September 6th, 2011 | 278 Entries

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278 Entries for “insect”

  1. a hawkmoth flew in the bathroom window and dove in the deep end of the bath and I flew out, of the bath that is, not the window, although that would have been understandable, t’was a monster!

    By geraldine URL on 09.07.2011

  2. I sit there so small and watch it so small, crawl. Crawl across my body that must seem like a city, make its journey across my arm like It crossing treacherous mountains, inch past my stomach like passing through a lonesome desert. I sit there so large yet so small..

    By AlissaJade URL on 09.07.2011

  3. The princess had been kept in the tower for eight years. She was nine. Her only friends were the high-flying night insects that flickered through the bars on her window, and the silver-scaled fish that waited far below for the crumbs of her bread each morning.

    She held the spoon in one hand and pried at the grout between the stones. A teaspoonful of ancient mortar crumbled. Outside the door, the steps of her jailor. She smiled and wiped off the spoon, put it in her empty bowl, and waited.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.07.2011

  4. little insects. creepy crawlies. all over the place. in your house. outside. in your hair and underwear! hahah just kidding. but never say CAN’T THAT INSECT JUST DIE? because even the smallest things make life how beautiful they are

    By natalie on 09.07.2011

  5. insects are slimy little creatures which are unfortunately present in large numbers all around us. I personally believe that god made nothing in vain but insects come very close to it.

    By amrutha URL on 09.07.2011

  6. The insects crawled inside and out. She could feel them on her skin as shin began to scratch to no avail. Everyone stared at her scratching everywhere but she didn’t care. They insects laughed and mocked her.

    By Hannah URL on 09.07.2011

  7. many legged hard cased living thing. organic robot. without feeling or thought, but rather filled with purpose and drive and the urge to complete.

    By meredith URL on 09.07.2011

  8. Many insects find refuge from the rain on my porch. I don’t mind. I like to think of it as an island for them. I especially enjoyed the walking stick I recently spied.

    By marsgrrl URL on 09.07.2011

  9. I’m the only person in our home who doesn’t have an aversion for insects. Any poor bug that finds its way in here will no doubt be murdered. Sad but true.

    By Donna L. Faber URL on 09.07.2011

  10. Disgusting. Or so she supposed she should think of the cockroach climbing up the steps to her dorm. However, it didn’t ask to be a cockroach any more than she’d asked to be a cocoa puff in a bowl of kix at her school. Sometimes, oftentimes, she felt as reviled as the roach–she empathized with it. It wasn’t easy being something no one really wanted around.

    By Vanessa URL on 09.07.2011

  11. Insect – creepy things, that give some people the heebie-jeebies. But I met an entomologist once, who introduced me to termites and leeches, and suddenly the occasional spider didn’t seem so bad.

    By joey URL on 09.07.2011

  12. I felt as if insects were crawling all over me, but I knew that wasn’t the case. It was his eyes staring at me as if i were a piece of meat to be sold. I guess i was, to him. EIther way, I felt dirty and disgusting. I wanted to cover up, but I couldn’t; he wouldn’t let me. The power he had over me was more than my desire to cover myself, so I obeyed him.

    By Jessica on 09.07.2011

  13. An insect is a small animal that lives.. Screw this shit. I like turtles.

    By Marie Moru on 09.07.2011

  14. a insect is a little creature that crawls on the ground, swims, or even fly. Also a example of a insect can be a butterfly, ladybird, dragonfly, wasp and many more.

    By nevan URL on 09.07.2011

  15. busy little bee, active ant, bumbling mumbling bumble bee, flutterby butterfly, crawly caterpillar, speedy spider, watch out wasp,

    By georgie on 09.07.2011

  16. a insect is a little creature that crawls on the ground or swims, fly. Also here is an example of a ladybird, butterfly, wasp , bee and many more and some time its horrible to touch.

    By nevan URL on 09.07.2011

  17. threads of juice strewn
    breads and coffee brews
    ogle at centipedes
    recalling mead drank from a spoon
    the way it washed down our throats’
    ever-parched nature.
    carbohydrates and vasectomies
    mouth swabs and amino acids
    burn quick
    crawl deft
    seen left behind

    By drewd URL on 09.07.2011

  18. it is a small creature and it eats leaves but some insects eat other insects or dung. insects have 6 legs and they have 3 parts to their body. spiders are not insects even though people think so.

