March 1st, 2012 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “lantern”

  1. A lantern is a bright light thing like a Jack o’ lantern.

    By jalizah URL on 03.01.2012

  2. The lantern lighted the way as i walked through the dark cave .
    It helped me see spider webs that were in my way as i walked .
    ewww .

    By Kahthryn URL on 03.01.2012

  3. A Lantern is something that you use to carry light with you instead of using a flashlight. You can bring it a dark area where you can see at all and you can use lantern to help you see.

    By imoto URL on 03.01.2012

  4. A lantern is like a light. It helps you see in the dark. It helps you in the dark . like if you are doing something in the dark.

    By eberly URL on 03.01.2012

  5. light, fuel, camping, heat,super hero,woods, fun, ABABABABABABAB oh, sorry for that I lost it.

    By Jconrad URL on 03.01.2012

  6. Light, hero, lamp, and monkeys.

    By Dominik workman on 03.01.2012

  7. pink

    By Iffath URL on 03.01.2012

  8. My lantern was the only source of warmth that I had left while I was out camping in the cold.
    Wth is that?

    By Whitney.(: URL on 03.01.2012

  9. If I held my hand up
    let the nails florescent in the light
    flicker to the frame

    By gsk URL on 03.01.2012

  10. There is no reason why the pokemon Lantern Lanturn who cares should exist. Why in the name of God did Game Freak make those terrible terrible games? The show makes them look so good, but they are all terrible pokemon. Woe is me.

    By Avery on 03.01.2012

  11. we could say the green lantern is the worst movie ever. But I don’t to get judgemental, lanterns are quite useful, i was on the beach once, and a lantern help my way out.

    By César on 03.01.2012

  12. the lantern in my heart always glows. It doesn’t always illuminate the room but it always remains. a brief flicker, perhaps the gas is turned down all the way so that only a small blue flame remains, but it retains its luminous properties all the same. many a blustery evening threatened to extinguish my eternal flame, but to no avail. Even in the darkest nights of my soul, when I was sure there was no way out, the small wick lit a little place in my heart called hope. always.

    By Maggie on 03.01.2012

  13. feast of lanterns. it’s a festival held every july in my town. an old chinese tradition…in a california town. they changed the story though. two lovers turn into birds originally to escape their families. but my town is know for butterflies. monarchs.

    By Gabriela on 03.01.2012

  14. The lantern grew dimmer as Anya tried to pass through the barn. “Hurry,” she whispered behind her to the children. “They’re going to catch up to us if you don’t go faster!” The lantern flickered more and began to go dark as she sped up, pulling Nathan’s hand. “Go!”

    By Kathryn on 03.01.2012

  15. The lantern glowed with a harsh yellow light in contrast to the inky darkness that surrounded it. The wind was strong enough to make it bob back and forth, stretching the light even further as the darkness was slowly banished by the hanging object.

    By Cole Ridgely on 03.01.2012

  16. Don’t stop believing
    hold on to that feeling
    street lights
    Harry Potter will be missed but not as much as Dumbledore.
    Its funny that we have to remind ourselves that Hermione was a child that we saw grow up in front of our eyes now that she’s hot

    By lex URL on 03.01.2012

  17. The lantern sat on the floor, illuminating a small circle of the cabin. I put a green blanket on the floor next to it and curled up on it.

    By Renee URL on 03.01.2012

  18. it is a big thing you have on the car. it can be green and yellow and red. so many colors, don’t know what to do, it’s very beautiful and important! when will it end, I don’t know! :)

    By Isabelle Andersson on 03.01.2012

  19. it’s light but not really, just a bulk, a marginal forest, something to ooze out of you, then sinks back in, never lasts, even when you keep it high over your head.

    By tracy on 03.01.2012

  20. the was a green later that always sat on a table. One day a woman noticed the latern was gone. She wondered where could it be? Had someone taken it? Had she misplaced it or did it ever exist at all?

    By Vatthomas on 03.01.2012

  21. Lanterns are generally associated with a time that has been forgotten. Dr. Jykell and Mr. Hyde is what comes to mind. I think that is because it give the illusion of allure and mystery. Everyone wants to experience something frightening. And if you have a lantern you will.

    By Natalie on 03.01.2012

  22. Everyone lit the lanterns in memory of him. Soaring into the sky, little glowing orange shapes. In memory of him. For him. Only 16 and he is gone. Signalled by a latern.

