March 1st, 2012 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “lantern”

  1. The lantern swung from an old post, decrepit and rotting. She didn’t think it did much good. Then again the gentle glow of orange was reassuring in the sea of black. It provided comfort from the dark that humans innately feared. Perhaps the lantern was useful in its own way. Despite the fact that the metal was rotting and its flame flickered weakly.

    By Danielle on 03.01.2012

  2. i use a lantern when i go to camp
    i always lose it or even take it without batteries
    my lantern is so useless
    i think it looks like you

    By re on 03.01.2012

  3. I saw a UFO yesterday. I was really excited, took few pics, called my friend. Even run to my friend to borrow his telescope. And then I experienced shock, it wasn’t a UFO. It was just a Chinese lantern.

    By Omnix URL on 03.01.2012

  4. It wasn’t until later in the evening when we realized we had left the lantern behind. It would have seemed inconsequential had we not begun to notice the sun setting through the other side of the woods. We were lost. Very lost.

    By Brandy Mead on 03.01.2012

  5. The lantern was on at the cabin. He spent all night staring at the lantern just waiting for her to come home. How could she leave like that? Where did she go? Would she ever come back? The broken hearted man would wonder his whole life, and always remember the lantern.

    By Christina on 03.01.2012

  6. Watson ran his hand along the cave wall, shuddering as it quickly became coated in a damp slime. He could hardly see where his feet were going, or even what he was stepping on, as the light from the lantern which Holmes carried was so dim, and so much further ahead in the underground passage. “Holmes!” he hissed, surprised by how loudly his voiceless call echoed in the tunnel, “Wait the bloody hell up! Your target is dead, remember? He won’t be going anywhere any time soon!”

    Holmes paused and lit a cigarette from the stout, oil-fed flame, and smoked it impatiently while Watson struggled to keep up. “If the rats destroy any evidence before we get to it, I’m blaming you,” he muttered, puffing just once or twice before stubbing the end out on the damp wall. Wouldn’t do to flood the cavern with smoke, after all, what with visual conditions as compromised as they already were.

    He offered an arm as Watson finally reached him, which the shorter man gladly took, ensuring a safe journey through these wretched caves as they followed their map of clues.

    By floppybelly URL on 03.01.2012

  7. light that guide in the dark of the woods, of the path, of the life that I’m too used to… a medium for search what I want

    By Jessica on 03.01.2012

  8. I have no clue what a lantern is. I think it’s some kind of light or candle. Ashlea just told me that it’s a kind of light that you take camping.

    By Chata97 URL on 03.01.2012

  9. Ugh so we are going camping this week end so I was planning ahead and i was packing but then i realized that my lantern is missing.

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 03.01.2012

  10. The lanterns lit up the empty street, the cold wind almost blowing them away

    By Shadow URL on 03.01.2012

  11. can i get another word?
    maybe you should use a lantern to bright your brain…just saying

    By re on 03.01.2012

  12. she held the lantern in her hand while she searched for herself in the dark. only she could find herself.

    By B LEO on 03.01.2012

  13. the lantern light was gloomy our shadows were moving. someone just happened to try and scare me at this moment and we all had to scream. this was not my choice of course but it was a reflex. these these things just decided to run and run! so we sped up faster and faster until we all broke into a sprint. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

    By onyxstone URL on 03.01.2012

  14. i have a little lantern, i fits right in the palm of my hand. I does not give much light or warmth, but it is the cuittest little thing.

    By Kim URL on 03.01.2012

  15. as the lanterns float across the sky, i see the candles brighten. the lanterns are in the shape of dragons, small dragons at that. they are all different colors. varying from black, white, red, green, and all the other colors. each lantern is different in its own way.

    By mccrazy URL on 03.01.2012

  16. lantern. light. glow. Taurus. My glow, my light I am a lantern. And when I am well, I shine… and when I am happy I beam… and when I am not. Well, I am grey and I am sick and I don’t like you, me or the world. Light my lantern. I’ll light my lantern. And I glow.

    By siameserose URL on 03.01.2012

  17. I once read a poem about a paper lantern.
    I’m thinking about one piece of paper sized flame.
    I’d like to pick it up and feel the color of my hand change.

    By Ian on 03.01.2012

  18. I hold the lantern up above my head. Its faint light barely punches through the thick mucus fog. My dad yells from somewhere, “Hey, bring that light over here!”

    By Brenda Evers URL on 03.01.2012

  19. When we moved into the new house we found tin lanterns. We got an old candle and walked around the basement making scary noises, swinging the lanterns high overhead for special effects.

