February 21st, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “leathery”

  1. Not much left of her now. Just a wrinkled, worn out brown leather husk. If she spoke less, you’d think she were a mummy.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.21.2013

  2. It was a hard time having the roti in a shop nearby, it was leathery in texture.

    By vjay URL on 02.21.2013

  3. Her eyes were sunken, cheeks hollowed and skin leathery. She needed rest, badly. After all, she had never known the comfort of a roof above her head, shelter from the sun or three square meals a day. I wished I could help her.

    By RashmiSasi URL on 02.21.2013

  4. im leather like a fine jacket i make bikers look sexy you can’t contradict my style and stealth as i flow like a black panther in the wind of my owners pits as we roll against the rigid yet smooth road on the interstate on the way to the bar we have made our occupation clear.

    By garethshemwell@yahoo.com on 02.21.2013

  5. It required great skill and precision. Cunning would not go unnoticed, but he knew from the get-go the task would require much more than first grade certifications and plaques that say you mean business. He put on his gloves, leathery to the touch, and began twisting the complicated dial on the vault door. He was thinking of what he would buy Priscilla; the vacation they’ve been planning to take for years, which was his sole reason for taking the job. He looks up at the ceiling, painted with the most beautiful mural he has ever seen and it reminded him of home. Which only proved to be his biggest mistake. He looked down at his watch in utter disappointment as it tells him he has exactly five seconds left before the police arrive. The alarm stopped, the lights came on, and a voice from the speakers said “What the hell are you playing at, Mike? Are you trying to get caught?” He has failed the simulation. They have but days to prepare for the big heist, and they are not ready. “Let’s go again! From the top!” yells Charlie on the mic.

    By Tricia URL on 02.21.2013

  6. The leathery material laid against from waist to her mid thigh. She loved the feel of it but more how the master , who was waiting a the door, appreciated it upon her. She wanted do what was correct in his eyes and she knew she would obey.

    By Mihoriel on 02.21.2013

  7. I dont know the meaning of leathery. I think meaning may be products like wallet, belt are made by leather. Or It is created by shaving cream and used while shaving purpose.

    By SPrasanna on 02.21.2013

  8. When we do not take care of our skin and spend a lot of time doing hard physical labour our skin becomes leathery much like the hide of the animal that the word has been derived from.

    By Venkat on 02.21.2013

  9. I recently bought a new black shoes which is leathery in appearance and nature. Its pretty comfortable but the problem is i can’t wear it during rainy season. If i do, the shoe will get screwed.

    By travellerinmotion on 02.21.2013

  10. Levi saddled up the old, weathered mare, the leathery contraption offering her a welcoming embrace that she has felt countless times before.

    By Kevin URL on 02.21.2013

  11. I pulled the arrow out of my quiver to look at it in grater detail. It was sharp, obviously, with a dark tip and feathers wrapped around the end fletching. And also, wrapped by the feathers, was a sign of my father. A strip of leather that was soft and worn.

    By Logan Clark on 02.21.2013

  12. It’s been leathery hunt for the right kind of activities to do today. What will one do on this earth to be noticed, appreciated and acknowledged. Search!!! But where … Exploration is the key..

    By ashok URL on 02.21.2013

  13. Leathery is not to be confused with lathery. Purse, shoes and several accessories are leathery. I always pity the cows and the goat, which have to be killed for giving us the leather.

    By Ramya on 02.21.2013

  14. Her face was leathery from many sun-filled days spent among the waves. Surfing became her, it wasn’t a hobby or a habit, it was a part of who she was.

    By Cady URL on 02.21.2013

  15. Ew? What’s that smell? No, I think you cooked it too long. No, it’s not supposed to smell like that. No, seriously, take a bite then. Hm? Yeah, exactly. I told you it was a stupid idea. It doesn’t matter what it’s made of, Fruit By The Foot just wasn’t meant to be grilled.

    By Jesse URL on 02.21.2013

  16. Her wings beat the air savagely, the smacking sound of the leathery appendages filling my ears as I clung tight to the scales protruding from her neck for no other reason than handholds or, at least, that was how it appeared to me. Sometimes I wondered how dragon riding could possibly be as unnatural as the elders claimed it when their physiology matched our own so perfectly.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 02.21.2013

  17. I really don’t know why I’m trying to do this now. I’m nowhere near the right frame of mind to just pick up “leathery” and go write about it. Things are wrong and a little bit of creative inspiration is not about to set them right.

    By Strophios URL on 02.21.2013

  18. Three little children held the leathery book
    above their heads
    eyes searching for nouns
    yet none they could find
    the book, its bindings pure,
    they had no idea the magnitude
    of its power

    By Jessica Tower URL on 02.21.2013

  19. bag

    By hiral URL on 02.21.2013

  20. “Ah, here we are!” the professor reached into the bookshelf until his whole upper arm disappeared from Lacy’s view. He drew back with an old, dusty book, with a leathery cover. “No one has checked out this book since 1983,” said the professor, peering at Lacy thoughtfully.

