March 1st, 2012 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “lantern”

  1. they highlight the changes. the wet grass of the summer night. the glow on a child’s face transforming into the glint off a harsh frown. why must people grow old. why must people lose their innocence. the lantern questions.

    By MovingMountains URL on 03.01.2012

  2. light happy free

    By Abbie on 03.01.2012

  3. The lantern glowed far too brightly for Jemma’s liking.

    She squinted through the light, her hand in front of her, trying to block out the light as much as possible. In times like these, she hated brightness.

    Blinded, almost, she was 99.9% sure she was dreaming. But that 0.1% kept her holding on. Holding on to Sebastian. Holding on to life.

    But 0.1% isn’t a lot. So she plunges the knife into her stomach and lets herself fall.

    By Joanne on 03.01.2012

  4. One day I was camping and we couldn’t et the lantern to light. We tried a whole bunch of times. Many matches went into the process. But we just couldn’t get it to go. Eventually my brother pulled out a lighter (instead of a match) and lit it. It was very beautiful!

    By Rachel Tengwall on 03.01.2012

  5. Waling in the woods holding out my lantern. I brush back the bush in order to get a better view. What is out there behind that rock? I walk toward it as it glows with a cement color under the full moon. I hold up the light and look around it.

    By Chandler on 03.01.2012

  6. I walked down the street, my lantern in my hand, burning bright and beautiful. I thought again how I wished I had a flashlight, something a little more reliable. But I didn’t. There was no electricity in town, and I desperately needed shelter. As the military moved into the street, I crept down back alleys, searching desperately for any refuge I could find.

    By Jade on 03.01.2012

  7. You must think you`re so bright , sitting there in the corner , just glowing with arrogance .

    By Maria on 03.01.2012

  8. The fire scalds my face. I can hear it, I swear I can hear it. That coarse sizzling as tender strips of my flesh drop off and drip off. It doesn’t burn. I’ve got to go to work early tomorrow morning.

    By Barrot Hall on 03.01.2012

  9. You think you know. Holding it up, blowing the flame into life, you think it’ll show you something beyond what you’ve seen, that you can push back the darkness, alter your perspective among the shadows. It’s artificial, too soft, too weak. What do you know? What did you ever think you knew?

    By Heather on 03.01.2012

  10. looks at me over my eyes like pumping lights its running over mi head… lots of black spot tails looking like quite few anger in the stored smoky skye..

    By mjn on 03.01.2012

  11. That took me a minute to read. A broken lantern glows across the starry sky. No, no one is going to stop and look a t it. Look at the broken pieces.

    By Jenna on 03.01.2012

  12. a light to guide you, a lantern is bright but not blinding, merely enough to illuminate. Light a way or a problem, for the great open outdoors, open areas, open questions.

    By Mrs. B URL on 03.01.2012

  13. THe sparkling broken glass pieces slit across my un protected hand. Yellow sun dripped out and puddled on the crooked floor of the store

    By Jenna on 03.01.2012

  14. lantern

    By lexi silvers on 03.01.2012

  15. Well, lanterns have to do with light. And those are pretty old too. So what is your old light? You know, the thing you used to think was amazing? Maybe as a kid it would have been a toy. As a teen, it could’ve been your boyfriend/girlfriend. And maybe, just maybe, it’s time to find your new light!

    By HannahLeigh2202 on 03.01.2012

  16. light, glowing orange and bright. shoot me in the head tonight. Barak obama 2012!!
    Grinning in the dark

    Orange and yellow, lighting paths

    to candy and cheer.

    Lit up from within,

    I am a turkey lantern.


    By bob on 03.01.2012

  17. Us suicidal people don’t want to die. No, not in the least bit. It’s a total misconception that that is our wish. We just want relief. happiness. change. And after we’ve tried so many things in the search, we believe that death is as close we’ll get to relief, happiness and change. All we need is someone to shine a lantern on the things that will bring us hope, and we will no longer fantasize about how and when we’ll end it all.

    By laughalot on 03.01.2012

  18. There once was a floating lantern that drifted all throughout the world. As people saw the lantern they knew it meant they’re deceased loved ones were watching. It was comforting WMD

    By Bea on 03.01.2012

  19. There was a lantern in the distance.
    I squinted my eyes as it bobbed through the marshes.
    Who else would be out here so late?
    I followed it transfixed, sure that it must be him.
    It must be James.
    Who else? Who else would be here?
    But as I went deeper and deeper into the marsh I saw more and more lanterns.
    Which one was him? Where was he? I had to find him. I was so lost.
    “James! JAMES!”
    I fell to my knees on the ground sobbing.

    And suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder like a ghost.
    I gasped and looked up.
    There was no one there.
    I sniffled and steeled myself. It was okay. There was never anyone there, but I knew he was there somewhere. And I knew he cared. That was enough to keep going.
    I lifted myself out of the swamp and trudged along listening intently for any irregular sound.
    Finally from the east I heard a faint sound. Or rather it was so faint that I almost didn’t hear it.
    “A couple of miles.” I gritted my teeth. “Let’s do this.”
    And she walked, by herself. All on her own. For all time. The girl who meant to only bring joy continued on her journey to continue.
    For nothing else, but to continue.

