July 22nd, 2012 | 352 Entries

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352 Entries for “icing”

  1. icing is the smothering on top of cake and cupcakes…..what i now is icing usually made up of eggs, and sugar

    By haidan on 07.22.2012

  2. i think about icing a cake when i see that word. i like good icing, like buttercream icing on a cake, or cupcake. i think its very fattening but it tastes really good. i dont really have alot to say on the matter, im sorry, i think i failed. but i would love to get in an icing fight, where we throw cake and have icing on our faces

    By kaila on 07.22.2012

  3. There are certain people I’ve met who just know how to navigate… around people. They can see the thin layers that some people tread on and they can play it to their advantage.

    One such person is Nate. He’s the ASB president next year, so he’s basically on top of the whole school. He knows how to get on your good side but he can also lay his foot down when he needs to to get you to do things for him.

    He’s like the icing on a cake. Sweet, delicious, but also unhealthy in large doses.

    By Albs URL on 07.22.2012

  4. Chilling him down to his very core, the frost outside bit and froze him. It was ice. Her soul was ice, and every time she was near him he nearly froze to death. But there was something nice about it, something nice about how cold she was. That kept him coming back, back to the tundra; something warm lay deep inside that ice, and he had to find it.

    By Sunny Patel URL on 07.22.2012

  5. I stared at the cake, eyes just barely peeking over the table. My mouth began to water as I eyed the frosted treat, planning the best way to sneak it out. My mom would yell at me if she found out I had eaten it, but it was too great a temptation to resist.

    By grace URL on 07.22.2012

  6. I just love how yummy the glaze upon donuts are. The way light bounces off of its surface before you take a massive bite from it. Icing on cupcakes is just so enticing, like a sexy pool boy… yeah

    By Secret on 07.22.2012

  7. There’s some kind taste to life sometimes. It’s that whole “slice of life” ordeal. That extra zing to your cake that could be too sweet, too plain, too much. It’s just that extra zest to your life. A turn of events. A turn of anything.

    By Alexi Sperling URL on 07.22.2012

  8. The icing on the cake was white and creamy. I had seen Cook icing it earlier, but she had bustled me out of the kitchen with the warning that it was bad luck. I took a forkful of cake and fed it to Nate, laughing.

    By Kristina URL on 07.22.2012

  9. icing on cakes is delicious.i love cake, especially cakes. icing sometimes prevent me from eating cakes. it gets in the way. who knows where icing comes from. wonder if you can make it from ice.yummy…

    By Tatiana on 07.22.2012

  10. sweet colorful goodness. spending time with friends and family for each other’s birthdays. babies smothering their faces with the pasty goodness while their mothers capture this beautiful moment on their old Polaroid cameras. Watching grandma submerge cookies, pastries, and other goodies in this glory, squirming around, waiting to eat the remainders left on the spoon. Memories, Love, Family, Birthdays, Goodness.

    By Miranda Gooch on 07.22.2012

  11. yummy delicious creamy and soft. it goes well with cinnomen squares and cinnabons. cake tastes amazing with it though on the other hand it can be a double edged sword. too much can be disgusting and some cakes with it can become really gross.

    By Seitaro on 07.22.2012

  12. Sweet gooeyness covering a child’s birthday cake. A baby smothering his face with the bright blue condiment while a mother captures the moment to relive again. Memories of spending time with family and friends; having to clean up the icing off of the the refrigerator, counter, cabinets, and each other’s faces and hands. Who said it was wrong to have a food fight? It’s a great way to hang with the closest people around you.

    By Miranda Gooch on 07.22.2012

  13. the icing on the cake was lemon, the weirdest icing he possibly could have chosen. i tell him i hate lemon and he just shrugs. “You don’t like cake, either, so more for me.” i laugh. this is the truth. i do hate cake, and i hate him for going through the trouble of making one, but i love him more for it all the same.

    By EJ URL on 07.22.2012

  14. yummy delicious sweet treat that goes on top of many things such as cupcakes, cake, and many other delectable dessert items that can give many people two chins.

    By kayle on 07.22.2012

  15. “Ow, be careful!” Scott hissed at me as I applied the bag of peas to the burn on his leg.
    “Oh shut up, you’re just being a baby. You have to ice the wound after it’s settled, that’s what the website said.”
    He sulked for a minute before I had to remind him that he was the one dating a fire demon.

    By Wallis URL on 07.22.2012

  16. Isn’t that just the icing on the cake? Two deaths in the family, a new label, the cutting, not eating, and now this. This girl. Icing.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.22.2012

  17. “Wouldn’t that just be the icing on the cake?” Charlotte smiled at me “Having Oliver there, you never know, he might just fall in love with you!”
    I sighed at her “Yes and they we’d kiss and get married and live happily every after.”
    “Why not?” She grinned, i couldn’t help but laugh with her.

    By mee123 on 07.22.2012

  18. She finished one last swirl of icing and carefully lifted the tray to admire her work. Okay, it wasn’t perfect – one of Belle’s eyes was bigger than the other and the waistline put Barbie to shame. But she was sure her Haley would like it – she wasn’t exactly a six-year-old art critic, and it was the thought that counted anyway, right?

