December 23rd, 2013 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “leveled”

  1. i don’t know about anything leveled
    all i know is

    i don’t think i wrote everything on this account
    i had to have been hacked

    because somethings “I’ve” written
    could have never come out of my brain

    I’ve never been that brilliant

    By Candice URL on 12.23.2013

  2. i was wrong
    i was reading
    from every ‘candice’ ever on this site
    that makes more sense
    the tree is leveled
    big branch
    smaller branch, by maybe one inch
    smaller branch
    smaller branch
    smaller branch

    why is christmas so great anyway?

    By Candice URL on 12.23.2013

  3. I guess i am well leveled man, thgouht i know not really what that means, I jsut say the first words to my mind and claim them as the right. Though i am awefully sure that it is not true. That i have the wrong idea on the world and the society that inhabits it. I do not think the society on the modern age, i think it on the entire world. The entirety of the human race as one society.

    By Antonio on 12.23.2013

  4. will presses his palms against one of the tiles. it scrapes back. “help me out here,” he calls to us. rory and i rush over and and we all push the stone to the left. it locks into place and the scales on the wall become leveled.

    there’s silence, anticipation like electricity coursing between the three of us. rory straightens and pushes his glasses up. “guys, i don’t think-”

    the walls rumble and shake so hard the images on the wall fall to dust.

    By Alibay on 12.23.2013

  5. He had my sword, yes, but the twin daggers in my hands, each a master-crafted blade in their own right, more than leveled the playing field; they all but gifted it to me.
    With my trusty blade, Cerberus, I was deadly.
    But, with Styx and Acheron, I was invincible.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 12.24.2013

  6. He fingered the corner of the painting. His obsessive compulsive disorder was pouring sheets of sweat over his body. It was not leveled.

    By Helianthus URL on 12.24.2013

  7. The cold mountains
    Have been leveled by the silent breaths of earth and
    The salty tears of universe
    After years and years of struggles and deaths.

    We are consuming our own home;
    Shame on us.

    By gargouillis URL on 12.24.2013

  8. the road rose up to greet me
    and knocked. me. out.
    undone upon the road to somewhere normal
    and instead I lay with my head
    in your lap
    on the road to you.

    By Sarah URL on 12.24.2013

  9. The fix was in. A plain brown envelope, packed half an inch thick with pictures of a president, would swing the judges his way. Hell, for that amount, even the wind would blow in his favour. He smiled confidently as they walked out on the court, but what he didn’t know was that there were other envelopes full of presidents changing hands that day; the playing field had been leveled.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.24.2013

  10. even, undulating, paths are leveled and roads laid; arguments and accusations levelled at the opponent; a gun or bow is levelled at the target/prey; it is easy to run

    By Pavalamani Pragasam on 12.24.2013

  11. The building crumbled. Dust rose up from the earth and caught the sunlight.
    It seemed wrong. It seemed wrong that dust could dance amidst so much destruction. This was war. This was no place for something beautiful.

    By Nicole Villanueva on 12.24.2013

  12. “There used to be a house here.”
    “What happened?”
    “I don’t know. I left.”
    “Does that scare you?”
    “Does what scare me?”
    “Does it scare you how much happens when you aren’t looking? How much you’ve missed?”
    “When you put it that way, it does. But between me and the house, only one of us is left standing.”

    By neek URL on 12.24.2013

  13. Stuck on this one…. probably too many Christmas thoughts. Maybe when I make the trifle I can ensure the custard is levelled out!

    By Alexandra URL on 12.24.2013

  14. The blast had leveled the city. The aftershock blew back my hair like a warm breeze. It wasn’t really fair that the devastation at ground zero should feel like a summer day twenty miles away.

    By mimimanderly URL on 12.24.2013

  15. flattened by what life has thrown my way i am just now filling up with the things i want out of life. what is it that i want? him? love? success? i just want to finish and get out of here and then i will know what i am doing next.

    By Em URL on 12.24.2013

  16. giving an answer

    By Manjula K on 12.24.2013

  17. go to a place

    By Manjula K on 12.24.2013

  18. “Level up!”

    “I’m sorry, there’s no more leveling up. You’re at ninety-nine already.”


    “Can you think of a number larger than ninety-nine?”

    “Ninety-nine plus one?”

    “That doesn’t count. Numbers have to have names. Ninety-nine is the largest number in the world.”

    By Holden URL on 12.24.2013

  19. Level-headed, I think that’s one of the best qualities to have. To not get wrapped up in pettiness, or jealous, or anger, or anything. To see the world for what it is and be able to rise above it. I am not level headed; I swoop up and down with my emotions and they get tangled together and messy and it’s hard to sort out exactly what I’m feeling. I wish I could be more level.

    By Mikaela on 12.24.2013

  20. The land is leveled. The house has to be leveled. we have leveled wherever required. the dispute between them has been leveled. Everything has to be leveled

    By abc URL on 12.24.2013

  21. The building she had grown up in was nothing but a pile of ash and ruble now. It had been leveled to by the demolition company just minuets prior right in front of her very eyes. Oddly enough, all she felt as she watched the walls come tumbling down was an immense amount of relief. “closer” she thought to herself before she twisted on her heels and walked away, leaving the mess for the birds to sift through. She was moving on.