    By Fern Urquhart on 03.01.2012

  23. Global sphere of pivotal light
    Shines from beneath my abdomen
    Beaming into his gleaming face
    Oxygenless silence swings silently
    Through the night
    Blood streams tactlessly
    Crazy diamond you
    Crazy always to me

    By ellie griffith on 03.01.2012

  24. He held the lantern aloft. The weak, yellow beam filtered down through the worn, wooden slats. Beneath the pale, dry straw, something moved. A big something. Rian quickly clambored down off the ladder, backing up against the wall. He ran his hand across the splittered walls, hands searching in the dark. He needed a weapon, something, anything. The shuffling bundled moved closer. A soft snuffling sound came from below the piled hat.

    By echoes-of-me URL on 03.01.2012

  25. I have a mickey mouse lantern in my night table… it has no battery… but i keep it to remember myself i have to get some batteries!!!

    My dad has a big lantern… almost a taxi one!

    By Natalia Riveros on 03.01.2012

  26. well we went on this thing in school called retreat and it was a life changing experience for many people. in our group we would sit in a room and pass our orange lantern around symbolising freedom and share every single worry we ever had if we wanted to. i was amazed at how these people who i had been in school with for five years could so easily tell there deepest thoughts with people they werent that close with and i was surprised at myself about how i was able to open up to them. the weekend changed my life forever and showed me how important my friends are to me.

    By 17ft URL on 03.01.2012

  27. A hanging flame, suspended in midair, bobbing up the road, lighting dimly what lies ahead.

    By Monisha Thomas on 03.01.2012

  28. She took the lantern and went out into the inky night to search for the source of the eerie sound that had disturbed her concentration.

    By Lyn URL on 03.01.2012

  29. Incondesence ripples through the thin glass of our lattern, it shatters the darkness outside and creates a mess of revelence. All is seen nothing is hiden.

    By Jared on 03.01.2012

  30. light.nature.

    By parnia on 03.01.2012

  31. My last word looked so strikingly similiar to this one, though this one exists on a different point in time, It has been covered with an infitesmal amount more of dust and meet with an infitesimal amount less joy

    By Jared URL on 03.01.2012

  32. We picked up the lantern and stepped into the frigid, snowy night. The dim fire was used as a small source of warmth and light in the cold, dark scenery. As we passed through the forest, we saw the shadows of the trees and ourselves.

    By Hayley URL on 03.01.2012

  33. Love is something that I think we all want. Do I ?. I don’t act like it. I like my time alone I need my time alone. It is good for me to be able to pick and choose when I interact with others and when I can be alone.
    I want to do more with my life.

    By Lisa on 03.01.2012

  34. So I am carrying it, then? Is that how this fate thing works? That on the day I happen to need a word like this the most -if only for the sake of reflection- it pops up somewhere I wasn’t expecting it and here I am, gonna have to think about it.
    I am carrying it. Not him. Not any of them. Just me. I don’t know much about this place, but it my own. And the wandering is up to me. They can’t see in. They don’t know where I am in that place. And even when i voice it, they’ll never know for sure, they’ll skew it with their own perceptions and turn it into something uniquely their own.
    This is my life, my venture, my journey, and I am carrying the goddamn lantern.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 03.01.2012

  35. a ball of light floating suspended between space and time, delegating the world to its proper positions: good and bad, light and dark. it creates a sense of void and vacuum. it delegates a sense of enlightenment involved with the creation of light and understanding.

    By Courtney on 03.01.2012

  36. There was once a lantern lighter in London who had a map of the city in his pocket. Though he walked the streets each night he couldn’t ever remember where he was or where he was going. It was a strange syndrome.

    By Amelia on 03.01.2012

  37. Lanterns are red. Roses are blue. What in the world am I writing. I don’t even know.

    By Writers block on 03.01.2012

  38. ahhhh, lanterns. they’re so serene and pretty. i want to go to that lantern festival thing in thailand. i want to have a big deck when i grow up where i’ll have lots of lanterns as decorations and i’ll light them up when we have big parties in the back yard.

    By Nin Yurechko on 03.01.2012

  39. Too bad that everything in the world is already discovered. Otherwise I would set out on voyages across the sea with a lantern, perhaps a pipe, and whole lot of explorer swag.

    By Lor-n URL on 03.01.2012

  40. The lantern lit the path as we walked down the woods. The summer air drifted around and it was green everywhere. The night was warm, and we were almost there. The stars shone down on us. It was a favorable night, and all the creatures were keeping us company as we walked the dirt path. I breathed in the warm scents.
    “Do you think they’ll like my dress?” i asked my companion.
    “They’ll love your dress.” He responded.
    silence fell between us. I held onto my glowing lantern. It’s warm light made me smile, and comforted me. I don’t know what will happen, but i know as long as i had my lantern, i’d be fine.

    By Samantha URL on 03.01.2012