June 22nd, 2011 | 477 Entries

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477 Entries for “intense”

  1. Intense. How intense is the pain? I can remember the contractions when I was in labor with Colden. I remember someone telling me that the pain of those contractions would be intense, and intense they were. It was like I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, when a contraction came on. At one point while we were talking to the anesthesiologist before the c-section, he said something to me and I didn’t reply. He asked if I was listening, and my doula and my husband had to assure him that I heard everything he said but that I was just dealing with the intense contractions through my hypnobirthing meditation. That was the most intense pain I’ve ever felt. It went through my entire being.

    By Jen URL on 06.22.2011

  2. This is intense he said,
    looking out at the flames roaring.
    a real bonfire,
    as a city brat
    i had never seen one,
    well not a real one,
    the ones we had at camp were nothing like this.
    just a few good friends
    and nothing but woods surrounding us,
    this was it
    one of the most serene things i had ever witnessed.

    By korrina URL on 06.22.2011

  3. ne te teaise,

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.22.2011

  4. my life is so incredibly intense. it’s ridiculous and unfair. i can’t understand what is happening, and I can’t continue on without FIGURING IT OUT.

    i miss my mom. i don’t have a place to live. i’m always terrified i’m going to be fired.

    i lose everything.

    i lose everyone.

    By Halie on 06.22.2011

  5. It was an intensely gratifiying experience. For months he had been holding back, fighting the urge to tell his boss where to shove his minutes. But today he finally got his chance. Perhaps standing in the middle of the office and telling him he was a egotistical, balding, straw for brains meglamaniac, who would make a two year old donkey seem intelligent by comparison, was a bit over the top. But pouring his tall, non-fat, decaf latte down the front of his trousers was definitely up there for intense experiences.

    By M Daly URL on 06.22.2011

  6. The moment was one I’ll never forget. As he looked into my eyes I knew he was the one I’d spend the rest of my life with. He leaned in to kiss me, sending a chill down my spine and through my body. This was everything; Intense.

    By Maddy on 06.22.2011

  7. Sunlight streaming down from the heavens. My voice lifts an undulating cry. The campsight shudders under the weight of my vocal explosion. Me and my friends are yelling for no reason while camping intense.

    By poikins on 06.22.2011

  8. The change in my mood was rapid and intense. A dark cloud formed over me, and I fought tears in front of my friends. I blinked them away but kept my head down. And I wanted them to ask what was wrong; they did, too. But I shrugged them off and denied them an answer. How could I say today would have been my grandma’s birthday? And how could I tell them that I believed I didn’t deserve happiness for the longest time because of her? I couldn’t just mention it casually, I knew that. Maybe I would mention it later. Yeah, later. Always the go-to word for me.

    By Marissa URL on 06.22.2011

  9. orgasm jizz frosting cake cupcakes chocolate hersheys cookies and cfream milk 2% a+ math algebra apples to apples fruit pomegranite mango

    By msbriannaissoboss URL on 06.22.2011

  10. intense is how they described his acting style. they said there was something about those eyes of his. he could melt iceberges with the emotive qoutient of his eyes alone. no, raghu had no clue what they meant or why theyu said such things on seeing his pictures. pictures that they had hired a real portfolio photographer too click. he was a writer, he had come there to share his scripts. he knew not the a of acting and yet there they were, the stalwarts of filmmaking appreciating his ’emotive’ eyes. they said he had talent, loads of it. he must use it optimally. if only he knew how to. raghu recalled it all now. today while receiving the greatest film honour in acting. he still thought he knew not the t of acting but his worshippers swore by the sheer ease and naturalness of his ‘technique’. it was all happening to him. he had not planned any of this. he had played along unquestioningy, letting it all happen. they, the rest of the super star actors, his contemporaries, said this too, all the time, they had never set out to become actors . acting just happened and the media printed it always , never believng it to be true. how ever it was the only truth of raghu’s life. he had never meant for all this to come about,but come about it did.

    By jabeen on 06.22.2011

  11. This feeling was uprising, it was heart pulling, and it almost made her fall over and grip onto something. A bright smile appeared over her face, and she just couldn’t stop laughing, her abdomen started to hurt a little, but still she did not stop laughing, her face was in pain, but she did still not stop smiling. She was not sad today.

    By Emma URL on 06.22.2011

  12. Woah… That was intense.

    By Lindsay on 06.22.2011

  13. The sunlight caressed the clouds in a heavenly waltz of beauty and wisdom. God reached down to see if he could touch the clouds so that he may know that he has done something right.

    By msbriannaissoboss URL on 06.22.2011

  14. It is amazing how intense some emotions are. It is not right to display the emotions so they are internalized and become excruciatingly painful heartburn. Intense emotions are dangerous, life-threatening. How to decrease the intensity?

    By elizabeth b URL on 06.22.2011

  15. he intense moment had passed, leaving all the people in confusion and anger. It was supposed to have been better, but they didn’t even try. They ran off into a different place, waiting for the intensity once more.

    By Edt on 06.22.2011

  16. life is intense
    we are intense
    intensity is eerything : dunno
    this moment is intense
    this is full of tension
    intensity tensing up
    is it up yet?

    By Kerry on 06.22.2011

  17. wow
    the word intense is pretty intense. actually i use this word a lot. it describes brasil really. intense. yeah. cool word. i likey. haha. mmmm. I N T E N S E. in. ten. se.

    By Abigail on 06.22.2011

  18. Intense. My feelings. About like everything. About things. People. I get crazy emotionally intense. But usually it keeps to emotions. I don’t do much.

    By youcantknow URL on 06.22.2011

  19. Ze voelde de vlinders in haar buik. Hij liep naar haar toe en ze omhelsden elkaar. Uren hebben ze zo gestaan. Of althans, dát wilde ze. Na een paar seconden duwde hij haar van zich af. Hij had een blik in zijn ogen die ze niet kende.

