November 21st, 2011 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “laughter”

  1. Laughter is a wonderful thing. It can be as powerful as hate in the fact that they are both contagious. What if laughter ran the word, what if it was a currency. Trading jokes instead of stocks.
    To some that would be a joke in itself.
    Laughter is wonderful, makes you feel wonderful.

    By J.R. Adam URL on 11.21.2011

  2. Make my stomach ache, make my eyes tear up from emotion, I want you to be able to make me smile in less than a second. That’s all I want, it’s all I need right now. Just make me some form of happy, content even.

    Speak to me without words, make me forget who I am, where we are. Just make me forget.

    By Julia M URL on 11.21.2011

  3. The awkward laughter ensues.
    I don’t know what to do.
    The last thing I need is for me
    To act like a fool in front of you.
    Oh, but it’s much too late for that.
    I made the mistake of being me.

    By Haley URL on 11.21.2011

  4. It bubbles up and then it happens it’s uncontrollable and it’s contagious no matter what. Holding back means refusing to embrace your inner child your soul your true self. So embrace what you know and laugh.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 11.21.2011

  5. haha, laughter comes so easy to me. look, i laughed when i read the word and began this piece. though i don’t know why i find so many things funny. maybe its just the way i was raised. i try to see the good in all and make every day the best it can be..

    By Rupert URL on 11.21.2011

  6. trouble and stress drainer; emotional reset button; bouncing hearts with friends; refresh, renew restore

    By Mortoni URL on 11.21.2011

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    By on 11.21.2011

  8. children. that time thats beginning to seem so distant now. so tragically lost forever. i wonder what its like having one of your own. i wonder if the following years are going to be filled with it for you. glue to bring the chaos of human raising together. but i suppose with the loss of innocence there is another laughter, the laughter of lovers, which was only hinted at in the comfort of completely dependant and unquestionably grateful childhood. there is the love of more subtle things often disregarded in youth – music, art, the intangible things that seemed so simple then. now is the time to appreciate what was looked over then, taken for granted, misunderstood. but its an inversion, a reversal of worlds isnt it? its hard to appreciate now what we did then just as it was then compared to now. give and take. sacrifice. ebb and flow. laughter is a breeze over the sea of time. forever rolling and changing and cycling. from one place to the next. infecting all in its wake. a lifesource.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 11.21.2011

  9. No sé que me excitaba más, si era su risa encantadora o la forma en que me miraba con esos ojos risueños. ¡Qué risa, su risa! ¡Qué dulzura la suya! Tan perfecta y tan límpida a la vez.

    By Hemo on 11.21.2011

  10. Laughter can change your entire outlook on life. Look for it in every turn and down every avenue. When you find it, embrace it, encourage it, and fill yourself with it. Without it, the world would be a very sour place.

    By Andie on 11.21.2011

  11. I love to laugh! Laughter is the best medicine. When I hear laughter it makes me happy. It makes me feel good to make others laugh. Laughter is contagious. Some people have a laugh that is unforgetable!

    By Jamie LaBarre on 11.21.2011

  12. something I haven’t heard in a while from myself. sounds too distant and false, shuts up when you imagine the horrific mouth contortions. animals don’t need to laugh. did they escape it via evolution or did we create it ourselves?

    By janepaulette URL on 11.21.2011

  13. laughter

    ringing out across the court yard

    don’t let people laugh at you

    laugh with them

    don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself


    it makes the embarrassment, the hurt, go away

    laughter is an escape

    forget your woes

    even if it’s only for a brief moment

    laughter is a beam of sunlight on a cloudy day

    By RainbowFishie URL on 11.21.2011

  14. Listening to lovely laughter, she longed to leave her loneliness.

    By Marianne URL on 11.21.2011

  15. laughter is such a powerful thing. Most girls want somebody funny, and I’ve done a lot better with certain chicks than I ever deserved just because I can crack jokes. Candy, flowers, compliments on her shoes – none of these will get you laid like being funny.

    By B URL on 11.21.2011

  16. Laughter is something I live my live one. I manage to play a game with everyone. A game of saying I am happy when I am really not. A game where I put on a face to make everyone happy. A face that lies. A faces that laughs. I don’t always laugh at funny things. Only when I need to make people think I am happy.

    By Imagine URL on 11.21.2011

  17. Friends once referred to my high-pitched cackles as an ape laugh. I don’t know how I feel about being likened to a primate.

    By e.c.rider URL on 11.21.2011

  18. please,please make me laugh please, please,

    By David URL on 11.21.2011

  19. The sound of laughter hear sympathizes with my frail character. I wrote like you said too, and he laughed. I wrote to him for I thought he would appreciate it. There is no laughter in my voice, but only embarrassment. “It’s like a druggie, this writer.”

    By gretchenpcoltrain on 11.21.2011

  20. laughter makes you feel good. when you laugh, a whole world opens up inside of you. that is how you should live life. laugh, cry, sing, dance, love, hate. that is how you live life.

    By Julz URL on 11.21.2011

  21. funny. thoughtful. often happens to me alot! sometimes sad. fun. cool. happy. surprising. peace. kindess. care. covers. lying. careless. without thought. hilarious

    By Emma URL on 11.21.2011

  22. Is not something that must be heard. Rather, it is more potent when it is silent. Reverberating waves of emotion, echoing inside my rib cage. An immense force pushing itself against my lips. And something, something, on the outside, as heavy as the footsteps of God, keeping them closed.