    By overlordy on 02.21.2013

  21. the old man’s leathery hands touched her face and she felt like throwing up. it was like she had been touched by a… a monster beyond description. if she had a voice she would have screamed… thank yo so much for sign language mom. big fucking help.

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu URL on 02.21.2013

  22. His skin was like his coat in more than one way. It had seen and weathered many hardships. Cold winters and harsh winds have broken themselves over both leathery shields. Both served as protection against the rough world he lived in.

    By Jon URL on 02.21.2013

  23. Motorcyclists and their leather jackets. It’s supposed to be a protection against roadburn but now it’s become a title of how “bad ass” you are. Thanks Sons of Anarchy. Although I can’t say anything. I fucking fell for it too! Leather like bondage.

    By Greta on 02.21.2013

  24. She felt it press up against her flesh. The leathery feel of the whip heightening her senses, making her lips swell. She anticipated to feel the hard loving lash against her supple skin. To have it lick her and bite. To arouse and provoke sounds to come from deep within her warm quaking belly. She wanted to be reminded who she was pleasing. She wanted to bend forward and demand for more. She impatiently waited for pleasurable pain.

    By Sophie M Alvarado URL on 02.21.2013

  25. Leathery, like skin. She has leathery skin? Didn’t we just have a word similar? The leathery man, has lead a full and fruitful life, may be he should write about it? Make it into a three act play about the hero’s journey.

    By charlie URL on 02.22.2013

  26. his skin, charred from a life of extinguishing flames, felt leathery against my supple touch. As I flinched my hand at the unexpected feel he let out a short chuckle along with a defeated smile and whispered, “I’ve tried fixing it. Unfortunately, this won’t go away, but I always prefer this to the nightmares. Unfortunately, those don’t go away either.”

    By Pip URL on 02.22.2013

  27. the bag was leathery… i realized i knew the person who it belonged to. i ran to the store to tell this new clue to my friend who found it as surprising as i had.

    By Mehr on 02.22.2013

  28. I want a leathery wallet that lasts, that’s all,

    By peachtea URL on 02.22.2013

  29. A word a day or is this leathery thing designated to me. A nice word but not a positive one. Easily the best of best will understand how hard leather is…

    By ashok URL on 02.22.2013

  30. You could see the fork, the scales, the eyes
    Pressed across the ankle, wrapped around the shin
    Tightening, pinching the calf
    It even twisted his strut
    As if the animal soul in the soles took possession
    Of gait and the centre of gravity
    Now a coiled muscle, ready to turn heads

    By gsk URL on 02.22.2013

  31. what a leathery thing it is! just dont like to touch. throw it away. out of my sight.

    By rita on 02.22.2013

  32. leathery is my suitcase. My partner on my journeys. Carrier of my hiddn secrets and soon-to-open mess. the roughness inspires me for the orad ahead and gives me courage to smoothen it up.

    By Shanam on 02.22.2013

  33. Leathery. Leathery. Oh does your skin feel luxury.

    By Karl URL on 02.22.2013

  34. The material that I brought looked leathery, and I was a bit concern, seeing that it did not appear to be the same material that I wanted. Nevertheless I proceeded with my plan to use it in my design for the art show, only to fine that it could not be use simply because it was one of the items that was prohibited.

    By victor URL on 02.22.2013

  35. its mean tough and hard.. i wanna to change my life..:(

    By monika azad on 02.22.2013

  36. Leathery- the lovely smooth reptilian texture, reminds me of old days back at the farm when my father used to hunt and bring back hides for our mother to sew into clothes. I still have one of her jackets today- well worn, faded brown, yet I’ve never been able to let it go. It was the last thing she made me before she died.

    By Amanda on 02.22.2013

  37. i dont fucking care for leathery seats
    typing on my phone
    knee against yr knee against the fabric of a dress
    but this is imagined
    fuck off reality
    my ears are buzzing
    and youre an eighties
    comic book
    she hero
    come save my bloody fragile neck before my feet slip
    from their sweaty soles
    fuck it i like you loads but im not funny
    fuck those furball car seats of horror too
    vinyl fluorescence and lemonade
    thats more my style
    can i touch your back may i
    touch yr nose too
    and can we have one last gagnam style
    cos im starting to actually enjoy it

    By frank lee on 02.22.2013

  38. I don’t like leather. I think its cruel to animals. Eating them is one thing but wearing them is totally, 100% wrong. I am happy with cotton and silk and all the other stuff. Leathery is okay though, as long as it’s not leather. If you love leather so much, you should go faux. I think that’s the humane thing to do.

    By Elakkiya URL on 02.22.2013

  39. Sometimes skin can be leathery. Old people have leathery skin sometimes. I haven’t seen my grandmother in years, but i’m pretty sure she has leathery skin. I should really go visit her.

    By Fazeela on 02.22.2013

  40. Much like the word from yesterday – are the word choosers slacking over here at One Word? Is the Word-Randomizer on strike? Is there a somewhat unhealthy obsession developing with the aged, with mistreated skin, with cowboy toughness, smoker’s wrinkles, and skin that’s moved beyond tan to beef jerky?

    By Ara URL on 02.22.2013