September 6th, 2011 | 278 Entries

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278 Entries for “insect”

  1. Insect ha ah push push push shove shove shove corigraphed like someone above without no name what happened to there shame they they ate the carcasses left to remain

    By Andy Red on 09.06.2011

  2. Like an insect he crept and crawled. He was considered something to fear, something people wanted to squash or shoo. He received about as much respect as an insect too. But here he was, sprawled across her bed.

    By Kirsty URL on 09.06.2011

  3. why are these words not spontaneous anymore. anyway, im an insect but thats okay because – its true – youre an insect too. we all are. we’re all flawed and live by animalistic desires and even the most respectable of us have urges, urges that no matter how disciplined we are or how many or what kind of values we follow we still give in to, for one reason or the other. and maybe its right and maybe its wrong and maybe its meaningless but its dark and fills me with the strange feeling i got the first time i watched tool’s schism. and sometimes i dont mind. sometimes i like it, like the thought of straddling someone underneath me in the hot mid of night. like the deliberate inhaling of the poisonous cigarette. i never cared in my own instance – but i found it admirable that there were those among us incapable of such primitive lusts or self deprecation. but i think i am simply naive. it seems i must become comfortable with a world much different than the vague idea i had in mind. no, life certainly isnt like one of my fairy-tales. its much more sinister and seductive and dangerous. tomorrow should give us the word reptilian. ‘seeds from a thousand lovers drift down from within. she leaves a trail of honey to show me where shes been. shes got the blood of a reptile just underneath her skin’ ‘I should have listened to her So hard to keep control. We kept on eating but Our bloated belly’s still not full. She gave us all she had but We went and took some more. Can’t seem to shut her legs, Our mother nature is a whore.’ and thousands of other nails lyrics. brooding and bitter and jaded and sore and we keep on going back for more.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 09.06.2011

  4. I hate bugs.

    I remember back when I was younger a caterpillar fell on me and I freaked out.

    This wasn’t a good word. I can’t concentrate on it because I have a fear of bugs.

    By timeisoftheessence URL on 09.06.2011

  5. Insect are tiny, tiny things. Like, this morning I saw a spider in the bathroom- NOT a rare occurrence, lemme tell you- but I didn’t scream- rare indeed. Ugh, I hate them. Bugs. Anything with more than four legs and me don’t flow. Especially not ladybugs. Why there was this one time….

    By Ammi URL on 09.06.2011

  6. Unsophisticated self assured unintelligent one dimensional being that has the capacity to buzz around doing nothing useful but being relentlessly annoying. Is this an insect I am describing? No.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 09.06.2011

  7. so small.
    so seemingly insignificant.
    going by unnoticed
    on a daily basis.

    I’m an insect to you.
    An insect in this world
    of birds.
    How I wish
    to be your dove.

    By zoe URL on 09.06.2011

  8. She swatted away the fly, ignoring the insect as she overlooked the canyon before her. The midday heat swallowed the vastness of the dark tract, dancing and waving away the distance before her. She shifted the pack she wore. She left the water inside alone for now. She would need it much later, if she ever hoped to make it through this abyss.

    By cmsiena URL on 09.06.2011

  9. insects are like a smal society of people, though just living in a simpler world. they have the queen ant, who is the one they need to provide for. one help the other as the cycle continues on and on, they fight for their survival.

    By laura on 09.06.2011

  10. She thought of him as an insect…. a small bothersome thing that she’d as easily squash as look at. She thought of him as lowly and annoying…. until the summer he turned 19.

    By sakeatken URL on 09.06.2011

  11. She set up shop outside our back door and I begged him NOT to kill her. Two days later her web looked like an abandoned apartment. She moved out, and we miss her.

    By BDavis URL on 09.06.2011

  12. I see a small insect on my desk. Wandering, searching. Coming for my fruit gummies. I quietly take my shoe off to smash it. I hesitate, then slam down. The quiet buzzing tells me it got away. I look for where it lands. WHAP! It is gone. The insect is dead. I take a tissue out, grab it off the wall, and deposit it into a trash can.

    By beason4251 URL on 09.06.2011

  13. An insect on the windshield can be a difficult thing to comprehend; Do I squash it fast with my palm? I don’t want the reminder of its life once lived impressed upon me, but I can’t just leave it there to haunt me from its hiding place somewhere in the back of my car…

    By christina URL on 09.06.2011

  14. Insects can be really gross. I don’t really see why, but they just are. Some have a lot of creepy legs that seem to move in all directions.

    By MissMatched Socks URL on 09.06.2011

  15. On a whole I don’t mind all bugs. But there are some that should not be classified in the insect group as far as I am concerned, they look like they came from the stone ages.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 09.06.2011

  16. The smallest pieces of nature, yet offer the largest bits of information about our world at times. So many undefined, and so distinct. Some may be feared, but why? An insect can be a creature of nature, of the world, and are found in every time period.

    By AshleeWritesAgain URL on 09.06.2011

  17. There was an insect inside the hardening amber liquid on the tree—someday this would be worth millions but right now, It is not. I watch as it twitches and slowly and dies someday to be put on a pendent of someones necklace

    By Alyss URL on 09.06.2011

  18. The ladybug flew around my head before landing gently on my arm. I tried not to move, but as it’s legs twitched and tickled my skin, I couldn’t help but giggle. The ladybug rose into the air, startled by the shaking of my arm.

    By Hannah W URL on 09.06.2011

  19. When she had first started at the company, she had felt tiny, insignificant. Her coworkers and superiors looked down at her (despite her being much taller than them physically), and she could see the gears in their heads turning, trying to figure out ways to squash her ambition while she was still young and vulnerable. Like she was an insect.

