July 24th, 2011 | 434 Entries

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434 Entries for “ill”

  1. ill conceived thoughts arose when i first saw him. “goddamnit, he’s attractive.” i thought to myself. i cant work with him, he’s too attractive.

    By lynnette on 07.24.2011

  2. The thought makes me ill. What the world has come to. His picture in the paper seemed so normal – handsome, even. What an unlucky gift to be given to such a sick man: a seeming trustworthiness. My heart goes out to you, Norway.

    By Vanatron URL on 07.24.2011

  3. ill. hospital. surgery. knees. skiing. mountains. green. hiking. granola. yogurt. ice cream. sprinkles. rainbows. rain. smell of rain on concrete. summer.

    By deen URL on 07.24.2011

  4. to be ill, what a tragic fate. not the way he’d liked to go.

    falling off cliffs, freezing, car accidents, so many ways.
    but to be locked in your own treacherous body as it turns against you?
    such a small word, three letters. I-L-L. why did it have so much power?

    By Kahsha URL on 07.24.2011

  5. In the warehouse, Fal became ill and sat on boxes, then reposed, until late in the day, when Cas packed him with the rest and sent him to Yemen. The box was quiet for most of its trip, when upon opening, a certain businessman remarked on the badly packed box and its contents, rattled and shaken and pooling at the bottom. He could never resell it.

    By RS Bohn URL on 07.24.2011

  6. I was very ill from the virus. The virus had never been seen before on Earth. That is because I am not on Earth. I am exploring Mars to see if I can form its first colony. If this virus kills us all, the colony will not be formed.

    By Ben URL on 07.24.2011

  7. He’s ill. What a tragic fate. A sad way to go. A sign of weakness, his dad always told him. That’s all he’s ever known. But now, as he stares into the light, he finally feels at peace with his weaknesses. Because maybe, just maybe, they weren’t weaknesses after all.

    By Jessica URL on 07.24.2011

  8. Ill. At first, I thought she meant she was “ill” as in pissed off at me, which wasn’t all that uncommon. Then, “ill” as in sneezing, snotty nose, et cetera. But “ill” as in running on limited time?

    What would happen to me when her “limited time” was up?

    By Cat URL on 07.24.2011

  9. Being ill is like being sick. It means you cough and sneeze and you have to go to he doctor to get medicine so that it doesn’t get worse and you die. Because if you died people in you family and your friends would be very upset. All because you got ill.

    By Jenna on 07.24.2011

  10. And the thoughts of it makes you feel a bit ill! Well, it reminds me of my week, I watched Harry Potter and you know, shit happened with some people I know. And this site, seams cool, looks funny interesting cool happy motivante, etc. Hehe. Inglês, muito interessante.

    By Priscila on 07.24.2011

  11. I don’t like to think of it, when you were ill, I couldn’t fathom it, you are better now somewhere I can’t see you, and your pain is gone, you have gone too, but at least you are free. Souring somewhere with no ill thought or feeling, seems strange to be left behind, in this dense world.

    By Bridiejo URL on 07.24.2011

  12. ill means sick. i don’t want oto be ill because then i would have to go to the hospital, iand i really do not like shots. they hurt a lot. so if i were ill, i would drink a lot of water and juice so that i wouldn’t be ill any longer. yep, that’s what i’d do

    By isabella on 07.24.2011

  13. me cago en esta vaina
    noen serio
    pero estoy pegadisisimo
    seria brutal poder escribir la musica
    paaaaaam paaaaaaaaaaam paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    que ira a pasar
    que palida
    esta terminando
    now i get it

    By Pedro on 07.24.2011

  14. that willow i planted is behavin queer… i dont like the way it sighs -like theres a divine yearning eating at its willow heart…and at one and the same time its always even splitting its willow sides. it billows an ripples an wispers and sighs. it swissssshes sssshhhssses an sssusssssurates an viiibbbrrrraaatttess. tis a splittting its bloomin sides apart from weeping its heart outwillow

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.24.2011

  15. ill.
    a word that’s played out.
    rappers think they’re deep with an extended vocabulary for sick
    as in not in good health
    so when they say they’re sick and ill
    that’s exactly what they are.

    By gerald on 07.24.2011

  16. ill
    done with this
    a world of oppression and suffering
    how can the human race live like this?
    an ill feeling in the gut
    a gutter filled with smut
    all we need is a loving cup
    to fill to the brim and spill onto us

    By Leah URL on 07.24.2011

  17. That catch by the outfielder was ILL son.

    By MeganMcface on 07.24.2011

  18. Ill. So odd that you are a magician of sorts. Once in proper attire, you triplicate yourself. How original…plus an original, plus an original. I hope to never meet any of you three.

    By Jasmine on 07.24.2011

  19. I sat in bed. I didn’t lie in bed. I sat.

    My whole body ached with stress and fever. Hands shaking, they always would.

    I couldn’t get my mind off my pain. Only the window gave me any sense of freedom as I sat in the prison I had made for myself in bed.

