November 18th, 2010 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “killed”

  1. It killed me that he had spoken to me in such away. Saying I was useless, simply because I was female. Anger welled up inside of me and I clinched my fists. I wanted to lash out, to strike But I could not. The pain had killed my spirit.

    By Mysti URL on 11.18.2010

  2. The rabbit had been killed in a car accident. But it was not only the rabbit who lost his life that day. A man and a woman were also injured and killed, but they were not to be found. The police saw blood splattered on the scene, too much for a single rabbit’s body. Where were these two? They were never found, only a piece of fabric, seeming to be torn from the dress, and a unlit cigar were found. This leads us no where, no clues, nothing. All we know is that a rabbit’s life was lost that day, never to be retreived.

    By Anny on 11.18.2010

  3. She wanted to know what her future would be.
    So she made sure not to make her future turn out a certain way.
    But how is that possible?
    You can’t see the future and until it comes and transforms into the present.
    And then you must take it and run with it, going as far as you can, as well as you can.
    But she wanted to know the future, so some days she did nothing, and other days she did crazy things. But of all things, she did not do what her heart told her do, she did what her mind told her to, impulsive and spontaneous, and then
    Curiosity killed the cat.

    By giraffeslovepopsicles URL on 11.18.2010

  4. He could not believe it; not a single word she said. No one could have been killed. One cannot kill someone in heaven. How is this possible? Can one sin in the un-sinnable land? Where would the murdered one go? Do we even have souls in heaven?

    Too many questions swirled around his brain.

    He whimpered.

    The blood dripped from his fingers. Her lips mirrored its flow.

    By Ana on 11.18.2010

  5. You killed me with your laughter. The poisonous sound of contented lovers echoed down the hall and stopped my heart from beating. Telling me all we ever were and all we’d ever be was a lie unworthy of my time, but I moved on. Found someone new and now our laughter has killed you.

    By Cj URL on 11.18.2010

  6. Kill or be killed. Thats what Mason Lockwood was basically in for with the Salvatores. He can either kill the or be killed by Damon himself. That wouldnt be very good, considering all he has to do is rip his heart out.

    By Sarah URL on 11.18.2010

  7. Bodies pile up, and the snow piles on top of them.
    They are invisible; they are lost to the cold, and the time, and the tears.

    Auschwitz. Birkenau. Treblinka.

    Too many, too many, too many more.

    We forget too much. We forget far, far too much.

    By Ana on 11.18.2010

  8. I lost a niece this past week, killed when struck by a passing vehicle. She only got out of the car to go get help for her friends after they got a flat tire. Why?

    By E.M. Ma on 11.18.2010

  9. You killed my aspirations-
    see them there, on the floor,
    splayed out like a body.

    Now I seek the next best thing,
    Let me land where I may

    By ObsidianSky URL on 11.18.2010

  10. you don’t make any sense. you killed my heart and i have nothing to say to you. you belong some where gone. far from me and alone. you deserve to be lost. because you lost me.

    By gionna URL on 11.18.2010

  11. isn’t it typical of you to think that it’s not ethan who did it, but it was, he’s always been the type you know — after sam left him, he bought a pet turtle and he didn’t feed it and kept telling himself he just forgot but he let it slow and die and its body rotted and bloated and he cried when he finally looked at it and smelled it and he buried it but it was too late for anything else

    By lettuce on 11.18.2010

  12. That guy totally killed the crowd with his crazy comedy.

    By Lizette URL on 11.18.2010

  13. “You can stand up tall and try to act brave, if it makes you feel more dignified. But the end result’s the same whether you try to stare me down as I pull the trigger or if you died crying on the ground. We all shit our pants in the end.”

    By Comrade Matt URL on 11.18.2010

  14. it killed you, the silence, the sentence that came after she left. she was standing there in the rain, took the first train home. where will she ever be, when will you see her again. you cried. you still cry… in the rain. the pain is like rivers under your shoes.

    By inoxia URL on 11.18.2010

  15. did we kill our dog yesterday when we put him down? is this considered murder? i still don’t know. he was suffering, but i don’t know. he was old. but i still don’t know. i still hear his collar clanging around the house. i went to let him in from the cold before. i forgot he wasn’t there.

    By jess on 11.18.2010

  16. it was impressive to see how close it was. not near, not even close to that far. that much closer and it wouldve been murder, instead he just killed it.

    By L on 11.18.2010

  17. A man. He bled all over the floor. I didn’t realize the horror until a heard a scream. It vibrated in the air and cut through my intense maniac fit. The sound shuddered throughout my body. Dragging my dark thoughts into obscurity and left my vulnerability naked and revealed. I killed a man.

    By Jessica on 11.19.2010

  18. I was killed the moment I realized, my passion slain in place, my body frozen in an instant. I loved someone else, and now, now our love has been killed too. Shot suddenly through by Cupid’s arrow as it struck my heart for another. Wicked bow, I asked for no such disservice.