    By Eli on 09.06.2011

  20. Ew. Insects. When I was little, I loved bugs. I let them crawl all over me, even. But… Now? Buts scare me. A lot.

    By KaitlynA URL on 09.06.2011

  21. i have
    a thousand eyes
    when it comes to your graceful shoulders.
    words hum and buzz in
    my head, but
    you are worth more than words.

    in this dusty classroom i listen to
    the sun your halo, the air your
    song. i blink once and
    the moment’s gone.

    By invinculis URL on 09.06.2011

  22. eeeewwwww!!! gross! i hate insects! they are absolutely disgusting! they always have way too many legs. you only need two legs to walk. all the other legs must be for something bad.

    By justin on 09.06.2011

  23. dissected;
    torn apart limb by limb and laid out delicately
    like an insect,
    creepy crawling little things they were.

    By ydoel URL on 09.06.2011

  24. I used to be the little girl that would bring colorful, big insects to my mamma. Yet, now that I have grown up I have become afraid, even terrified of insects. It’s as if growing up opens your eyes, takes all innocence from the world, sparing a few small things. But it just seems like what I used to love and do scares me. Maybe being ignorent to certain things in life is for the better, maybe a lack of knowledge will help you keep your childish views? Still, in our world today, one must grow up quickly because there truly is much to fear…

    By foost URL on 09.06.2011

  25. An insect flies over my head. It is making this buzzing noise. And it is extremely annoying. I am trying to relax and read a book. How can I do that with that buzzing noise. So I swat at it. But I miss. So I chase it and leave my book behind. I am exhausted from chasing that pesky insect , that makes that annoying buzzing sound

    By Cassandra URL on 09.06.2011

  26. sometimes you make me feel like an insect. small and insignificant. like you could and would squash me if I came close. and sometimes I feel like your butterfly. you’re afraid of me and you don’t know why. but the thought of me getting too close terrifies you. But guess what? just like a bug or a butterfly, I’m more afraid of you than you are of me.

    By Kam URL on 09.06.2011

  27. Hate to squash. But I wouldn’t mind an insect mash-pit. Interesting insects with different leathers squashed together. Head banging to the ringing of metallic bugs swishing their pokers together.

    By Joe on 09.06.2011

  28. My insect brain gathers superhuman loads of information. My insect eyes view the world from the window of a high-rise, seeing all the ants filing back and forth on the street below.

    By Theresa URL on 09.06.2011

  29. Due to the weather outside lately [except today surprisingly], there’s been a shit load of insects showing up in the most random places in my house. And they’re so effing huge.

    Scary and I am scarred.


    By misscardigangirl URL on 09.06.2011

  30. It flies around so small and light that each swipe just waves it away and makes it circle around for another round. Annoying little bastard. “Gotcha” she says and I watch it go in for another fly-by

    By B. Green URL on 09.06.2011

  31. Splat.
    That’s all it takes to take a life,
    a movement of the hand,
    a brush of a shoulder,
    a stomp of a boot.

    People say spiders are evil
    But they’re too easy to kill.
    Evil is still out there
    and it’s much harder to destroy.

    By Siege URL on 09.06.2011

  32. scairf lol… romai
    ricx zetu y lol

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 09.06.2011

  33. Ha! The little “pests” that my two-year old son loves to love. Yesterday, we caught a grasshopper (grass-hoppy) and rollly-polly and put them in a container. It was his joy to release them later that day after showing them to his daddy. Insects are often seen as pests, but really most of them have a vital role in our ecosystem.

    By Lindsey on 09.06.2011

  34. some days i feel like a tiny little insect caught up and left behind in this big world.
    i get stepped on and smushed.
    do people even see me?

    By sarah marie URL on 09.06.2011

  35. seems like life is like being an insec t in a busy cross section
    but sometimes its the world in your little hands
    funny how it all goes by
    feels like we can’t seem to find the balance

    By lauren on 09.06.2011

  36. insects are useful but can also be rather annoying by transmitting diseases or sucking blood. some are very aggressive, such as some bee, wasp, and hornet species, also ants. termites can be very destructive.

    By Rolf on 09.06.2011

  37. I can’t write about this word… I just read Metamorphosis by Kafka. The protagonist, Gregor, wakes up one morning completely transformed into a bug. He’s trapped by his physical being, but also by his parasite-like parents who he has worked so hard to pay off their debt.

    By Emaline URL on 09.06.2011

  38. “How does he carry on so? Living in a world he seems not to know?”

    “He is akin to an insect scurrying on to and fro…yet he insists on playing the act out to the every end even when the stage was never his to play; how he’s made it this far, to this day, without being pressed under another’s heel, neither I nor him shall ever know.”

    By Jason Moore URL on 09.06.2011

  39. six legged creature with abdomen and 3 bbody segments. or so i remember from what i leaernt in primary school. thats a textbook answer though. to normal dudes it could just be some creepy crawly thing. DID YOU KNOW THAT caterpillars are also considered insects, even though they dont ahve six legs? thats cos they eventually grow up to become butterflies which are insects. Fact. :)

    By Cherry on 09.06.2011

  40. He sat in the corner like an insect on the wall, simply observing. He liked it this way. He enjoyed watching the interactions, dissecting their body language, and when he could, their tone of voice. It fascinated him to see the varying relationships that floated past him, oblivious to his presence. But when they did notice him, and they tried to talk to him, he was terrified. Not because they were talking to him, but because he could read them so well, and he knew instantly how they felt about him just based on body language.

    By Haley URL on 09.06.2011