June 29th, 2013 | 138 Entries

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138 Entries for “instant”

  1. your dark, “come this instant” eyes
    beckon to me, pulling me to your soul.

    By Caitlan URL on 06.29.2013

  2. in this instant i am wailing some inxs at the top of my lungs…..they can never TEAR US APART!!! boom! Saxophone soloooooooooooo! I was standinnnnnnnn’….you were there…..two worlds colliding….

    By Theresa URL on 06.29.2013

  3. Instantaneous. In a moment. This is. This is now. Here we are, settled on this earth. One planet—one place. This is our home and in an instant it could all be gone. We could be alone. Afraid. Solitary. One instant means nothing and one instant means everything.

    By Stacey on 06.29.2013

  4. life is instant. for some people. that is. but maybe its instant to everyone but just not everyone keeps up to it. never realised 60 seconds was this long. so many things could happen. this is how instant life is.

    By robert on 06.29.2013

  5. In an instant there was a flash. It took Macy to the whole other world she only dreamed about. Never had she thought that she’d actually go there. She found herself from one second to the next, from one world to another, lying on the grassy hill just staring across the horizon.

    By Grace on 06.29.2013

  6. Come on, come on, it’ll happen eventually
    We know what’s in our minds, what’s in our heads
    Inevitable, world, inevitable
    There’s those whom we think, we think we know what they do
    What they do, they do surprising you
    (Trust never knowing, trust the unseeable relationship)
    There’s that one, that one you fear, you fear
    Whom you won’t die without knowing the skin of
    The colour of their nerves
    The one you don’t want; want gone, want gone
    He’s always going to be there
    Never knowing, you know, we’ll never know
    I won’t stop
    Destiny’s this instant
    The instant that we touched
    The connection- not love, not truth, not anything “labelled”
    Made for us, us, us, unstoppable as long as we are [there]
    The connection, not real, not touching, not eyes
    Not speaking words and moving lips
    Not real
    But knowing that in your sphere, you are, you are

    By Saudade URL on 06.29.2013

  7. In an instant, anything can happen.
    A life can be taken.
    A life can be made.
    A lie can be told.
    A truth can be revealed.
    In an instant, life can unfurl it’s true colors and transform in to a beauty.
    Or a beast.

    By Kelley URL on 06.29.2013

  8. It was an instant feeling between her and I. I knew immediately it was a type of love I could not and would not ever understand. The crazy thing was that she felt it too,. This instant connection that doesn’t just happen every day. An insane lust for love. An insane passion.

    By ~Allyson~ URL on 06.29.2013

  9. claim gratification life death happiness smile days night clouds moving fast quickly growing children life close happening good things time clock seconds milliseconds minutes

    By Mayah on 06.29.2013

  10. In that instant, I felt unstoppable. Like I was the ruler of the world, that nothing else in the world mattered except that moment, the feelings and the mutual understanding that we shared in each other’s company.

    By Jason URL on 06.29.2013

  11. And in an instant, everything made sense to me. Everything did. I figured out why I was so alone, so outcasted, so betrayed. In that instant, my planets stopped and it then forwarded itself into my head and an astonishing pace. Who would’ve ever known the reason I was so betrayed was because I got stabbed by my best friend and I’m not even alive anymore.

    By Amber M. URL on 06.29.2013

  12. It was over in an instant. Just for one second, she met your gaze and you were lost. You could never imagine such sadness until you saw it in her eyes. It was heartbreaking. It was beautiful.

    By Christy on 06.29.2013

  13. one instant. click. ping. one text message can change a life. one accident can end a life. instant. its the little things that make life joyful. its the little thing that can take an instant to ruin a life.

    By misti on 06.29.2013

  14. In an instant, my whole world fell apart at my feet. I can remember the haunting ring of the phone as it echoed through out the house, signaling the impending danger of what was to come.

    By Chelsea URL on 06.29.2013

  15. In that instant, Castiel thought of Dean as more than just ‘the righteous man’. He was his friend, his family, and he loved him more than he had ever loved his brothers and sisters.

    Perhaps he even loved him more than his father, the Lord, himself.

    By this is a fanfiction im sorry on 06.29.2013

  16. I like to do things in the now, I don’t have time to wait and think things. when I want something done it gets done right away. I also enjoy instant coffee because I don’t have to wait a whole ten min for that other stuff.

    By Heather on 06.29.2013

  17. Well, it’s quite simple. In an instant I was presented by this one word, instant. It is an interesting word, capturing a moment that can never be captured. It describes an idea only a human could’ve come up with; trees don’t experience an “instant”, fish don’t experience an “instant”. They live, we think about living.

    By Lucia on 06.29.2013

  18. Instant coffee
    Instant answers
    Instant love
    Instant success
    Instant of acknowledgement
    Instant of recognition
    Your live rushes by in ani instant

    By Robin on 06.29.2013


    By victor ferreira on 06.29.2013

  20. Instant. Go. Go. Right this instant. It’s a threat, a command, it’s a journey- it’s a dare. Take a risk. Right this instant. Instant noodles. It’s like love at first sight. Instant. A risk. A dare. So go. Go. Right. This. Instant. It’s a journey.

    By Jordan Martin-MacKay URL on 06.29.2013

  21. immediate panic of terrified humans, a rush of terror unmatched by any other sensation. terror

    By Jamie on 06.29.2013

  22. An instant is all it takes. To take someone’s breath away, to look into their eyes and feel that jolt that tells you the next few weeks will be interesting indeed, to shatter someone’s trust.

    By aura.rayne URL on 06.29.2013

  23. In an Instant I fell in love with my child it was an instant attraction and an instant knowing that I was destine to be mommy to my baby. You ever feel that instance when you know that your destiny is happening to you.

