May 25th, 2012 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “leading”

  1. leading the way down a path of leaves that never seem to stop the sun shining through a canopy of trees your mirage appears out of nowhere and explodes in a breeze under a cloudless summer sky and nothing erases what i just saw wandering through a maze of emotions hands together and skies falling

    By meg on 05.25.2012

  2. While leading a group of tourists on a shopping trip, I met the most intresting people from all over the world. Stories of love, laughter and sadness let us all see how much every person has in common.

    By Kim on 05.25.2012

  3. He accused me of asking a leading question in the interview. I told him I didn’t mean to, but he was absolutely right. I didn’t care what he had to say, I just wanted to write what I wanted to right, and was hoping he would conform to my vision for the story.

    By Casey on 05.25.2012

  4. Took a while to get to the front because I was trying to make sense of it all. Probably a little too cautious for my own good but I think I’m there. Not for others. Just for me. Just want to take those steps forward into my future.

    By Afees URL on 05.25.2012

  5. i was leading the match when Hanna was getting more and more closer, until she crossed passed me and was the first one to finish. I was in mess, wept regaled at the fate for pushing so vigorously backward until realized that the fight is yet to begin, i qualified for finals and made it a point to be the first and will not break down till was the end and the magical moment came when i was holding the gold medal. That’s the power of never giving up.

    By filza URL on 05.25.2012

  6. I have never felt the urge to be the leading “person” however the older and wiser get, the more I feel that I want to be a leading person in my community. They say you are born to lead, I don’t think so, I think you grow into a leading role, through experiences that happen during the course of your life, you trip, you fall you get up and then you begin leading………

    By Jo-Ann Walker on 05.25.2012

  7. it’s misleading to think that everyone around you will do your job of life. that’s unfortunately what i have believed my whole life, but it turns out i lead my life, and no one else can do it for me. so often can we be put into this idea because of our parents who shadow our every beck and call, but really it’s up to us.

    By Jamie on 05.25.2012

  8. Leading her along by the hand, Karen took her daughter to the edge of the playground. Her little one’s hand was warm and damp, and she toed one tennie into the wood chips. They watched for several minutes, until another little girl waved. Then mama’s hand was forgotten, and her daughter’s tennies found what they’d been made for.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 05.25.2012

  9. leading, leader, head of the team, that is what they always said about me, but i dont believe them.

    By kris on 05.25.2012

  10. To lead. What does that actually mean? Being as great as Alexander or Genghis Khan? Does that really make you a leader? I don’t think so. Being a leader means that you know how to set an example. You don’t have to follow what others are doing because you know that what you’re doing sets you apart from everyone else.

    By Tiffany on 05.25.2012

  11. what a manager is supposed to do for his employees, but can’t seem to understand that just because he has a business card, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have to lead. We aren’t sheep….we need someone to herd us in the right direction….just because he said he knows where we’re going, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to get us there.

    By Jenni on 05.25.2012

  12. she held my hand, so nice and soft. I felt great.
    She took me to this room where everything was going to go down. There was nothing in it but a bed. She had led me to the place where i was going to die.

    By madelin on 05.25.2012

  13. leading what can you say there are the ones that can lead to greatness and then there are the people who can lead to a downfall whenever there is a time of crisis a leader will be born to take us out as we are in our crisis mode who will be the next leader is he/she here already

    By The dude on 05.25.2012

  14. Leading. Leading. Leading. Nope. Nothing grand, inventive or particularly insightful or deep is coming through. Hey. Sentence ending in preposition. Take that grammar fuss pots.

    By Lamia on 05.25.2012

  15. What is leading us to be who we are today? Is it society, or really our own thoughts and ambitions? Where do our thoughts come from? Our dreams? Society affects us constantly, changing who we are day by day, whether we like it or not. It can lead us to be cruel, and cold to ‘different’ people, or make us open our eyes to the cruel, sick world we live in.

    By Ash on 05.25.2012

  16. I lead the way down the dark passageway. I held a flaming torch in front of me, illuminating the dark, slimy walls and ground. “This way,” I whispered quietly to those behind me. The entrance had to be near. It had to. My friends were relying on me to get us out of this hellish underground nightmare.

    By Leanne on 05.25.2012

  17. The great quality of leadership has always been considered courage. I read today a quote from a great man, saying that cowardice is as equal a courage, in terms of value in its place in the human soul. But what does cowardice lend itself to? Preservation, really. And courage, then? Standing foolishly in the face of destruction?

    Perhaps this could be closer to arriving at a reason for why great leaders are often consumed and destroyed.

    By Jack URL on 05.26.2012

  18. Leading is funny, as people really have so many different opinions on what really constitutes leading. Today I was in a meeting, and a guy I pretty much regard as an asshole said that leadership is a born talent, not something learned.

    By Jim on 05.26.2012

  19. leading the way is a hard thing to do because it is so hard to lead when you don’t know what you’re made of. its so easy to be a follower because we feel so small and we follow the beats of the wind and are swept away by beauty and by chaos. how can we lead in a world where we are specks of dust? are we to command the seas or conduct the orchestra of the stars?

