November 22nd, 2012 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “late”

  1. it’s too late for you to come on your white horse in the silver armor to sweep me off my feet and carry me off into the sunset
    it’s too late for you to take back everything you said
    it’s too late to help me, now
    it’s too late
    too late
    too late
    not soon enough

    By paige URL on 11.22.2012

  2. You where late. I waited for hours out in the cold. It started to get dark but I couldn’t bring myself to leave. I needed to see you. I needed to know you still cared. I fell asleep under the moonlight of that mid-summer night but you where fast asleep in your bed with her. Some one new. Someone better. That’s why you where late.

    By runningfromlions on 11.22.2012

  3. I have been late for dinner. Restaurant was empty. I lost my chance. I never said goodbye.

    By Kevin on 11.22.2012

  4. I’m always late for everything i do. Getting ready takes time. My mother yells that we’ll never be on time because me of, when reality is, being late is okay. Have you ever heard of fashionable late? Yeah i invented that.

    By Olivia Ice on 11.22.2012

  5. I’m late. Always. I set alarms, have check in’s, but i’m still always late. People say that it’s better late than sorry, but i don’t believe that. Being late is sorry. Ever heard of fashionably late? Yeah I created that.

    By Olivia URL on 11.22.2012

  6. I can’t believe I am allllways late. Late for school, late for work, late for menstruating. It’ a fucking pain. All I ever hear from people is “why are you late again?” … “can’t you just arrive on time, ONCE?” Late late late just like the bunny in Alice in Wonderland

    By Fae on 11.22.2012

  7. late is the word that means that you are not on time. This is an element of time, It signifies the punctuality of a person
    It can also mean posthumously.
    or that you or given person is/are dead.

    By Estelle on 11.22.2012

  8. Oh god I was so late. The meeting was at 2:00 and it was 1:45 now. I still had to get dressed and eat and I have the worst headache. I told blaine we shouldn’t have gone drinking last night!

    By Sam URL on 11.22.2012

  9. never going to get there and it seems like the world ends when you are late. I am late sometimes and it sucks but even when you are late it doesn’t matter because you got there. better late than never.

    By Skylar on 11.22.2012

  10. Its the late season of fall and with it comes colors. Colors of trust ; mistrust, warmth, comfort. When is there going to be a early season of late bloomers. Late bloomers who want to be free of social awarness. Its killing them to know that in the late season of fall they will never be early enough to make it. You’re LATE.

    By Ashley URL on 11.22.2012

  11. I was late for Thanksgiving dinner, but Chad didn’t mind. He pulled up a spare chair for me, the half-eaten turkey waiting for me to demolish it further.

    “I’m sorry,” I said as he started loading my plate with goodies.

    “Don’t worry about it,” he replied, smiling. “I know it’s tough for you right now.”

    The mashed potatoes were sticky with gravy and I savored every bite. I didn’t realize how hungry I was.

    “I’ll make it up to you.”

    “Happy Thanksgiving, Ron.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.22.2012

  12. It is too late to tell my mother about all my pain. I have cut myself and as hard as i try to tell someone i just cant. My life has gotten too far into the pain and now i rely on it and cant get away.

    By Anonymous on 11.22.2012

  13. It’s rather late that my step or is it half? How does that work? Well it’s rather late that my brother Mike put up the family photos. Not late for me but late for my mother who wold have loved to have seen them. Late for us who could have used physical support in the way of photos and tangible evidence of a family never met, never seen, just out there.

    By sigo URL on 11.22.2012

  14. Never is late. Sometimes you think that because you didnt do something, now it isnt the time for do it. But why? Why humans are like that? So negative.. So silly.. Its a huge mistake. And i wish some day, people realice that WE are the ones who have the power to change things, and to progresate

    By Camila Cinque on 11.22.2012

  15. not early i waas late once and got in trouble by my mom who hats cows because she is mean and my dad is a ostrich and idk what im writing because i only have 60 seconds to write this and im gonna be late for work towmarrow idk when time is up i think im halucinationg zwebras across the horizon..,… i like ducks
    when is up?!?!?!!?!?!?

    By sydney URL on 11.22.2012

  16. Time ticks by,
    second by second it slips away
    Waiting for nothing but itself
    catch it up or leave it there
    catch it up or fall behind
    catch it up or be too late.

    By Robin URL on 11.22.2012

  17. It’s already getting late, but we won’t stop. We’ll keep on doing whatever we like. ‘Cause the night’s still young and beautiful. And we’ll make great memories.

    By Kimberly on 11.22.2012

  18. the opposite of early it is when you are late and eberybody shuns you because aliens dont wear hats but they do eat purpe pancakes. My friend said zwebras across the horizon but i think chantolopes are actually across the verticle line, because my hairs in the pie brian. part of me is inside of you do you feel me brian do you feel me inside of you. of you got some pie can i have some cool vwhip. cool whip cool vwhip cool whip cool vwhip cool whip cool vwhip cool whip cool vwhip YOURE EATING HAIR *SPITS!*

    By gobbleriella URL on 11.22.2012

  19. Late nights are often the best nights.
    The ones where you walk around out on the town with your mates, albeit a bit drunk.
    Or the ones were you meet that special person that’ll change your life.. (or persons..)

