June 22nd, 2011 | 477 Entries

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477 Entries for “intense”

  1. It was such an intense moment, they couldn’t take their eyes away from each other and unlock their gaze. What a moment! The lovers stood there, doing just what they could: stare at each other dearly and unstoppably.

    By Cherryberrylary URL on 06.22.2011

  2. It could be a perfume. Yeah, an ideal name for a new brand…. but wait a minute… Is this really new? Maybe the brand exists and I just saw it somewhere, in some commercial maybe and it is just clinging to my mind waiting to come out

    By Rose URL on 06.22.2011

  3. She was intense. Like a flaming star, white-hot and fiery and angry all the time — something you wouldn’t want to look at directly, but on a night when everything else was dull and common, it was there, and you were glad it was there.

    Yes, you were very glad it was there.

    By Isaac Lyman URL on 06.22.2011

  4. Dudeman, that was totally intense.

    I KNOW! The explosion was all BPAHCTAIHAOW!!! And all the people were like AAAHHHH!

    Yeah man. We should do it again, sometime.

    Totally. But, how are we gonna find that many jars of peanut butter again?

    Don’t look at me… That was your job. Mine was to find the proper altitude and air pressure…

    By Ryan F on 06.22.2011

  5. bananas chicken photo collage ice skating red red wine skateboarding skiing snowboarding costa rica my nose itches skydiving hands head shoulders knees and toes hockey

    By monica on 06.22.2011

  6. love, passion, scandal, tension, arguments, stares across a room

    By Alex on 06.22.2011

  7. The sweat drips down my neck and I feel the intensity of his glare. I can’t tell if he believes the bull that I sling at him or if he can see right through my facade. Either way I’m still alive.

    By amylou URL on 06.22.2011

  8. Intense. That’s how I would describe his eyes. At first, I thought they were light and bright- they’re a shocking blue, after all. What else could baby blue be but simple and happy? Then I learnt about him, and I learned to love him, and I realized they were deeper and heavier and more intense than I had ever first imagined.

    By Emily on 06.22.2011

  9. intensity lust passion fighting your fists into someones face the bruises the blood lust love sweet tender kisses on swollen painful bruises slap busted lip busted lip kisses steady beating heart adrenaline kicking in running running running to the finish line

    By Cora URL on 06.22.2011

  10. love is intense, passion, thoughts deep beautiful feelings gone in seconds eternally gone life silence imagination

    By m on 06.22.2011

  11. There was a storm rolling in and the sky was dark and looming. The air filled with the anger of rain. Lightning began to lick the surface of the ground and a subtle rumble was heard. Rain came pattering down increasing to a downpour in no time at all. It was the sky being cracked open and all that could be done was wait. Wait for the shaking of the walls to stop. Wait for the bursts of lighting fast shocks to fade away. Wait for the storm to pass. The horizon was nothing but a dark and fearsome turmoil of clouds and earth. There was no distinction only movement. The movement of the very sky itself beating upon the earth. Smells of wet soil and fresh air was spreading like perfume. Another wave of thunder came around and panic settled in. Her chest began to tighten as breathing became hard. It seemed as though it would never end and everything would be washed away. She ran from the wet portch inside the house into her room. Warm pillows met her face concealing the bursts of light. Nothing could be done about the vibrations of thunder claps. She lifted her face for only one moment to peek at her window. “No. It can’t be. It’s just rain. Just–just a-a-a thunderstom….” She wasn’t quite sure what she saw but in a few moments it was crystal clear. Out her window, maybe only a mile or two down the road from her family’s farm house, was a whirling form. A tornado.

    By Maria V on 06.22.2011

  12. I don’t get it.

    By Kenny Ellsworth URL on 06.22.2011

  13. the sun was too bright. The air was too stale. My back ached too much. They told me it would be intense. They were so excited for me. So ready to see me become one of them. But I didn’t like this intense. I didn’t like the way I felt now. I didn’t like me anymore. I tried to keep my head up as I walked, with one hand on my lower back, trying to keep my spine from shattering and my body from tumbling to the nothingness my mind had come to.

    By Cassie URL on 06.22.2011

  14. There was a feeling in the air that they could not describe.
    It was hectic.
    It was electric.
    It was as though they were being pulled in by something beyond themselves, and as they fell slaves to the intensity of that air, they were closer together than ever before. With blood rushing through their veins, they sighed…and the moment was gone.

    By Ylan URL on 06.22.2011

  15. There was something beautiful about the way she looked at him. As though she were caught up in a world of yearning that could be not be described by the pen of man.
    And the way he gazed upon her was no different.
    With each glance, they seemed to move closer together, that gem-like appearance in her eyes intense. And with each movement, it seemed to pull their souls away. As though they were shy, but physically incapable of fighting the strength of that draw.

    By Naly URL on 06.22.2011

  16. I’ve never really been an intense person. I’m more a relaxed, chill person. That’s probably why people don’t come up and talk to me. Maybe if I was more intense, I would have more friends. Or would I have less friends? Because sometimes intense people can just be intimidating or scary. I wouldn’t want to be scary… Although my cynicism is kind of intimidating as well, and I don’t have that mysterious thing going for me.

    By Jessie on 06.22.2011

  17. Life itself is just intense. Life is intense itself and is a rather hard thing to deal with, death disease, hatred and everything else in the world is horrifying. Yet still people crawl out of their beds to live their mediocre lives as they should like good little sheep

    By Samantha on 06.22.2011

  18. Your skin on mine, not even that.

    it’s your eyes in mine and mine on yours.
    You said sex isn’t everything, maybe that word isn’t.
    But with you, it is.

