March 1st, 2012 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “lantern”

  1. The lantern glowed dimly, the flame within threatening to flicker and die at a moments notice. The holder swung the lantern slowly back and forth, the flame flickering with the pendulum’s motion. The fire called to me, its siren song wrapping its sweet tendrils around my ears, drawing my eyes toward it, threatening to reach into my very mind.

    By Garrett on 03.01.2012

  2. brightness filled the cavern from the lantern. we looked deeper but only found reflections.

    By Nick Helmholdt URL on 03.01.2012

  3. Sometimes
    When it’s dark outside,
    And all the world
    Has slowed to a halt,
    And the darkest darkness
    Shrouds the clouds,
    I go outside
    And light a lantern
    To guide me home.

    By taylor URL on 03.01.2012

  4. she lit the lantern with the only match she had left. she thought through ways to keep this thing going because once it died out, she would be left in the dark. she shook the thought out of her head and pushed forward into the dense woods.

    By Erin on 03.01.2012

  5. wow. when i think of lantern i think of amnesia.
    … i always log onto youtube in the morning to see if Pewdiepie has uploaded anew new videos. hes terrified of the game… but im too afraid myself. i just live vicariously through him i guess. LMFAO

    By nicole on 03.01.2012

  6. There was a Chinese lantern shining in the dark street. I wondered who put it there. It was red with a picture of a fiery black dragon. It made me think of last Year’s Chinese New Year’s Celebrations when the Lion Dancers game.

    By Linda de Beer on 03.01.2012

  7. Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

    By Curious on 03.01.2012

  8. she saw the lantern in the distance. it was small like an ant. there were many miles of separation. but she continued to move on. slowly but the surely the lantern getting larger, getting closer. finally, she reached the lantern, she reached the light. her heart was warm. she was close to her love. close to the light. where she needed to be.

    By erin on 03.01.2012

  9. glow, night, crickets,cool breeze, a peaceful evening with friends

    By kim on 03.01.2012

  10. The lantern wobbles in the hands of the old man as he descends the stairs to his basement. His nose curves in front of the light, creating a shadow on the gray wall beside him that looks similar to a rusty fishing hook, bent from its struggle with a large bass.

    By Shineapple URL on 03.01.2012

  11. We used Coleman lanterns when I was a counselor at a Girl Scout camp. There were always kamikaze moths flying into them and dying.

    By Valerie URL on 03.01.2012

  12. Lights floating across the sky, a beacon of warmth and happiness. A symbol of a good time, longs nights that seem short. Bursts of creativity through its flickering beam. A sense of serenity amongst the chaos.

    By Megan on 03.01.2012

  13. The old man, dressed in his gray cloak, stumbled through the black forest, holding his lantern high, the orange glow only penetrating the vacuum of darkness 5 feet ahead. He didn’t know where he was, but his first goal was to find shelter before it got too cold. And before the telltale wolves emerged to hunt.

    By Kyle URL on 03.01.2012

  14. he was holding the lantern high, in front of him, enabling him to see the dark lane ahead. it was an errie spectre, with trees outlined by the dim moonlight, their branches reaching out in a macabre twisted dance. he shivered as the wind blew gently against the nape of his neck, as mist swirled around his feet and as an eerie howl echoed in the night.

    By jkmm01 URL on 03.01.2012

  15. I asked if he had a flashlight and he said no but he lit a lantern and in the yellow glow of the lantern I realized that he was everything I ever needed in anybody and I’d be a fool to keep looking for someone who was as wonderful as he was, and I decided then and there to make him mine. I saw all of this in the light of the lantern–would this have happened if he’d had the flashlight?

    By A.W. on 03.01.2012

  16. The light of the lantern was bright, she would follow it anywhere. To her destiny even. It was her guidance in the dark, her northern star. She followed.

    By Taylor on 03.01.2012

  17. 18th birthday celebration: everyone gets a lantern and we write wishes, tie them on and set the candles alight (: I’ve never looked forward to something so simple so much.

    By Alex on 03.01.2012

  18. a lantern radiates light. many people hold lanterns at night. that is all. the first two lines of this rhyme.

    By Nate on 03.01.2012

  19. we turned on the lantern and built an elaborate device out of rope, tape, cans of bugs spray and other various items to hold the lantern up on the “ceiling” of the weak boned tent.

    By Emily T. on 03.01.2012

  20. A lantern means light, as in a means with which to light the way. Right now, I feel as though this country needs a lantern to light its way to the right path. I don’t mean a path of religion. I mean a path of common decency and human compassion.

    By Suzie Bartholomew on 03.01.2012

  21. A lantern is like a person because they both have power and light inside to brighten everything but very often it takes a while for the flame to catch…

    By alex on 03.01.2012

  22. The lantern glowed in the darkness of the empty train car. grasping the handle i held the light up higher so that I might see the faces of my other companions. Bent heads and tired eyes met my own. We had been traveling like this for some time. Jumping in and out of cars as they built up speed along the forested parts of the yard.