    By mattlock URL on 11.21.2011

  23. So sweet.
    the sound out of a baby
    the purring of a kitten
    a family
    a couple
    a joke
    a night out
    the sunshine
    the snow
    a snowball in the face
    a trip
    a good laugh
    there is nothing more healing
    i wish i could have more of them

    By Daniella on 11.21.2011

  24. Laughter….
    Is the sweetest thing in the world, it truly is. It’s the only thing that will never go wrong. Why? Because, that’s how sweet it is. Laughter is the only joyful sound left…..It really is. That’s why I love it

    By Victoria URL on 11.21.2011

  25. It didn’t matter what Jeffery was smiling about, Colton already knew that it was funny. Over the four years the two had known each, Colt had come to trust the other boy’s unshakable sense of humor.

    By Mu on 11.21.2011

  26. Sahara laughed as Cier trained wit Charles to try and maintain her form. first her feet melted from under her then her hands fell down. She was near hysterics when Cier’s head seemed to deflate and pop.

    By Cier on 11.21.2011

  27. Sahara laughed as Cier trained with Charles to try and maintain her form. first her feet melted from under her then her hands fell down. She was near hysterics when Cier’s head seemed to deflate and pop.

    By Sekhemkhet URL on 11.21.2011

  28. Laughter seldom touches the lips of those who are frozen in the past. Laughter often touches the lips of those who look towards the future, and realize that it can be better than their today with just one simple change. Laughter is the great divide between those who are too uptight, and those who with no regret laugh every chance they get. I guess what most of us adults forget is that we should enjoy simple laughter such as a child does/would.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 11.21.2011

  29. I am surrounded by laughter. So many laughing, happy girls. But I have no right to their laughter…

    By Myishii on 11.21.2011

  30. The boys burned with laughter, the sullen shrieking noise that was new to them that came pouring out their mouths was startling to them. They looked around, not knowing that upon Jimmy falling off his chair backwards that noise would occur. They accused each other, pointing fingers, not wishing to take the blame for that raucous sound.

    By Caroline on 11.21.2011

  31. I remember all those times we laughed together. Just sat under the shade of the trees and laughed our hearts out.

    Where did that go?

    Why do you no longer look at me with that sparkle in your eye? Why don’t you giggle and tease me for my mistakes?

    I want that back. I want to hear the sound of your laughter again.

    I want to laugh with you again.

    By Kat413 URL on 11.21.2011

  32. Laughter is my favorite. It always means something fun is happening and brings up my mood immediately! I love laughing and I love making people laugh. Man it’s great. Plus it can give ou great abs if you laugh enough. I saw this comic today that talked about how if you laugh it adds 2 days to your life. But if you keep laughing all the time then you should live forever.

    By Alicia on 11.21.2011

  33. i’m holding fast to his lanky arm.
    the cold slams us
    fills us
    as i throw my head back;
    i gasp, tears in my eyes
    im just trying to understand
    where we stand, whether im happy or sad.
    is it over, are we beginning again?
    i’m trying to
    just inhale.

    By Allie Yang URL on 11.21.2011

  34. Your laughter is the best sound in the entire world. It’s more beautiful than any melody, more perfect than any harmony, more soothing than any….well, anything really. I’m not all that musical, and I’m not really all that poetic either, but what I said? It’s true.

    By catyeah URL on 11.21.2011

  35. We giggle a lot in my apartment. Silly little things that relieve the tension of senior year at university, when a conversation is too much for our fried brains and all we can manage is stupid one liners that send us into peals of laughter. Generally at each other.

    By alex m URL on 11.21.2011

  36. I shook my head back and let the noise escape me. It felt so good to laugh, to chortle, to chuckle. I hadn’t done it in years; since Dad’s passing, in fact. But something about Charlie made me laugh. It felt good, sitting there, holding my cup of coffee on the corner coffee shop between Joe’s and Bon Ton. I let the warmth of the scenery and everything take in.

    By Amanda URL on 11.21.2011

  37. We make it daily in summer, although it comes more reluctant in the colder months. Peoples faces burst with the glory of it and its infectious melody lightens any empty room. It is, I think, the most beautiful choir in the world.

    By Courtney on 11.21.2011

  38. the sound of a child’s laughter brings me back to a time of happiness. no cares in the world, just being happy and doing whatever i want to do. laughter showed a girl that was having fun being herself. i want that laughter back.

    By Kim URL on 11.21.2011

  39. it makes us strong.

    it can ward off fear, embarresment, sorrow, and tension in just a second.

    it strengthens friendships.

    it forgives.

    it is comfort.

    it makes everyone look more beautiful.

    it makes life better, happier, and more amazing.

    ….we couldn’t live without it.

    By Melanie on 11.21.2011

  40. Their laughter rung down the small hallway, irritating Ivan more then he thought possible. Didn’t they know this was no time for laughter? His only daughter lay next to him, cold and silent, and the only coherent thing cutting through his morbid thoughts were ‘how dare they laugh when she never will again.’

    By Veekz URL on 11.21.2011