    By marylee on 03.01.2012

  20. It was burning bright in the night. The lantern was warm and inviting. It was a wonderful sight.

    By Alexandra Padilla on 03.01.2012

  21. light

    By steph on 03.01.2012

  22. the lantern at night in dirty, empty streets. fog and people in long coats walking along, their shoes clanking against the cobblestone. in the distance you can hear a small bell ringing, time to get off the roads, off the sidewalks and off the streets. time for the public to be tucked in quietly in their beds, next to their wives and brothers and sisters, or alone with their own private lantern. it’s a dark time for most people, the fog sets in a little thicker than before. nobody really knows what to do. the megaphones come on “last warning, all citizens are to be off the streets or subject to punishment”. everyone knows the punishment, the consequence for walking down the road.

    By Annie on 03.01.2012

  23. The world went dark. It’s like when she left, she took the lanterns with her. She took all the light, and the world, went dark. The fire stopped burning, the sun stopped shining, the stars fell from the sky. Her world, my world, our world disappeared, dissipated; the world just faded into darkness.

    By Carmen on 03.01.2012

  24. There was a lantern in my backyard, made of black metal and dirty old glass. It barely gave light to anything except it’s nearest surrounding. Still it was the most essential feature of my backyard.

    By Makaveli on 03.01.2012

  25. The lantern hung from the forked stake in the yard, casting a little glow around the porch. A boy, no more than eight years old sat on the cool concrete, his toes playing at the edges of the darkness. He giggled, holding his knees and watching the shadows twist and slide against eachother. He let a toe dab outside of his circle of light and felt the little bony fingers of the creatures that lived out there touch him. With a shriek of joy, he yanked his foot back and the shadows boiled and hissed. Again, the boy dared it, adding a second toe to the wager. The creature took hold of his first toe and the boy pulled back with effort, laughing. The shadows boiled and rolled, playing at the edge of the light with tense restraint. The boy dared his whole foot and the Faeries took hold of his ankle, snatching the boy into the dark with a terrified scream, leaving the lantern to swing silently in his absence.

    By Kaylin on 03.01.2012

  26. Theres the high road and the low road and one’s covered in grit and sea glass shards. Separate from those is the bad road which leads through the valley and you can’t get through without the proper lantern.

    By mitchblummer URL on 03.01.2012

  27. Hanging from the edge of the house, was the light which gave life to our summer dreams. It lit our yard and gave us enough to play till the late hours. We caught fireflies by its side, and it always gave us a way home when the last game was played.

    By Marcus on 03.01.2012

  28. there was a dark misty road. Helen walked down cautiously, the lantern winging precariously to-and-fro in her shaking hand.
    The cold air made her hot breath float up into the air, sending shivers through her body. She pulled the cloak closer

    By Sarah on 03.01.2012

  29. A lantern is a perfect example of the blend of science and art. It gives the holder the power to abrogate any dark and thus makes the path visible. In the hand of one, it is a piece of creativity.

    By sourav patel on 03.01.2012

  30. an obsolete term, caused by the advance of electricity in the daily lives of the common populace, yet is making a strong comeback at halloween. It’s ressucitation through horror.

    By Adrien Morisot on 03.01.2012

  31. the lantern in the street flickered in the obscure, making it seem like all the lights in the world had vanished for a moment.

    By delia on 03.01.2012

  32. He got out of the car. There was nobody around. he looked up at the porch of the grand house. The lantern began to sway in the light breeze. Bang! Gunshot.

    By Greg on 03.01.2012

  33. The lantern shown bright against the night sky as we cuddled in the blanket under the stars. At first,I hadn’t been thrilled with the idea of camping, but who could resist the beauty of the night with the man I love under the heavens.

    By Sheila Good URL on 03.01.2012

  34. sending form of the usual
    tired and dragged, to what is

    back, and so there will be
    a distant distant casting of consideration,

    ah the shape takes place and
    deepening of static is gained

    By FTS on 03.01.2012

  35. lanterns are pretty cool I guess. I like the asian ones. I had some at my 16th birthdya party and I think that they add a nice artsy touch to anything. We also have some in our dormroom, which is cool. woo!

    By Kerry Crump on 03.01.2012

  36. lantern. bright. sometimes. not as bright as the stars. it is one of the better forms of man-made light however. bright, piercing, noisy lights are a pet peeve of mine without a doubt.

    By Fern on 03.01.2012

  37. The oil smelled sweet from the lantern deep in the caverns where miners had died. I drew up a cloak and breathed in all the smoke and held tight to your arm while you cried. We followed the light on a sinister night to a place where an exit was sure. Then my fingers did claw at a gap in the rocks so the sunlight would gingerly pour.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.01.2012

  38. a place of refuge in the night a name for me given by those who envied what little light i gave a glow ? a torrent ? a flood around the flame in warm yellow signalling home, a guard against the snow and dark.

    By rebeccazg on 03.01.2012

  39. the mystic being, its light eminent embrace of a flicker of a silent flame. leading the way through my darkest days of discovery. what to do, where to go to be free.

    By Kristin on 03.01.2012

  40. lanterns are transferable light sources that you usually use for camping and outside things and you can use the when the power goes out

    By briley URL on 03.01.2012