    By Lindy on 03.01.2012

  23. IS that that thing that is like a light or something? I not quite sure but i remember hearing ohh i have this great wonderful latern that will look great in your room and light up the room really wonderfully. blah blah blah that is all for now bye

    By shidic on 03.01.2012

  24. dororo let out a deep sigh before he slowly apporched the red corporals tent. the closer dororo got to the

    By Doomers URL on 03.01.2012

  25. Lantern. Probably what I will have at my wedding. Which I don’t think about that often. But when I do I definitely know there’s lanterns there. They give of such a warming glow. It’s like you could take a nap inside it. Or just under it.

    By Bitsy on 03.01.2012

  26. The lantern tore through the darkness. The dead leaves and dried twigs cracked under his feet as he searched through the brush for his answer. Where is he? Is it done? Seconds past like hours, until the small beam of light found the body…

    By poisonbyte URL on 03.01.2012

  27. The lamp post was long and sturdy. It was standing in the middle of the large, large field in the darkness, shedding light on the bugs surrounding it and the bicycle path leading to it.
    The cows were all asleep, it was to late for anything except for bugs to be awake.
    And there was the lantern.

    By lizette on 03.01.2012

  28. A lantern, bobbing on the edge of her eye. Em wasn’t sure whether it was coming or going until the light got closer and closer to her, and by then she could make out the broad form of Sly holding the glass so that his face was lit by the glow.

    By Kathryn Mitchell on 03.01.2012

  29. it glows. scooby doo.
    the headless rider with a latern.
    saying headless rider reminds me of CELTY!
    omg celty is amazing.
    reminds me of durarara.
    and the shizuo.
    then the set i made for shizuo and izaya.
    the green izaya set and then valerie valentine.
    valentines day just went by.

    By Kyoko1727 URL on 03.01.2012

  30. Old gaslights flickering in glass-globed streetlights overhead, and she waited. Stars held their breath above, counting out the hours in their subtle movements until they were lost behind a bank of foggy clouds. Drizzling autumnal mist sprung up, ephemeral, winding itself between her legs like an affectionate cat in long reaching fingers, trying with all its vaporous might to grasp at the hems of her skirts to keep her from leaving the safety of the inconstant ring of light.
    But she could finally see him now, green eyes glowing, eerie lanterns waiting for her in turn beyond the gaslight and in the unsettling, fog-blanketed night.
    “Come with me.” His voice was rasping rough with decades of disuse, curling up at the edges like parchment placed on a flame in what she could tell was an audible sneer.
    Gathering up her skirts and her courage, she stepped out of the shadowy light towards him.
    A moth met its death against the hot glass of the lamp and fell limp, singed beyond repair at her feet

    It was fitting.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.01.2012

  31. I think of fireflies. I think of lanterns hanging from rickshaws in Bangladesh, the only lights on quiet dirt roads. I think of those black street lights that look like lanterns-ish?

    By Tas on 03.01.2012

  32. The red lantern is hanging high. It signifies that something is unfolding behind the doors tonight. Who is the lucky lady? Is she really special? Red lanterns bother little children.

    By Vivien on 03.01.2012

  33. Green, fucking green lantern they glow. That shit is old they are called lamps.

    By lawrence on 03.01.2012

  34. a lantern is a very bright and useful tool. I think it was created in the 1800’s ? not sure. most people use it for camping, but you can also use one for hiking and such. it helps you see where your going and you have to refill it with oil when it is running out. It is used with fire, not electricity and it gets put out easily with water.

    By Mackenzie on 03.01.2012

  35. …the flickering glow of the fireflies bounced on the air as if many faeries were carrying lanterns to some magickal place in the starless night sky…
    – and yes, please, I want to go, too.

    By gypsypriestess URL on 03.01.2012

  36. pretty paper lanterns in bright reds and oranges clutter the sky above.
    they represent a new beginning.
    let us begin.

    By sekmiec on 03.01.2012

  37. I finally get to see the lanterns, after so many years of watching them on my birthday, from my window. Lanterns are floating all around me as I also float in a boat. It is amazing and I feel like I am finally home. (Inspired by Tangled)

    By Lucia Gocobachi on 03.01.2012

  38. The soft golden light of the lantern cast flickering shadows over her red hair. The gentle waves glimmered in the glow. His hands itched to touch the light caressing the tresses. At least until his eye was caught by the line of the shadow on her slender neck.
    For her part, his molten brown eyes held her captive. She knew that this entire situation was entirely improper, but she could feel his eyes burning over her skin causing her breath to catch and hold in her throat and a shiver to start in her fingertips. She fought it, but with the dim light of the lantern, their world seemed to only extend in five feet in any direction and eventually she gave in to the moment.

    By Crysten JMS URL on 03.01.2012

  39. The lantern burned in the depths of a cave as she stumbled and tripped her way over the stones. It flickered in the slight breeze that echoed on the stoney walls and shone through the darkness as a guide.

    By Leah Edwards on 03.01.2012

  40. laterne dont know what to write. dont know the word. pla pla bala lalalal. 60 sek could be very long :-) wanna see what happen. bye bye

    By evsi on 03.01.2012