    By Jeni Joy URL on 11.19.2010

  19. I can’t kill the virus. I can’t kill the disease. I can kill all this negativity that rises and falls in the caverns of my chest. I can kill it to live. ♡

    By RBR on 11.19.2010

  20. As Stacy walked across the stage, into the wings, she couldn’t help but feel disapointed with her performance. ‘I should of killed it”, she thought gloomily. “Instead I bored everyone in the audience to death.”

    By Jacqui Scolari on 11.19.2010

  21. Staying up till 4:30am killed any interest I had in writing a one word story tonight.

    By richpee on 11.19.2010

  22. i killed him because i loved him and so i died as well.because our love was too strong it became a gun that we used against itself.we shot our love right in the heart and now its gone now theres haggle and hurt pain and the desperate need to let go..but not knowing how

    By Lina on 11.19.2010

  23. I thought he had killed me. I didn’t know what to say, where to go but I knew I wanted to scream. Scream as loud as I possible could. The pain was too much and eventually I passed out, only to wake up wondering if it was simply a nightmare.

    By Natalie on 11.19.2010

  24. killed, well i was thinking about what to write while this page was loading and this word just killed my thoughts i don’t know how to kill a sentence or kill a chicken or kill anything, kill anything i just, i don’t know well what could happen could just be much worse and i, i

    By mctague on 11.19.2010

  25. He was killed in a car accident on July 12, 1988. The tires locking up on his car, sending him hurtling off the bridge – it couldn’t have been a more perfect crime.

    By Cory URL on 11.19.2010

  26. oh no! he shot me right in the stomach! I’m dead,! he killed me, but then again he is me and I am him. So why do I feel so alone when I obviously have two people living in me?

    By Kristin Schulz on 11.19.2010

  27. Oh dear. Whenever something has been killed it cannot be a good sign! I would hate to be killled… moreover – so would most people – unless they are on some kind of reliegious journey and are sacrificing themselves. To be killed is probably the greatest journey we will ever take.

    By Nath B on 11.19.2010

  28. When someone is killed they are gone and it’s not their fault. They are gone because someone wanted them gone. They have no chance. And it’s not their fault. They had no say. It’s not their fault.

    By Heather Gill on 11.19.2010

  29. Killed by a heart that never came around
    Killed by a thought that never took form
    Killed by a life that we live every day
    Killed by the silence of nothing to say

    By Slaughterhousebed URL on 11.19.2010

  30. the aryan soldier ran from speed to speed as if he were a car and his legs were wheels. He trampled old rubbish bins and scraped his knees on shrubbery. The bullets being fired did not hit him or help him but rather penetrate his soul with their clang.

    By Jack Wynn URL on 11.19.2010

  31. as with a bat, or a gun, or a knife. or a heart. or a word. many ways to die, many ways to live. kiss me, kill me, show me more

    By Bishop Chave URL on 11.19.2010

  32. Curiosity killed the cat almost in a way that nobody expected but everyone somehow knew was inevitable. I hate this prompt. This is stupid. What a dumb word.

    By Sarah URL on 11.19.2010

  33. No amount of blood would taint – visibly or statistically – the flow of the violent waterfall. Looking down from the unstable bridge, he was amazed at how clean a natural death trap could be. Hopefully, he thought, the other two wouldn’t notice and make use of it.

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.19.2010

  34. i killed a cat once. at least, i assume i did. driving my car, him running along the night road, then into the same space of road i was occupying. i felt a bump. i didn’t cry until i killed an owl the same way later on.

    By Alex Light URL on 11.19.2010

  35. The man killed the deer. The poor deer laid on the ground, motionless. Poor bambi. A mother to few. But loved by her buck. The hunter killed a mother. Does he think about this? I bet not. The poor deer. Happens every year. Mothers are lost because of hunters. Darn them. Everything is wrong with the world. I understand for food. But not for the fun of if. Those babies need their mother. A child is now motherless. What a shame! I hope you feel bad vicious hunter for having killed that deer.

    By Dail Berry on 11.19.2010

  36. This week a cop got shot on interstate 95. the killer then drove away and parked his car at Halifax, then hid in the woods.

    By Ryann on 11.19.2010

  37. He killed himself late one winter night. No notice. No warning. Gone with one piece of rope and one chair. Found by his best friend. Nothing left but sadness and regret. If only…

    By Corinne on 11.19.2010

  38. One day I was driving and a dalmation ran infront of me. I hit it. I couldn’t help it, it ran right in front of me and it was slippery. I was so scared. I couldn’t get out of my car. I looked in the mirror and the dog looked like it was frozen ith it’s legs out in front of it. I went home and called the humame society.

    By EB URL on 11.19.2010

  39. at halloween,a boy and a girl are going trick or treating,when they come up to a house,a man open the door as soon the boy knocked,then he said,come in,so they said no we’ll wait out here, so hes like ‘no need to be rude’so they went in,and never been heard from

    By dorin on 11.19.2010

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    By christal URL on 11.19.2010