    By Lisa Schouten on 06.22.2011

  20. the only way to describe the thumping in my heart when, in the middle of the night, I roll over to find you, in your slumber, with your arm up to welcome me into your warmth. Its similar to the strength of the smile I have when I wake to find myself similarly placed.. an arm outstretched to find you even in my unconscious state.

    By Leslie on 06.22.2011

  21. I always have this intense feeling when I get upset, like I have to do something about it, and if I don’t, I get really overwhelmed, and then I feel all inspirational and create some piece of artwork that reflects my feelings. Then someone asks what it means and I get nervous and I don’t want to tell him. Then they proceed to tell me it’s weird. It always irritates me and makes me sort of pissed off.

    By Laura URL on 06.22.2011

  22. He stared back at her with an intense expression on his face. “Are you sure?” he asked softly, running his fingers through her hair. “Yes,” she said, strongly ad surely. “Alright,” he said, and leaned in to touch his lips to her neck.

    By chantelle on 06.22.2011

  23. This wring for 60 seconds is intense–especially as my keyboard will not respond. I do not do well with on demand performances. We have talked about writing poetry on demand at the local farmers’ market. Now that would be intense!

    By Donna Bowling on 06.22.2011

  24. a feeling of hardship or stress. You can describe things with the word intense such as a light or color.

    By Philip on 06.22.2011

  25. The intense feeling you have when you love someone or something. Everything draws you to it, and everyone and everything else doesn’t matter anymore.

    By kp97 URL on 06.22.2011

  26. He glared at his pursuer, who finally cornered him against the fence, and looked around for any way of escape. As his pursuer reaches into his pocket for that one single shot that would end his life, he intensely thought about the life that he had led, and the choices and mistakes he so carelessly threw around. His pursuer pulls out the gun, and aims it at his forehead, saying the last thing he would ever hear in his life. The words ” You never should have left me.”

    By Cory Heroux on 06.22.2011

  27. you cannot imagine the intensity of the fuck i do not give. intensity can be used to describe many things, including light. “wow, that was intense” is common after an action sequence in a movie or after sex.

    By Mary on 06.22.2011

  28. my feelings towards you, they feel and sway like there hasn’t been a day that i haven’t had you. they broke when you left but it feels like with the apology that they start to mend, everything between us is just so, intense.

    By Emily on 06.22.2011

  29. the rush i feel is intense, as i’m tossed back and forth in the crowd of moshers. i have bruises on my arms and legs but i don’t care. the music drowns out all my thoughts, all my fears, and i don’t have a care in the world. i just keep jumping, keep moving, to stay alive. because i usually don’t feel alive. i don’t know why, but the fast guitars and the ragged voice of the man on the stage – they make me feel more energized than anything else.

    By Emma URL on 06.22.2011

  30. It was so intense the day I decide to audition. I was going to play acoustic guitar and sing in front of millions of people. I got on stage and started playing the guitar even before i was supposed to, i was so nervous. The guy told me to slow down and to start when he told me to.

    By Nelly on 06.22.2011

  31. Heat, hate, love, moods, very deep passions, feelings that we feel!

    By rebecca URL on 06.22.2011

  32. intense is when she is lcoming just before i am coming and i can feel her tightening around me and getting more and more carryied away. at one point shell stop making any noices and it takes her some secounds to catch her breath again

    By Thomas on 06.22.2011

  33. Isn’t it strange how a single person can make everything around you appear so much more intense? Sounds, smells, colors, it seems like everything is amplified by his or her mere presence…and how strange it is to have everything become so dull, so plain, just by hearing some simple words…

    By feyd URL on 06.22.2011

  34. Intense, that’s one way to put it. The bouncing ball echoing around the otherwise silent gym. Your imagination running wild as you picture thousands of people watching you ready yourself for that game winning free throw…. ready, aim, shoot…. the woosh of the ball hitting the bottom of the net, deadening your hopes.

    By Rachel on 06.22.2011

  35. intense. intense is the aura i feel when you turn to me. when i know i was late. that face i’ve never caught on camera. those dark, dark eyes looking at me with rage, not green like they were that night when i fell in love with you. intense is how i feel when i know i’m late from where we were supposed to meet and i know what will happen when i get in the car. what you will do to me. i won’t even be able to get a word out, to tell you what happened. to explain.

    By Nelly on 06.22.2011

  36. i am intense
    i am the very air that we breath, incense
    in the sense of actuality
    and factual
    i am vigorous.
    i am vital to the vivacious virtue of this life we live
    or for the very least.
    i am.

    By gerald on 06.22.2011

  37. Intense became the feeling no other word could describe. Maybe a similar word, or better yet two words, would be “in tents”. We woke up this morning with the dew from earlier still nipping onto the polyester fabric protecting us form the inner tent to the outer woods. The audible familiarity of birds and critters and other quintessential forest-like creatures was the alarm clock that caused me be wake.

    By Darryl Johnson on 06.22.2011

  38. a moment that is long and drawn out. Can be associated with love. Things that happen and weren’t planned to happen. Intense looks can always be the best, depending on who the look is from, or the worst. Intensity is enthralling and, personally, I seek to have more intense moments in my life. But I suppose, for now, I will have to stick with the dullness that seems to follow me everywhere.

    By James URL on 06.22.2011

  39. Every this is. You are. I am. That answer was. My love can be. Want to see? I hope to be. Maybe its all a dream. The room has become. My breathing is. The music has become. I will forever love the word intense.

    By Izzy Gorden URL on 06.22.2011

  40. Personal relationships can be very intense…

    By paulie aragon on 06.22.2011