    By Tim on 11.22.2012

  20. I don’t care about being late for things. I feel like I was born late, though. Late. Or maybe too early. I don’t think I was born in the right time. I’m too young. Or too old? I’m not sure. But it’s wrong.

    By M on 11.22.2012

  21. The moon is like a cabaret singer, oh so pretty in her sparkly black dress
    She sings a song of crickets, wind and birdies with such finesse

    It is late, it is the night.

    By Perri URL on 11.22.2012

  22. It is never to late to tell someone how much you love them. It is, however, really difficult to let the feelings out. It is hard to look at someone at the eye, open your heart and not feel the fear of rejection. I would just like to say it out loud, how much i love C. I would love to look him in the eye, kiss him, and I would love him just as I feel right now. I would love to say so many things that I will never say, because I’m not brave enough, because I know I will be rejected. I just… can’t help loving him.

    By Isa on 11.22.2012

  23. It’ just to late for your love. Please try another time. Then I going to love you for a lifetime. Not at this moment, dear Not at this moment

    By Annelies on 11.22.2012

  24. I hate being late
    TEachers get mad
    I get mad if people are late
    It creates an unstable flow
    And can loosen the trust between people if you are late a lot, because then you cannot count on the person who is late.

    By Isabel URL on 11.22.2012

  25. He always was. It was useless. Nothing mattered enough for him to show up on time. He didn’t care enough; didn’t matter enough.

    By Grace URL on 11.22.2012

  26. This morning I got up late. I needed more sleep.

    By L on 11.22.2012

  27. I’m never late

    By L on 11.22.2012

  28. He could not believe how late it was, the fight couldn’t have lasted that long, could it? As Yuri looked around he saw the corpses of many of his comrades and enemies, there was not much to tell apart the mutilated bodies besides the colors of red and gold.

    By Eli on 11.22.2012

  29. I was late to eat the blundebuss coming at me at the speed of light. Amazing dolphins trying to overdose on Ibogaine tried to rescue me. It was to late. Trapped under ice.

    By Dr Mutanto on 11.22.2012

  30. After much thought I am here to tell you.

    A wizard is never late, nor is he or she early, they arrive precisely when they mean to.

    By Eli on 11.22.2012

  31. This divorce is coming late. It should have come in fourth grade. I’m in eleventh grade. And for some reason, it still hurts. I’d like to avoid the situation. Happy thanksgiving from the family? Whatever.

    By Quincy on 11.22.2012

  32. I hate when someones late. expecally when you are waiting around for them. being late isnt only annoying, its inconvieniot too. although I find myself late often.. i still hate when someones late ;)

    By Ashes on 11.22.2012

  33. It’s too late. We’ve been in this place before.
    He’s too late. Should’ve seen it coming.
    The world is slowing down.
    Everything in slow motion.
    The world is too late.
    Maybe it’s me.
    Maybe I’m too late.
    What is the definition?
    I’m sick.
    I’m falling.
    They’re too late.
    I hear a ringing in my ears.
    I hear people screaming.
    I feel happy.
    Maybe it”s because I knew this would happen.
    Did he know?
    Did they realize?

    By Raina on 11.22.2012

  34. I hate being late. There is nothing that people dread more it seems. It can be informal or fashionable though, after all, late is but a matter of perspective. I vote we learn to own it. Find pride in our imperfect timing and the battle against the movement of the hand on a clock. Learn to race with timing and make “late” our own statement, giving a middle finger to societies bustle.

    By LilScoop on 11.22.2012

  35. Late night last night
    Since sleeping though
    I’ve woken to the day
    Eyes rubbed hands wet
    Pure water splashed
    Across my face and neck
    Shocked and jolted
    Back the life
    I seeming briefly left
    A something more
    Than second passed
    From yester’s slumber’s breath
    I do not know
    Whether this wake
    Was to my benefit
    The world seems still
    The same it was
    I’d better sleep on it

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 11.22.2012

  36. I’m not sure what to think. She is late and we have only been together on one occasion.
    Do I love her? I think I do, but this could get out of hand quickly. I’m not even sure I want children;Not this situation, not this way

    By Lee URL on 11.22.2012

  37. I was late. He was going to absolutely kill me. He’d bring me back, he’d hurt me. He wouldn’t let anyone hear my screams. I was going to die. And I was going to die for being only five minutes late. It was only because I was doing my makeup how he liked it. If I didn’t, I would have been hit harder for going out in public like an abomination.

    By Mikayla URL on 11.22.2012

  38. Time running out.
    Life goes on without a specific person.
    When will I be gone?
    Who knows?
    Better never than late?

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 11.22.2012

  39. late. one word with so many meanings. it could mean late for a realization or even late for a date. it is frustrating not knowing the exact meaning though. it sucks.

    By Corey on 11.22.2012

  40. Too late,
    Too early.

    Are we ever on time?
    Birth is rarely on time.
    Death is never on time.
    There is never a right time to die.

    Too late,
    Too early.

    What is truly exact?

    By Brendan Stoneham on 11.22.2012