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 03.01.2012

  20. My lantern flickered dangerously, casting a wavering light over the entirety of the damp hallway. The cobblestones, coated in a thin layer of film, threatened to hold fast to my flimsy sandals, but I was careful to tread lightly.

    By Zoë Aiko URL on 03.01.2012

  21. tangled, it was a beautiful part of the movie tangled where they had lit laterns and sent them off into the sky. my favourite part, and by far one of the most important things on my bucket list.

    By olivia on 03.01.2012

  22. shine

    By Paige on 03.01.2012

  23. Thousand of little lights float around the sky. I lean back on the cool summer gras and inhale the cool scent of the night air. The lights float all around me, like thousands of little stars. and as I sit there I feel completely at peace.

    By anne on 03.01.2012

  24. firelantern burn hurts cows and burns buildings lantern light pathway lead the way with the lantern see the light

    By patrick on 03.01.2012

  25. Bright floating star. Leading the way to the lost. Gives light to dreams and hopes. A brighter future.

    By Karsen on 03.01.2012

  26. it was a cold, misty night. Far off in the distance was a tiny bead of light. It danced on the horizon, flirted with me. Each step i took brought it nearer, yet i never seemed to reach it. I began to lose track of time caught in the endless journey towards something i feared i would never touch, never hold. And yet, unreachable, that single glowing ember held much more value for me than if i had grasped it, if i had been able to walk the distance. For it’s value was not placed on its presence upon reaching it, but value was found in the journey of merely walking towards it. Life tends to be funny that way. And i must learn to enjoy the walk.

    By emily p URL on 03.01.2012

  27. orange light, bobbing in the night, strolling along like the orb a of a deep see fish, hypnotizing your prey to draw them closer, on to steal their last breath in a burst of bright flame.

    By anika h. on 03.01.2012

  28. chinese, hope, life, something to guide the way, light, shining, happiness, faith, safe

    By Samantha URL on 03.01.2012

  29. Sometimes it was all she could do not to strike a match. She only had the one, stuck in a dark room for who knows how long with a lantern low on oil. The dark was unbearable, but even with the dark pressing in on all sides, the thought of never again having light was possibly even worse.

    By Jade on 03.01.2012

  30. Oil, electric, or at the end of a firefly: you’ll find one brightening your day or cluttering your desk. Loosely carried, they help around a campsite or in an ancient castle. Torches are bulky and dangerous. Lanterns: safe and reliable.

    By Ian URL on 03.01.2012

  31. Enticed by its warm glow, sometimes I sit and stare, simply soak up its rays. Sometimes I can feel it warming my soul, and then I smile, letting the beams escape once again

    By anika h. URL on 03.01.2012

  32. Light the way , provides light
    You can use a lantern when u camp

    By Nicole on 03.01.2012

  33. the lantern shown in the dark lake’s reflection. Everything around it was still and boats that rested at the shore kept it company. It was a beacon that no one followed, like a unheeded warning. The earnest light burned, but for who?

    By Holly on 03.01.2012

  34. lantern,
    you brighten
    my dark sky,
    a blaze through
    the night,
    a star
    that is mine,
    and mine alone
    you are

    By Kyrie' Owen on 03.01.2012

  35. In the swamp, there’s a light, there’s a person who holds the light. A person who knows too much, but not enough to actually solve anything. A half puzzle mind, and someone stole all the pieces. They know where to step to not be devoured by alligators, but they don’t know how to call it blood when they smell it.

    By Cassie URL on 03.01.2012

  36. The lantern lights in the night. It illuminates our joys, our sorrows, our fears. Family and friends. It is the hope in the heart of the night.

    By Amandine Omnes on 03.01.2012

  37. Chinese lantern flowers are just so beautiful. The shades of orange and coral with hints of red and yellow just make me want to stare at them forever. I am especially jazzed about the one that grows near a building downtown. That building is a lovely peachy/coral sort of color with a teal trim – the combination is beautiful.

    By J O'Neill on 03.01.2012

  38. green bright light dark night spooky stories
    ghost story
    moon, night

    By Kathy URL on 03.01.2012

  39. Light. Hope. A motivation to persue my curiosity. I was alone in the dark, and a latern flicked on. Right when i thought all was it an end, the latern flicked on. So I thought to myself, hmm.. am I not alone? When the mere silence of the night seemed to be all i had left the latern flicked on. My pupils widened in its illumination. I couldnt take my eyes off it. The darkness overwhelmed me but the laterns light embraced me – and again I found a reason to open my eyes and see for myself that a whole life was ahead of me…atleast the latern illuminated the path. All that was left was to get up an follow it…hope and curiosity was my motivation. I trusted my gut and with the all that I had left of me I got up and walked into the light.

    By Val on 03.01.2012

  40. it was dark on the path. the only light was the faint glow of the lantern. how far up ahead, remained to be seen, as there was no sense of distance in the blackness. there would be relief when the light was closer.

    By debi on 03.01.2012