    By Susan on 06.29.2013

  24. Now. Instant is being gratified with something right now. It is not having to wait. Now, I want it now from Charlie and the chocolate factory. Very spoiled and rotten always wanting things now. One who can never wait. Everything must be spontaneous and right now. Quick coffee, quick lunch, quick sex. Everything needs to be perfect now. The joy of anticipation is not relished anymore. People don’t want to work hard for their careers, friendships or marriages. It is expected to be perfect right now and instantly. Money needs to instant. Credit cards are leaving people with instant gratification but also leaving huge credit bills. Then they want instant clearing of debt. A baby takes nine months to grow. A baby is not instant.

    By Janette on 06.29.2013

  25. It happened so fast. I don’t know how or why it did, but it started and was over in an instant. The words left my lips and flew through the air towards her ears, and her face contorted in a response that didn’t need explaining. I said that I loved her.

    By Mattie on 06.29.2013

  26. You never really expect things to change as they do — one moment a glass , a life , whole, pristine, and seemingly unbreakable. The next a twist, a spin … a careless gesture which sends it off-kilter and tumbling towards disaster. There is a moment of disbelief, just the moment before it hits where you realize that it’s all real. That was the moment I was stuck in just then.

    By terradi URL on 06.29.2013

  27. in that instant i knew that we were going to be together. the way he looked at me when i brushed the hair out of my eyes or laughed too loud at his jokes told me that this wasn’t just going to be a summer fling but something that i was going to remember for the rest of my life. He told me he loved me in a train station three months later.

    By suzie on 06.29.2013

  28. In an instant she realized she’d done the wrong thing. Her gaze shot toward him, but he was out of sight, already following through with the plan she’d just realized would not work.

    He was gone, out of sight, and she could not move or she’d wreck this even more.

    The only thing to do was to wait, knuckles pressed to her mouth, and hope that he did not get seriously hurt.

    Of course, stepping out to try and help would only result in pain and tragedy for both of them.

    So Ana stayed behind the rock, and waited, and stayed there until the screaming had died down.

    By Maria URL on 06.29.2013

  29. It was instant. A spontaneous reaction.
    I saw you, I heard you, and I fell in love.
    The curve of your hips visible through your clothes. The way your lips forms words. Your eyes, vibrant with unexplainable energy.

    By Amanda URL on 06.29.2013

  30. the day started off with an instant message, followed by some instant coffee in an old mug with hot water. She quietly sipped at the mug in her hand as she looked at her phone and the instant message.
    Why oh why is this always me? Why do I always have to get things like this done? Why do they always call me?

    The sun pushed forth the rays threw the window, leaving a selection of dancing light on the hardwood floor.

    By Kt on 06.29.2013

  31. flash of lightning. a thunderbolt. the space of two lips meeting. eye contact shifting away. and ending but not the middle falling without warning

    By me on 06.29.2013

  32. “Right now” she said. She looked at him longingly. It was in that sudden moment that he realized how much he loved her. All her mannerisms, they were perfect.

    By Emily Skay on 06.29.2013

  33. like the ripple in a stream is was that fast. A flicker of hope–that’s what it was. No matter what happened she knew in her heart of hearts she would always know remember that moment.

    By Auralia on 06.29.2013

  34. .The instant I saw him I knew I had to have him. No, I don’t know why. He wasn’t the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen but he was adorable and had a smile that lit up the room. I would have him, I promised my self, I already loved him.

    By Fiona URL on 06.29.2013

  35. In an instant the blue sky turned to an ominous black. The clouds rolled in in about the time it took me to check my watch. I was soaked to the bone. Nearly as quickly I just underneath a nearby overhang outside of a small shop and as I did, I caught my arm on piece of rebar that might as well have been reaching out for me.

    By Mike P URL on 06.29.2013

  36. This instant is all there is. Live it. Breath into it. Life lives here. It welcomes you always. Say hello.

    By Ashley on 06.29.2013

  37. And in that instant I knew it was love,in that instant her arms encircled my body,her breathe was hot on my neck. All in that instant everything overpowered me,i felt the heat of her body,her finger running up and down my upper arm,i loved it! I want the every night for the rest of my night! In that instant she said the words I have been waiting for “I love you”. In an instant, in that moment,I saw how much I loved her. In that instant my world was complete.

    By Alexis on 06.29.2013

  38. Words dazzle us, inspire us, carry us to places we long to touch. Sometimes they impel us to great acts. Often the journey to the goal we foresee offers the true learning, the real adventure that must be embraced. Sometimes along the path, the words reveal more than what we believed them to be. The words stay the same; only the message changes from the unique perspective of our psyche once the true light brings the words into full focus. Our eyes see the ink clinging to paper with perfect crispness, and in the blink of an eye, the words fade to insubstantial shadows of themselves. It’s in these places–where the plot is paused, erased, washed away by tears, ravaged by nature’s rain–we become more than we had ever imagined ourselves to be. Under the rays of revelation, the wonder will lean in for a kiss, and when the moment is over, in an instant a new journey will be written upon the map we once thought we had conquered.

    By JDwrites URL on 06.29.2013

  39. and in that instant, i realized that i was in love. not the normal, cliche, kind of love. no. i wanted to hold her hand, tell her that she’s pretty. i wanted to take her out for coffee and laugh at everyone who laughs at us. fuck that whole “let’s make ourselves couple of the year” thing. no. love is not perfect. but she is.

    By louise on 06.29.2013

  40. life begins and ends in an instant – sometimes the life can go on for a seeming eternity, sometimes a life can flit like the blink of an eye sometimes all we have is an INSTANT

    By joyce richter on 06.29.2013