March 1st, 2012 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “lantern”

  1. That Indian Summer evening in Michigan had us catching flickering fireflies in glass lanterns. It reminded me that my Arizona girls didn’t grow up with the Midwest experience of jumping rope late into August twilights.

    By Ann Abraham on 03.02.2012

  2. There was something not eerie at all about the fact that this tiny lantern was my only source of light in a total abyss of darkness.

    It was so silent..
    So silent I could hear the incessant ringing in my ears..
    But then it went away, slowly but surely.

    And the light-
    It was fading..
    It was fading and all that was left was darkness.

    I swam in complete serenity as darkness and silence enveloped me.
    All I had now were my thoughts,

    and I was free.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 03.02.2012


    By LYLA STEVENS on 03.02.2012


    By FAITH77 on 03.02.2012

  5. it is a lite used for seeintg when you are somewhere dark. like a cave a tunnel or your out in the night triker treating. i use them a lot like one time i was out side looking for my chickens and it helped me alot then. it helps you where ever you go. even in africa i guess what i am saying is every one uses a lanturn.

    By kylie ross on 03.02.2012

  6. really pretty when light at night. also like them when they are made of paper and lit and left them up in the night sky. lantern festival is the most scenic in Taiwan.

    By diksha on 03.02.2012


    By LYLA STEVENS on 03.02.2012

  8. I think I saw a light at the end of the tunnel” She said, and I rolled my eyes.
    “Or it was just a lantern and you were just daydreaming.”
    “I think I died and went to heaven.” She informs the rest of them, pretending that I didn’t speak. “The good Lord sent me back because I wasn’t done yet. I still had souls to save.”
    The room bursts into applause.

    By Lauren L. on 03.02.2012

  9. I always liked the forest green oil lantern that hung from the overhanging part of the roof of my parent’s house. I rarely recall it being lit, but it was vintage and I always thought that kinda stuff was cool.

    I thought this word sucked until I remembered a story I read about a guy using a lantern as he walked through catacombs. I always envisioned him looking like some sort of apparition, where only his face and the hand holding the lantern could be seen, leaving everything else shrouded in blackness. The word “Montesqueu” comes to mind. Dono if I spelled that right, but that’s how it was pronounced, and I’m nowhere near French, but I kinda wanna name my kid that.

    By Travis URL on 03.02.2012

  10. “And I will be your lantern.” She mumbled and I tilted my head and looked at her out of the corner of my eye.
    “What the hell?” I whispered and she slapped me on the knee.
    “Thou shalt not swear in church.”
    “Thou shalt not babble nonsense.” I answered and she picked her head up and fixed me with a stare so mean, I could have died.
    “Thou shalt go to hell.” She spoke and I paled. Pissing her off was not the smartest move, but I couldn’t contain my smart-ass comment that was coming.
    “Thou shalt not swear in church.” I mocked her.

    By Lauren URL on 03.02.2012

  11. Jack o lantern, pumpkins, fall, Halloween, candy, sugar, too much sugar, sick, sugar crash, really tired.

    By AJ URL on 03.02.2012

  12. I remember the light under the bushel basket from church. I could never understand that metaphor when I was a kid. I always thought it would be easy to see the lantern under a basket, even if the basket was some new kind of basket without gaps in between the wooden slats. I always figured it would simply be just a little less bright, but certainly not dark.

    By BRC on 03.02.2012

  13. All I can think about is the movie grown ups when I see this word. In the movie there is a lantern that kills moths and the little girl is so sad that they are dying. I feel the same way. Poor moths that eat holes in my sweaters. Alright so I don’t feel that bad for them but still.

    By Graxx URL on 03.02.2012

  14. I saw a ligght towards the end of the long dirt road. I wasn’t too fond of the idea of staying in pitch-black darkness so I decided to run as fast as my legs could take me. Unfortunately, the light never got any closer.

    By David URL on 03.02.2012

  15. Well it was a dark and cloudy night. I thought I saw ghosts running all about the streets, but those aren’t ghosts I thought. Those are those damned children that play on my lawn. It must be Halloween. “I got no candy for you hulligans I yelled as one of them came up and shot me in the mouth.

    By Chris URL on 03.02.2012

  16. I have a couple lanterns in my house. We really don’t use them very often. Except when e power goes out which is probably like once every two months. We don’t have a generator, so we take the three big lanterns and put two downstairs and one upstairs to light up the house just enough that we can walk around without bumping into walls.

    By ape224 URL on 03.02.2012

  17. We were sitting on the beach and I was about to turn 9. He bopped me on the head and said JACQUELINE THAT’S IT! Lantern can be your nickname, like jackalanern!

    By Jackie URL on 03.02.2012

  18. Lanterns light up the summer night to catch the bugs who always cause us a fright. They are so light and attract the night but they always seem to start a fight.

