August 3rd, 2011 | 537 Entries

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537 Entries for “level”

  1. something needed to grow up, you must be crazy if you think you hace any level, we are just stupid people trying to live in a weird world which is totally messed up an diying from the fucking inside, level is the worst thing that ever happened, i hate your fucking skills and your fucking levels, fuck the system.

    By pablo on 08.03.2011

  2. being level with yourself is an important thig. ad finsing someone to be on that level with yo is just as imprtant.you want someone like you to understand you so you cazn be loved and love thgat person in return.

    By avelina on 08.03.2011

  3. Your head isn’t level – it’s full of thoughts that weigh you down until your head topples over like a teeter-totter, the other person at the end being the problem that weighs down on your thoughts, discolours your soul.

    By Jessica URL on 08.03.2011

  4. How level is my house? What if it’s uneven? Could I slide on the floors if I made them slippery? I don’t want a level house, how boring that would be. I don’t want a level head either. How would that be fun?

    By Jaymes URL on 08.03.2011

  5. you’re on a completely different level than i am. so out of your league. i’m on the 8th level and you’re on level 4. i’m so much better than you are. you’re a trashy whore. why on earth would someone pick you over me? maybe because you gave it all up.

    By Annie on 08.03.2011

  6. The level of heat inside the house was unbearable. The policemen at the second story were having to wear heat protection suits, and the specialists thought there could be radioactive material inside the house, and so then a Special Departments Force was sent out to Andalusia, where, to their surprise, 30 nanograms of xenonite where found on the roof of the small house.

    By Daniel on 08.03.2011

  7. im in level four of my dreams because i dream a lot and then remember it is ver cool!! iv think creativity helps you reach higher levels in dreaming because your mind keeps on working.

    By Margot on 08.03.2011

  8. Follow the leader to the lake led by the 8 foot snake. He will take you places many have seen. Follow his trail to your rightful path. Your feet will take you along his journey to another world and you will be happy

    By Jennifer boehm on 08.03.2011

  9. Level.

    By Daniel on 08.03.2011

  10. level is the thing that keeps you on the ground, the thing that helps you stay focused. the one and only thing that kets you know that if nothing, and i mean absouletly NOTHING is going right it will all level out. it will all be okay. level is the thing that keeps you here, stilll standing.

    By nicole U. on 08.03.2011

  11. Levels describe everyone at every point in their life. You are just constantly trying to move from one level to another. Sometimes movement throughout the levels is subconscious or cannot be controlled. But nevertheless it affects who you will become and your positions in life.

    By Brooke on 08.03.2011

  12. a balance. a balance of life. its a symbol for new york state. the empire state. justice and freedom for all, it’s what america is about. its what fuels us. everyday we struggle with balance. and its hard to achieve sometimes. balance in motion. a pendulum. right and wrong. morals. who figures it out for us? god mabye? or ourselves? fate?

    By Paige on 08.03.2011

  13. on level one i won it was really easy!! level 2 was a bit harder!!!! i lost on that level… i like the idea of levels because they test your skill but they dont get too hard too fast!!!!:) ;evel 1234567891011121314151617181910 etc.

    By del on 08.03.2011

  14. level 5. the first level you are given in pokemon is level 5 – to ultimately acheive a level 100 pokemon. pokemonpokemonpkemon ah

    By kat. URL on 08.03.2011

  15. Levels are very different. they can represent levels of power or of different floors. people see them of different importance. the scariest level is level 13, bad luck follows it everywhere. hotels got rid of floor 13 for that reason in the early days. Levels are seen differently to everyone, how do you see them?.

    By Anna on 08.03.2011

  16. its level one and then two and then three and there are also levels where u measure things like to see if they are balanced and stuff you can use levels for painting and hanging shelves and when you dance you have to go on different levels and you could have levels on high and medium and low and all the numbers in the whole world or you could be level headed and stuff.

    By Jessica on 08.03.2011

  17. The level had bested him times beyond counting, costing him two rage-broken controllers and hours of fruitless play. Yet when Jenny attempted it, never having played the game before, she succeeded on the first try, leaving Jim to announce solemnly, “We can’t be friends any more.”

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.03.2011

  18. “Get on my level” is what she thought I said. In reality, my words were skewed. That’s what happens when you are best friends though. You’re misunderstandings turn into inside jokes. You find those phrases in songs and everyday places.

    By Kaitlin URL on 08.03.2011

  19. there’s no “stooping to one’s level.” we must all look at each other eye to eye. yes, we may not agree with what one is saying, but it’s wrong to degrade them of their true value. keep your level high.

    By victoria URL on 08.03.2011

  20. games. video games. mario?? pacman. heehee. Playing video games is fun. i never do it anymore. or maybe level as in a level to measure things. to make sure theyre level. with the bubble? lol

    By jenny on 08.03.2011

  21. He sat down, meeting my eye level. “You understand, don’t you?” he said, the menacing tone polite and implied.
    “I understand perfectly,” I said with my signature smile. “It’s been a pleasure talking with you, but I would like to go. Tell my sister I said hello.” I stood up and left, not bothering to bid goodbye.