    By AmbyrRose on 07.22.2012

  19. Funnily enough I spent 2 hours yesterday icing a cake for my sons 4th birthday. It was a spiderman themed party so I made a rectangular cake and designeD it to look like a tower block with spideyman Climbing up.

    By Willow on 07.22.2012

  20. Whipped to creamy perfection. Layering it on the cake, she felt a feeling like this is what coming home felt like. With a steady hand and peaceful breath, she slathered the frosting calmly and slowly. A sense that this is what heaven felt like.

    By Katy URL on 07.22.2012

  21. The icing on the cake. That’s what they called it. Whenever something a little bit extra happens. Whenever you got more than you hoped for. Well, he was the icing on the cake for me. I didn’t see him coming. He was totally unexpected and completely, madly wonderful. He was the icing on the cake after I go the things I had been working toward, hoping for.

    By Jessica on 07.22.2012

  22. the only reason I actually like cupcakes.

    By Stepheh Stark URL on 07.22.2012

  23. icing on the cake. that is what every thing seemed like. well, being perfect had its advantages after all. but some times, what really got to her that she never truly had done the cake herself.

    By arshee on 07.22.2012

  24. Sliding so smooth across the cake. The blade wet and slick. Laughing and eating the icing, not too sweet but tastes familiar. Like home. Childhood memories just a memory. They may be faded but they’ll always be ever so sweet.

    By Chelsea URL on 07.22.2012

  25. the icing on a cake is like , your manners , no matter how good your personality is , it’s nothing if you don’t have good manners !

    By muzzamil malik on 07.22.2012

  26. vanilla on top of a cupcake, delicious and sinful. Would love to share it with a very good looking guy.

    By K on 07.22.2012

  27. Icing is delicious. Especially icing that goes on cupcakes. Although my boyfriend doesn’t like icing at all, I think it is essential to any cake-like dessert. Like I was making chocolate cupcakes with my best friend the other day and what really made the cupcakes was the chocolate icing we made. Also I like cream cheese icing.

    By Emilia URL on 07.22.2012

  28. icing on the cake , is like jewelry on women , neither is complete without each other !

    By muzzamil malik on 07.22.2012

  29. The icing on the cake for me, was that he’d never believe me.
    Never believe that I didn’t mean to break his heart.
    Never believe how much I hurt.
    Never believe how much I was harassed for it.
    Never believe why the scars on my arms are there.

    By MD on 07.22.2012

  30. Icing, a sweet confection that is often over used.
    Also used to say that something is even better than it already is, ie. the icing on the cake.

    By Cassie on 07.22.2012

  31. I like icing on cakes. I do not like cakes with too much icing and I prefer butter cream icing over every other icing there is. Icing is sweet, icing is a mouth full. Icing is a treat. But just like all treats, icing can get nasty if you eat too much of it in a short amount of time. I really do have strong feelings about icing but I think 60 seconds isn’t enough time to explain all of them to a box on the internet.

    By Jessie Oliver on 07.22.2012

  32. That she missed the communication? Icing on a delicious cake. Big bite. Oops. Got some on your nose. Oh. Some landed near your lips? Let me help.

    By Jennyg42389 URL on 07.22.2012

  33. it was cold. colder then he’d ever felt when the wind licked his skin like it was tearing away layers down to the bone.

    By bc on 07.22.2012

  34. Icing
    cloyingly sweet it twists the tastebuds
    swirling and dancing across the cake
    too sweet
    too sweet

    By Poppy URL on 07.22.2012

  35. Bridezillas. The bane of my existence as a cake decorator. This one called three days before the wedding. The decorator she had before hadn’t “caught her vision,” as she put it. So, I listened, dutifully took notes, and cringed internally as I listened to what she wanted.

    5 tiers. White strawberry icing. Whole, sugar coated strawberries. Red icing roses, plus a couple of sugared real roses. Oh, and I had to “be sure the strawberry icing was white, because pink was NOT one of her colors.”

    By Isilo Aranel URL on 07.22.2012

  36. icing,it reminds me of ice skating. which i was good at a year ago but then my stupid essays started and i had to quit. now i have no idea how to ice skate like that again…

    By jake on 07.22.2012

  37. cupcakes make me think i my boyfriend we eat them and make them all the time is one of our favorite things to do togethr i absolutrly love him so much and i cant wait ti see him again its been way too long only about one omothe left thoush i am so i happy ilove him sp much ahhhh i love him.

    By nikki on 07.22.2012

  38. Harrison picked up another cupcake and handed it to her gently. She smiled and took a bite. “Wow” she said between bites. His face lit up, he had made her smile. She hasn’t smiled in years and he was just as tempted to kiss her and she was to him. But he couldn’t, neither were ready.

    By Ella URL on 07.22.2012

  39. Soft, fluffy and sweet. A creamy topping to any dessert, especially cupcakes and cakes. So many colors to choose from makes decorating easy, and so many flavors add pizazz to any dessert.

    By Jenn on 07.22.2012

  40. There once was a blackbird. He lived atop the bakery and always admired the beautiful cakes the baker decorated. He wished he was that beautiful. The baker noticed the bird and decided to make him a special cake. The bird felt beautiful for the first time in his life.

    By Michaela URL on 07.22.2012