June 21st, 2013 | 163 Entries

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163 Entries for “incomplete”

  1. How wrong is it for someone to be incomplete without another person. Shouldn’t you feel whole no matter who or what is around you? Why does there always have to be a someone else?

    By Love Hurts URL on 06.21.2013

  2. She felt incomplete. The day Mark left, it was like a hole had been shot straight through her stomach. She kept imagining Goldie Haun in the movie Death Becomes Her, but now, that image wasn’t quite as hilarious as she remembered it being. Mark was gone, and there was nothing she could do about it.

    By Cody MacKenzie URL on 06.21.2013

  3. life is incomplete. its a story that you dont learn the end of until you reach it. most people feel incomplete, they feel like a small part of something bigger. also, a puzzle with missing pieces will never be finished.

    By Alex on 06.21.2013

  4. my life is incomplete. it’s forever moving forward on a face-paced race to nowhere. To a finite end. My life will never be complete; it will continue to shape and evolve as long as ideas are created and perceptions change.

    By Haley on 06.21.2013

  5. A bumpy day of detours, angry etchings aimed at me, nasty comments, words that cut. My hide should be thicker by now; but alas, it clings to my body as simple skin–soft and vulnerable to sharp instruments. Words can have blades. But they can have wonder and inspiration and hope and tears and giggles and magic, too. Perhaps the comments are warranted by some. I would like to do more than I am doing, but conventions hold me in place. I could push my way out, but obligations would force me to deal with even more if I try to force the world forward. I keep trying, but I’m incomplete. My efforts and attempts are scattered, challenged, squeezed in between work, chores, nightmares, daydreams. The small offerings I offer to fill the holes are a mere pittance to what I want to do verses what I can get done. But each drop of success, each cup that builds and expands, is one I didn’t have before. I’m not giving up, just adjusting my compass as I search for another route to reach my destination.

    By JDwrites URL on 06.21.2013

  6. The feeling of being something less, that feeling of missing something more, that feeling of not quite making the cut, that feeling when that one person hasn’t smiled at you yet, Incomplete.

    By Zay URL on 06.21.2013

  7. There the bell tower stood, incomplete.
    As Night’s wide coat brushed aside Day and spread the world like a rolled out carpet, the builders left the site, and the tower.
    But not all was alone. A little girl hid at the peak of the monument and looked out a perfect hole, gazing at the wondrous view that stretched into the gleaming horizon.
    If only I could show this to the world, if only I could just draw, the girl thought, a sigh of longing escaping her lips.
    At that moment, she understood; she understood why so many painters displayed such a fantastical image. Because the fantasy was reality, and it was happening in front of her own eyes.

    By OneJen URL on 06.21.2013

  8. The doll’s shattered faces were strewn on the floor, with eyes that won’t blink and lips that can’t smile. A tiny red heart beats on the hardwood.

    By Ben on 06.21.2013

  9. I was incomplete for a long time, it was my own doing. I managed to feel like something was missing from my own life, but again it was my own doing. I have managed to let others see through and get to know me, thus slowly allowing myself to feel whole.

    By Rory on 06.21.2013

  10. How was she meant to save his life, if the code she had was incomplete. Why was she sitting here in this windowless box, handcuffed to a chair. She needed to get home to work out he codes before it was too late. She knew his life depended on it. What was so special about this code anyway, the FBI and the CIA have had it for over 48hrs thats how long it took them to find her, now she just gets to sit here. Do I tell them I know nothing about it and see if they let me go?

    By Genevieve Marie URL on 06.21.2013

  11. felt so alone. lost sitting alone in a crippled building looking over a broken skyline. lost was all i felt and without her i felt so wrong so incomplete. why even bother if she didn’t care my thoughts pour out at the lines i leave scarred deep in the walls

    By Hisoka URL on 06.21.2013

  12. incomplete stream of consiousness lost it for the hospital bed of narcissistic ambience in the summer holding one another trembled from the black earth of dispair lost no where.

