April 15th, 2013 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “leverage”

  1. each moment that passes
    I gain a little more leverage
    develop a stronger foothold upon the mountain I climb
    at which peak I hope to find

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.15.2013

  2. I need to leverage my writing skills with all the tools I currently have at hand for this purpose. I am set to complete the different writing exercises I have found and keep practicing so I can make the most out of it and feel good about one of the things I like doing the most: writing.

    By Layta URL on 04.15.2013

  3. The leverage in my life is very off. I’ve been very off balance lately, and I don’t know what to do. It’s very confusing sometimes because everything is so hard to figure out. I am such a complicated person.

    By Alyssa on 04.15.2013

  4. Leverage is the name of an amazing show that sadly has been cancelled. I love the concept of evil guys turning good and using their skills for good. It’s kind of amusing because the idea that bad guys have more skills then good guys is kind of true. Since they’ve run cons before they know how to bend the rules to suit the outcome rather than living by the code of ethics and not understanding how the bad guy thinks. Which ultimately makes them bad for getting revenge.

    By Tabz URL on 04.15.2013

  5. You can’t force someone’s attention unless you have leverage, that’s what I learned. If a man doesn’t want sex, doesn’t desire intimacy, doesn’t long for a physical connection with someone he loves, a wife who does is basically out of luck. There is no exchange, playful or otherwise, without having something he needs that only you can offer or provide. It’s like a butcher trying to sell meat to a vegetarian. The suggestion of even a little taste is offensive, against the grain, in violation of their code. Once the kids go, there are no distractions, no discussions, nothing but eat, clean, and pay bills. That isn’t the definition of marriage to me, that’s hired help that lives-in in exchange for room and board with a lot of silence in between. It’s not living, it’s captivity.

    By JDwrites URL on 04.15.2013

  6. leverage over the sins of our forefathers because we are technically much smarter than them though nobody seems to know that. Sometimes I wonder why someone doesn’t just tell them that we’re all here laughing at them. They try so hard.

    By Mirage on 04.15.2013

  7. boards

    By kari URL on 04.15.2013

  8. Ease, release, slack. The ability to move forward with assistance from another.

    By Samantha on 04.15.2013

  9. The milkman placed the carton of glass bottles at the door and smiled brightly at his finished work. This was the last house on the block and the final house of the day. Just as he was about to step from the stoop, he lost his footing and landed face first [end time] in the soil. As he was picking himself up from the muddy ground, the door opened and a blonde woman in a pink frock stepped into the sunlight and stared at him cautiously. As he looked up into her bright, shining face, he suddenly became very aware of his predicament. He rose hastily, coughed, tipped his hat and the woman in the pink frock and began to walk away. Suddenly he heard, “Wait Mister, wait!” He turned to see the blonde daintily running towards him. he smiled inwardly.

    By Hope on 04.15.2013

  10. He had so much leverage over me. I could hardly breath because of his weight on my chest. I couldn’t scream and even if I could, I doubt anyone could here me in this alleyway.

    By jessica on 04.15.2013

  11. Every mistake, everything that goes slightly awry feels like just the leverage she might need to move this all against us. Every time I hold my breath waiting for the shoe to drop.

    By moreeverything URL on 04.15.2013

  12. leverage seeping deeper
    want to gain control, she does
    the situation and
    the circumstance
    hold too much
    over her nimble, shaking body
    leverage, oh leverage
    this is her plea
    to grab hold of the slippery
    to seep deeper,
    to be free

    By Alison on 04.15.2013

  13. I suppose you were always leverage. Something from which I could spring to the next level. A tool. I was always unfair, we were always unfair. You were always used up. I sucked you down and moved on. This was never what we wanted it to be. You were the next step on the staircase, and I climbed you with muddy shoes. I should have walked softer. I should have, I should have. I should have done many things.

    By caitlinmonster URL on 04.15.2013

  14. Being in love was like wobbling on the edge of a precipice. I knew that I was going to fall any second, yet I didn’t try to gain any leverage.

    By Susanna on 04.15.2013

  15. I had leverage over her, as I stood on the higher ground. I would make her suffer, if it was the last thing I do. She had made me suffer since the day i first met her. She had ruined my life, everything i had worked so hard for. Drugs. Sex. everything she did had no consequence. And now, I had the upper hand. i had the leverage.

    By Valerie on 04.15.2013

  16. “All we need is the right place to announce our leverage and everything we’ve ever wanted will be ours,” he said, his eyes sick with promise.
    I looked away, no longer able to stomach the sight of his twisted gaze. Goddess, how had everything changed so quickly? There had been a time, not so long ago even, when he had been the only person she understood, the only one who made her feel happy, safe, loved. And now…now he threatened that person.
    “My father won’t negotiate with kidnappers,” she said suddenly, her voice drawing both of our gazes.
    He smirked then and the sight of it made my stomach clench. “You better hope he will, princess. Or things’re gonna get messy,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.15.2013

  17. I always knew that I could attack you if I wanted. That’s the beauty of knowing all your secrets, you know. Never knowing when I could turn my back on you and crumble your entire existence… There really isn’t anything that would stop me. I don’t have any reason to stop now….

