November 9th, 2016 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “idiots”

  1. “This place is full of idiots!” Chris shouted.

    “Quiet down Chirs,” Don whispered from the other side of the table. “We don’t want to let everyone know that we know.”

    “Bullshit! Just look around! Everyone is happy. How can they be happy with what’s happening?”

    ” Because they don’t understand. Not really. To them, the world has suddenly become more friendly to their cause than it was before. They finally feel justified.”

    “But Don, they don’t know. How can they smile and laugh and enjoy the suffering that is sure to come?”

    “Ignorance is bliss, Chris. How can they fear what they refuse to see?”

    By Connor URL on 11.09.2016

  2. affectation, precipitation ventilated from high heights and skim tight tights
    ingenous thought in overalls
    bears overall
    that beholds
    the bank roll

    By Milad URL on 11.09.2016

  3. The American voters who care more about themselves than the unity of all of us.

    By smattc URL on 11.09.2016

  4. I live in a world full of idiots, many of whom just elected a major disrespectful, sexist, racist, bigoted idiot into the highest office in the nation. I am severely disappointed, and I can only pray for better days.

    By w on 11.09.2016

  5. Fuck Donald Trump.

    By Emma URL on 11.09.2016

  6. They are all idiots! Don’t they know what they’re doing to us? They say they’re helping us- but I know better. All that they are doing to us is destroying our spirit and making us into robots. Perfect robots, but robots nonetheless. Our imperfection are what make us!

    By EmmaChristobel URL on 11.09.2016


    By TRUMP on 11.09.2016

  8. I feel like the term “American idiots” is oxymoronic, don’t you think? Especially when it comes to choosing who runs the country. Then again, who knows if I’ll be allowed to spout off like this come next year; free speech is a fragile thing, isn’t it? Anyway, a whole bunch of racist, Xenophobic, sexist idiots gave my country to an incompetent, erratic blowhard who couldn’t be trusted to throw a water balloon, let alone send off a nuke. Yay!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.09.2016

  9. we see such people everywhere , sometimes i become one due to any bad judgement or error in action. I feel it s okay to be idiotic once in a while and learn something from that experience.

    By Rady URL on 11.09.2016

  10. So tempting to use that word today: idiots. IDIOTS! To use it about the half of the U.S. who voted yesterday for Donald Trump and gave away our democracy. (The half, plus a million more.)

    I can’t. It’s not the people who are idiots, although some are, some who voted for Donald and some who voted for Hillary, but the climate of fear and anger in this nation as the rich get richer and the poor get trampled. And the actual climate, which we have betrayed, which now betrays us. And the use of force, the rampage to build up nuclear weapons and the machines that deliver them, the sale of lethal weapons to anyone and everyone. And, and, and … It is a time to weep and to mourn, and not yet a time to love.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.09.2016

  11. the idiots had never stopped to consider that she might be someone dangerous. They never saw her as any kind of risk. She quickly turned a corner, and waited, knowing they were following her. The streetlights cast long shadows and she could see them getting closer. there were three of them, muttering and breathing to each other. As soon as they turned the corner, and she saw the whites of their eyes, she pounced.

    By Essma J Kheiry on 11.09.2016

  12. ‘I heard you call that guy a lout
    what was that all about?’
    “He was some ignoramus:
    he had a dumbbell stuck in his anus
    Next thing this poor dumb sap
    cuts down a tree and catches it with his lap -”

    ‘oh! was he the dolt
    that was hit by that giant lightning bolt?’
    “that’s the one! he held a rod
    while floating in that farmer’s pond”

    – “to cap it off, this stupid dunce,
    tries to tell me through stomps and grunts
    but he’s too dumb, he couldn’t see it
    there’s no perfect rhyme for idiot”

    By omqwat URL on 11.09.2016

  13. Anyone can be an idiot. It’s a universal trait, although it is often fleeting. At least, we hope it is temporary. There’s one good thing about an idiot, or a group of them for that matter: You always walk away having learned something.

    By Kimberly on 11.09.2016

  14. Everyone in her class was a group of idiots. There was only 3 people who were actually smart, not including her. Her class never listened, they never shut their mouths and they always kept her from learning. Nobody but the four people in her class wanted an actual job. Her class was just not for learning, talking whenever, shouting, getting in trouble. Anything stupid you could do in school, her class has done that and more.

    By B.Jennie URL on 11.09.2016

  15. The ones who are so idiotic.

    By shilpashree URL on 11.09.2016

  16. “The idiots are the ones that ruin everything,” she thought.

    But there was more to it, because in everyone’s eyes, everyone else is an idiot. The question is what kind of idiot are you?

    So she asked herself. “What kind of idiot are you?”

    The very worst.

    By nytrist URL on 11.09.2016

  17. He stumbled around the bar, his shoulder bumping into every person he passed by. Muttering under his breath he pushed through the crowd.
    “Idiots” he muttered sourly, elbowing a particularly large woman out of his way. The mass of people seemed to press in around him, cutting off all exits and suffocating him. At his slow pace he limped through people, one foot leading while the other dragged behind his hunched form. With the edge of the crowd in sight he quickened his pace and shoved through the final people, ignoring the sounds of protest they made after him. He breathed a sigh of relief and threw his body weight into the heavy black door marked as the exit to the club.

    By eveclaire URL on 11.09.2016

  18. those IDIOTS! what were they thinking putting 600lbs of TNT in a room with a gas heater? Of course the whole thing was going to go up, and then would you believe it they had the audacity to be surprised.

    By kkup on 11.09.2016

  19. Idiots are not all idiots. Their behavior, actions make them look like idiots. They can also be smart at times. Most of the times, every body behave like idiots and feel embarassed.