    By em on 06.21.2013

  13. A feeling everyone has. Is born with. Will feel deep down within themselves for the rest of their lives. They will rarely admit it. That is for the honest and the brave. No one wants to admit that they have a fault. Let alone a fault they have no clue how to fill.

    By Mary URL on 06.21.2013

  14. Thoughts are incomplete. Perceptions are incomplete. The world view we hold is incomplete. In our narrow view we only perceive the parts of the world we are accustomed to seeing, missing the vast majority of the universe sitting in front of our eyes.

    By Alexis URL on 06.21.2013

  15. I once heard, that we were once beings with two halves and the gods jealous of our lives split people in two. And now we search all our lives for our other half, eternally feeling the hole where they used to be.

    By Alexis URL on 06.21.2013

  16. I feel incomplete in this place… something is missing I can’t point to what it is though.. it’s just this emptiness that weights me down. It is a bit of nothing that I pointlessly try to make into something.. I don’t know what I need to feel whole again. I wonder if I’ll ever find it.

    By angie on 06.21.2013

  17. I’ve never been the type of person to take the easy way out. In fact, I think I must be masochistic because I thrive on the feeling of always having something incomplete nagging on my mind.

    By Kristine URL on 06.21.2013

  18. blah
    my teacher
    my sister
    my heart
    my work
    friends hate emotions reality i jhate the world
    angels deamons
    heaven earth religion anything reality human

    By diana on 06.21.2013

  19. Hey, HEY GUYS, wouldn’t it be funny if somebody took this word and didn’t finish their

    By J URL on 06.21.2013

  20. The clock is winding down. “FIVE MORE MINUTES” the proctor yells. The sound of her gargoyle voice echos through the whole gymnasium. Question number 23, is beyond comprehension, since Jimmy decided to watch that House marathon on TV last night. His mind is unfocused, and he starts to think about what specific method Hugh Laurie used to diagnose that one patient. “PENCILS DOWN.” the proctors come around to collect the exam, but Jimmy is content. He realizes his mistake of not studying the night before, and tells himself he learned from his mistake. But his mind’s playing tricks, it’s a ruse to make him feel better about his failures, and you and I both know that the next time will be no different.

    By stimjim URL on 06.21.2013

  21. Without you, I am incomplete. Hell, that word doesn’t begin to describe what I am without you. You are the only thing that ever made sense to me. You’re the only thing that ever made me feel alive. Or even want to be alive. I wake up in the morning, and when you’re not there beside me, I don’t want to wake up.

    By lovedaily URL on 06.21.2013

  22. i thought i would be incomplete without you. i was wrong. not only did i prevail, i rediscovered myself. and i love her. sometimes, you destiny hurts, but that’s the way life goes.

    By brittini on 06.21.2013

  23. The burger’s incomplete. It has the beef but it doesn’t have the tomatoes and the lettuce and the fly. I need the fly because I’m a frog. I’m a frog who loves hamburgers but not the ones without flies in them. Maybe I should just go for fly a la carte.

    By Marvin on 06.21.2013

  24. my hurt broke and i thought i wouldn’t be able to live. for years i sighed tough breathes. but on day i woke up and i realized i was no longer incomplete.

    By brittini on 06.21.2013

  25. I am an incomplete piece of art
    my hair is rounded and scribbled on uneven backdrops
    my back drops
    my lips poke
    my eyes are too rounded
    lines overlap
    my lap is closed
    closed guard
    please stop.

    By LVaughn Taylor on 06.21.2013

  26. all i could do was sit in silence. my days turned into months into years. i was incomplete and lost, and after many tough breaths. i was able to smile once more. i had prevailed

    By Bebe URL on 06.21.2013

  27. every assignment, every notion, every fanciful goal, every expectation and of course every task started finality is but a lost hope.
    everything that I meant to say, every thought, every action just diminishes in the endless pile of procrastination that grew bigger with my plentiful amount of self-sabotage.

