother smiles as well as she folds the laundry.

    “See? It flew that time.”

    By Alexandra Bell on 02.26.2012

  21. specks in the grey bustling
    brimming eyes, wake. watch.
    tunnel downward to
    the lift

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 02.26.2012

  22. Despite all that I had gone through, and all of the feelings of contempt and hate that still resounded in my thoughts, you bring me up with each smile that you cast. No matter how awful things go for you, you always make the best of it by sheer instinct. And that’s why my heart is yours.

    By agloe on 02.26.2012

  23. To lift a heart is one thing, to decide to carry it is something else entirely. Should you make this choice you must always be careful, hold gingerly, walk steadily and bruise as little as possible. You have to keep it safe, as if it beats within your own chest and any damage would surely result in your own death. It’s why we ask with utmost importance, that you seriously consider the ramifications of carrying someone else’s heart.

    By Cassie URL on 02.26.2012

  24. happy elevator up raise help raise up give a ride to someone i lift you up when you are down i raise you high above the ground.

    By cheryl on 02.26.2012

  25. Lift me up to greater things ….. I’m very tired of this life ….. it just doesn’t seem to be working out. I’m getting depressed and it’s exhausting pretending not to be.

    By matilda URL on 02.26.2012

  26. In the heat of the moment, as Jensen was drifting in his opiated love stupor, the bottom of the van slammed against the bottoms of his feet which lift his knees up into his chest. And then a sudden deafening wall of sensation blocked all sense and sound from being registered in his brain.

    By chole URL on 02.26.2012

  27. and then i lifted him out of the elevator. it was a very surreal experience. it was almost like i was dead, and he wasn’t. even though it was the other way around. i like cereal, but that’s irrelevant. this is the worst oneword entry i’ve done in quite some time. nothing good ever happens after 2 am. how do spiders eat.

    By Estevan URL on 02.26.2012

  28. We’re sitting on the ski lift; Hannah, Jessie and I, the wind catching our hair and the snowflakes brushing against our red cheeks. We’re going upwards to the highest mountain top, not dearing to look down, but hoping to touch a piece of heaven.

    By Alegría URL on 02.26.2012

  29. Oh, how I need a lift, and the best way to get a lift, is to give one. I am talking a spiritual lift. It is Sunday, how many people are going to church to get a lift from the Lord. I am for sure, and thankfully I have the faith to know that my only lift is from the Lord.

    By Debbie URL on 02.26.2012

  30. your spirits, inspire, strength, burdens, weight, move, drop, help

    By denise on 02.26.2012

  31. Thundering up through the soles of his etnies, he rumbled down the pavement into the cool morning. It wouldn’t be long before he had to lift himself out of the gravel, picking stones from a bloody abrasion. Still better than staying with Sharon, though. She always ruined the morning conversation.

    By Kristen Leigh URL on 02.26.2012

  32. sometimes everyone needs a lift, and now i really really need one, i wonder if I need to find it inside of me, or is it ok (finally!!!) to ask for one….but then again I doubt anyone can really really lift you up…you know not a temporary change, but a solid new ground…I feel that it comes only and ONLY from us, from within, so it’s ours…

    By Daiva on 02.26.2012

  33. It was supposed to be cold inside the trembling, four-walled container. But it wasn’t. A few wisps of his bangs fluttered into the air when he blew at them, when he was trying to think of a way to banish the awkwardness. He stole another glance from the other occupant. Shiny hair, like a raven’s unfurled wing. An upturned nose. Curling eyelashes. How can she be so beautiful? His lips formed the word “hi” when suddenly, the button for the 8th floor blinked. He held in a sigh and walked out the lift. He turned around one last time. His heart almost stopped when she gave him a lipsticked smile before the metal doors slid to shield her from his desperate adoration.

    By Airiz URL on 02.26.2012

  34. and then he came i lifted all the things that fell on the floor while she had her breakdown. Then she saw how good of a men he really is, and how great it would be to have someone like that in her life. Never did lifting been so important.

    By Rosalie on 02.26.2012

  35. up
    fork lifting into the box cardboard
    lift like Jesus into the sky, ascending into the heavens
    because my mother told me he died for our sins.
    lift him on high.
    life and death and nothing matters in between

    By kalie mcginnis on 02.26.2012

  36. This can be a physical act, or you can lift the spirits of yourself or someone else. Lift also refers to how airplanes are able to fly. Some women describe the lift in their hair. People consume certain things in order to give themselves a lift.

    By terri on 02.26.2012

  37. He lifted her up everyday, with a simple word, with a gentle smile, with a light laugh and a supporting nod. It wasn’t as if he tried very hard to reach out to her, but somehow, he had entrapped her. Just a glimmer in his emerald eyes lifted her up to the heavens. Mist smiled to herself. Storm lifted her up everyday. She wasn’t quite sure how he did it, but she did know that each day, she loved him a little bit more.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 02.26.2012

  38. lift me up higher to you. lift me up to the sky and let me take off from there. sometimes goodbye is a good thing. it makes you realize what you had, and look for something new. as soon as you give me this little lift, I want you to know this is goodbye.

    By Abra URL on 02.26.2012

  39. Lift me up
    A ragdoll body hangs from your arms
    How do you have the strength I hold me?
    It goes beyond your body and rests in your
    In you strength to believe that this body is merely a vessel
    An experience
    That I am no longer me and you and greater than yourself

    By Lauren on 02.26.2012

  40. Dylan lifts my spirits every time he see him. His laughs and giggles are so infectious that you can’t help but smile! Every time I am feeling down I look at one of his pictures and instantly my spirits lift!

    By Marcia Meakim URL on 02.26.2012