    By Trista URL on 12.24.2013

  22. its the place between falling and flying. Its where you are balanced. Its where you are comforted and not worrying. Its home. Its a warm smile.

    By Enxhi Caushaj URL on 12.24.2013

  23. He leveled a stern gaze at me. “Is that all you’ve got so far? You’ve been working on this story for a week, but all you’ve got is the opening paragraph?”

    “I need more time,” I said, and hated the whimpering tone in my voice.

    By mrsmig URL on 12.24.2013

  24. leveled cities rumbling bricks. terrariums with sunken skulls .Pterodactyls with blades and prickly things tied to their talons. shadows of flapping doom. run for the hills, or don’t.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 12.24.2013

  25. My house was leveled by shame. Shame of failure, shame of abuse, shame of laughter. No level to balance us in those walls.

    By Stephanie on 12.24.2013

  26. My life. Ive made the palying field what i want instead of waiting for things to happened. I have lost and loved but my thoughts are starting to become reality. Where i thought i was lost with no friends new doors open to meet new people adn start new relationships. I am excited fro my next decade of life as i start out on a leveled life playing field

    By Jeffrey korb on 12.24.2013

  27. My house was leveled by shame. Shame of failure, shame of abuse, shame of laughter. No level to balance us in those walls.

    By Ragan URL on 12.24.2013

  28. Head full of hubris, jeans full of libido – time to swoop in and make a move. I may be new at this, but I’m batting .400, approximately… but even so, sometimes the expectations of sex will leave you leveled.

    By asavas URL on 12.24.2013

  29. The land here used to be peaked an valleyed. Not on its own, but there were such buildings here. There were tall and teetering victorians, square and squat convenience stores, and people, people, people! People who smiled, people who were angry, people who hit each other and waited on each other and held each others’ hands as they crossed the street! There used to be life here! A big, thriving, network of minds and ideas and scenery!
    Now it’s been leveled.
    And tell me how lively this shopping mall will be. Tell me how many people will have lived with their grandmother into her old age in this store. Tell me how many neighbors were disgusted and maybe a little jealous to hear people making love in this shop. You can’t because this is nothing but airspace where a memory used to stand.

    By Catori URL on 12.24.2013

  30. Start to finish. Gaining in progress. Adjusted to the suitable level. Put up a level. Balanced out to fit the requirement.

    By Sophie Haldane on 12.24.2013

  31. The city had been destroyed. Leveled. There was nothing left but rubble and the distant, lazy drift of dust drifting around after the collapse. There was no Alastor, now. There was no regal city focused on saving the human race from themselves. Now there was nothing but a destroyed cement jungle with the hopes of the optimistic left.

    By Demica on 12.24.2013

  32. The hill leveled out into a wide expanse of land. For miles ahead, prairie reached out to the horizon where the sun was just setting. Rays of blood orange and violet spilled out before us, lighting the world on fire. We were almost home.

    By musicrazi URL on 12.24.2013

  33. Calm, relaxed. The road is easy from here. A straight path, not much thought required. But when things go too easy, too straight, it is easy for “leveled” to transform into “dull”. Even when the road is straight, your mind is veering.

    By Chantastique URL on 12.24.2013

  34. I feel like I’m finally level headed. Like I can breathe and there isn’t something that will tip me over. Balanced. I guess that’s what some of you would call it. It’s the ultimate form of bliss and I could not ask for anything better than this.

    By Christian Ives on 12.24.2013

  35. The different levels of the stairs pounced to life as the vivid stair case ceased to blow my mind of the adventures it was going to bring me. Each level was a different part of my life that had yet to be discovered. I was excited. Should I go on or wait?

    By chelsie hartley on 12.24.2013

  36. Her love for him leveled with his indifference to her.

    By Batul URL on 12.24.2013

  37. Everything sort of leveled out after the argument at the table. I’m not sure if the calm had more to do with the wordless reconciliation or with the large jug of whiskey that my sister lugged out for us to drink. She mixed my glass with apple juice and cinnamon, and it was mellow and it didn’t kick at my stomach, so I enjoyed it more than drinking whiskey straight. Somehow, the Christmas tree felt friendlier than the family.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.24.2013

  38. today was the day that we were to build our new out house. At last a room I could escape to. The work began when they leveled the site. I was excited.

    By marcie on 12.24.2013

  39. i was leveled in the midst of chaos unaware of the entangled precussions and unsteady grooves of what was all around me. the ristrictions of time were a blessing and a disguise i knew, the end was comming close with one last chime all would epically end into silence. thats when i would become unblanced searching again for that middle ground that place where the blues gave me a sesne of rhyme and reson i wanted to be leveled but without that jazz infused blues and down home home chords i couldnt.

    By marc R URL on 12.24.2013

  40. Leveled. Kind of don’t know what this means. So..

    By Fiona URL on 12.24.2013