    Reaping in the fleeting and fast escaping benefits of self indulgence,
    The stress of it all starts to creepily cast over me like a ominous and looming black cloud
    Deterring all my complacency and smug excuses,
    A dark and inevitable reminder of all that has been defiantly left incomplete.

    By Susuforgets URL on 06.21.2013

  28. Stacks of unwashed plates and coffee-stained cups are strewn across the table. Stiff brushes steep in black water and old paint cracks in the heat. Paintings lean against the walls, some propped in chairs. Realistic, abstract, cubist, impressionistic. By the window there is an incomplete painting. Hints of a mountain background, outlines of the face. Only the eyes are distinct. I follow their sight upward to see the body slowly swinging on at the end of a rope. A pendulum measuring the passage of time in another world.

    By Doug URL on 06.21.2013

  29. Incomplete is one of the most popular songs released by Sisqo. It was released around 2000s as a follow up to his first hit song “Thong Song.”

    By Dave Baes on 06.21.2013

  30. not completed… needs to be finished. dangling modifier. not done. davinci, my time on earth, this water, those brownies, my cigarettes, and my ding at the end.

    By brendan on 06.21.2013

  31. they’d started building the bridge back when mona was still a girl, left in the care of her crippled uncle while her mother, father, and elder sister went to the riverbank early in the morning. they did not return until dusk, in the nick of time for dinner. when mona was old enough, she joined her family – and a good chunk of the village – in their tiresome, methodic work. mona came from a long and proud line of Builders, and had always known that she, too, would one day use her hands to create miracles from nothing. the bridge would be a beauty when complete, all bleached stone and smooth lines. it would reflect the sun in a way very reminiscent of the waters that thrashed beneath it. that day was still years off, for this particular river was the back of the Dragon that Slept Beneath the World, and it was immeasurably broad and sometimes, it expanded as if the Dragon was still growing, and the opposite bank would slip even further away. today, though, mona felt hopeful. no – it was not hope but exhilaration. she could almost taste the thrill of a finished project. for when she sat curled up on the jagged end of the bridge – like a tiny coin in the palm of a giant’s outstretched arm – she could make out, in the distance, a sliver of brilliant green land.

    By mira URL on 06.22.2013

  32. unfinished undone this is how many people feel when they never get the chance again and they have to live with regret feel everything try everything live fully live comlpete

    By chey on 06.22.2013

  33. I feel incomplete because I feel like I’m missing a lot. Not so much that I don’t understand a lot, but that I have a lack of a lot. I’m struggling with this feeling of incompleteness. I feel lost and confused sometimes because everyone else around me seems so very complete from my view point and I just don’t feel that way at all.

    By JoTones URL on 06.22.2013

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    By bizspeak on 06.22.2013

  35. It was a matter of minutes before Lucy would feel incomplete. He stood in front of her, head bent down and arms at his sides. Water began to form on the ridges of Lucy’s eyes. She felt her heart begin to drum a hollow noise that would only get louder and louder.

    By Tani URL on 06.22.2013

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    By xin on 06.22.2013

  37. incomplete. not finished. a bit undone. left over. pieces maybe. something not quite there. and I wonder if you knew that. and maybe that’s why it was easier to go.

    By Bee URL on 06.22.2013

  38. incomplete. my life is so. nothing seems to match my expectations unless my expectations are failure. and due to the recurring failure, its becoming my only expectation. it’s a terrible cycle that i see no end to.

    By Kayaus URL on 06.22.2013

  39. The assignment was incomplete, but i had no choice but to turn it in. I couldn’t afford another zero. not this time anyways. She looked at the paper and frowned at me.not my best work by far, but i’d had so much work to do in the last month that i’d forgotten about the assignment.

    By Kris on 06.22.2013

  40. incomplete is something which is not complete. efforts have to been put in to complete the incomplete. it wont have meaning till its complete. so always make sure to complete the incomplete.

    By clifton on 06.22.2013