June 26th, 2013 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “joyous”

  1. Joyous. That’s the thing that everyone wants to be. It’s what people think everything else in their lives is supposed to add up to — everything that they work for. It’s the thing that most people don’t think they are and are scared they won’t ever be, but they keep going just in case.

    By April on 06.26.2013

  2. Looking at her now he couldn’t catch his breath. He had waited 13 years for this moment: finally seeing his daughter again, after tirelessly searching for her for so long. To him she was the most stunning thing he could lay eyes on.

    By Cait on 06.26.2013

  3. You could barely see it, the tiny spark in his eyes as he looked at the small creature cradled gently in his tiny hands. He had always been a reticent child, but what he lacked in exuberance was more than made up for in his sincerity.

    “Her wing – you fixed it!” His voice was soft, like always, but she could still hear the relief and joy in his words, could see it in the curve of his lips as he smiled shyly up at her.

    But she couldn’t help but smile back in response. “It’ll be some time yet before she can fly properly again,” she said to the boy, “but I did the best I could.”

    By LordSriya URL on 06.26.2013

  4. The morning opened to a wet, foggy outlook. Not only literally, but in all aspects of the day. It wasn’t a joyous day as some had hoped. Today, instead was a dark day one that was marked by more back-stabbing than ever before.

    By Amimee URL on 06.26.2013

  5. Joy is one of those things that a person can’t fake. Either you have joy or you don’t. If you don’t have it, it sucks. If you do have it, life is something you can face with no problems at all.

    By JoTones URL on 06.26.2013

  6. Christmas time. Presents are bunched under the wonderfully lit Christmas tree, bows and ribbons sparkling from the lights. Voices are heard throughout the busy house as people converse over a delicious pot luck. Foods such as honey ham, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, lasagna, and several desserts lined the countertops. The snow falls softly on the cars outside, the roads blending into the rest of the ground.

    By Becky on 06.26.2013

  7. your entire being fills my stomach,
    and i blush because you compliment me too much.
    you are the joy i feel each day,
    each moment,
    and i can’t live without you.

    By Caitlan URL on 06.26.2013

  8. wtf is joyous? :c ;-; um, i don’t know >.> didn’t think i would get a good word anyway :P sigh….uh….it sounds like a happy word :D has “joy” in it. c: oh yeah!

    By Cassidy Mixon on 06.26.2013

  9. Happiness and freedom, love to be untwining, in your arms, joyous round of applause and greetings from the followers of yesterday. Don’t you wish to run, like the impala, through the african plains. From the hungry lion that chases it down to it’s demise.

    By stevana on 06.26.2013

  10. My heart fluttered in such a strange way that at first I thought I was ill. But it was different, it was great, my cheeks flushed bright and a laugh escaped from my stomach. I picked up the award and I read it again, memorizing the words as well as I could, etching the phrase into my brain. “Winner. Winner.”

    By Ceru on 06.26.2013

  11. Delphine looked down at the papers in her hand. After researching for weeks on end, she might have found something. she wasn’t sure what exactly she was holding or how it would be able to help Cosima but she was finally getting somewhere. And that felt absolutely amazing.

    By Fara URL on 06.26.2013

  12. It was a joyous occasion for all of us. Even if it was on a rainy night and it seemed all gloomy, it was joyous. She was joyous. It was a very merry thought that the new addition of the family would be coming on this gloomy night. Is that a sign of things to come? Is it a sign of death? Then all you see is the joyous atmosphere then dying…

    By Amber M. URL on 06.26.2013

  13. Bells clanging in the distance, reverberating across a bluebell sky. The sun’s shining golden through the trees, and you’re laughing.

    By tissueboxes URL on 06.26.2013

  14. They say that home is where the heart is. I thought my home was a happy place filled with laughter and joy. Then I grew up; opened my eyes to the truth. Joyous was not the word for my house. There is no word for it simply because it does not feel like home anymore.

    By Alex. URL on 06.26.2013

  15. It was a joyous occasion when I bought my first bag of marijuana. It did things for me that nothing in this world has done to me before. I feel content and at peace when I smoke and am more sociable. Not many people understand this feeling because they have yet to try it but I would describe it as a joyous feeling.

    By Ryan on 06.26.2013

  16. Jocular Janet jocundly juggled joyous Jenny’s jentacular jonnycakes

    By oioio on 06.26.2013

  17. “Joyous” is a word that I’ve rarely felt. Secretly I’ve always wanted to feel it. But I hide my emotions, make people think I’m hard as stone, almost. But I’m not. The one person in my life who’s made me feel that emotion…joyous… was him. But now, I’m afraid to lose him.. I love you, Austin.

    By E. on 06.26.2013

  18. It should have been a joyous moment. The tears that wet my cheeks should have been tears of happiness, but instead they were of shock and fear. I wiped his blood off my hands and stared in disbelief at his mangled body, but the truth would not escape my thoughts.

    I did this.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 06.26.2013

  19. You will remember forever that joyous August morning, when tumultuous crowds overflowed the Plaza Royale, dancing their dreams to life, in those last fugacious hours before the coming of the tanks.