    By sharanjit on 09.07.2011

  19. The political party made efforts to “insect,” that is to say, “become a sect,” in service to it’s own principles like gods, not the will of the people it represents.

    By WDC URL on 09.07.2011

  20. An insect is a small animal which has six legs and has two pairs of wings which are used for flying. Also they are really harmfull and can spread diseases.

    By Shireen Jameel URL on 09.07.2011

  21. An incest is like an ant but has 2 pairs off wings and can fly but they can harm us is well. Some inscets can spread

    By Shireen Jameel URL on 09.07.2011

  22. insect crawling on my neck.. I feel it in the dark. tiny, small, buzzing creatures. dissect. infect. inspect. defect.


    By Serena URL on 09.07.2011

  23. Small creatures crawl about in the world, smaller than the human eye can care to see. Making up the droves underfoot, they live their lives together, in harmony.

    By Derek Straws URL on 09.07.2011

  24. There are some insects I like and some I don’t. Ladybugs, for example, are adorable. They tickle when walking on my palm and eat aphids on the kale in my garden. Don’t know what I would do without them! Some spiders, on the other hand, would do better if they stayed outdoors—especially the large, black ones with spindly legs!

    By Andie on 09.07.2011

  25. You really bug me and I really bug you.

    We bug each other.

    By David Haydu URL on 09.07.2011

  26. Nasty bug
    Different colors
    Different sizes
    Different shapes
    Make noises

    By Jayna eckerson on 09.07.2011

  27. Praying, dicing, picking, slicing, the mantis buzzed with intent and speed. He was the master of his world. But there was a bigger world above.

    By Dave on 09.07.2011

  28. Nasty mofos that carry rabies and fly, crawl, etc. Lol

    By Gerald heard on 09.07.2011

  29. Its mean bigs slimy and lays eggs bites makes you scream when it touches you it’s an insect ahhhhhhhhh

    By Bethany lambert on 09.07.2011

  30. Insects eat Obama. And you know the President is super strong. So the ants went to a different place and my dad went to talk to them. Teach them about bugs. The ants had a queen. The queen died so they got another one, and another one. That is it.

    By Eli on 09.07.2011

  31. Bugs . Nasty things has more than two legs might have wings I kill them often

    By Gabriel noldin URL on 09.07.2011

  32. InsEcts are gross. They make me shiver in digust. I dont like how they are formed. Insect! Eww gross. I hate them . Some are slimy and some are hard.

    By Angelique washington on 09.07.2011

  33. I hate insects. They are sooooo annoying ! I don’t really understand their purpose. They just fly around & try to get on your food. I really hate the ones that bite!!!

    By Damani on 09.07.2011

  34. Yuk! I just killed this insect in it’s brains are everywhere. I can’t believe that it was this big. I hope I never ever have to kill a bug this big again.

    By Caleonmccauley on 09.07.2011

  35. It’s a animal like a ant

    By Daerick Laird on 09.07.2011

  36. I don’t like insects.

    By Reba Bush on 09.07.2011

  37. I hate insects they make my skin crawl especially grasshoppers I am terrified out them if I see them I have no choice but to run in scream yea they small in all but if I see one you will see me run -smh

    By Tatyana Royal on 09.07.2011

  38. Disgustingly, weird creatures insects are. When I think insect think bug. And they truly do BUG me! Insect are bothersome but without them we’d be lost. Buzz buzz!

    By Kaelan Freels on 09.07.2011

  39. Insects are nasty, creepy, crawly things that eat each other. Spiders are the worst, they are all different colors, different sizes. But all equally as nasty.

    By Kacey Dillon on 09.07.2011

  40. Buzz buzz are the sounds they make. Hop hop are the actions they do. Crawl crawl ewwww they are so nasty. They always want to get on me, why is that? I just believe they all love me but Im not sure how happy I feel about that. I hate insects all the same. I don’t have a favorite.

    By Samantha on 09.07.2011