    By neelvar on 05.26.2012

  20. I’m a leader. It’s a natural thing. I can take control, like there is such a thing. I can direct and guide folks with confidence and clarity. I’d like to learn how to let go.

    By Dana URL on 05.26.2012

  21. If you are in front of something then you will be leading. If you are leading something then you could also be a person who is handling something. To lead is good, but everyone leading is a problem.. only the right ones should lead. The ones left will follow.

    By Eric on 05.26.2012

  22. I am always leading. I don’t follow. I like to lead. I like to be my own person and lead. Not follow. Not intending to have followers. Just to lead myself on whatever adventure I would like to.

    By Abbigail Rose on 05.26.2012

  23. i am leading a pack of wolves forth to the mountains of san diego i cant even see where i am going there si so much fog i remember when i was leading a line of cars in the traffic and i remember when i was leadign my own life and now i am stuck in a rut i remember leading myself through the dark when i had no light i remember leading my mother to her bed when she was too drunk to stand and now i am leading a pack of wolves to the mountains of san diego and now i am leading and leading and leading and leading.

    By bob on 05.26.2012

  24. Leading the way along the top of the falls, he picked over the stones, throught the trickling water and onto safe ground. Her hand was warm and wet in his. With a sense of pride he turned and enveloped her in a massive bear hug.

    By Betty Barker on 05.26.2012

  25. Leading an army, an orchestra, a dog. Leading your friend to your favourite shop, you mother to the check out, your sister home..

    By Rose on 05.26.2012

  26. “Mir nach!” rief Martin, als er den Handtaschenräuber flüchten sah. Die alte Dame, der die Tasche entrissen worden war, lag auf dem Boden. Sina bückte sich, um nach ihr zu sehen. Thomas, Hans und Michael eilten Martin nach, gemeinsam stellten sie den Dieb an der nächsten Straßenecke.

    By DerKirsche URL on 05.26.2012

  27. Leading can be for fashion, for style, for science, for knowledge, for action, for religion. I think that I am comfortable leading. Being at the front of a crowd or a trend or an idea means that you can own that idea. It doesn’t matter if youre right, everyone will follow you anyway. It helps endurance if you’re right. You can find passion which can help you prevail and not lose sight of what you have lead others to do for so long. I want to lead. Not to achieve something great as one should, but simply because I love everyone looking to me for answers. Or just looking AT me. It doesn’t matter. Control is what I’m after really.

    By Haley on 05.26.2012

  28. leading the poor, the blind, the unknown, the smart, the dumb, the lost, the found, the beautiful, the average. the people, the animals, the organisms, the insects, the planets. leading to the

    By kumiwa gyasi URL on 05.26.2012

  29. Leading, following, parade, circus, hope, end, anew, giving, trying, succeeding, failing, grace, power, you, me, us, them, we are all leading one another, while we feel we are following. We are inspiration for one another, while feeling we are being inspired by them.

    By Cassandra URL on 05.26.2012

  30. You are leading me
    down all the wrong paths,
    I am holding all the wrong
    moments but still,

    I follow because with you
    there is not a single thing I regret.

    By Effie URL on 05.26.2012

  31. She took his hand and they were off, kicking up pollen into the air and making it shine gold and bright and happy, and he in that moment knew that he loved her, that he would do anything for her and to have her make him feel like this every day for the rest of his life.

    By Sarah URL on 05.26.2012

  32. Following… Obama. Helping, kind. Direction, taking us, caring, teaching. Becoming greater in order to inspire others

    By Hilary on 05.26.2012

  33. the way in to the future. Holding hands. Smiling. Compromising. Wishing and dreaming and always hoping. This is the way forward. This is destiny. Together always, stronger.

    By Sam on 05.26.2012

  34. Some people have the natural ability to lead, while others just follow. I can say I’m neither. I’m just a silent passive person.

    By Márcia URL on 05.26.2012

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    By Muih on 05.26.2012

  36. The leader walked in front of the group, yelling at the rowdy kids. He was tired of all this. His mother, the director at Sunnyside Summer Camp for children had made him take up this job for the summer. He hated it. A LOT. He had to deal with annoying little children, incessantly buzzing insects, mud, grime and the humidity.

    By Rae on 05.26.2012

  37. it is the end of may and what i came to realize is that all our actions have been leading us to the point of no return.
    the end.
    it was all over on the 24th and now it’s time to step up on the big, cruel stage and figure out all the small things we will surely miss. but not yet.

    By Bo on 05.26.2012

  38. Who knows what leading’s all about. Is it charisma that leads men, or is it fear that enslaves them. Or can we safely assume that those we follow are actually thinking about our welfare, or should we be shaking in disgust knowing full well that its just another brutal pecking order.

    Either way, life’s not gonna get much better by looking at them.

    By Albert Cho URL on 05.26.2012

  39. Leading is something that we hope to do every day. It is important to also be a follower sometimes, of course, but leading a person or group is very powerful. Of course, you have to be a thoughtful leader and not just lead to be bossy. I know many good and poor leaders.

    By K McDonough on 05.26.2012

  40. I don’t like to take the leading job. I like to take a lesser role and do more than is required.

    By Holden URL on 05.26.2012