    So much said, without being said.
    So much felt just within our eyes.

    By Lavanya Kannathass URL on 06.22.2011

  19. intense can be seen in a million things. intense flavor, intense feelings, intense people. they are so many facets to intense; both negative and positive. is intense good? intensity in sport is valuable. intensity in a person? only if its beneficial.

    By alexa on 06.22.2011

  20. I couldn’t stop that tiny man inside of my brain. He was pounding his hammer against the side of my head as I cried out in pain for some migraine medication. I couldn’t stop the intensity of pain that I felt as the man went at my head like a b

    By Rena on 06.23.2011

  21. intesnse feelings are hard to over come, you will need alot of control over your feelings to be able to hide intense feelings, people usually cant hide their facial expressions which will show how they are feeling, how intense this feeling is.

    By shaza on 06.23.2011

  22. intense es la palabra mas genial del planeta tiene dos e y una esta enmedio y otra al final que mas puedes pedir, sin mencionar que esta palabra insita a subir de nivel a manejar las cosas con mayor responsabilidad ser valiente y empezar con algo mas fuerte es lo que el mundo necesita la intensidad en su vida es lo que hace a una persona cambier de manera de pensar

    By rafa on 06.23.2011

  23. The firestorm whipped above his head with an intense heat. He quickly turned his water hose on himself and prayed it would be enough to save his life. He didn’t even think of the dogs that had run off in the yard earlier. He saw the orange flames lick at the trees in the wash not ten feet from him. How much longer would this measly hose keep him from the painful burns that waited for him? Then as quickly as it had come, the fire roared past him to continue on its destructive path. He was alive.

    By Vikki URL on 06.23.2011

  24. When I see this word, so many things run through my mind. It’s hard to even gather one fluid thought. It’s a bit too much. It’s kind of intense.

    By superomega URL on 06.23.2011

  25. To make a great impact upon something. Strength. Something thrilling and exciting.

    By taylor URL on 06.23.2011

  26. Feelings, that rise up inside you like waves in the ocean. they overwhelm you. the under toe pulls you deep down under the surface. you stare up trying to see the sky as you feel yourself slipping further below. all around you there is pressure. you realize you cant breathe. warm cool pressure pushes you back and forth in the tide until you are struggling for air. you surface and take a long awaited exhausted breath. your eyes burn, your heart is racing, you feel your pulse pounding in your head.

    By Riss URL on 06.23.2011

  27. wow, intense, intense and intense. feeling like a hurricane now, its not even night yet. so what was your name again?

    By gisto on 06.23.2011

  28. Intense, was the look in your eyes,
    intense, was the strength of my cries,
    love is gone, never to gain back,
    love is gone, love is what I lack.
    why did it used to feel so sweet?
    why’d we have to fall in love,

    damn it why’d we have to meet.

    By Taylor URL on 06.23.2011

  29. The light was intense. I had no idea how long I had been unconscious, but upon opening my eyes I was instantly blinded. Was it some sort of blinding light, or was I simply blinded by it because my eyes had been shut for so long?

    By Riki on 06.23.2011

  30. It’s the best feeling you’ll ever get.It’s the rise of the sun when the moon is going down, the flame in your soul which is burning more and more “INTENSE” and giving you power and energy.It’s the beauty of your soul, his power, and his own self.

    By Dragu Sorin on 06.23.2011

  31. the pain was almost to much to bear, but bear she would. the only alterantive was to balk, to run away to admit defeat. so she stood fast and watched as her soul was run dry. sometimes you have only one choice.

    By chelsea on 06.23.2011

  32. jump ON me…………..

    I want to FLY……………………….

    meet u in the SEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa…..

    Let’s Shout

    By Emmy Guo URL on 06.23.2011

  33. and then our lips touched ever so softly…. it was the first time i had ever seen fireworks while interlocking lips…. it’s gotta mean something right? love maybe?

    By s on 06.23.2011

  34. She rushed through my head like a forest fire, like a coke downed too fast. My heart jammed itself against my ribs and my brain pulsed like a glow-in-the-dark Virgin Mary.

    By alexfaye on 06.23.2011

  35. he pulled her close. their faces were so close that she could feel his hot breath on lips. she moved in slowly while he moved in for the kill. “is this what I want? will i regret this?” she couldn’t help but think….

    By s.s.sami URL on 06.23.2011

  36. intense is so horrible, when i think intense i go straight to thinking ab out anxiety. anxiety is very intense because of one thing, you can’t control it. being out of control of something is very intense because theres nothing you can do about it. like falling, very intense, ocne you start, you can never stop until you hit the ground, intense.

    By Audree on 06.23.2011

  37. she fell to the ground and couldn’t feel anymore. nothing was around her, nothing above her or beneath her, nothingness. being alone was a new feeling, something very foreign to her. she started this, and it was now impossible to stop, nothing more she could do. it was a nothing feeling, nothing and everything.

    By blah on 06.23.2011

  38. crazy sex that last forever and is very hard and long. just keeps going never stops. it gets sweatier and sweatier and crazier and crazier and youre struggling to breathe while your muscles grow weaker and weaker. a point where you just have to STOP but really CANT

    By poop on 06.23.2011

  39. hectic, hard, fast paced, too much to handle sometimes, pressure, breakdown, feel like everything is on your shoulders,

    By Dylan on 06.23.2011

  40. I’m struggling with this one – maybe intense feelings are more difficult to connect with now I’m a wrinkly. But I did my share of loving when I was younger. Details too much fun to record here. Just know I had my day . . .

    By Joey on 06.23.2011