November 24th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “library”

  1. Awkward old men staring at blinking computer screens. Children receive paper cuts from glossy encyclopedia pages.Old women snivel at the ones who refuse to submit to the quiet ambiance. Panic attack.

    By Brandi on 11.25.2012

  2. This is the place where we writers sleep. No, just kidding. Personally, I hardly visit this place. Now don’t get me wrong. I do love reading. It’s just that the library in my school doesn’t have fiction books to offer. Isn’t that just boring? I mean, who would want to read some book about numbers and cells and stuff? Seriously? Or am I the only one who doesn’t enjoy those books?

    By Pro DayDreamer on 11.25.2012

  3. The library is a place for education. For curiosity. To learn something completely new, something that you would not normally learn in school. You can find your passion at the library. You just need the motivation to learn about something new.

    By Aaron Glenn on 11.25.2012

  4. We were in the library when it happened. Your lips chapped and my lips covered in a 50 cent lipbalm I got with some money I found on the floor. Your hands fit right on my cheeks, so perfectly sat on them, and your lips found the path to mine. I dropped the books in my hands and wrapped myself around you, tightly coiled like a baby-spring.

    By Sara Pare on 11.25.2012

  5. full of books with imagination and thought ready for the world to read and speculate a life beyond this the unthoughtful people who don’t read books are deprived of a whole new world and s

    By lue URL on 11.25.2012

  6. the library was locked and bolted and it smelt of age.
    The key was hidden under the stairs behind the shelf holding the emergency candles and matches.

    I opened the door and saw that there was an old man writing at a desk with his back to me.
    He was using a quill pen and coughing.

    By david lloyd on 11.25.2012

  7. I love my library. Other libraries, anywhere I go, and am fascinated about the touhgt that I am reading somebodies philosophy, somebodies work of art, and I read the people, through this.

    By Sophie on 11.25.2012

  8. libraries are dim and dark. sensual in the corners of the alleyways, books that line the streets, humans that navigate the fusty warmth of each corridor. I hope they exist forever.

    By candice on 11.25.2012

  9. They always say you’re supposed to be quiet in the library but Barry had other plans. He kicked his chair out from underneath himself and threw his books up in the air. “Damn all of this,” he exclaimed. “Fuck books. Fuck learning. Fuck it all.” He was very high strung.

    By DavidRyan on 11.25.2012

  10. A library is an open place where no one knows each other but we are all secretly connected by invisible brain wires that help us communicate by a series of stimuli and tears at the appropriate time in each of our books. Libraries are full of hidden connections.

    By Amanda on 11.25.2012

  11. Beneath these thin sheets of skins and long white scars, in the center of my chest and a little to the left is a library..Full of thousands of pages and thousands of words, screaming at me. Notifying me of monsters underneath beds and these cobwebs.

    By Tara Ayento on 11.25.2012

  12. Silence. Dahlia hated silence. She looked to her right, towards the tall boy will striking green eyes, and the large pile of books he held in his hands. They had a lot of work to do. But, what did she expect?

    By Daisy on 11.25.2012

  13. A library is stacked full of books. Though some are rubbish they all represent ideas and opinions. On pages of yellow, dusted and crinkly. A library is where I want to get lost, away from the violence that is physical and where the only conflict you are at is internal. Though it will destroy me, at least my body will be one,

    By paridhirustogi on 11.25.2012

  14. In the furthest row of shelves in the library, on the highest shelf, hidden behind all the books on crochet, is a folded, handwritten note from me to you.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.25.2012

  15. Sit still. Be quiet. I’m getting antsy.

    By DavidRyanM on 11.25.2012

  16. books live in a library, they tell there own story, drag you in, painting a picture for your mind. Its a forest in its own right, thousands of trees beautifully illustrating life!

    By Ezzie URL on 11.25.2012

  17. the light flickered int eh library. It caught the attention of a student who had once seen a David Lynch film, for a moment. As the it flickered the books seemed to fade, and then become more vibrant. All this happening so fast one would question if it is just the mind playing tricks? See the strange thing was that the light had only been replaced 10 days ago. Perhaps it was the wiring. Perhaps…..

    By Ronan Kelly on 11.25.2012

  18. used to be the only place to get free info, now internet makes it old and expensive, should be adapted somehow, make it cool, it is nice to not have to plug in a book, kindle

    By dub URL on 11.25.2012

  19. books, wonderful time with lots of stories and adventures can take you anywhere in your imagination, laugh out loud fun, knowledge, adventure, romance, action, history, travelling, comedy, fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, quiet, happy place, dream giver

    By Jazz Luka on 11.25.2012

  20. Library, library,
    where for art thou?
    Just up a few streets!
    2.50 to get to you
    is 2.50 too much.
    Shit. But I love you still.
    Think of me, xoxo.

    By Ca. Adam on 11.25.2012

  21. کتابخانه به نوعی تنها جایی ست که دارم، یعنی خیلی جاهای دیگر نیز دارم اما تها کتابخانه ایت که این سالها همیشه بوده است. هر اتفاقی که افتاده، هر تغییری که در زندگی من رخ داده، کتاب خانه بوده است.

    By alireza on 11.25.2012

  22. library is a place that stores a plethora of books and other reading materials. It is found in all countries and its collection of books can be geared towards a certain age group or for all ages.