    By Katherine URL on 08.03.2011

  22. I honestly just do this because i enjoy reading what other people come up with..

    By Elisabeth on 08.03.2011

  23. You can reach the next level
    if you just
    do this first

    I’m on the same level,
    as you

    “we’re on the same level”

    “What level are you on?”

    enter elevator, push level 7

    “The picture is hanging crooked”

    “Ill get the leveler out”


    By melissa URL on 08.03.2011

  24. I BEAT THE LEVEL AW YEAH. Video games. When you beat the level, it’s the best feeling. Floors, too. When I’m climbing stairs and pass a floor, I feel an achievement. Levels. Like the one below. Passing. Elevators, especially clear ones, because you can see each floor passing as you go up, or down, or whatever your fancy. Oh, levels. I measure my life in levels; it’s how I see them in my head. Andrew was a level, Alex was a level, Ted is a level, Emilie is a level, and each level brings me higher, changes me, makes me a person I want to be. The levels make me me.

    By Rainbow URL on 08.03.2011

  25. the top is hard to get to but if you work evenly, you will reach it eventually. you must balance your life to maintain a level head. each level up gets harder, but the challenge is what gets us through. I mean, how boring would it be to always stay at a constant level.

    By Haley on 08.03.2011

  26. i can’t reach it.

    there’s too much that i want to be and too little time. the song ‘get on my level’ by wiz khalifa should be my mantra, but i’m not cocky or confident and as of late i don’t have the package to be able to even have a level. i want to be at the top. i want to succeed. i want people to envy me. but wanting all that makes me at the lowest level spiritually. so i guess i want a high spiritual level. or a happy level.

    i want something. good. something good. i just have to do it.

    for some reason, that’s impossible for me. and that’s why i’m playing the game of life on level one on repeat.

    something has gotta give. something has got to click inside of me.

    maybe this will be it. or maybe my life will just continue to be full of maybe’s. which is pathetic. my level of pathetic is immensely pathetic so i guess i’m good at being pathetic.

    i just wish things were easy. i wish my doors would open wide and that i could walk right in and have no more issues.

    that would be fucking awesome.

    and i’m pretty sure my time is up.

    is there even a timer?

    i guess not. sorta psychological. nice. this felt nice. kinda like having a blog again. except no one will see it.

    i needed this.

    (i found the timer. mine wasn’t on. odd.)

    By sarah marie URL on 08.03.2011

  27. inception. there are 4 levels.

    subconscious. there are infinite levels.

    a-levels. there are history a-levels, french a-levels, math a-levels…

    i’m gonna level with you. level is the same spelled backwards.

    By Virginia URL on 08.03.2011

  28. level; ah… you’re so reminding of how life has many levels. i can’t believe that once upon a time i was at such a high level and then now i have to restart again. but yet- i’m still at the top. in fact: i’m higher! i’m so high up yet so down low. you’ve brought down my self esteem, boyfriend.

    By alycia on 08.03.2011

  29. I believe that every human categorizes each other on their own personal scale. People fall onto different levels based on appearances. I don’t think I will ever be at the top level, but I have a fighting chance.

    By Laura on 08.03.2011

  30. Just when you think you’re on the right level, there’s always something there to rimnd you you’re just right about above or below your true level, every time . . .

    By tyler on 08.03.2011

  31. I thought it would be great if we built it there, No, over there! Where it is level! The ground seems to .. to .. you know, twist or something. Well, the planner will know what is best I guess. I just sort of wait for instruction.

    By Seansj URL on 08.03.2011

  32. we were not on the same level. physically, mentally, emotionally, i had the upper hand. he had this green jacket though. an olive green corduroy jacket..

    By petunia on 08.03.2011

  33. She was on another level. Beautiful, poised, elegant. I wanted to be like her, I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to be her everything but I knew I never could. She was everything I wasn’t and I knew I was the last thing she wanted.

    By JulesLarie on 08.03.2011

  34. She crouched down and started into my eye, “We’re on the same level, aren’t we now?” I nodded without showing her the other side of my face. I was a wreck.

    By Laura (: URL on 08.03.2011

  35. There are many levels in life… Wether it be levels of a video game, levels of a relationship, or levels of growth and aging. Levels can be seen everywhere you go.

    By Grace URL on 08.03.2011

  36. Let me be straight with you: real life isn’t Gucci or good deeds.

    By keirs URL on 08.03.2011

  37. Stay level headed, she said. Easy to say for one that isn’t about to enter the gauntlet. I may as well be entering the ninth circle of hell. I was going to meet her mother for the first time, and I was thoroughly inebriated. Maybe I’ll seem like a gratuitous personality. Maybe.

    By Cyrus Taheri URL on 08.03.2011

  38. On the level. Off the level. Under, over, onto the next one. What level? When is anything in life actually balanced? Least of all linear.

    By Jessie on 08.03.2011

  39. Its a place we aim to be, A highter place in out minds or outside.

    By Savannah on 08.03.2011

  40. The level was higher than it should’ve been. How can that be? I’m so astounded. Man, I don’t know what I did to deserve this. Maybe we can conjure up a plan to bring it back down, are you in?

    By Emma on 08.03.2011