    By Miss Oblivion Sorrow. URL on 04.15.2013

  18. it dragged me down below. beneath the surface. 10 feet over to 10 feet under

    By linda on 04.15.2013

  19. I use as much leverage as i can, but it is still not enough. My fingers grasp the edge of the windowsill, but I fall back onto the harsh, cold ground, and pain echoes in my body. Desperation fills my head as the pain clears.

    By Daisy on 04.15.2013

  20. Well, that’s one thing I hate when people think they are superior. They are taking advantage of their leverage in order to make people feel down. And I guess, that’s just not right to actually tell people how inferior they are to them. Just because they know they have the power doesn’t mean they can act around all tall and mighty.

    By Stella on 04.15.2013

  21. There is none. You will not give, I will not give. I suppose we are at a standstill.

    By KT URL on 04.15.2013

  22. I don’t have any leverage, I thought. Getting out of this god forsaken mess was a problem. I didn’t even know how I’d gotten INTO it in the first place. Andy snapped his fingers in front of my eyes, and I blinked.
    “Hello? Were you even listening?”

    By Esme on 04.15.2013

  23. You have ZERO leverage with me. So seriously, screw.

    By Jason URL on 04.15.2013

  24. I knew what I needed. All it would take was a littler leverage. It’s not so hard to get what you want. Everyone has a price, after all. All it would take was one word. One word which meant the difference between freedom and certain death.

    By Lizzy on 04.15.2013

  25. i had no leverage on him. it was bad so bad i think that the mile long runs during gym would be better. it wasn’t vital to me necessarily but it mattered. like a lot ya know.

    By Annna on 04.15.2013

  26. The opportunity to take a hold of opportunity and move with it and gain a step up and achieve your purpose. Or are you asking me about the show that I know nothing about?

    By Dona on 04.15.2013

  27. the art of leverage. to coerce. to have leverage is to have something which enables you to sway ones decision or action.

    By Julian on 04.15.2013

  28. Her leverage was a pact she created with her grieving widowed father … he would stop drinking himself to death & she would love him with unconditional mercy.

    By skylarkin URL on 04.15.2013

  29. Leverage gives me an upper hand. Leverage puts me above people. It’s an advantage. Things can give me leverage over situations and people. If you have leverage it’s great, if you don’t it’s not that great at all.

    By Allison on 04.15.2013

  30. When I think of leverage, I think of
    heavy oak wood cut sawing
    machinery, pulleys, yanking thread to balance
    how can you lift better than flesh, muscle, and bone?

    By Jordan Hall on 04.15.2013

  31. One of the things that can cause good stuff to happen, but also a lot of harm. If people use it the right way, which is unfortunately not often the case, it does good. But it makes people change to worse so much more often. Makes them do terrible things they normally would not do

    By Xenia on 04.15.2013

  32. leverage

    By Sarah on 04.15.2013

  33. The leverage of this pain is increasing by the second. As terrible things happen, I begin to wonder if this is all an insane state of pure agony. I try to scream and cry, but I am unable to. I try to explain, but my words are cut short by those of people who despise me. As I shake and struggle to stay calm, I realize that I have lost control. It is over.

    By Kayla URL on 04.15.2013

  34. the amount of leaway you have and the looseness of the rules also applying to simple machines as the looseness to the string. you want leverage in life so you can enjoy what you are doing. It can allow you to enjoy a larger variety of things because there are not as many rules. i also think of leverage when i think of a bridge as though ropes are holding the bridge up and in order to move the drawbridge you must give the ropes leverage.

    By Abby on 04.15.2013

  35. Use it to get what you want. Manipulate, push the boundaries, do what you never thought possible. Suddenly you’ve turned things upside down, you’ve forced open a door that was meant to be shut. Was that the right thing to do? Certainly you feel more powerful now.

    By Archori URL on 04.15.2013

  36. Today I was walking down the street and someone walked past me who was wearing rose perfume. I could taste it in the air in front of me when I breathed. I missed the green house, I missed my mom and her perfume baskets. I think of the narrow bathroom where the sun streamed in through the window and I can’t think of things like leverage and fast walking.

    By Camille URL on 04.15.2013

  37. Give me a place to stand and a long enough lever, and I could move the world. Archimedes said that. Give me a place to stand. If someone has leverage on you, it’s because you gave them a place to stand.

    By Chris Clow URL on 04.15.2013

  38. Never mind about the children, they were already damaged~ abused before they came here… calling it a care home was more along the lines of ‘being taken care of’… now they could serve their country, by being photographed in compromising positions with distinguished gentlemen, giving the political leverage necessary to ensure the wheels of the weapons industry could keep turning a profit.

    If only this were fiction, not British history… Elm Guest House

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 04.15.2013

  39. Leverage.
    Given up. Why does every thought lead to this?

    By Andrea URL on 04.15.2013

  40. The last time I put to use the physics of leverage, was when I was changing a tire on Saturday.
    But not all things are easily and practically fixed. Sometimes you don’t have that spare tire in your trunk
    so you do without, driving crookedly, trying not to end up in a trench.
    Somehow I feel like my whole life Ive been acting in that way.

    By Andrea URL on 04.15.2013