    By MFeldman URL on 03.02.2012

  19. There was a faint glow at the other end of the beach. Our bonfire was now a few glowing ambers amongst ash and sand. A few of the sparks were making crackeling pops combined with the distant crashing waves.

    By ceeeees URL on 03.02.2012

  20. The lantern did not light. No oil. No candle. The fire died before it was born. It was an empty carcass, a life missing a heartbeart.

    By Antonio URL on 03.02.2012

  21. lanterns
    shining light upon
    empty roads
    lanterns in the hearts of lovers
    who kiss on top of
    couch cushions
    their hearts are now full
    but will someday be broken and shatter
    into the sky
    and absorb in the light that filters
    clouds that rain down
    on top of their heads

    By Elizabeth on 03.02.2012

  22. Several Japanese lanterns hung across the garden illuminating the stone pathway.

    By lhagen URL on 03.02.2012

  23. the green lantern had the guy tyan renolds in it and he was hot. he waas all cut up and charming but his face is kind of stupid looking. I walk in life with a lantern. life is completly dark. like picth freaking black..but i always have my lantern with me..we will caall my lantern god..i can only see where i am at .

    By ajloopy URL on 03.02.2012

  24. Lanterns help light the way. A lantern can be used both figuratively and realistically. A person can be described as a lantern because they helped someone out during a tough time.

    By Liz Davidson URL on 03.02.2012

  25. I see lanterns in fall during Halloween and also during Chinese New Year. They are a symbol of hope amidst the darkness. They represent cheer and good wishes. Lanterns help people find their way. When you go camping, a lantern lights the path for you.

    By yvonne on 03.02.2012

  26. light me up, it said. just lean over, flick my switch, and light me up. so i did. it flew up above my head, above all of our heads. it flew and flew until everything was light. i told you, it said. i could be something, it said.

    By nikki URL on 03.02.2012

  27. The lantern shown brightly through the mist. THe fog surrounding me engulfed my body, making it almost impossible to breathe. that’s when I knew for sure, that the only way I would be able to get out of this mess, would be to kill him.

    By Leah T. on 03.02.2012

  28. light

    By savannah on 03.02.2012

  29. The lantern was held loosely in his hand as he stumbled in front of me. A drunken star shooting lazily across the sky to guide me home and make my dreams come true. I don’t know who he is or why I chose to follow him, all I know is I can’t loose his glow. I need to get away from this place and plane.

    By Britt on 03.02.2012

  30. Lanterns light the way, temporary and needing refueling. They can be held by the hand and crash and break when dropped. Reddish orange glows cover all the darkness but never truly illuminate it.

    By J.R. Walker on 03.02.2012

  31. lanterns
    shining light upon
    empty roads
    lanterns in the hearts of lovers
    who kiss on top of
    couch cushions
    their hearts are now full
    but will someday be broken and shatter
    into the sky
    and absorb in the light that filters
    clouds that rain down
    on top of their heads
    hair soaking through
    transparent skin
    closed hands clutching
    at each others cheeks
    the lantern the only light on
    this otherwise pale street
    screams to see
    to see more in our

    By liz URL on 03.02.2012

  32. i think i cant write correctly in english because my english is very bad.
    I hope u can understand me.
    Be happy…..

    By Alessandro Crestini URL on 03.02.2012

  33. The sea of orange lanterns flew through the sky like bubbles blown by a child. I watched them all, until the last one was too far away to glimpse. They snaked around houses, had near misses with trees and managed to get away, high into the night air. It was a beautiful sight and an even more beautiful notion. It just wouldn’t bring him back, would it?

    By Laura URL on 03.02.2012

  34. i went to the lantern festeval in china. i dont live in china my family went on vacation there. we got to make our own lanterns it was really fun! P.S not real

    By cecelia on 03.02.2012

  35. i like chinese lanterns. they are very pretty. i like how there round and all different colors and the flowers on them.I have one in my room! they are used in chinese festivles.

    By Frankie on 03.02.2012

  36. i have never saw a lantern but i have made one in my art class. it was really fun. you can make a lot of designs on it. you should try and make one. my launtern i made was purple and pink i belived.

    By maddy on 03.02.2012

  37. Once i had a lantern that was battery oporated and my siser broke it .

    By Jeff on 03.02.2012

  38. I went to the store and say a very preety lantern.I asked my mom if we could get it and she said yes.

    By morgan zubrick on 03.02.2012

  39. one day i was walking down the sidewalk then all of a sudden i saw a lantern it was pink so i went to pick it up and i got shocked it hurt really bad!!!!

    By Mackenzie on 03.02.2012

  40. Chines lanterns are red because in Chinia red is good luck

    By Morgan Blank on 03.02.2012