    By Nicole on 11.25.2012

  23. I went to the library and found a book on poetry that was very interesting. As I sat reading poem after poem, my mind lost track of time and soon the library was closing. I enjoyed that afternoon, alone with the thoughts of a poet.

    By Joe Carey on 11.25.2012

  24. Japan looked around the room curiously. It seemed to be a small library, bookshelves lines the walls and surrounded a large table situated to the left of the room. He walked closer to the bookshelves hands itching to reach for the dusty tomes unaware of the eyes tracking his every move.

    By Tanya on 11.25.2012

  25. the library is just a good place to be in. It allows me to just be in my own world and not care about the people around me because I just focus on the thing that I am reading. It is sorta as if I am in the book and living the life with the author. The feeling is definitely great.

    By Miki Y. URL on 11.25.2012

  26. the librarian ponders. wonders which book will be the next let. she bets with this what her life has become? is this the highlght of her day. the moment she correctly guesses the book which will be let out next. and then what happens when she gete it rite.. what will she do then???

    By sean r.i.p URL on 11.25.2012

  27. I walk into the beautiful room, with high arched ceilings and rows upon rows of sweet smelling books. The odor overwhelms me, as I feel the spines of those that I pass. It is the most wonderful sensation; being engulfed completely in the wonder of knowledge, a feeling teeming with information at your fingers, in the air, all around you.

    By Skyapter on 11.25.2012

  28. my favorite place.

    By runningfromlions on 11.25.2012

  29. “Sh!” They hissed. From everywhere the sounds of a librarian, or a deadly snake screamed out at her. She shriveles. She hides away in fear. The wispers leaking out from every tree and every branch, she couldn’t bare them. The memories that came with this simple “shush” terrified her, and she yelled. She tried to drown out the noise of the forest, but no sound made it out of her mouth. She was coughing and gagging, trying desperately to be heard.

    By Dana URL on 11.25.2012

  30. I hid in the library. away from the world. it just so happens that i am having yet another bad. these happen often and pretty soon i will finish every book in this damn library. and trust me, you don’t want to know what they did this time. if you have a bad day promise me you will think of me.

    By kathpine98 on 11.25.2012

  31. She scoffs. He snorts. Together, they grunt their disapproval over the “nerds” that hang out at the library. It may seem cruel, but it also may be the only way. To bond with eachother, to push off of others, survival of the fittest.

    By Daana URL on 11.25.2012

  32. As a kid I used to love going to the library. Those books, those wonderful tomes of happiness and knowledge. Now however, I dread the library, for it reminds me of mugging, endless hours of it. But I look forward to the day my exams end, and I can have my library back. :)

    By Luc on 11.25.2012

  33. All my time as a child was spent in small libraries where I found the magic and the escape from the troubled childhood. Now that I am a writer I tend to lean on those libraries and find the time to have book signings there. To suppor the local libraries is so important to their survival. They need our help and so I travel around to donate my books and lend a hand in continuing the magic that children can find there. I found a new world in those libraries and I hope they continue to inspire children as well as adults by the simple fact that they are small, intimate, and inviting. It can be so inimidating to go into a huge new library and not know how to proceed. I’m all for progress and technology but let’s not forget the hometown flavor of a small library. The libraries I have frequented for book signings call on their ‘Friends of the Library’ groups to come and support local authors. That is team work. We help them, they help us and together we perserve something special. I hope we all remember our roots and where we came from. Let’s not lose the small town atmosphere, the intimate settings that lend us our most sacred memories. Things get too big, too fast now. I hope we can remember to support these wonderful icons of our past. Too many times we lose things that are precious to us.

    By Patty Wiseman URL on 11.25.2012

  34. I was sitting in the corner of the 12th floor of the library when a repetitive thumping grabbed my attention.

    By Wolf and Chain on 11.25.2012

  35. Quiet. Peaceful. Shelves full of strange worlds. Too little time to explore all of them. Laughing, crying, thinking, feeling.

    By enny on 11.25.2012

  36. A room filled with knowledge, suggestions, opinions and serenity. A room where you can stay and be with yourself or simply get some help on your journey.

    By Maria URL on 11.25.2012

  37. She knew the library by heart from years of wandering through its dusty shelves. She she runs her fingers along the spines, slowing down at the faded titles of her oldest friends: Lewis and Tolkien, Dickens and Dumas

    By Bianca on 11.25.2012

  38. Oh the library. A quite place, a really lovely place, almost like a birdcage filled with fluttering people flitting from book to book, it’s all people reading inside a warm place, not really a cage at all but a haven

    By lamees on 11.25.2012

  39. While sitting in class, a teacher tells you that you have a research report to complete and turn in by Monday morning. So over the weekend you go down to the local library. Many shelves are equally distanced from one wall to the other.

    By dani on 11.25.2012

  40. libraries have been deep rooted in human civilisation for hundreds of years. they symbolise our desire and thirst for knowledge. this is the common perception of libraries, but there is more to them than this. they play an integral role in the integration of immigrants and locals within a community, as a meeting ground for people of all cultures and nationalities. they breed a fondness of knowledge and a creative mind in our youth and thus inspire the prospective genii of future generations.

    By Oisin on 11.25.2012