February 11th, 2013 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “learn”

  1. It was hard to let them in. This wasn’t something that came naturally to her. In fact, she usually pushed people away. It wasn’t anything personal– just a gut reaction that came from being hurt too many times. It was an old cliche, she knew, but that didn’t help fix anything. In fact, it just made her feel guilty. Like she should be social, she should be better than this. But she couldn’t make herself something she wasn’t.

    By Courka URL on 02.11.2013

  2. Never stop learning no matter how old you get. There is a huge world filled with things you have never even heard about, even if you have traveled and lived for a long time. Learn all you can every day, and you will be much happier in the end.

    By Denise Gabbard URL on 02.11.2013

  3. Learn this, learn that. The most learning takes place
    when you’re not concentrating on things. Learning by
    osmosis, the knowledge merely seeps into your brain
    except of course for certain disciplines like calculus.
    Those you have to study and study till you want to scream.

    By Robin on 02.11.2013

  4. Do I learn something new every day? I doubt it. If I do, I don’t apply what I learn because my days follow a predictable trajectory from one to the next. I’m a homebody, still in my hometown, 6 years after high school. True, my hometown is awesome but I want to live somewhere else.

    By dan URL on 02.11.2013

  5. We all get to learn from our experiences. Whether we actually do or not is another story. So no matter what it is you are going through, whether you want to call it happy or sad, positive or negative, good or bad; just know that there is much to learn in all that you experience from day to day.

    By Jackie on 02.11.2013

  6. learn, we spend our whole lives learning, learning what though. we learn how to speak, learn how to walk, learn our times table, a way to hold your fork correctly. what we really need to learn is to be loving and kind , respectful and to be thankful. we get caught up in our daily lives practicing the things we’ve learned, but do we practice the things some of us have’nt learned??

    By tigerlily on 02.11.2013

  7. People will judge me for not continuing school because following a template is all they know. But what I want to learn can’t be discovered inside a classroom. So I will judge them for judging me for wanting to experience the most important thing that will ever be… and that’s life.

    By meghan on 02.11.2013

  8. I never really liked learning. In school, that is. I always understood the info, but never did the homework. I’d like to think I’m smart, but maybe I’m just not smart enough.

    By Heidi P. on 02.11.2013

  9. We all learn things through our lives and some stay with us more than others. You never forget how to ride a bike and you always remember to look both ways before crossing the street. It hurts the first time you learn that you have to power and capacity to break someones heart, but it hurts even more to learn that you can have your heart broken too.

    By Grace on 02.11.2013

  10. Im learning about math in school. I also learn about science, history, and language. My favorite is science. Whats you favorite? Do you know your favorite? I do, if you dont, try.

    By Tman on 02.11.2013

  11. I didn’t learn anything. I don’t think. Maybe I did, right at the end there. Something about love and real decisions and sacrifice. But if I find myself doing it again, repeating the same cycle, what could I possibly have learned? John learned. Learned to stay the hell away from girls like me. But he was always much more clever than I. Well, sort of. I mean, if he was so clever, he’d have seen me coming.

    By Hannahey on 02.11.2013

  12. Teach
    High school

    By Rafael on 02.11.2013

  13. The tree leaned into the wind, and the wind blew equations through the bark of the tree. Every number in heaven stained the clouds.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 02.11.2013

  14. leeeaaaaarrrrn

    By poop on 02.11.2013

  15. learning is gaining knowledge about the world. Things you’ve never knew were possible is open to your eyes right in front of you. It doesnt have to be in a classroom. Learning is everywhere.

    By Melanie URL on 02.11.2013

  16. the other word that works with learn is life. learn to love, learn things by asking questions…why is the sky blue? why are sheep woolley? why are oranges called so, but carrots are….carrots? you may find the answers to these, or you may not. but along the way, you may learn something else.

    By tamara.b on 02.11.2013

  17. to learn is to grow is to gain in ways you can barely imagine, to become wise and worldly and accepting. I always strive to learn.
    is the key
    to wisdom

    By gypsypunk on 02.11.2013

  18. Learn from your mistakes. Do we ever? Or do we simply learn to re-dress them, to make them look like something new, something out of our hands? Do we learn to avoid the same old injuries, or do we simply shift our armour so the wound appears somewhere else?

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.11.2013

  19. It would take a while for Lauren to learn the sly ways of Meredith. She was to watch the way Meredith’s eyes darted from side to side, stealthily searching her surroundings. Lauren was next in line and had to be just as cautious as all of them before her. It wasn’t going to be easy. But was anything in life easy?

    By Kim M on 02.11.2013

  20. Live to learn, I once heard someone say. Live is learning. First, when you’re just a baby, you don’t even know how to think, talk, walk…and you manage to learn how to do all these things, and sooo many others. The complexity of human resources is fascinating. And yet, some of us will never learn how to live with each other or how to love.

    By Monica on 02.11.2013

  21. Change yourself because if you don’t learn that you are an utter nothing as a human, you will not succeed. An utter nothing with some power to change almost everything

    By Paris on 02.11.2013

  22. I want to do it, I think I do it everyday but i’m not quite sure if what I am learning is useful or not….I want to be able to make something of what i learn, whether its from university, everyday life people, lessons or mistakes. It is very important to me.

