November 24th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “library”

  1. Discovery.

    By Zorana on 11.25.2012

  2. I go to the library to study all of the thing that I can learn. Obviously there is google for all of my searching needs, but there is something about sitting in the library that makes it so great. Something about the feeling of the pages on my finger tips and the smell of old books gives me a sense of happiness.

    By Jourdan URL on 11.25.2012

  3. The girl walked in, full of wonder to the vast chamber of leather binding and a beautiful silence. She gazed up at the shelves, stocked high with more stories than you could ever imagine

    By Becky O'Flaherty on 11.25.2012

  4. The library was cold that day. It always had a slight chill to it, I suppose, but on this drab Tuesday, it felt even more still and quiet. It could be due to his passing. Maybe it was the rain. Regardless of the cause, as I wandered the halls to row 68, I felt goosebumps on my arms.

    By test on 11.25.2012

  5. The library was astronomical in size. She couldn’t possible find every bit of information that would help her. There were classified papers, books on the subject, books on the primary books. She was going to be here all day. There would be no time to relax–everything depended on what she found today, and she couldn’t afford to not figure this case out.

    By Rena on 11.25.2012

  6. It was an old place, older than half the buildings in this town. Half the lights flickered on and off in the storms, the other half buzzed loudly. All of the newer books were kept in the light, while the others were left to themselves, their knowledge hidden in the darkness. What secrets awaited me there? What would I discover? And would any of it make sense of who they were.

    By Madeline on 11.25.2012

  7. When i saw this word pop up i was dissapointed. Libraries make me think boring thoughts or it makes me think I have to pretend to like them in order to seem smart.

    By Maren URL on 11.25.2012

  8. there are angels here who wandered in
    for directions back home.
    but after reading all they missed, they
    knew they were better
    off with muddied feet than streets
    of solid gold.

    By isa on 11.25.2012

  9. everyone goes there. interesting. sometimes, i feel like i need to spend much more time at there. i can live there forever, i think to myself. why is a girl such important? library is enough.

    By can URL on 11.25.2012

  10. “AWW MY GOODNESS JESSICA!” I scream-whispered, “DON’T….NOO!”

    I give up, I thought.

    “You know what, you go find the books, and I’ll type it up.” I said.

    She tiptoed away, disappearing into the large, towering bookshelves of the library.

    By Endless Waltz on 11.25.2012

  11. I like visiting the library very much, bhecause I love to read & write too. I like just looking around and finding books by looking at their spine,or else I go in with a certain book in mind to find.

    By Jenna Mazur URL on 11.25.2012

  12. where many ideas and thoughts happen and are developed all in silence of the interesting and unique brains gathered in one place full of thougth and knowledge.

    By megan on 11.25.2012

  13. A place where we can absorb all knowledeg about the way the world is, was ad will be.Also my favourite Doctor episode. I love these places and the safety they create. To learn, to grow. Safety in word and text

    By Talula on 11.25.2012

  14. a haven,
    a nest,
    musty, papery smell,
    the best.

    By ardent bowel on 11.25.2012

  15. Hours in the library. Endless rows of stacks, books so old their pages are rotting–spines so rigid they crack and splinter at the first opening in decades. Learning is despair.

    By asavas on 11.25.2012

  16. books read research videos quiet check out quiet browse look novel fiction nonfiction classics reserve time

    By Stephanie URL on 11.25.2012

  17. my favorite hiding spot.
    surrounded by shakespeare.
    lost somewhere in between
    fiction & reality.

    By Isabel on 11.25.2012