    By Subcinericius on 06.26.2013

  20. they drove to top of the mountain, mom got out and opened the door and told me to hop out. “enjoy this joyous world troy. Its all you have.”. She got back in the car and drove off.

    By Mr.T URL on 06.26.2013

  21. Saying goodbye is seldom joyous.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.26.2013

  22. Our baby girl was just seconds old.And I was holding her.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.26.2013

  23. The soul-deep relief … it is over. All of it is over. The last day. The very last day of work before I am out to enjoy the rest of my life. There is no choir of angels singing, no peals of trumpets or victory bells. Not for the outside world anyways. But today I feel like I’m the most fortunate person in the world.

    By terradi URL on 06.26.2013

  24. Michaels face beamed with radiance as he walked onto the stage to claim his award.

    Crowds cheered as he collected the trophy from his principal, and screams were uttered into the air.

    By Gavriel Budvietas on 06.26.2013

  25. Music and food and books and poetry make life so much better, and sunshine, flowers, good weather and blue skies are things that make me happy and

    By Katie on 06.26.2013

  26. How do you define happiness? Or not. Joy and happiness are too separate things. Joy is lasting. Happiness I feel can be ripped away from you in a second. I want joy.
    I want what will last and be felt. How else would I live?

    By Christi URL on 06.26.2013

  27. freude unglaubliche freude und spaß an den banalsten dingen des lebens die gleichzeitig das aufregendste auf der Welt sein können wer gibt wer nimmt warum und wozu es ist mitten in der nacht bald geht die sonne auf und ich freue mich dass es ein Morgen gibt dunkel ist die nacht doch der tag wird hell und freundlich und was schreibe ich hier eigentlich für eine scheiße zusammen gandenlos gut un doch ein wenig befremdlich aber vielleicht ist das einfach der verdammte biorhythmus im nachtdienst das darben nach sonne in einem sommer der gar keiner ist

    By kenny on 06.26.2013

  28. Its something happy, A feeling you get when you see a child smile, a] puppies first bark. It’s what you feel on the morning of your wedding; the look he gives you as you walk down the isle. It’s love that you see, smell, and can touch; you are joyous.

    By Kari Grace on 06.26.2013

  29. It was a joyous day. You know, the kind where you could skip, jump, and make a fool of yourself. It was one of those days. I never thought the day would come. It was exuberant. I was free after so much long hard work – night after night. Slaving away at my book, finally it’s finished. The first feeling – joy.

    By Mike Puckett URL on 06.26.2013

  30. The love I’m in. Him showing me who I truly am. Those I love succeeding in their dreams. Laughter and squeals of happiness, radiating throughout room after room.

    By Leah Long on 06.26.2013

  31. this word when i think of it, it always makes me happy. joyous means that people can relax and take in the moment. i love being around joyful and joyous people. I think smiles not frowns. Roses not spinach. i think mansions not bridges. i love making people joyous and seeing people joyous

    By Haley on 06.26.2013

  32. Joyous is not how I would describe myself right now. Content, maybe. You see to be joyous means to have abolutely not a single care in the world and for me. Well, there’s always a care for me to give.

    By Hedaya Othman on 06.26.2013

  33. At the final grasp of rock, I hoisted my body and that of my younger brother over the side of the great mountain and was greeted by perhaps the most, earth-shattering, yet incandescently soft sunrise of my life. The air left my lungs along with years of hatred, the agonizing burden that begged for release. And as the shadows slowly danced away from the light, I couldn’t help the tears that brimmed over my cheeks. Turing my head to the side, I found an expressions in those young, yet old, eyes that mirrored my own. A heave escaped my lips and then another- laughter found once again. It was a sort of delirious, contagious joy that overcame us until finally we began our trek down the great mountain. For as we passed over the ridge, we were finally home.

    By stephanie URL on 06.26.2013

  34. Leaping, the dancers lead the way into the tent. Lights were everywhere, strung up as thick as stars in the night sky. I held my date’s hand. It was joy that I felt with her. Even if we weren’t at a giant festival, I would have felt this way.

    By TheSurgeon URL on 06.26.2013

  35. Kittens playing with paper bags. Horses getting their breakfast in the morning. Me driving a car that has get up and go. Baseball fans after a walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning.

    By Heather on 06.26.2013

  36. I’m so high I’m handicapped right now and even though this thought should be distressing I feel downright JOYOUS to be so. That’s all I have to say about that. Yep. That it. All of it. I’m done at this point so you can stop reading now. K thanks bye

    By lola on 06.26.2013

  37. There weren’t many reasons to be joyous during these tough times, but today just so happened to be one of those days.

    By Patrick URL on 06.26.2013

  38. Running through the field, I am the most happy that I have been in a long time. Though, soon I am awakened by the harsh reality.

    By zzzzz on 06.26.2013

  39. This is how I feel when I see my best friend. I’m not trying to be sentimental or deep but it’s a simple world to describe a feeling that large and wondrous. It’s not happy. Happy is incredibly fleeting to me. Joyous is something durable and lasting.

    By Christi URL on 06.26.2013

  40. Oh, what a joyous relief to wake up in the morning and to find myself still alive.

    By Magdalena URL on 06.26.2013