February 11th, 2013 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “learn”

  1. You never learn, kid. I tried again and again to teach you, but again and again you failed. What the fuck’s up with that? It’s not that hard, but you just don’t get it. I try, lord knows I try! Whatever, you don’t get it you’re dead and then I start over again…and again…and again…and again…so many times I’ve seen kids like you and each time they’ve ended up six feet under. When’s it my turn?

    By Mairead URL on 02.11.2013

  2. learn, we do it everyday without even knowing it. We may not think about it, sometimes we may. We are always learning even when we sleep. Its an aspect of everyday life. Theres no stopping us from learning cause even when we think we are done learning and know everything there is to know we are still learning.

    By Megan Thompson URL on 02.11.2013

  3. There’s so little learning about academics in the school we consider high. Social learning. That’s what it’s all about.

    By Grace URL on 02.11.2013

  4. i learn alot at school. i learn math,science,social studies, vocab. and more:)

    By Diana on 02.11.2013

  5. I want to learn about you. I want to learn about your mind. I want to learn about your body. I want to learn how you move. How you feel. How you see. How you want me. I want to learn about myself through you. Now I just want to learn where you are…So where are you?

    By Rebecca URL on 02.11.2013

  6. A life without learning is one not worth living. What is there, but to continue learning. Expansion of the mind into the unknown. What more could one want for

    By Amber on 02.11.2013

  7. When would we learn that the sea was dangerous? It was something pounded into our heads as children, and alluded to as youth. Stay away from the sea, it is dangerous. Stay away from the sea. But I remembered the salty air of the sea, the waves rolling onto the beach. This memory felt foreign, yet as much a part of me as my heart.

    By Kristina URL on 02.11.2013

  8. Learning is the basis of life, the basis of all living creatures. We must learn to live and we must live to learn. Every day we take on more information, broaden our knowledge, and enlighten others with what we know. Without learning we would have nothing, so we should appreciate it in its entirety. Learn to live.

    By Hazel Skinner on 02.11.2013

  9. It is important to learn, you never stop learning, no matter how old you are. Or so they say anyway, learning is a life long experience, parents say teens know it all, but they are learning, parents are learning, grandparents are learning, but there is a certain point in life where you just chose not to learn any more. The death of a partner or loved one. It is difficult to keep going, to keep learning.

    By Rawrdotorg URL on 02.11.2013

  10. all that you can!
    for you and the other’s
    as much as possible
    with your mistakes
    have experienciens
    try tou teach too
    don’t be

    By PedroTeixeira on 02.11.2013

  11. I hate learning certain things, but other things I love to learn. I think learning could have hundreds of different meanings depending on exactly what it is a person is learning. I think we learn every moment of our lives, even when we don’t realize it. We learn when we sleep, and when we meet a new person or are introduced to a new sport or go through a new subject in school. We learn when someone is born and when someone dies. Learning is living.

    By Eva Langelotti URL on 02.11.2013

  12. It all comes down to experience.
    But I’m too contained.
    Teach me how to be like you.

    By letusbelennon URL on 02.11.2013

  13. I learned that to want something so much does not mean it can just fall to you. You have to work hard at it everyday no matter what it is you want emotional or physical. Nothing is a piece of cake and nothing will ever come easy unless you live in a disney fairy tale. All you can learn is to work at something because if you expect it with no work you will get exactly what you stated with. Nothing.

    By Melanie on 02.11.2013

  14. I went to university to learn about the law. I came out having learned very little about that, and knowing less about myself than I did before I entered. Or at least that’s the myth I spin for myself. The fact is I learned more, that more just wasn’t very complimentary.

    By Liam on 02.11.2013

  15. As we grow older, we learn many things, whether good or bad. We learn from our parents, siblings, friends, but mostly in school. Everybody wants to know more and in order to do that, he or she should at least try to learn.
    Learning Rocks.

    By Lerina Nena URL on 02.11.2013

  16. Educate youreself go t school diplomas education um degrees college and university grades how I dont do very well failing high school stress tests quizes studying books lectures

    By Natalie on 02.11.2013

  17. study, work, and eventually it will be worth it, now you may be thinking i hate school, it shouldnt even exist but if you work hard enough in the end it

    By Mafer Zelaya URL on 02.11.2013

  18. I don’t know why they force us to learn.
    The problem with our education system is that the education is forced upon us; we aren’t given a choice on whether or not we want to learn the material.
    Along the same lines, it doesn’t make sense to me that we aren’t able to choose what we want to learn. We should be given the opportunity to explore topics we find interesting.

