December 22nd, 2012 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “knows”

  1. No-one knows exactly what they know until they know it. You are taught set things in school and these become restrictions. I remember seeing a poster when I was in school that said “Imagine what Edison could’ve achieved with a modern education.” Probably not much.

    By Mel Ramsay on 12.22.2012

  2. So many people claim to “know” the facts. They claim to know how the world works, how thing affect others, how they affect themselves… but no one actually bothers to check what they simply assume as a given fact. They believe that regardless of who they speak to or who they could be affecting that everyone is the same.

    By Piper Q on 12.22.2012

  3. He knows that she know and they both keep wondering why the other doesn’t do anything about it, the elephant in the room. “Their relationship is deteriorating, a friend observes, and apparently they want to stand there and watch it wither.” But the truth is that they are paralyzed by fear.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 12.22.2012

  4. knows what
    what you know
    i know
    what i know you think you know
    but do I really know
    that all there is to know
    is nothing anyone can know

    By Aley URL on 12.22.2012

  5. Who knows if I will grow and be a musician? Wo knows if I will finish everything on that bucket list I made eariler today? Who knows if ill get any taller than 5 foot 1? Who really knows anything about their future? By most importantly who knows why the hell I wrote this philosophical shit?

    By Alex on 12.22.2012

  6. “I’m sorry,” His whisper sends chills down my spine.
    “It’s fine.” My voice comes out sharper than I expected. I was truly hurt. “No one was supposed to know.”
    He places his hand on my shoulder. “I won’t tell anyone. Everything will be okay.”
    Oh, how I hoped he was right.

    By Angel of Music URL on 12.22.2012

  7. Everyone knows him by sight but no one knows his name. He has been coming to this bar for almost five years now but he sits by himself a the end of the bar until tonight.

    By Chris Hollo on 12.22.2012

  8. Knows what? I don’t think she knows how I feel at all, despite my best efforts to tell her. If she does know, then I sure wish she’d let me know that she knows.

    By Mark Mosrie on 12.22.2012

  9. When someone is positive about something they are talking about. They “Know” about it and are familiar about it. As an example: “I know she did that, because I saw her do it.”

    By Emily on 12.22.2012

  10. My world collapses like the lungs I’ve overused. I’ve lost my last fleeting glimpses of peace, for they were from you. I keep my eyes firmly closed hoping I won’t see your face, but you are everywhere a shadow. I am alone.

    By agloe on 12.22.2012

  11. One person knows how to write a story well, but only special people have the talent to write an especially superb one filled with fabulous things to draw a readers’ attention straightaway. These kind of people have to be cherished or else.

    By felicia on 12.22.2012

  12. Everybody knows my secret now. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, but it somehow did. How am I supposed to cope with this? I don’t know. I am as fortunate as a black cat. How nice.

    By felicia on 12.22.2012

  13. Who knows what’s left, what’s coming, all you got to know is that i love you and i wanto to be with you, into your arms, kiss you let you be mine, that’s all i want to know.

    By Fernanda on 12.22.2012

  14. Who knows, who cares.
    Life as we know it.
    Know what? No.
    I know you know we all know.
    You know what you know.
    Why is there a k? this doesn’t seem like it is spelled right at all after saying it in my head a bunch. Nose sounds much more right

    By OliviaH URL on 12.22.2012

  15. He knows me, better than I know myself. But I can’t let him in. I can’t decide that he’s worth taking the fall for, that he’s worth letting myself trust, and to let someone take care of me. He’s so hot and cold, and all around. I know he would be good to me, but maybe, I can’t let that happen. I’m not good to myself, so why would I pretend that anyone else would be either?

    By Emily on 12.22.2012

  16. i dont knows. that’s wrong its i know. GET YOUR GRAMMAR RIGHT. anyway i knos how to spell and stuff. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT

    By Deia on 12.22.2012

  17. he who knows not knows nothiing at all. um, what sense does that make? idk, but tha’s hat i thought of. um, this cat keeps trying to chew my comptuer cord, and that’s eally annoying. becuase i can’t stop her and right this at the same time. and i can’t correct my mistakes and finish this in a miute, with this lame keyboard.

    By Senya20 URL on 12.22.2012

  18. let me know you i want to be by your side, if you know me it will be alright and in that moment nothing else will matter anymore…

    By ferfiefr URL on 12.22.2012

  19. She thinks often about killing herself. She’ll be cleaning off tables at work and she imagines sliding a gun gently between her lips and pulling the trigger. She imagines the fantastic spray and her sagging limbs thereafter. She imagines a delicate blade pulling deep thick lines across her wrists, and watching her heart pump her dry. She imagines exploding lights before her eyes after finishing all of her prescribed pills at once. She knows she’ll never experience these imaginings first hand; but she thinks of them often.

    By Ender URL on 12.22.2012

  20. i knows alot of stuff. i know that you ask me to write for 60 seconds. knows is such a hard word to write for. because knowing something or to knows someone is such a complicating thing. everyone has their own opinion and answer to how they know something.