    I always made that prison for myself, but I made it well.

    By Caroline URL on 07.24.2011

  20. Ill, yikes, I hate to be sick. But I do like to be taken care of. It is a shame that there are so many people in the world who are sick due to lack of clean water or even education about hygiene.

    By gary on 07.24.2011

  21. ill will you make me sick! why wish others harm? it gains you nothing. why be unpleasant? i choose to smile instead. you say you wont? i say i will, with pleasure.

    By Helena URL on 07.24.2011

  22. Oh, wow. I am going to be ill, I just know it. Why do these things always happen at the worst times. I mean, she’s sitting right there by the exit. I’m never going to make it around her in time. What if I, I, I … you know . . . right there at her feet? Oh, gross… What if I do it all over her?

    By Raymond Masters URL on 07.24.2011

  23. the stringent feeling in your stomach, and the acid in your throat. I felt it when he walked by me. He wasn’t even particularly different that day. He looked like he always did.

    By Allison on 07.24.2011

  24. Illness is my escape from everything. “I can’t go to school, mom. I’m sick.” “I can’t go to your party, I’m sorry, I’m suuuuper sick.” “Nah, I can’t hangout I’ve got a killer cold.” “I CAN’T MOW THE LAWN, DAD, I’M SICK.” “i hate my life because i’m always sick.” “DO NOT TALK TO ME, I AM SICK.” “Mom, I can’t go to dinner with aunt Matilda, I’m sick.” “I can’t come in to work today, I’m coughing up blood.” “I’m so sorry to say this, I couldn’t finish the homework, I was so sick, all I did was sneeze and cough out my lungs all night long.”

    Sorry guys, I don’t think I can finish this post, I have a cold.

    By Amy URL on 07.24.2011

  25. I’ll write a book. And it will change your life. It will be the best book you’ve ever read. I’ll write a book, I’ll write a rhyme. I’ll do things and say things. I’ll give you more time.

    By Alexa Harrison on 07.24.2011

  26. The dog became ill from eating off the dusty garage floor, which the home owner had neglected to sweep since she purchased the home nearly ten years ago.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 07.24.2011

  27. all i could hear was the beeping of the heart monitor. it was the most heart thumping and horrifying experience of my life. wondering, every second, if my heart will fail me. if today, i won’t into cardiac arrest. why was i born with this condition? is there a god? why would he do this to me?

    By lexi dube URL on 07.24.2011

  28. she sat in her bed with the white sheets covering her fragile body. as she gazed out the frosted window, a black car drove over the pebbled driveway. the doctor arrived, and her fate was becoming reality.

    By lexi dube URL on 07.24.2011

  29. so sick . like my rhymes. like my style. like my brain. idk wat to write. ill. twin towers next to the i. illinois which is where im from

    By Nick Economos on 07.24.2011

  30. Sick. Stuck, stagnant, EMPTY. I am ill in the head, broken. I am ill in my eyes, my heart, my body.

    By Bryony on 07.24.2011

  31. why worry about becoming ill? No matter what a person will die? Why not worry about if you are living enough, are you doing enough to enjoy the world and contributing to the world around you? Stop worrying about something you cannot prevent and do something to cause change for the better.

    By ennabeatriz URL on 07.24.2011

  32. ill, sick. an excuse, a condition. a state of mind and sometimes a way of life.

    By Wanda URL on 07.24.2011

  33. Sick. We were all very sick. Sicker than we’ve ever been. Mama held a wet towel on Lucy’s head as she drank her tea. This was beginning to be one of the worst winters in the history of my life. Daddy already died, and Lucy was close to death. It was only a matter of time.

    By Kota on 07.24.2011

  34. Waking up with a pit in my stomach, the haunting tone of my mom’s voice saying that dreaded word can’t help but echo in my head. Ill. A word that can simply be replaced by so many other mundane adjectives but I grew up with this specific description following any sort of symptom. Ill.

    By Becca on 07.24.2011

  35. i hate to be ill and ive been ill many times, it is importante to go to the doctor when you get ill so you can recover and you can go out again without damaging others with y

    By karla on 07.24.2011

  36. “how is he?” she said through tears as his aunt walked through the door.
    “not well. he will be ill for a while, you will have to postpone the wedding.”

    By Serafina URL on 07.24.2011

  37. Ill. I can’t think about the last time I was truly ill. I fake sickness so often. If not to avoid someone or something, it’s to gain attention. To make someone feel bad. You didn’t answer my phone calls today? Oh, well, it sucks because I’m sick and going to the ER. SO do you feel sorry? Should have answered your phone.

    By RickiLee URL on 07.24.2011

  38. I prefer this word to “sick.” It’s just better. Enough said.

    By Hannah on 07.24.2011

  39. Imani was ill.

    By Brittani on 07.24.2011

  40. She felt something. Something foreign to her. It was like a wave a wave coming over her. She was lost, trying to keep up with herself she was sick. Where was she? Who was she? It felt like she was going to lose herself it darkness, a black abyss.

    By Sam URL on 07.24.2011