    By Chitra on 11.10.2016

  20. they fall around on themselves, like rotting twigs. their smiles have no happiness. it is unclear whether they know what happiness is.
    their lips are covered in red from the words they always butchered.

    Sometimes he envied them, of course. Knowledge always came with the defilance of innocence, and his had been tainted far too many times. They’re living in a bubble, he often thought. A bubble of their own emptiness.

    By batteryman URL on 11.10.2016


    By JUDITH URL on 11.10.2016

  22. they dont understand what is going on in the world and they do stupid things like really dumb dares and some people have YouTube channels of them being idiots a lot of people who do these things are famous.

    By Jolene Johnson on 11.10.2016

  23. a stupid person.

    By Rose4444 URL on 11.10.2016

  24. Idiots they are everywhere. Everywhere you go you can’t escape it. They think they know everything and will argue their views as if their views are more important than yours. They are disrespectful with no sign of intelligence.

    By Mrs. King123 URL on 11.10.2016

  25. I can’t stand driving behind idiots

    By Charlie Bradford URL on 11.10.2016

  26. What can I say me and my friends are a bunch of idiots. We find the stupidest stuff funny, we do stupid things. But we have a lot of fun together I wouldn’t trade my idiots for anything.

    By Makenzie Cooper URL on 11.10.2016

  27. When you’re around so many idiots all the time, you start to cherish intelligent people so much more.

    By Paige on 11.10.2016

  28. I feel like there are a lot of idiots at my school and that’s why we don’t have a lot to do anymore. Last year there were too many fights and that’s what caused my brother to not have rec and that’s because of all the last year 8th graders.

    By Charlie Brown URL on 11.10.2016

  29. Day in and day out we are surrounded by idiots. Whether it’s idiots that vote for Trump, idiots that cannot drive, or just plain ignorant people. Life is full of them, but all we can do is let the disbelief of how one can be some dumb wash over us, straighten ourselves up, and pretend we did not hear or see what those idiots did. Except, you cannot really pretend that our country didn’t vote the biggest idiot ever into office.

    By Golda P. Jackson URL on 11.10.2016

  30. I will not get political. I will not get political. I will not get political. I will not talk about the riots. I will not talk about the riots. I will not talk about the riots. I will not get political. Being a teacher is hard. “Who did you vote for, Mrs. Kiefer?” Who did you vote for who did you vote for who did you vote for. The word idiots–it’s been thrown around too much these past several months. This has been the first election where students I respect and love come to me and cry. And my heart breaks for them. Who did I vote for? How about I don’t say. I believe in love but not the kind of love that either candidate expressed. Who did I vote for? For God. For guns. For pro-life. For military. For law enforcement. Love? Tough love. It’s all contradictory, isn’t it? I will not get political. I will not get political. CRAP. It’s all political.

    By Melissa URL on 11.10.2016

  31. i am idiocy.
    i am hope.
    i am idiocy
    i am hope.
    i wonder if they are the same thing.

    what shall happen if i leap through the mountains? will i be ripped to pieces by the snow?
    something bids me not to try, but i do it anyway.

    i am idiocy.
    i am god.
    i am idiocy.
    i am god.
    i wonder if they are the same thing….

    By batteryman URL on 11.10.2016

  32. Trump. Clinton. H.G Wells.

    By NoitMoig143 URL on 11.10.2016

  33. There are lots of idiots in the world whether they are real or not. One example of an idiot is Donald Trump but apparently he’s America’s president, which is probably a fluke in the universe.

    By Kaitlyn URL on 11.10.2016

  34. I felt like I was the only smart one in this building, and I was right. There are a bunch of idiots in this building, complaining about their computers not working because they haven’t logged in yet.

    By Modern Gizmo URL on 11.10.2016

  35. I felt like I was the only smart one in this building, and I was right. There are a bunch of idiots in this building, complaining about their computers not working because they haven’t logged in yet. Oh well, at least I have me and myself. I will never understand why these idiots are allowed to go to work, it’s incredibly stupid.

    By Modern Gizmo URL on 11.10.2016

  36. It was so easy to toss the word around, to not hear what anyone was saying. “Idiots. All.” She closed her eyes and tried to get swept away in the music in her ears. It wasn’t working. She could feel the animosity like an anvil on her chest and she wanted to scream out. “I’ll just walk home.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.10.2016

  37. there are many idiots around us. they are half knowledge people. but still they are so confident that they are right. they are easily impressed guys. if they find anything new,they share it with everyone as if they have discovered it.

    By vijay on 11.10.2016

  38. they are a bunch of idiots
    i hate them they are mean IDIOTS IDIOTS
    boys are mostly idiots, but some are nice and cute. i like them unlike the others

    By Haley on 11.10.2016

  39. The world is in ruins.

    Let it burn with all of the idiots in hopes that the world can rebuild itself without them.

    By abe URL on 11.10.2016

  40. Idiots are those who forget that USA is a democratic country with three separate branch: Executive, Legislative, and judicial. idiots are those also forget that with the US Constitution Neither branches hold a higher power and that the president who is one member of the executive branches cannot, does not make laws, they also seem to forget that the president can’t even present a bill a member of the legislative branches has to present the bill on his behalf than the bill has to go through a long process before even being considered for a vote, than once its up for a vote it has to pass in the house rep first than the senate before it becomes a law. They also forget that most bills don’t even make it 1/3 of the way before it is dismissed so for them to say trump will do away with our freedom is stupid. Since Everything a president does has to be approved by all the branches and it has to be within its constitutional power. Everybody was sooo focused on the presidential elections they forgot that what really matter is making sure the law makers that are elected will uphold your constitutional right to religious freedom, speech, peaceful assembly, etc.. but NOOO Many people did not do that now who’s the idiot not those who voted for trup but everyone who seemed to forget all that they learn in their American Government class.

    By CJthe master on 11.10.2016