    By daniela sorbellini on 12.22.2012

  21. Her derisive laughter was a vibrant whirl of sound in the darkness. “Nobody knows!” From what I could see of her, she seemed to be gesturing wildly with her arms. “But isn’t that the most wonderful part about this mad old world?”

    By WearyWater URL on 12.22.2012

  22. He knows.
    What does who know?
    Huntingdon – About the illegal booze.
    How the hell does he know that?
    I don’t know, but you have a spy somewhere close to you, Guy.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.22.2012

  23. I swam through something I wasn’t sure was so much water as it was memories. The ocean was deep; the current, strong. My arms were tiring, and I knew I couldn’t make it much longer. All that could save me was the hole above in the sky. I lifted up an arm and felt the suction carry me upward. I couldn’t get lost in the past.

    It was too dangerous anymore.

    By Marissa URL on 12.22.2012

  24. A nose knows, what it knows and no one person can be sure that no nose is the same, but must be different from other noses.

    By charlie on 12.22.2012

  25. And he knows that she’ll leave him
    How could he not?
    That smile
    Those lips
    The way they fought spelled trouble like a broken down car
    Lost on a highway that was far off
    In the wrong place
    And dead
    And she knows that she’ll leave him
    How could she not?
    That hair
    Those eyes
    The way he got defensive when she asked why he never could drink
    Like even the thinking the thought would break him in half
    Sending spliters of someone away in a laugh that he imagined in her sigh
    Some things aren’t meant to be
    For some girls and some guys

    By Annie on 12.22.2012

  26. Who knows exactly why she still loved that sad little man. He was not at all anyone to admire nor glorify. Yet, this poor creature let her whole life be turned upside down by this sad little man.

    By Christina Robles on 12.22.2012

  27. He knows! I shuddered. What can I do? How can I get away? Where can I hide? Frantically searching, I pushed through the hedge into the driveway. Up or down? I made a choice and ran through the punishing downpour, through the flashes of light and into the bus stop for shelter. But, at the end… a great, hulking, dark shape moved steadily, heavily towards me. i screamed.

    By Lizzie on 12.22.2012

  28. Who knows about anything? No one can be sure they know about the whole ‘world ending’ scene like they may seem like they do. No what they know about is how they sniff asses with so many ideas they lied and made something up.

    By Sabrina on 12.22.2012

  29. Nobody knows everything. Carmen knows. My father knows, they all know. But he doesnt. He doesnt know his future like i know our future

    By Jasmyn on 12.22.2012

  30. Who knows who is right or who is wrong? No one does. What if everything in the world was just present and there was no time like einstien said? What if those pets we have are actually the things that will kill us in the end? Or how about how everyone is thinking how they know the world will end with the Mayan calendar?

    By Sabrina <3 URL on 12.22.2012

  31. everybody knows what they wanna know. they hear what they wanna hear. it doesnt matter if its the truth or not. it doesnt matter that their knowledge is a lie. that they live a lie. nothing else matters except them and their needs.

    By Parachute on 12.22.2012

  32. who knows what comes next? no one. no one can predict the future because otherwise causality would be broken. it’s true that time isn’t absolute, but there is no way to know your own future because your time frame is continuous relative to you. actually, i have no idea if this is true or makes any sense, i’m just making stuff up.

    By an octopus URL on 12.22.2012

  33. People don’t know anything.

    By kati on 12.22.2012

  34. I know more than the average person would believe.
    With just once glance at me,
    You’d see a childish face.
    A pre-woman physique
    But my eyes are ever knowing.
    I’ve seen more
    Than half the people my age.
    I know.
    I was born a wise soul.

    By Lexinethermore URL on 12.22.2012

  35. Everybody knows what they don’t want to talk about – what they won’t admit to anyone else but themselve. And the best part is, they won’t ever admit to knowing it. Hell, they may not even know they know it! But there is always something….there is always something hiding inside a person. Always. They just might not know it yet. It’s are job to find it. Until we can share what we know we have hidden, we can’t be authentic. Plain and simple. People have to know us or they’ll never love us. We learn to keep ourselves hidden and unknown-but that’s the recipe to apathy…not love. That’s a lie.

    By Rachel Kirven URL on 12.22.2012

  36. Who really knows anything? One man’s truth is another man’s lies. Believing in some new random facts is getting harder and harder these days. It seems like everybody has something new to say but nobody wants to learn the old wisdom. Funny.

    By Gilliam Martin URL on 12.22.2012

  37. when you understand the meaning of something and can adequately describe it to something else, also when you have met a person, you ‘know’ them.

    By Maddie Doull on 12.22.2012

  38. Who knows where this is going
    who thought of trying to care
    where does this wind decide blowing
    who named the stars in all the air

    By Cordes on 12.22.2012

  39. who knows? she knows.
    knows what?
    whats the question?
    is there a question?
    or are we all just searching for something no one will ever find.
    something that no one will ever know of
    who knows?

    By Holly on 12.22.2012

  40. No one knows what I’ve seen. No one knows what I’ve felt. But I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you because I love you.

    By Carina on 12.22.2012