    By stephanie on 02.11.2013

  23. I want to learn.

    By http URL on 02.11.2013

  24. teachers teach you how to learn and you go to school to do it you learn a lot about of the world i want to dance ballet so i learn ballet i want to be a therapist so i study medical stuff i want to be in the csi so i learn about that stuff

    By grace on 02.11.2013

  25. Taking in information that you didn’t know before and having an understanding of it enhancing your knowledge. Being a little bit smarter than you were the day before. Taking in new things and knowing it. observing things and asking questions.

    By Desiree URL on 02.11.2013

  26. Why else do we live if not to learn new things?

    By Michelle on 02.11.2013

  27. Learning is a part of life–something from which we never truly escape. To be whole, one must be open to change within and without, and with this comes the continual prospect of learning, however varied it might be.

    By Kevin on 02.11.2013

  28. I grip my arms away from the cold. “Take my jacket,” he says.

    “No,” I reply. “I’m good.” The wind is biting now, but I tolerate it.

    “But we’re friends.”

    I know what he wants me to say. He wants me to say, “Best friends.” But he still hasn’t learned that two months changes everything. So instead, I look at the doors and mutter,

    “We are.”

    By Marissa URL on 02.11.2013

  29. i like learning. learning is fun. my teachers tell me how to learn. i like learning with my eyes. love is learning how to be with people. LOVE. LEARN. LIVE. LIFE


    By Chesca Tiley on 02.11.2013

  30. You never learn. No matter how many times I bash you over the head with my big, fat book of rules and regulations, you never listen. When the blood pours from your palms and your feet, you still carry on. I told you to let go, but you held on to that burning metal. The next time you fall flat on your ass, don’t expect me to help you up again.

    By KT on 02.11.2013

  31. You cannot learn without listening. Learning is the foundation for living. You learn to laugh. You learn to love. You learn to forgive. You learn to learn. To learn is to grow. Learn to be open and you will continue to learn.

    By Melissa on 02.11.2013

  32. Learn about maths.numbers,theorums,percentages

    By Janice Fox on 02.11.2013

  33. Book

    By annikala on 02.11.2013

  34. I am a bag of potato chips: consistent disappointment.
    You’ll find that I’m only half as much as what you bargained for,
    payment not equal to this palatable illusion.
    Gradual realization-
    I am terrible for you.
    I was a bad decision.
    You didn’t actually want me,
    but you thought you did.
    No more.
    Nothing in exchange but a brief, false sense of satisfaction
    and the bitter after-taste of a flavour you thought you liked,
    thought you needed.
    You never learn.
    I am what you crave:
    a trick,
    a burning hunger for a late night snack of salty regret.

    By Taylor K URL on 02.11.2013

  35. To learn. It’s my favorite thing to do, to share, to experience. There is so little time to expand and then other times when the seconds last for hours and you can relish it all and just be in the moment being more, doing more. There is no limit. :)

    By JDwrites on 02.11.2013

  36. You’ve got to learn the language of weird, man.
    And that would be…
    That, Bro, would be triptific verbiage like broken toes oozing tangoes from past, sad lives and spurring on half-dead bodies along the Thames, dipping in and swirling around one last mouthful of fast living, before fizzling out in the violent fandangos of the holy black tide.
    Whoa. I dig it.
    Sing it, Dude!
    Naw, man.
    Why you wretched fowler of syncopated blissternation, you naysaying browser of doomed babes in a vestige of Valhalla, a wunderland of dead gone mirthful Vikings come to reap your dread parts!
    Oh pop off your flap jack and dingle pling your jam dang, Assh*le!
    Righteous, Dude!

    By Miss Alister URL on 02.11.2013

  37. every single day whether you like it or not you learn something. maybe not something you’ll need when you grow up, or maybe it was. maybe you learned how to add. maybe you learned that some people come into your life for a reason. maybe you learned how to cook. maybe, just maybe, you learned something that has helped you grow.

    By Jules on 02.11.2013

  38. Ich muss lernen zu warten. Damit meine ich nicht, die Hände in den Schoß zu legen und nichts zu tun. Nein. Ich will (nicht ich muss!) lernen, die Dinge zu tun und zu warten, bis sie sich zum Guten wenden. Oder bis ich selbst das Gute in ihnen sehen kann. Ich darf alle Geduld der Welt haben. Jetzt.

    By Lisa URL on 02.11.2013

  39. I may not be educated like I went to Harvard but I know there’s no PTA meeting that lasts until 11 at night. Stupid woman. I let a lot slide by … like her not cleaning the corners of the floors where the puppy goes or making sure my Yankees cap is hand washed and laid out to dry with three pair of tube socks balled up inside. It’s the only way it’ll keep the proper shape for my head … I’ve told her a thousand times. Tonight she’s lied to me. She must have. And my Daddy told me that is intolerable. He showed me how to treat a wife that lies.

    By penny dreadful on 02.11.2013

  40. How dare you not teach? How dare you not show me how to use my senses, the parts of my body, that-oh-so-important control area in my head called my brain?
    How can you be the best teacher when the application comes before the lesson?

    By nikka on 02.11.2013