    By Neta Shikoba URL on 02.11.2013

  19. put your books down,
    put away your pencils.
    what I am teaching requires no thoughts or feelings.
    just being.

    By Julienne URL on 02.11.2013

  20. learning is to follow and to look and to make discoveries. never too old to learn and well… you could forget. pride hinders learning and deprives from creativity.

    By Ran on 02.11.2013

  21. Some people never learn. Apparently, I’m one of them.

    Never make the same mistake twice? I wish. I’m not content with making /new/ mistakes, I’ve got to repeat the old ones, too. That makes for a constantly increasing repertoire of /faux pas/ to commit.

    By chipschap URL on 02.11.2013

  22. I love learning. It is so much fun to learn. I want to learn about any and everything. I buy books upon books so that I can fuel my love of learning. There is definitely not enough time during the day for me to learn as much as I would want to learn in this lifetime.

    Is that a good thing?

    Or a bad thing?

    Will I ever satisfy my love of learning? Desire to learn?

    By Diane Yacenda on 02.11.2013

  23. Learning
    Every day
    Every second
    Watching tv
    Having fun
    Day dreaming

    By katie on 02.11.2013

  24. I have learned. That the journey may be tough, and that we may have taken wrong paths in the past, that led us to our temporary downfalls, but we must never give up. This journey in love is tough, for sure. You have taken the wrong steps, but nevertheless we all shall carry on and learn from our pasts, to seek something new once again.

    By shaokai URL on 02.11.2013

  25. Learning is what we do as a child. Unlearning is what we do as an adult. What is in between?

    By Vanessa Grzybinski on 02.11.2013

  26. continuously. never failing to see what there is to learn in all that is. the moment. the action. the reaction. the word. the thought. the vibe. the people. the noise. the silence. the stillness. just keep on learning.

    By Safon URL on 02.11.2013

  27. Learning is good. It’s by learning that we achieve things. To me, it’s by learning that I get to know myself and make myself interesting for other people to like me.

    By Rita Carvalho on 02.11.2013

  28. I learned in school today that the average pickle is named fred and loves to swim in pickle juice at his nearby ymca

    By Dani on 02.11.2013

  29. I did the one above. the one about pickles. @:) Now

    By Frodo URL on 02.11.2013

  30. one pack of smokes
    sitting silent on a stand
    another little lady
    cutting rings upon her hand
    boredom is an excuse
    for timeless misuse
    and of all the things we learn
    it’s the importance of how to choose.

    By Matty M. on 02.11.2013

  31. We’re always being told
    What we’re supposed to learn
    And for at least twelve years
    We are force-fed
    Useless bullshit
    That they think we need to know

    By Scarlett URL on 02.11.2013

  32. Learn to fly and expand and run and contract.

    Life is merciless my friends!

    Learn to swim and to climb and to fade

    Fade, fade away into the clay

    Breathing, thinking, living

    All this things are won.

    All this things are learned.

    By JP URL on 02.11.2013

  33. to understand new ideas and theories
    the gain new knowledge
    the beable to explain a concept to someone with no prior knowledge

    By Rikaad on 02.11.2013

  34. I like to learn because if we couldn’t be able to learn then we wouldn’t know how to do anything because we kids and other people are so dumb and don’t know anything! Also teachers wouldn’t be able to teach be cause their so dumb like the children and not the smart ay all. I t’s the same with the kids they are dumb and not smart. So let the people be smart!

    By Emma URL on 02.11.2013

  35. Love this site! Love, too, the idea of kids using technology, this site and their creative minds to learn and write about stuff.

    By Kim on 02.11.2013

  36. happy assembly attention for from students
    few temper control

    By Saima Wasim URL on 02.11.2013

  37. learning isn’t a classroom. sitting on your ass listening to people talk and not questioning any of it is not what decreases your risk of dementia by 11% for each year. No it’s going out everyday and learning about yourself and your life.

    By Becca T URL on 02.11.2013

  38. I want to learn. The world is full of never ending possibilities to learn, pick a place and begin. Why limit yourself to just one?

    By Carter URL on 02.11.2013

  39. “Okay, so what you do is pour that slowly–Slowly! Nonono, not that breaker! Where are your goggles!?”

    I frowned, holding the breakers and flasks in the lab at the University. “I’m never going to learn this–I’ll never be as good chemist as you are.”

    You sighed, mopping up the thick fluid on the table top. “Yes you will–let’s give it another go.”

    By Jayn Adams URL on 02.11.2013

  40. I once learned that you don’t have to be fancy to write a story. All it takes is imagination and people that are willing to listen.

    By Lauren on 02.11.2013